UPDATE CORNER: Paul Speaks Out 

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We're in the update corner talkin' about Paul. Or should I say... TROY.
I don't know. I honestly don't know anymore.
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on NOvids, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.





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Major Harris
Major Harris 58 minutter siden
He's calling me a phyco because I push my glasses like that
PaNcAKe SqUAd oWO 2 timer siden
Daisy Bidmead
Daisy Bidmead 2 timer siden
But like I swear Danny does the same thing and pretends to be this guy ‘Drew gooden’ right?
Kor O'Connell
Kor O'Connell 2 timer siden
Paul Josef Gutowski, 23, making videos since 2014 as Paul Zimmer, is now pretending to be 16 year old Troy Becker, and changing his name legally to Troy and claiming that he's been pretending to be Paul.
dallas f
dallas f 2 timer siden
i started dying when he said “my knees hurt”
Terra Elizabeth
Terra Elizabeth 2 timer siden
Imagine needing money so bad because you stopped scamming children that you create a new identify for yourself. Somebody let him know that McDonald's is hiring.
ChiKofute 3 timer siden
"I went on vacation and got the flu" Hmmm...
Croissant '
Croissant ' 6 timer siden
I wanted to point out that Gutowski is a polish last name not Russian, but actually go for it Russia, we don't want him
Ethangames 879
Ethangames 879 7 timer siden
“I went on vacation and immediately got the flu” Bro dan u gud?
Sarah Smalley
Sarah Smalley 7 timer siden
He made an NOvids video, you should check it out!!
Sam Harris
Sam Harris 10 timer siden
Hey guys you've heard of Troy and maybe even the older personality Paul BUT have you heard of JIM?!
Helena Bednarski
Helena Bednarski 11 timer siden
Yeah I hate to break it to all of you thinking Gutowski is a Russian surname, it’s a Polish last name. Sorry guys.
Ogaboga Boi
Ogaboga Boi 12 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="262">4:22</a> planes Taste so good
Gamba EJ
Gamba EJ 12 timer siden
Lmao. Four minutes in and I'm seeing planes. B r u v he scammed people. Paul Zimmer a whole eboy before it became a trend. Oop, we gonna cancEL pAUl.
10xBetter 12 timer siden
He wears a yellow shirt today
Sailing Away
Sailing Away 12 timer siden
I appreciate that Danny’s criticism is never like a veiled threat or very cruel or harsh- it’s always reasonable commentary but he makes it lighthearted
Praxina TheVitta
Praxina TheVitta 13 timer siden
Don't do this to your knees ;-;
allex2256 14 timer siden
Okay, in all fairness, my roommate who likes to online game is constantly screaming and I can hear it in my room with the door shut.
Lauren Ramirez
Lauren Ramirez 14 timer siden
The way he talks high key freaks me out like, it just sounds so unnatural
Kerry Duck
Kerry Duck 15 timer siden
wow u realy have a big nose! :l
Violet Smith
Violet Smith 15 timer siden
I was watching this, and my mom walked into the room and asked what I was watching. I shower her and when we were done she said two things about you The first one being; that you could be a high class stalker/detective Two; "does that 17 year old man wear makeup? He totally has lipstick on" xd 😅😥😰🙄
Katarina Miljenović 3c
I'm so confused with him and I found out Danny is predator and 12-13 year old me used to watch them and look up to them...
Sad Pancake
Sad Pancake 16 timer siden
Ok Danny... as someone with glasses i have to defend that one Tiktok (can't believe i just said that) BUT IF SOMEONE PUSHES UP THEIR GLASSES BY *TOUCHING THE GLASS* , THEN YES, THEY'RE A PSYCHOPATH
Raiden Braswell
Raiden Braswell 16 timer siden
Does Danny's hair look weird? I haven't watched in a while so I don't exactly remember what it looks like
insert name here
insert name here 16 timer siden
Therandomplushie 25
Therandomplushie 25 16 timer siden
Paul Zimmer eats airplanes now that’s just plane crazy
zac shouka
zac shouka 17 timer siden
remember when Danny met Paul Zimmer
zerotwo 17 timer siden
Grandma:I’m gonna beat you’re ass when I come up the stairs *What I see when she’s coming up the stairs* Grandma: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="754">12:34</a>
Tracy Burdett
Tracy Burdett 18 timer siden
Danny has broke his knees ones again.
Charotle Hopkins
Charotle Hopkins 18 timer siden
Love that Hannah Montana reference *insert chef kiss*
CriticDan 19 timer siden
The glasses one was that the guy touched the lens on his glasses.
Swiftbroom 19 timer siden
Ok now Im gonna pretend my name is Alex Franchesco even though its Alexander Marcu, now it's gonna be Pascoini Ravioli, and say that I was never Alex Franchesco and I just made him a character that was meant to be the most horrible person ever, which I still am.
Lindsey Kudriavetz
Lindsey Kudriavetz 20 timer siden
remember when danny literally met him
フローラ! 20 timer siden
It's like he's trying to diagnose himself with DID
Megala Seran
Megala Seran 21 time siden
"Paul knows this because Troy knows this"
Saphira Animations
Saphira Animations 21 time siden
The sound of your knees crunching sounds like a kit-kat snapping.
