What I learned from going blind in space | Chris Hadfield 

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There's an astronaut saying: In space, "there is no problem so bad that you can't make it worse." So how do you deal with the complexity, the sheer pressure, of dealing with dangerous and scary situations? Retired colonel Chris Hadfield paints a vivid portrait of how to be prepared for the worst in space (and life) -- and it starts with walking into a spider's web. Watch for a special space-y performance.
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19. mars. 2014





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Catherine Goldie
Catherine Goldie 13 timer siden
I’m a big fan , you are Awesome, An Amazing great guy, love your stories.x💕
Universum 17 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="817">13:37</a> okay, seriously. What and where is this?
Awany Ambrose
Awany Ambrose Dag siden
The flow of his speech and storylines are so interesting ....would enjoy his class.😁😉
Haoxu Wang
Haoxu Wang Dag siden
Astronauts are not heroes, NASA engineers are.
*zev* *bronshteyn*
i feel like he is one of those people who are never wrong (like the only one in existence)
Laura Morales
Laura Morales Dag siden
My fav astronaut 🤩
lemon drops
lemon drops Dag siden
For an astronaut he is very down to earth
marysol losada
marysol losada Dag siden
I love him soooo much omg what an inspiration and brave man
Brody Burcham
Brody Burcham Dag siden
Rollercoasters are probably no fun anymore to this guy
TheHandyGuy Dag siden
tough audience
Thatmemer_47 Dag siden
But how do you get the box to space?
Ne Gy
Ne Gy Dag siden
Ok, now I know that I will need an astronaut training to live my very common everyday life.
halfcack Dag siden
Excellent Bullsh**ter. He should sell life insurance. Too bad the in the other case, the good senator couldn’t have held that punch of deceit so close to the end. I guess we see who was in the studio for all the past or not this afternoon. Why isn’t Elon going?
Samuel Costa
Samuel Costa Dag siden
that's why Hadfield went
Yusuf Budak
Yusuf Budak 2 dager siden
kral adam
Andy Moser
Andy Moser 2 dager siden
I just walked into.a spider web. Thank you, sir!
Hexagenium 2 dager siden
No their suite up room was backstage Hollywood - it was a Hoax. At least this was real.
lillith77 2 dager siden
Wish I could play the Powerball with those odds
Mr2TIMOTHY4V2 2 dager siden
What I learned from NASA opened my eyes : NASA THEMSELVES is telling you escape velocity is currently not possible for a spaceship "An Endless Cycle : escape velocity is one of the biggest challenges facing [CONTINUOUS TENSE] space travel. The vehicle requires an enormous amount of fuel to break through Earth's gravitational pull. All that fuel adds significant weight to the spacecraft, and when an object is heavier, it takes more thrust to lift it. To create more thrust, you need more fuel. It's a cycle that scientists are hoping [CONTINUOUS TENSE ] to resolve by creating lighter vehicles, more efficient fuels and new methods of propulsion that don't require the same ingredients to attain great speeds." They then immediately CONTRADICT THEMSELVES by saying this : "That cycle of speed, fuel and weight was a primary reason the Saturn V rocket that took the first astronauts to the Moon was SO LARGE." If it was so large then it would need more fuel and if it needed more fuel it would be larger - do you see how they contradict their "ENDLESS CYCLE" admittance. (reference NASA-Escape Velocity Fun and Games) I think the key word is "Games" that NASA has been playing with the public.
ann onn
ann onn 22 timer siden
There is a *fantastic* TED talk discussing this exact issue. novids.info/video/p4qcnaTYjabRbHo.html [I suspect the OP does not care much about the facts, but other people reading this might.]
D Pixel
D Pixel Dag siden
I think you are confusing ratio and size. No contradiction.
ann onn
ann onn 2 dager siden
Are you stupid? That doesn't say it's impossible. There is no contradiction there.
My Name Is Blue Canary
That's amazing. I wish I could feel that acceleration
Number 4
Number 4 2 dager siden
I just got clickbaited by an astronaut
15sxcope 2 dager siden
Big role model in life!
Erhan Aydaş
Erhan Aydaş 2 dager siden
I love the chris hadfields.🚀🚀🛰
Karthick Shankar
Karthick Shankar 2 dager siden
Dear NOvids, Recommend this video to everyone, especially now.
