Watch Elon Musk announce the Tesla Cybertruck in 14 minutes 

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Elon Musk unveiled the new Tesla Cybertruck tonight at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.
Tesla Cybertruck: Inside the unveiling: novids.info/video/pKekmGjJn6XJoHY.html
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22. nov.. 2019





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Kommentarer 13 315   
Lutfi297 4 timer siden
It look like a minecraft minecart
Salad Uchiha
Salad Uchiha 4 timer siden
omg theres is nothing new
Thomas Garrett
Thomas Garrett 5 timer siden
They unclamped the glass, that means the pressure of the ball can be released through the sides
Thomas Garrett
Thomas Garrett 5 timer siden
He held back allot on that swing
Thomas Godwin
Thomas Godwin 5 timer siden
So what ever happened to the hyperloop?
Thomas Godwin
Thomas Godwin 5 timer siden
Elon musk want to be Steve jobs so bad it's getting pathetic
Ivan Fear_SoulSociety
Ivan Fear_SoulSociety 7 timer siden
Let's be honest This truck is ugly AF
Gage Sherwood
Gage Sherwood 7 timer siden
needs a solar panel roof and turbines on the axles
Vlad Armstrong
Vlad Armstrong 7 timer siden
I remember how Steve Jobs had presented the very first iPhone... That was the way to represent a product.. no offence but this Elon Musk sucks...
Supergamer133/sg133 8 timer siden
Mission failed we can try again next time
ליאור למדן
ליאור למדן 8 timer siden
Explode something!
Miloš Pantelić
Miloš Pantelić 8 timer siden
How can someone like this car!?
Elijah Self
Elijah Self 9 timer siden
Elon is the new Keanu Reeves “Hi dad” “Hey”
spoopy 11 timer siden
someone definitley got fired after that window smash.
William Garvin
William Garvin 11 timer siden
I would usually gets that vehicle.
mac 13 timer siden
this friggin bloke does my head in he puts himself on stage making out that all of these are his idea!!! al he does is shel out the money!!!!!!!!!
Paulo Filho
Paulo Filho 13 timer siden
"hi dad"
NT PRO 13 timer siden
Mission to be A Man
Mission to be A Man 13 timer siden
Seems like a vulnerability *Shatters* Told you (Applause)
Lochlan O’Connor
Lochlan O’Connor 14 timer siden
Minecraft car lol
VideoMasterSword 14 timer siden
if you end up in the water with your cybertruck, then it is a sailor grave or coffin. (glass is unbreakable you can't get out)
Toby Moore
Toby Moore 14 timer siden
Omg when his window got smashed Gets to his designers and sacks them
Aqil whiz
Aqil whiz 14 timer siden
bright side, it didn't go through ~ elon musk
Sanjay sachdeva
Sanjay sachdeva 14 timer siden
Elon musk is future
N word corporation
N word corporation 15 timer siden
The new tesla is ticc
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 15 timer siden
When the game hasn't fully rendered your car.
ValiHer0 16 timer siden
O vidro não falhou como muitos disseram,mts blindados trincam de fato o objetivo de verdade é não quebrar
kaushal rambhia
kaushal rambhia 16 timer siden
I think the window might be open a bit and that's why it might have broken. Because glass, if a little bit loose or open from one side either up or down, looses it's strength.
100pie 0eater
100pie 0eater 17 timer siden
They all dressed like from terminator From the looks of their *_LEATHER_* *_COATS_*
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 15 timer siden
Yo, let's see that flux capacitor!
robson Robert
robson Robert 18 timer siden
I wish to be a part of your invention
Alex Japanski
Alex Japanski 18 timer siden
Denny Le
Denny Le 19 timer siden
ELON: Lets smoke some weed after the show.
PILLAGE R 19 timer siden
After the window glass shattered his presentation was like and and and and and.........
Hamdi Berisha
Hamdi Berisha 19 timer siden
Fake 👎🏼
Ramalingeswara Rao Bhavaraju
Thank you sir Mr.Elon Musk sir.
Saiba 21 time siden
Everyone: Wooooooo!!!! 1:10 Me: Ahahhahaha 1:25
Arbaz ᗩᑎᔑᗩᖇᏆ
Obi Dark
Obi Dark 21 time siden
Tesla can make electric garbage trucks that's for sure 😂
Rob G
Rob G 22 timer siden
Reminds me of when Steve jobs introduced the iPhone
LilDumpling 22 timer siden
My first ever LEGO car be like 1:00
I'm In An Anime?
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offending EVERYONE...
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