Andi 21 time siden
The psychopath thing... He probably meant the fact that he pushes his sun glasses up by touching the glass itself.. But... That thing was bullshit anyway
Silas Niemeijer
Silas Niemeijer 21 time siden
ion like paul's voice
DynxUniverse 21 time siden
The ad I got at the end of the video was a Discover ad with a JOJO REFRENCE
Brody Hysell
Brody Hysell 21 time siden
*Everybody gangsta until Danny makes a new video on Troy Becker*
Sofia Massiani
Sofia Massiani 22 timer siden
i ja realized that paul might be watching this... and maybe since he’s a russian soy that eats airplanes that he might be under the accounts in the comments that are defending him oop
عروب 22 timer siden
Danny is probably a psychopath for not getting the sunglasses video.
Jamez 23 timer siden
Baddy Is God
Baddy Is God Dag siden
So does that mean he was 11 when he started making tiktoks? And is his girlfriend dating a minor?
Fixingsplash 298
Thats true he ate the Boeing 747 after my flight trip
MICKIE GEE Dag siden
yeah well NOW danny edge made a video addressing his perspective too, interesting
Traindude17 Dag siden
So if he's saying he's 16 now and he was Paul Zimmer that means he was about 10 when he first started appearing in videos in 2014. He doesn't look 10
kokichi kinnie
kokichi kinnie Dag siden
Top 10 anime plot twists of 2020
react rock
react rock Dag siden
You are Very noice
When he said he knew who he was I actually contemplated if he actually does for a second because this dude be pretending to be three people. Also does his family go along with all this, or even know all of it?
alisuo toko
alisuo toko Dag siden
Honestly amazing
M C A Dag siden
I hate Troy/Paul's voice It makes me so uncomfortable
Roman Holt
Roman Holt Dag siden
Pobodys nerfect 🤷🏼‍♀️
Millagames101 Dag siden
I’m greg
alisuo toko
alisuo toko Dag siden
The joke in the second TikTok was that he touched the lenses
Eden Schwartz
Eden Schwartz Dag siden
Went from Paul to Troy and now Eric from The Little Mermaid
BluePandaGamer Dag siden
I just realized: If Paul Zimmer was fake, and Troy Becker is 16, and he joined musically in 2015, that means he joined musically when he was 12, even though you have to be 13 to make an account.
zoey s
zoey s Dag siden
Olivia Aston
Olivia Aston Dag siden
danny: he eats airplanes he eats a whole god dame ass airplane me : XD paul : HOW DID HE KNOW !!!!!!!!
jordan phillips
jordan phillips Dag siden
он получил нас шпионы, бегать.
x DDx207 x
x DDx207 x Dag siden
Welcome to hollyweed
Scott Maisch
Scott Maisch Dag siden
New hair new you
Random Person
Random Person Dag siden
calling little girls cute and pretending to be 16 this is suspicious. Anyone call Chris Hansen yet?
Cowgirl Crafts
Cowgirl Crafts Dag siden
He’s a Russian spy: Meaning that his new person is The Winter Soldier from Captain America
Click Bait O’ Clock
When he said this whole thing has been going on for awhile and he doesn’t know if it’s ever really gonna end... I just thought of quarantine 😒
Kyla Bianca
Kyla Bianca Dag siden
You did mention the whole Paul having a NOvids channel with his best friend before. I’m not sure why I felt the need to point that out but...
IAmZak 860
IAmZak 860 Dag siden
Ruth Just dancer
I keep forgetting that Danny has MET Paul Zimmer. So Danny knows who Troy is.
Anti Pc F your feelings
He’s so handsome.
TheGrassStarter 001
The joke in the second TikTok was that he touched the lenses
Fantoms Squad
Fantoms Squad Dag siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="472">7:52</a> yea Danny you learn that from Hannah Montana’s song “nobody’s perfect” It’s literally the beginning of the song
Nerdy Devil
Nerdy Devil Dag siden
Haven’t you seen him in real life? Lol what if you guys meet again
King Qwing
King Qwing Dag siden
should we start a fund for an update corner mini stool
Olivia Sanchez
Olivia Sanchez Dag siden
The crunching sound effects of Danny's knees are a mood
Janka Krizsán
Janka Krizsán Dag siden
When you quoted Hannah Montana, I liked the video immediately :DDD
Natsoup Dag siden
No one: Danny: also Paul Zimmer eats planes.
I agree with you and,
Danny. I’m obsessed with you.
Yung Echan
Yung Echan 2 dager siden
Paul Zimmer sounds like the Micheal Jackson made by South Park
Rose 2 dager siden
And he has a kid and a wife… Poor child
Marilyn Owens
Marilyn Owens 2 dager siden
Me and everyone else: We know it's you paul Paul...oh I mean Troy: If I change my hair,they'll think it's me yes...yes..the is is by far my GREATEST SCHEME YET!!!
daniellee 2 dager siden
id say paul troy man “was 16” in 2014 now being “20” paul troy man is a “con man” a very bad con man who looked like a piece of paper with all that horrible lighting back in 2014.
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