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The Five Rules of Risk
9 dager siden
The Logistics of the US Census
2 måneder siden
The Business of Ski Resorts
4 måneder siden
Australia's China Problem
6 måneder siden
Boeing's China Problem
8 måneder siden
How to Stop an Epidemic
9 måneder siden
The NFL's Logistics Problem
10 måneder siden
The Economics of Private Jets
10 måneder siden
How Air Traffic Control Works
11 måneder siden
Iceland's Tourism Revolution
11 måneder siden
Why Cities Exist
2 år siden
The Gene Patent Question
2 år siden
The Little Plane War
2 år siden
How to Stop a Riot
2 år siden
Every State in the US
3 år siden
How Maritime Law Works
3 år siden
Wayne Muldrow
Wayne Muldrow 12 timer siden
CCP Government Trolls: Failed....
Tobias Bala
Tobias Bala 12 timer siden
So much Information is wrong in this video 😂 go to a commercial flight school. It costs around 80-100k for a two year program. During those two years you get your required 2000 flight hours so you can become a commercial pilot. It doesn’t cost over 300k 😂
YiuPak Liang
YiuPak Liang 12 timer siden
Man is fuqing better if you don't overinterpret politics 我真tm服了你 井底之蛙 sb一个
The World Diaries
The World Diaries 12 timer siden
“flu like symptoms”, oh no
Heretic Punisher
Heretic Punisher 12 timer siden
2:20 Is that... a boat on top of 3 buildings?
PennsylvaniaEAS2006 12 timer siden
Anyone watching this during 2020 riots
Riley Mcgree
Riley Mcgree 13 timer siden
My country Name I like turtles Capital ur recomandations when u have made a new account National food Doritos Ideology communism Location marseille National tower couch Army reserves 1 Army reserve names ur mom when she has a shoe in her hand Population | | ---------- |
Tyrone a Inventor
Tyrone a Inventor 13 timer siden
So how do I restore the Ottoman Empire?
Luke Dahlinghaus
Luke Dahlinghaus 14 timer siden
When your state is just brought up for a short road in a town that was pronounced wrong 😭
Hauxy 14 timer siden
I hope Africa becomes the place to live In peace and has money to live
Doods Poods
Doods Poods 14 timer siden
who’s here after Minneapolis riots?
fatih özkaya
fatih özkaya 14 timer siden
Avery Honea
Avery Honea 14 timer siden
When your state was mostly about golf literally the most boring sport ever
A random person
A random person 14 timer siden
That merch plug lol
Prathamesh Chavan
Prathamesh Chavan 14 timer siden
Was Great Napoleon kept here???
Tre Greco
Tre Greco 14 timer siden
.....well this explains too much. I need another beer.
justin hedges
justin hedges 15 timer siden
Why the fuck u need a boat
Michael W. Perry
Michael W. Perry 15 timer siden
This was released in 2017. A lot has changed since then, including Trump, the coronavirus, and military clashes between India and China. A revision might be appropriate.
H.M.H.S Brittanic
H.M.H.S Brittanic 15 timer siden
Russia: write that down write that down
qazi hossain
qazi hossain 15 timer siden
Hey I am from Dhaka Bangladesh!!!!
AcidBot66 15 timer siden
What a waste... A single anti ship missile of any sort can disable a billion ++ dollars carrier!
Tony Thompson
Tony Thompson 15 timer siden
The whole world now has a China problem ........Be afraid Be very afraid !
Aukusti Valli
Aukusti Valli 15 timer siden
Spoiler: EU is not a country.
Mason mason
Mason mason 15 timer siden
Or rather, China's Australia problem
clasher37 15 timer siden
that's why you can't criticize china in those universities, interesting.
Dr. Toboggan
Dr. Toboggan 15 timer siden
Bestcool5 15 timer siden
Heretic Punisher
Heretic Punisher 15 timer siden
Damn... it must be really hard living on the beaches of the Bahamas.
