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Paige Essue
Paige Essue 4 timer siden
Taking a psychology course has helped me so much.
selva2805 4 timer siden
Humans life started when the India called as Lemuria. Why not India itself Lemuria? novids.info/video/g2SBq5vbjGeTnqg.html from 11:00 minutes Based on this moving the country called India holding Madagascar and SriLanka around 100 million years as per the unit given by this video. This is claiming that the name called (Lemuria) kumari kandam and later this is called as India, because of cultural and religion. It show that Tamil language and people life start from 100 million years ago. Once Lemuria Kandam hit the current named Himalayas area the hill of Himalayas came in to picture during 45 million years ago. ​@ novids.info/video/oZ2qkJi8pX6TgHI.html .
Poketress 2
Poketress 2 4 timer siden
Everybody gangsta till cockroaches starts flying
Rigora Mortis
Rigora Mortis 4 timer siden
Apple Cider Vinegar in a bowl with a drop of dawn dishwasher soap works wonders as a fruit fly trap. Worked for me~
Alex MC
Alex MC 4 timer siden
Weebs be like:
NoctLightCloud 4 timer siden
I lost 30kgs, mainly through traking my diet via an app. It took me 5 years though, but I didn't go hungry. I also never starved, and I only enrolled in a gym last November. It really comes down to *what* you eat!
Ava Yu
Ava Yu 4 timer siden
Um eat well and work out! Keep learning! Of course get outdoors!
NIKA - I very love s*x
not very funny, dude 🎁 ❄
Margaret Mouton
Margaret Mouton 5 timer siden
After struggling with weight loss for years, I was able to lose 16 pounds in my first month as I finally found a solution that targets weight loss in 5 different ways. If loosing weight is on your list of resolution this year, watch short review video in my channel to see how I did it. Don't just read/watch all the success stories, become one. Stay motivated always!
Mirul Sam
Mirul Sam 5 timer siden
Ah shit..i got beer belly..i need to start smoke meth again...hahahha..
• l e m o n a d e •
Lmao this makes me feel bad about myself yikes I’ll never be skinny 😔😔
Milk Malk Gacha
Milk Malk Gacha 5 timer siden
I thought it was a brush when I saw the thumbnail
Michelle Hogan aka dino
i literally used to think they were boobs on the ceiling
Lispy Queer
Lispy Queer 5 timer siden
I have straight up had my cat and other cats eat butter off the counter. Dogs as well.
carlo30 5 timer siden
0:30 At least the Danes are gone
udip21 5 timer siden
Dopamine is the happy hormone. Seratonin is the self esteem hormone.
lilSnowflake 5 timer siden
Sun is bullshittery, people just need occasionally change their activites and environment
Owen Loyd
Owen Loyd 5 timer siden
myth: kids are picky me: i ate a football
Mr. Cas
Mr. Cas 6 timer siden
Subtitles are disturbing!
Anita Contarini
Anita Contarini 6 timer siden
so what do I do if I cannot go more than 5 hrs? I have the helathiest of lifestyles, open window, quietude , cool temperature...
IAMTHEFUSS 6 timer siden
Uh. I’m no fuckn doctor but I’ll tell yu it’s cuz THEY ARENT THE SAME !!!!! That’s why you don’t mix
urbrotherivan 6 timer siden
NOvids just recommend this video to me . And I thought the thumbnail was a literal paint brush !
Tony o farrell
Tony o farrell 6 timer siden
Nonsense ,you don't loose muscle mass when you fast. Nor do you feel like your starving
TetaGama 6 timer siden
I know you want to cash in on the whole isolation thing but please stop. This video is to ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO GO OUTSIDE.
Joe Congdon
Joe Congdon 6 timer siden
the main word in this movie is "might"
Phoebe Anderson
Phoebe Anderson 6 timer siden
👁👄👁 me watching this at 1 AM
John Kalkirtz
John Kalkirtz 6 timer siden
Can we all agree that booblights are a terrible name.
Munther does stuff
Munther does stuff 6 timer siden
Pheacy 6 timer siden
Me:*Throws phone and body shaking*
Ram Saroj
Ram Saroj 6 timer siden
Even during this pandemic I go outside wearing mask you need enivorment to survive
IkkeBaskuh 6 timer siden
A cow eats 40 to 100 kilos per day. An elephant eats 200 a day. The sauropods eating 45 kilos per day seems inaccurate to me.
Your Favourite Crackhead
Did you know that you can't think of a new colour?