JimboBaggins78 3 dager siden
Wow. Over two thousand people gave this a thumbs down. What a bunch of assholes.
Devan Devan
Devan Devan 3 dager siden
“Walk through every spiderweb you see” *Spider cries in hours of hard work*
David M
David M 2 dager siden
That was my first thought. Why would I destroy all that work a hundred times, just so I wouldn't be bothered? Anyway, there may only be a couple dozen venomous ones, but I'm not going looking for them.
jaretosr 4 dager siden
Not even 10 minutes watching the video and I already bought his book. Chris inspires a lot, what a man... Thank you.
Alika Alika
Alika Alika 5 dager siden
How i remember to pronounce Chris Hadfields name Chris had a field
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 5 dager siden
Mans could bring peace to earth for a million years.
Just Miu
Just Miu 5 dager siden
Anyone here during quatantine??
yasmin amaya
yasmin amaya 5 dager siden
damm every time her madea joke noone laugh only him
Frankie Wally
Frankie Wally 5 dager siden
don`t walk into a spider web,you destroying this animal hunting trap.
Itz TANS 5 dager siden
He is an inspiration for our generation. One of the coolest person on Earth ♥️
Vincent Vegas
Vincent Vegas 5 dager siden
Did he play with the guitar?
David M
David M 2 dager siden
Yeah, and he's good.
Richard lee
Richard lee 5 dager siden
Told myself I’d go walk into a spider web next time I saw one, and went screaming to my mothers place afterwards
Matej Boras
Matej Boras 5 dager siden
Space youtuber
Brit 5 dager siden
This is exactly what i needed to hear, i got anxiety in thinking wether my major is right or not for me, but then i realize thatbi should not let my fear get on the way and keep following my dream to experience my life and see tye beauty that i wont probably get if im not brave enough to conquer my fear
J Rohit
J Rohit 5 dager siden
Coolest guy ever
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton 5 dager siden
I think Astronauts and Saturation divers are the bravest men and women of all.
Blackout Lol
Blackout Lol 6 dager siden
When I first saw this it took until exactly <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="351">5:51</a> in the video for me to realise that this wasn’t buzz aldrin for some reason I thought that’s what he looked like XD.
SeedPlanter 6 dager siden
Did he go blind Inovids.info/video/fmSgmGm5gKzQgJyk.html pace or was it in the studio ?
Andy Sun
Andy Sun 6 dager siden
Man this guy knows a lot about space. He should go there sometime
Lemon Gamez
Lemon Gamez 6 dager siden
I met this guy once
Wasserbueffel 40
Wasserbueffel 40 6 dager siden
I can’t speak 2 minutes infront of class.....
Scott Correll
Scott Correll 7 dager siden
Sandra Wong
Sandra Wong 7 dager siden
So he's actually blind or got sprayed by anti fogging agent?
Dhawkeye _22
Dhawkeye _22 7 dager siden
about the spider web thing. Think about the spiders, you’re just destroying their hard work
Gabriel Avram :v
Gabriel Avram :v 7 dager siden
When you realize this was 6 years ago
Craftslash 7 dager siden
walk into a spider web in australia dare ya
Alex Yilmaz
Alex Yilmaz 7 dager siden
Chris Hadfield at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a> : "The shuttle is a very complicated vehicle. It's the most complicated flying machine ever built." Mumbo Jumbo : "I beg to differ."
David M
David M 2 dager siden
And built by the lowest bidder.
Ksenija Woof
Ksenija Woof 7 dager siden
He is amazing.
Chris Wisnia
Chris Wisnia 7 dager siden
when he said david bowie, i thought he was gonna play starman.
Sophia Beatrice
Sophia Beatrice 7 dager siden
The first ted talk ive watched to the end!
jacqueline vega
jacqueline vega 7 dager siden
NYC looks like Gotham City from Space <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="788">13:08</a> 🥴🥴
Robin Whitemore
Robin Whitemore 8 dager siden
This one is one of my favs, too bad the audience was half a sleep, they sucked.
Max Dukhovskoy
Max Dukhovskoy 8 dager siden
The most dangerous thing I did was running with safety siccors
NicklasWaterFontaine :DD
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="527">8:47</a> .. Joe Biden has hairy legs too
Private 9 dager siden
People prefer being lied to than facing the truth. cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1735&sid=ac03ea6ec617a9fc6593ebc04e88d6fd
Private 2 dager siden
BTW, people should know that there is state sanctioned propaganda in place by Smith-Mundt Act. You should think twice what you are told by the NEWS, and the officials. From 9/11 to space missions, etc. False flags 🚩 and deception; for money, control and your soul.