Wilde Kougan
Wilde Kougan 15 timer siden
Coumo, governor of New York is trying to form a reliable high speed rail, but only just for the state itself.
roy garner
roy garner 15 timer siden
My American NOvids content creator friend. Granted, if you love it or hate it, the world power dynamics are changing surreptitiously from your country to China. All this B.S with your poverty graced pictures of Africa doesn't cut it. China, is not only investing heavily in Africa-it's doing same all around the globe. Australia, new Zealand are typical examples. Even in America, Chinese are buying up your industries and corporations. What China like some other European countries is trying to do with their policies of low interest loans,grants and investments is to change the dynamics of the US currency being the fall back currency of the world. With this power, see how Trump is abusing that power. I'm with China on this balance of world power dynamics. CIA propaganda doesn't cut it here.
HH_Gel-Blasting 15 timer siden
I think that by the end of this year their are gonna be 2,764,692 more countries, just feels like it man.
I like to boop
I like to boop 16 timer siden
Nice, demonise one side but not the other. Try to insult both sides if you want to pretend to be unbiased.
Dorel 16 timer siden
Kactus 16 timer siden
the eu is not a militar alliance so they wouldnt help each other military as a country would do (but almost all of the eu members are in nato so they would)
jay bird
jay bird 16 timer siden
when your state is just used as a bridge to talk about another....
Darwinski 16 timer siden
0:35 wait why does someone living in the UK have an American accent?
Zayin Frye
Zayin Frye 16 timer siden
I want to see this place in a post-apocalyptic game.
vaibhav pawar
vaibhav pawar 16 timer siden
Corona manufacturer.. 共匪 communist bandits, Free Hong Kong.. Free Taiwan.. Free Tibet.. Free south China sea.. Free Indian territory.. Free Uyghur Muslims.. Free world from Wuhan virus.. Free WHO.. Now Free mount everest too..
blxqv 16 timer siden
Country: Toreta Language: Spanish & English, my custom language. Ideology: Federal Constitutional Democratic Republic Capital City: Kosena Currency: Janas
Francisco Franco
Francisco Franco 16 timer siden
Intresting....civil wars in Africa, in the 60's, 70's and 80's were lead by groups supported by soviet union, china and cuba army...that have destroyed the continent...and now, they are buying it, .
James 16 timer siden
America racial discrimination and democratic bombs vs China's socialistic roads and buildings, which one is better? I bet you all forget how blacks are being badly treated in the America.
Camera 17 timer siden
"The Concord featured a droop snoot."
vaibhav pawar
vaibhav pawar 17 timer siden
Like they built the Wuhan virus in 10 days.. 共匪 communist bandits, Free Hong Kong.. Free Taiwan.. Free Tibet.. Free south China sea.. Free Indian territory.. Free Uyghur Muslims.. Free world from Wuhan virus.. Free WHO.. Now Free mount everest too..
Twasin Junaed
Twasin Junaed 17 timer siden
Tobacco is bad for humans
Th3Rooster Kxng
Th3Rooster Kxng 17 timer siden
FatiTank Drawings
FatiTank Drawings 17 timer siden
If we would try to tell them what's a "planet", we'll need to explain what three-dimensional space means, what spheres are, what rocks are et cetera...
Namefag 17 timer siden
In your video "Why Flying is So Expensive" it is stated that fuel is actually a very minor cost in flying (~3,6%), yet in this video, and I think a couple of your other videos, fuel cost is a mayor player in the decisions made by the industry. Just how important of a factors fuel cost and fuel efficiency really are for the aviation industry?
Shiralter Ex
Shiralter Ex 17 timer siden
So this is where he gets most of his topics for HAI....
Joanne Leung
Joanne Leung 17 timer siden
Man, this video aged well like fine wine. A Hongkonger here :)
Westjet 003
Westjet 003 17 timer siden
Now I dont want to walk outside
Frank D
Frank D 17 timer siden
simply.....NO. it is a financial and political german construct.