Jamyia’s World
Jamyia’s World 6 timer siden
So I decided to be stupid today I was watching Raven’s home and I ate a chocolate bar and after that I was thirsty so my brain was being stupid and was like “let’s drink water in 1 minute” so I did it and now my stomach is killing me😭
Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki 6 timer siden
Once i tried going outside. Then i saw... people. Stupid and naive people. And i returned home
Smashen 6 timer siden
Ask me.
Me Me
Me Me 7 timer siden
Spongeboi me Bob, I have sold the krusty krab to order to fuel my ketamine addiction
Nareg Seukunian
Nareg Seukunian 7 timer siden
Lol there is no one on earth that has excess melatonin. Most people are deficient. I dont agree with this video
67xSmiles 7 timer siden
B l a c k
Nina Hiatt
Nina Hiatt 7 timer siden
To everyone saying that he was incorrect for saying that bad parenting doesn’t cause mental illness: what he said was that it is counterproductive to blame mental illness on bad parenting.
MaxtheOwl nightbirb
MaxtheOwl nightbirb 7 timer siden
rip me then, I'm always indoors
Kat Tlholoe
Kat Tlholoe 7 timer siden
This hole time I was thinking it's a poket wow👏
Rohit Singh
Rohit Singh 7 timer siden
Her voice is very nice, plz make her permanent narrator
Dan Brown
Dan Brown 7 timer siden
Why was this on my recemended-
Roburokkusumīmu 7 timer siden
Am i the only one who sleeps for 11hrs straight
Zach Sano
Zach Sano 7 timer siden
Science insider is taking its name literally, I see
MOA ARMY 7 timer siden
I was raised badly lmao
Ashley Brooks
Ashley Brooks 7 timer siden
Me:oh don't mind me just watching this so I can stop my mom from getting the BELT ON MY ASS.
yeri 7 timer siden
I wish they were my parents instead
CopperValentine 8 timer siden
Predatory dogs and cats don’t get along. Nice dogs and overbearing cats don’t get along. Everyone else is fine. 😄
Star Peach
Star Peach 8 timer siden
The blackest black color I see is the outro background
luis martinez
luis martinez 8 timer siden
Bro spanking and abuse are different I was smacked as a kid only when I deserved it now i now how to be respectful and I know the world is unfair and dreams dont come true for the most part and when I have kids I plan to smack them if they do something wrong. But the world is full of soft snowflakes they confuse spankings with abuse.
Ladie’sMan 1990
Ladie’sMan 1990 8 timer siden
*in some places is 104 and still spreading let’s see if Las Vegas heat kills it at 112-115*
Monika 8 timer siden
Introverts: PATHETIC!
Rob 8 timer siden
Krebs wants to know your Location.
ariana marengo
ariana marengo 8 timer siden
i think the palate one is true bc my mom LOVED avocados but when she was prego w my lil sister she had a bad taste reaction n can't eat avocados anymore n my sister hates avocados to this day
May Holland
May Holland 8 timer siden
My mom wants me to respect her but says she doesn't need to respect me bc she takes care of me and when I feel anxious or depressed I don't tell her bc she won't take it seriously and she'll just tell me not to "claim" it when I've been formally diagnosed and I even went to group therapy for a while.
Ariam Saila
Ariam Saila 8 timer siden
I'm just a cat mom but I'll do my best raising my child
ForgottenSoles 8 timer siden
never agreed with someone more
Emalea Gross
Emalea Gross 8 timer siden
Something I learned from this video is cats know more science than me I feel so dumb
ariana marengo
ariana marengo 8 timer siden
parenting comes naturally to latinos n hispanics we done raised our siblings n know to do n what not to do lmaoo
Lisaa. kk
Lisaa. kk 8 timer siden
Honestly, am I the only one who thinks "spanking" isn't bad? I'm a teen and honestly, I'm not messed up or anything, it depends when my parents usually whooped me for necessary reasons. But for reasons like eating the last cookie orrr forgetting to do homework, it's pretty unecessary. But people make it seem like the whole thing is so terrible, it's really not when you know how to whoop and when.
lil Xanax
lil Xanax 8 timer siden
And they barley give outdoor time in jail... Great lets keep people worse.
Rybug 8 timer siden
Well I don't have neighbors and I have 5 acres and dirt bikes and slow internet and tons of video gam..e.s... well I have a pool and bad internet but im set
Nikheet Isnotcool
Nikheet Isnotcool 9 timer siden
Now I know why I am so tired
TheStam19 9 timer siden
We ve never experienced something like this in history of humankind, i mean locked for long time in our homes
Katelyn 可愛い
Katelyn 可愛い 9 timer siden
Night Light Night Light Night Light Darkness
Katelyn 可愛い
Katelyn 可愛い 9 timer siden
Blackest black
sun flower
sun flower 9 timer siden
Use garlic,lemon ,ginger, turmeric, and lots of warm water ,tea or soup.
