Trump Throws Rudy Giuliani Under The Bus With New Ukraine Comments | The Last Word | MSNBC 

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The president is now trying to distance himself from Rudy Giuliani by claiming that he didn't know what Giuliani was doing with Ukraine. But all evidence contradicts that claim. Plus, Bill Kristol tells Katy Tur that there are more Republicans keeping their minds open to impeachment than previously known. Katy also discusses with Jill Wine-Banks and Neera Tanden. Aired on 11/26/19.
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Trump Throws Rudy Giuliani Under The Bus With New Ukraine Comments | The Last Word | MSNBC



27. nov.. 2019





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Gabriel Ruvalcaba
Gabriel Ruvalcaba 11 timer siden
This girl.. brainwashed By the 🥕 CARROT eater media
plum loco
plum loco 22 timer siden
When juliani said he had insurance, did you hear everyone laughing. Ha, ha, ha.. I
John Doe
John Doe Dag siden
john rumpf
john rumpf 2 dager siden
"Sometimes they take their constituents into consideration" let that sink in how casual you can let the people know the government by the people is not for the people.
Rocky Hernandez
Rocky Hernandez 2 dager siden
If you don’t want to see this chaos then you need to vote! Enough is enough. Republicans are angry people and they play for keeps! They will literally go out and vote with their families. And liberals are too laid back and would rather go surfing and smoke weed with their friends. But the democrats need to unite and go out and vote! If you don’t normally vote, you need to on this election. The president needs to be impeached!
John A
John A 2 dager siden
Nice Trump finally throws his weasel under the bus
Cancun American
Cancun American 2 dager siden
🇺🇸: *Jesus Take The Wheel.* DJT: *Me, Me, Me. I Got This.* There are a lotta MUTHERFCKERS that need to be -ON- Under The Bus! 🤭 *PENCE & POMPEO* 🤫
Erwin Matias
Erwin Matias 2 dager siden
MSNBC who going to believe you?
ashraf mohamed shabrawy mohamed nasr
هذه هى الديموقراطيه والحريه ثمن نهوض الامم
ashraf mohamed shabrawy mohamed nasr
امريكا تحاسب ترامب
Pete George
Pete George 3 dager siden
Keep them guessing Rody do you have it or not
Felix Ray
Felix Ray 3 dager siden
They've really put some miles on that bus...
Venita Davis
Venita Davis 3 dager siden
Rudy Giuliani is not talking about insurance against trump but against the Ukraine Corrupt prosecutor. He of course recorded their conversations for trump to hear. He won't turn against trump.
David Christy
David Christy 3 dager siden
Shut up .trying to impeach sitting transparent man .
Criss Howe
Criss Howe 3 dager siden
Hey trumpf: FAIL!
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams 3 dager siden
Trump should just keep his mouth shut. He can't keep his lies straight.
Jos Fielden
Jos Fielden 6 timer siden
"I'm a Democrat and I,m Okay....I wank all night and sleep all day !" 266,000 new jobs November 2019 !
Buck Johnson
Buck Johnson 3 dager siden
So the crime here is what again? This is an unbelievable waste of energy
Boogin Head
Boogin Head 3 dager siden
Katie Turd-- Hope you can stop time.... once you turn 40 (in 3 years) you'll be doing a podcast like Bill O'Reilly. They didn't hire you for your knowledge. You already look 40.
Boogin Head
Boogin Head 3 dager siden
MSNBC -- Fair and Balanced. That's sarcasm.
Chris Jhondeere
Chris Jhondeere 3 dager siden
You know the brand name of the bus Trump is epitome of man
Trump releases military aid that was frozen by Obama. What is going on?
Jeffrey Binder
Jeffrey Binder 3 dager siden
To all you Trump TDS infected people, never fear. When Trump wins again in 2020 he will ask the Center For Disease Control to find a cure.
Rona Love
Rona Love 3 dager siden
Be so glad when this farce of a presidency is OVER si😉
Richard 3 dager siden
Odd. I saw the same comments yet only here was it played to seem so negative lol. You know that so much negativity can affect your health and shorten your life span. Keep up the good work.
Rein Ryuumata
Rein Ryuumata 3 dager siden
*Doom Infighting begins*
cobar53 3 dager siden
The Greatest country on Earth!!!
Sally F
Sally F 3 dager siden
Just in the last week, there is well above 5000 comments on this report. Good sign! Let’s hope this leads to a better ethical situation in our country. Can’t get much lower!
Zizi Roberts
Zizi Roberts 3 dager siden
The cannibals are eating one another. Pass the popcorn.
Thia Jackson
Thia Jackson 3 dager siden
INSTITUTIONAL RACISM & Grand Theft COVER-UP done By San Diego California Court JUDGEs to aid BIG BANKING Industry in Illegal GRAND THEFT of 64year old Black Mans HOME. JUDICIAL MALPRACTICE Sheriff and Police involved in it too!! December 2019 novids.info/video/c5ZmsH2rbH3Vn6Q.html novids.info/video/gKV-i7CvpavHanY.html 63 year old man tasered 3 timesnovids.info/video/fKSsqKiqlZqyrmE.html See PERT Officer hide Badge 7minutes&13seconds into video novids.info/video/q5SWiG3WdpzJf5Q.html Law Officers destroying camera so they wont be filmed committing illegal act(by CoLoR if Law) on civilian home https:***begins around 3minutes&40seconds in //novids.info/video/lYF_fHeuh7C7i3I.html
ShadowFoxSF 3 dager siden
Giuliani go file your insurance claim... You know... when you said you had insurance for this?
Pa Xiong
Pa Xiong 3 dager siden
Woo.. soooo many thrown under the bus to date, they should be able to help eachother throw over the bus by now lol.
B spearbach
B spearbach 3 dager siden
Impeach the freak & liar. Tr'mp egregious actions clearly illustrate he is unfit for office. Vote the gop enablers out ASAP. Enough free passes for the elite class.
Tonydfixer D
Tonydfixer D 3 dager siden
Trump broke his sworn oath of office, that disqualifies him ,BOOM ITS OVER. PUSSEY GRABBER 2020. PUSSEY GRABBER 2020
khan baba
khan baba 4 dager siden
FAKE news
khan baba
khan baba 4 dager siden
FAKE news FAKE news
Darcy Munro
Darcy Munro 4 dager siden
Rudy ! May know how and where the 911 skeletons left the country .?
Linda Bird
Linda Bird 4 dager siden
Why isn't anyone talking about the corruption review that took place before the money was appropriated that cleared Ukraine of ongoing corruption
emmanuel machiels
emmanuel machiels 4 dager siden
Just got news there is no more room under the bus. The White House will have to order a second one. Rumours have it even a second bus will not be enough to fit all the people queued up to be thrown under the bus by the Orange Backstabber.
Sean 4 dager siden
Expect a higher standard from our constituents. Oof I don't put Republicans and higher standards anywhere near each other.
hayden 4 dager siden
Consider this source. MSLSD, I mean MSNbc, journalism is dead. Speculation and opinions run the news now.