Tasnim Emam
Tasnim Emam 17 timer siden
Me: waits for Bangladesh Him: It is the least touristy country in the world Me: ok
Cody McCusker
Cody McCusker 18 timer siden
I know this is late but to make the police more scary they should black out the visor it would 1 look awesome and 2 make them look even more like dehumanized and make them look like clones
Dr. Gonzo
Dr. Gonzo 18 timer siden
Twinkling stars are unnatural? Have you never heard Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars or maybe looked up at the night sky before?
alexandre dubois
alexandre dubois 18 timer siden
Love all westerners only came to still trashtalk China and say the quality must be bad. No rage, they are better, in France, it would take more than 1 years, and at the end, it might be cancelled or in bad quality lol
Sovuq 18 timer siden
When you watch most of the video and all they talk about is a race car speedway and a beverage
Me Tube
Me Tube 18 timer siden
Earth would be like a comedy radio show of ignorance and wierdness. Our broadcasts have most likely been turned into some type of entertainment.
raimi jay
raimi jay 18 timer siden
All the best for Rwanda. The most important is peaceful life alright. Slowly gained wealth
Paulo R. Costa
Paulo R. Costa 19 timer siden
I was surprised to find a reference to my city in this interesting video, although, in the video image and by the narrator, it has been mispelled, in the subtitles, it is correct. The city is Ponta Delgada, not Ponte Delgada, in the Azores, Portugal. Curiously, the Azores consulate is the oldest permanently active consulate of the United States of America, being active since the 18th century.
e m
e m 19 timer siden
would like to see one vedio us geography problems
Desert Lizard
Desert Lizard 19 timer siden
you must be a superman if you can sleep in that thing during war and sailing near enemy shores
Theenderpe 19 timer siden
South Ossetia (Samachablo) is Georgia!
Matthew Clements
Matthew Clements 15 timer siden
Theenderpe my country does not think so
hingginchu 19 timer siden
Trade and intellectual exchanges are some of most positive things that can happen between two nation states. There is some soul searching due if one doesn't see a problem with the logic that China would be a problem for Australia because Australia is selling a lot of its product to China and has many international students from China. Mainstream media, public opinion and the overall political mindset in Australia are marked by ignorance and negativity towards what goes on in that part of Asia. Are you sure that whatever criticism in response to so many of the crap on and about China is a result of an effort from the Chinese government top down and not from common Chinese folks bottom up? If Western civilization think it's immune from the sort of antagonism and stupidity that have haunted and pillaged the human race throughout its existence, one would be very mistaken. Australia and the world's problem to a larger extent is that people think they already know, the real incentive for dialogues is superficial if not lacking and the impulse for xenophobia is very real.
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He forgot that Nevada is the only state with a building full of aliens.
lol lol
lol lol 19 timer siden
Public transportation might be good and has a lot of benefit than cars, but look at COVID-19, you can't even go anywhere. In cars you can go anywhere. And please don't say "now look how many cases you have in the US?". What did you expect? There are a lot of people here in US; specially in main city such as, NY, Detroit, LA, SF, etc.
NatureXwars 19 timer siden
Why just the nose landing gear? Wouldn't it be simpler to raise all the landing gears to give solution to the bigger engines & to have prevented the MCAS system from becoming a thing?
Worldopedia 19 timer siden
I am so impressed that how this dude makes such great topics. It's so hard. Praise👏👏👏
Haider Latif
Haider Latif 19 timer siden
I say you bring in tanks
Anthop 19 timer siden
The video of Portland, OR is taken from Seattle....