Cris Urban Jacques
Cris Urban Jacques 9 timer siden
We always gave my cat human food. The last 10 years of her life she only ate human food, cooked meat or boiled chicken and only if it was seasoned. Scrambled eggs and sweet pastry in the mornings, cantaloupe, avocado, tomatoes, etc. She had one anual check up every year and her exams were always perfect. She lived for 25 years, 11 months and 20 days.
Robert lawrence
Robert lawrence 9 timer siden
They really need to explain that virus like COVID are 1) Larger (double the size) than a flu AND 2)is NOT an airborne transferable in the "cloud" that dissipates in the building. 3)COVID19 does not last long on surfaces since it needs a specific temp to survive and multiply.
Cris Urban Jacques
Cris Urban Jacques 9 timer siden
Isn't every single mammal lactose-intolerante after the lactation period ?
Izzie Stevens
Izzie Stevens 9 timer siden
I've been doing quite good mentally, but that explains why I've been very tired lately and even taking naps! Who would have thought...
Prasenjit Debroy
Prasenjit Debroy 9 timer siden
We are floating on a planet revolving around a giant ball of fire!
invest inv
invest inv 9 timer siden
the vaping damages ! becareful - Research into the health effects of vaping is ongoing, and it may take some time before we understand the long-term risks. ihtirafnet.blogspot.com/2020/05/the-vaping-damages-becareful.html
drinny26 9 timer siden
I live in New York and there are so many ant mounds in my yard it makes me sick. I don’t want to use chemicals. I can’t even imagine what going on underground where I can’t see.
vtex Shadow
vtex Shadow 9 timer siden
I expected jokes to laugh at the comments
case451 9 timer siden
It is irresponsible to pan "stretching before exercising" and only talk about static stretching. Always warmup before exercising. Light static stretches are better than nothing, dynamic is better than static.
Mayuresh Kawde
Mayuresh Kawde 9 timer siden
Just show us inside the pouch insted of animation.
Kasuni Ratnayake
Kasuni Ratnayake 9 timer siden
In Sri Lanka people feed their dogs human food.
- Kayla draws -
- Kayla draws - 9 timer siden
I wonder what colour is going to be darker than black
Naffisa Abedin
Naffisa Abedin 9 timer siden
Me:this black is more black than that one Me again :*in this video I learned it’s actually said blacker
Zeena Lyounsi
Zeena Lyounsi 9 timer siden
Fake 'depressed' gachas: *ILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK!*
Aurora Animates and plays
Oml this is amazing except my mom may not believe some of these And her shirt looks like a black hole
LampPost58 9 timer siden
Living in my household thought to run, hide, and lie.
John Sketcher
John Sketcher 9 timer siden
Fact Black is not a color
Slitherr 10 timer siden
Summary: Go outside, you need the sun.
Kay Muldoon
Kay Muldoon 10 timer siden
I had no idea popcorn ceilings have been around since the 1930s.
Ahmad Firdaus
Ahmad Firdaus 10 timer siden
My lung hurt when hear this 2:00
Ceci J. Arteaga
Ceci J. Arteaga 10 timer siden
ceiling tiddy
Dakota xD
Dakota xD 10 timer siden
They have these damn crap ceilings in hotels
David Rule
David Rule 10 timer siden
They were not wrong. The whole world went into lock down and it helped. What is so hard to see ???????? Why is the most amazing thing that happened in the history of mankind, so easily over looked ????
BenComedy 2020
BenComedy 2020 10 timer siden
Video: *acts like Trump* COVID-19: *im gonna debunk this woman's whole career*
Echo Galaxy Artz
Echo Galaxy Artz 10 timer siden
.....well shit this video has just said all the things i do and don't......welp I GUESS I'M A VAMPIRE NOW
Good thing I went out for some fresh air.
Mohamed Salman
Mohamed Salman 10 timer siden
Putting "because of bad weather" and "Maybe it's a pandemic and your self quaratined" in the same list is both surreal and absurd! Bad weather happen all the time... Pandemics on the other hand are a one in a century incident... So far?🤔
Waluigi Is the true god
These are in all of the upstairs rooms in our house lol
Naveen P Nair
Naveen P Nair 10 timer siden
What if you never went outside Introverts ; Hold My Room
Waluigi Is the true god
Oh look a video about my LIFE
665HP 11 timer siden
Title Instructions Very Unclear, ate the mold on the bread
jeroen 11 timer siden
homeless people must be super happy