Private 2 dager siden
Come at me shills!!!
Private 2 dager siden
@David M Why have you went mute? Stand up for NASA ! They are paying you, forget??🤭
Private 2 dager siden
@David M So, you only have our claims; who are you gonna believe?
Private 2 dager siden
@David M They cannot be found because were lost *along with* NASA's data and technology to send people to the moon.
Iryna Zaytseva
Iryna Zaytseva 9 dager siden
I wish I could fly into space..to see its beautiful eternity
Champ D
Champ D 9 dager siden
You can tell at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a> that it was supposed to be funny based on his face but then he regrets saying it immediately
David M
David M 2 dager siden
He was serious.
CripT1k lucas
CripT1k lucas 9 dager siden
Oh ye lol
Brandon Mcrorie
Brandon Mcrorie 9 dager siden
i love this man... i really do
Fretless99 9 dager siden
He should have been given a standing ovation, when the showed all three astronauts, on the ground. Brilliant orator
Çuvaldız -
Çuvaldız - 9 dager siden
it was my childhood mystery . i tried to solve the mystery for years and years. and finally i've solved the mystery at my 35th birthday; the light in my refrigerator goes off when I close the door.
That Bearded Man
That Bearded Man 9 dager siden
He's the guy who teaches you to chase your dreams, not to fear and... How to make a burrito He's the chosen one
Defne B
Defne B 9 dager siden
this is the best ted talk, hands down. didnt execpt that david bowie ending!
Jacob Bon
Jacob Bon 9 dager siden
I’d love to meet Chris to explain how my experience felt when going blind to. To clear up any confusion, I’m legally blind and have vision lost, from time to time there’s moments in my life where such anxiety gets to it causing me to lose certain senses and feels, I have lost vision for days to weeks and yes the easiest thing I understood how to deal with it was to be calm and panicles, I’ve truly never understood what causes it or why at those moments in life it happens
Hydrogen Films
Hydrogen Films 10 dager siden
"if your jaw could drop [in space] it would" love that quote
Archippus Lepcha
Archippus Lepcha 10 dager siden
Heroes of our Era
Robert Dem
Robert Dem 10 dager siden
Woww he’s my new role model 😭😍
Tiller Perry
Tiller Perry 10 dager siden
“If you walk through one hundred spiderwebs you will have changed your behavior” 🤔 true but would i want to cure my fear
3 Deanes
3 Deanes 10 dager siden
m.novids.info/video/dZd6h2fShI-sspw.html If you watch to the end, Hadfield makes a wonderful appearance!
Static Wolf
Static Wolf 11 dager siden
This guy just became my hero
Patrícia Monteiro
Patrícia Monteiro 11 dager siden
His singing wow
Thu Lx
Thu Lx 12 dager siden
NOvids: Recommend this video Me: Nice This video: has 6,9 million views Me: *_N I C E_*
Good Bi
Good Bi 11 dager siden
kris pirtsios
kris pirtsios 12 dager siden
But the reality also is that today's manned space travel still relies on the Soyuz rocket which is basically old school soviet era technology from the 60s. But its relatively cheap and reliable a safe enough module in getting astronauts to the space station and back. But the dreams of the 60s space race has not been realized aside from the moon landings we have no permanent manned bases on the moon and Mars is still a pipe dream as far as human exploration is concerned.
ann onn
ann onn 10 dager siden
Watch Crew Dragon on the 27th.
bhooshan vijay
bhooshan vijay 12 dager siden
this guy looks like tony stark
Dénes Varga
Dénes Varga 12 dager siden
Check the guy at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="430">7:10</a> in the first row with his jaw dropped. Thats kinda how i watch this!😅
goonzjav 12 dager siden
This guy is so interesting and a literal genius. He could do anything I reckon.
Joseph Mellor
Joseph Mellor 12 dager siden
Literally the most interesting man in the world
Nicole Ndu
Nicole Ndu 12 dager siden
he deserves more than his audience
Aviation TV
Aviation TV 12 dager siden
To go blind in space and not panic is quite something.