Why I Ordered a Tesla CyberTruck! 

Marques Brownlee
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I can explain. This one's different.
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Malex 6 timer siden
The Design is just the most cost efficient it can get while being unexpectedly aerodynamic.
MinecraftMaster 7 timer siden
So basically you ordered a moving box with wheels
Heavy hauling Idaho
Heavy hauling Idaho 8 timer siden
The cyber truck is the biggest marking gimmick of all time!! I’m enjoying watch all these idiots freak out about this truck. What happen to the telsa roadster? Plus this is the dumbest El Camino of all time.
pervaiz akhtar
pervaiz akhtar 8 timer siden
William Garvin
William Garvin 9 timer siden
It's enough to outrun a tornado storm.😁🌪🌬
HarisJK 9 timer siden
"So I can make several videos on it and make even more money." Here you go saved you 8 minutes
SUBZEROUK 10 timer siden
This thing is amazing it's like a delorean on steroids. I like it it's weird and unique!
Illuminate 10 timer siden
"Does it come in black?"
Colin 10 timer siden
I think if you put bigger tires on it would look better
reece3 11 timer siden
Looks terrible 😩
Aditya Bajaj
Aditya Bajaj 11 timer siden
Wears a T-Shirt written Matte Black over it and says That's not why I am buying it tho' (Classic MKBHD)
Tony W
Tony W 13 timer siden
All you have to do is look at the tires of the cybertruck and it says plenty. It says plenty about us. The tires and wheels on the cybertruck are of the heavy-duty off-road variety. Tires and wheels similar to that are already available today. Not a single person considering the cybertruck would have purchased any vehicle with tires and wheels similar to the cybertruck. You see vehicles with tires like that all the time. They're on those big obnoxious diesel trucks or those raised up- high off-roaders. And now everyday Joes want a vehicle with wheels and tires similar to that. Lol! While before they would not have had anything to do with a vehicle with that type of tire/wheel combo. Now before anyone comes up and says well they'll put regular road tires on it. 1. It would make it even more of an eyesore, 2. It would make the vehicle look completely different from what you are seeing now, 3. People are loving it and want it exactly the way it looks now. This has to be a social experiment. Look how easy it is to get tons of Americans to want a type of vehicle that they would have never considered before. Even if I liked the cybertruck I would have looked at the tires and said no that's not going to work. All the people that put in orders never even considered the tires, didn't even look at them. You know who you are.
mohammed ameen
mohammed ameen 13 timer siden
2:57 bruhh literally I laughed on that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
VideoMasterSword 13 timer siden
if you end up in the water with your cybertruck, then it is a sailor grave or coffin. (glass is unbreakable you can't get out)
VideoMasterSword 10 timer siden
@sotuur aeei I'm talking about deep water. I really have to describe everything literally.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 11 timer siden
Huge 6 and a half foot bed😂😂😂 definitely doesn't know trucks
plica06 13 timer siden
Putting some weight on the face... just sayin' ! I'm the same.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 11 timer siden
Very interested in the truck when they said a 14 000lbs towing capacity....but no 5th wheel trailer seem to be able to hook to it. How is that done, will it rub?
ferchoville 14 timer siden
Terrible that Tesla had to invade Bolivia and cause a massacre to take ownership of Bolibia's lithium to create Tesla's batteries.
Terry Fitzgerald
Terry Fitzgerald 14 timer siden
Does it come with bullet proof glass and drive-flat tires ? ( plus a 400 watt stereo ? ) as options, of course .
GAME'SAGE CG's 16 timer siden
To make some million view in utube
Whyman1993 18 timer siden
Because your an idiot
Rick & Zack Explore Offroad
If you don't need a truck save your money. If you actually need a truck, buy a real truck that can actually be used to do, you know, truck things.
Madhavi Latha
Madhavi Latha 18 timer siden
p soteriou
p soteriou 20 timer siden
"It has a flux capacitor and is invisible to radar. It's not why I'm buying it tho."
Cameron Small
Cameron Small 20 timer siden
There are no curves on it Wheels: Am i a joke to you?
Rahul 21 time siden
first time i heard about ford f 150
Carlos Luis
Carlos Luis 22 timer siden
Why the fu&$@ did you order it for !!!
bbeek lapan
bbeek lapan 23 timer siden
why i ordered view haha than to buy it
Original Gamer
Original Gamer Dag siden
Cybertruck is getting way too many attention then it should be
GUJARAT Aunty Dag siden
The only black that I find it gentleman
GUJARAT Aunty Dag siden
@Progressive Viewer I don't understand
Progressive Viewer
Well that's racist..
Veikra Dag siden
Very interested in the truck when they said a 14 000lbs towing capacity....but no 5th wheel trailer seem to be able to hook to it. How is that done, will it rub?
Koby Mathews
Koby Mathews Dag siden
Huge 6 and a half foot bed😂😂😂 definitely doesn't know trucks
Marek Wojtasinski
I would just get a bunch of friends together and turn it into a Warthog from Halo
Réginald Chérubin
Cuz you got it like that
kidyahoo kidyahoo
i love the design. buy now!
Krystal Paul
Krystal Paul Dag siden
Anyone else who can't even afford the deposit? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Krystal Paul
Krystal Paul Dag siden
Minecraft influence hits the Big Leagues.
Estella Ducksworth
Do you have a Tesla Roadster?
David Ryan
David Ryan Dag siden
$100 refundable deposit = I'm all in lolol
Allin7days Dag siden
Those who want the Cybertruck, currently don't own one. Is this a good or bad indication, businesswise?
J hill
J hill Dag siden
This thing is a ugly disappointment. But you showed a picture of a nice looking truck that would have sold way better. People are not buying this because it looks like a 2 sided doorstop built from legos and it looks good .They are buying it because of what it is capable of and what it will save them and the environment. Now if you had given them the truck you showed in that pic the orders would be double or more .There are alot of people that still want a visually appealing vehicle that will not buy something that looks like it was thrown together in a few weeks .It has style style of a poor fabrication company that had to get something out in a hurry to a race .
W olfenst3in
W olfenst3in Dag siden
coool they finally built homer simpsons car ! dope
Ganger 2
Ganger 3,9 mill