Paul Schwartz
Paul Schwartz 19 timer siden
Tanish jain
Tanish jain 19 timer siden
Please make one video on Indian low cost airline INDIGO, SPICEJET, VISTARA and indigo is world 1st airline who book Airbus a320 biggest order
Andrew Bauer
Andrew Bauer 19 timer siden
Where my philly heads at
QingYun 20 timer siden
relatively small city with a population of 3.5 million Toronto(Canada's largest city) - 3.2 million population -.-'
KVN 20 timer siden
Historically Great wall of China is the real border of China. It should be forced back and all areas outside wall recognised as independent countries.
Nicktasteless 20 timer siden
actually, everything sucks in america
WesternPlanes - Heathrow 2020
COVID 19: I'm gonna end this mans whole career
JustAPolishAmerican 20 timer siden
1:39 Palau is not in the Spratly Islands. It's actually located between the Philippines and the Federated States of Micronesia.
Muthukumar Subramaniam
Muthukumar Subramaniam 20 timer siden
China powerful in exporting deadly viruses to the world
No Name
No Name 20 timer siden
Breaking news @ 2050 "How Mars is becoming China's china"
Baron von Limbourgh
Baron von Limbourgh 21 time siden
At least bombardier's go fast on water as well.
Elizabeth Van Horne
Elizabeth Van Horne 21 time siden
I love your videos, thanks for making them. I make worksheets on them regularly for my English-learning students, and it has really helped build their comprehension and vocabulary. Best of luck to you!
Giulio Brunetto
Giulio Brunetto 21 time siden
Wow wow wow What a documentary! I truly love wendover and HAI, but that was amazing! I know, that was supposed to be available only on nebula, but look how much views it has! I think you could upload some of those, if you want! And congrats making this amazing movie!
Izaya Orihara
Izaya Orihara 21 time siden
Just build a hyperloop.
Shogun 2 Heroic Victories
Yet in the 9 days it took the UK to Refit a Convention centre into a field hospital. And did that US Military Medic ship ever make it to New York to serve its purpose?
PACIFIC GAMER 21 time siden
Country: parking lot launguages:pilipino capital:parking slot
Marko Savic
Marko Savic 21 time siden
This comment section suck
Baron von Limbourgh
Baron von Limbourgh 22 timer siden
The problem is airports. Trains will always be more convenient and popular.
justkiddin08 22 timer siden
I was in Barrow last year, I have some really good friends there. .
geheimschriver 22 timer siden
So your advice is: If you legally want to enter a country without a visa, you need to commit a crime.
Joshua Salem
Joshua Salem 22 timer siden
Because aiming for profitability has never led to hiking up costs, lowering convenience, and made the whole experience a pain in the ass
Casual Chris
Casual Chris 22 timer siden
Meanwhile in the UK: Guys after more than a decade of yapping, we are now ditching the plan for a new runway in Heathrow. Me: 🙃
ArtumTsumia 22 timer siden
Population density is the core problem. Comparing the state of rails to other countries fails to really capture this point. A country like France is roughly the size of the state of Texas. Cities end up being more densely populated as well as closer together making for far less line to lay. Most other factors end up stemming from this since it means at the most basic level that the cost efficiency of the infrastructure is just going to be lower.
Phill Power
Phill Power 22 timer siden
Stop selling jets to China. Boycott their aviation industry.
jaxson glowacki
jaxson glowacki 22 timer siden
Wendover productions: "We need a new mid range plane" Boeing 767: "Am I a joke to you"?
Logan R
Logan R 22 timer siden
UK trains are alright but half the time they're delayed, full and they're somewhat affordable depending where you're headed.
random idiot on le internet
1start a revolution 2win the revolution 3make a goverment
HIPE Pro 22 timer siden
why was lithuania called latvia at 0:57 ??
FunGi Channel
FunGi Channel 22 timer siden
Oh hey, a new great idea!
Sean Walsh
Sean Walsh 22 timer siden
Thomas Cook had the best livery of any airline. Change my mind
Cowboy 23 timer siden
He could of just said “industrial revolution” and be done with it.