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Urban Fantasy! A uniquely versatile and hybridized setting with a lot of fun potential! It's also got some uniquely tricky writing pitfalls, so let's talk about it a little!
Got a favorite urban fantasy story or a least-favorite urban fantasy staple? Drop it in the comments!
Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up.
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3. april. 2020





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River Becomes A Storm
River Becomes A Storm 9 timer siden
To sum up "Bright" in just three words: Noooooooooooo. Just no.
Patrick Callahan
Patrick Callahan 12 timer siden
Just finish the WEBTOONs comic urban animal, it’s pretty a “hidden society” urban fantasy done right in my opinion
Craig Locklear
Craig Locklear 21 time siden
Ok Red. I love your stuff so I hate to have to be that guy. As a native American, I could care less if anyone wants to use wendigo or skinwalkers in their stories, no matter the context. Far be it from me to tell anyone what they can and can't use. Native Americans do not own the concept of wendigo or skinwalkers no matter the term. So I have to ask. What the f are you on about with this...
Craig Locklear
Craig Locklear 21 time siden
I'm sorry if that comes across as dickish, that wasn't my intention. But I feel that you are preaching an ignorant and intolerant philosophy here. All fiction is plagiarism at this point, right?
mutantmaster1 22 timer siden
Wait, does that make My Hero Academia, Urban Fantasy?!
Dan Guillou
Dan Guillou Dag siden
I’m working on a story where some of the protagonists recreates the ancient Mothergoddess religion, for prostitutes. With miracles and useful magic like mind control, snakehair, super positive self image and the ability to sacrifice pimps and misbehaving johns. Since they believe that the actual living Great Mother is identical across every culture who has ever worshipped Her under different names, they have kind of a hard time understanding why their ”sisters” from other cultures aren’t automatically on board. Your comments on how unwelcome cultural appropriation of for instance Kali can be, gave me a big smile. So okay, I’m guilty. I’m doing it, or at least my lady protagonists are. But I’m also going to have some side character from a different background call them on their bs.
Laura Hill
Laura Hill Dag siden
Magnus Archives callout... starts fangirling. That's one of my hands down favorite podcasts ever!
Juaquín Fuentes Jara
I have seen a weird case of the secret world and the un secret world in the same setting in the light novel series a certain magical index, the un secret world has to do with near sci fi stuff, esper powers like teleportation etc, that is somewhat grounded in physics, while in the same setting there is a secret world when it comes to magic that has no scientific explication
LezzerNet 2 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="742">12:22</a> you mean a man working for the SCP foundation?
Kitewinter 2 dager siden
me: listens to red's playlist bc they're really good to keep the adhd gremlins busy red: namedrops the magnus archives how come we have like 95% the same taste in everything (edit: had to remove the action dashes because youtube markup hates me)
Privatizität 2 dager siden
I want a chair that big.
Toxic Potato
Toxic Potato 3 dager siden
"Its someone else's thing" I love you guys, but that's not how cultures work. That's how americans made them work cause they're too hurt from the past 150 or so years of their history. The rest of the world doesn't care, and will continue to mix, match, steal and change cultural elements without it being considered a massive sin.
Piak Brohm
Piak Brohm 3 dager siden
Best kitchen sink is: Bloodblockade battlefront hands down fight me
roberto rylatt
roberto rylatt 3 dager siden
The TV show Heroes is a great urban fantasy
SirMrThe3rdEsq 4 dager siden
Wait is who framed roger rabbit urban fantasy
E Lisa
E Lisa 5 dager siden
AHH! I'm so happy you brought up Astro City, I love those books.
Marcus Lustri
Marcus Lustri 5 dager siden
Urban fantasy.... more like western isekai
Winter Elf
Winter Elf 5 dager siden
Who else loves the Dresden files? I mean... He's a broke relatable wizard with mental issues. Oh, and a hilariously horrible love life. And a fallen angel. Heh. It's really good.
Reepecheep 5 dager siden
I like how you start by saying it's not a genre and then end 25 minutes later "Good genre, still my favorite genre." ^_^
Reepecheep 5 dager siden
What do you think of the movie Dogma?
Crystal Stone
Crystal Stone 5 dager siden
So.... Write a book where one hates it, another likes it, but both can agree on the other's points and agree the book is still good enough to read.
Chase Bailey
Chase Bailey 5 dager siden
Don't be so sensitive, conflict is healthy. Good writing SHOULD make you uncomfortable from time to time It is supposed to open a window into a world seen through a lens different than your own. Good Omens is a great example. I haven't read the book, but the tv show has homosexual undercurrents, malicious angels, and an apathetic god. ALL of which are offensive to a lot of Christian belief systems. Does that mean we should boycott it because it would be inappropriate at some else's Sunday Mass? Of course not! Like you said, every work is going to offend someone. The best versions of classic myths/legends were crafted over hundreds and thousands of years by multiple sources, refined ad retold to get at the deep truths underlyng the human condition. That's a good thing! Romanizing Astarte offended people. Dante's Inferno infuriated people. Harping on skinwalkers lets you feel morally grounded. None of these are bad things. Offense and criticism are essential to the human condition. Now, I am not saying that every wendigo yeti hybrid gets at the deeper truths buried in the soul of Humanity,, but the contrast between the new shallow stories and the deeper stories that have stood the test of time is a valuable thing. If the old stories are more valuable, and I expect they are, they will continue to stand the test of time. Literature is valuable for what it says about humanity. Humanity has a lot of discordant notes, likewise there is a lot of poor experimental literature. We mustn't hide from it or fear to cause offense.We grow stronger by facing adversity, not by running from it. Also, "cultural appropriation" is a repressive ideology designed to separate and marginalize individuals int victim groups. It is unhealthy to harp about, and generally unhelpful to the great human discourse.
Kiana melen
Kiana melen 5 dager siden
I see over the garden wall as magical realism
jonasn5 6 dager siden
Gotta say i strongly disagree on the idea of punching down and cultural appropriation. Nobody has a claim of ownership and its not punching down to make use of other cultures stories over another. That is inheriently an unjust inequal way of measuring it. HOWEVER I do agree with doing your research, otherwise it is just lazy and causes confusion.
Pixi Goddess
Pixi Goddess 6 dager siden
cultural appropriation more like cultural exchange
8-bit Sarda
8-bit Sarda 6 dager siden
I've never actually heard the term "skin-walker" before watching this video, instead the fancy word for shape-shifter I'm used to is changeling, which I think is far cooler a term than skin-walker
Meggie 6 dager siden
Personally living like 20 min from the Navajo reservation I can say you are almost right? They don't ever *seriously* talk about skinwalkers, like I had no idea what they were except scary shapeshifters growing up, but plenty of kids in my class/extra curricular activities would tell all their non Navajo classmates about the scary time they saw a sheep just get up and walk away on two legs (they always won all the scary story contests for sure). It might just be the part of the Rez I'm close to though... geographically it's a big place.
paul T
paul T 6 dager siden
You brought up the Magnus Archives right when I was thinking of it! I love it!
Ganner Storm
Ganner Storm 6 dager siden
This video felt more like preaching on what we can and can't do than about urban fantasy. Its all fine but i think the problem is when passing it off as true. E.G Asassins Creed, i don't think you could call it "historical" fiction, just because it has real places and people, its a mangled, butchered take on history have done since the beginning all the way to the new Valhalla game. Not a fan but i'm not offended because they aren't passing it off as being true.
CorvinusWiz 6 dager siden
Nothing should be out of boundaries to be used. You will lways find someone that gets offended, and is rarely the people interested by the so called "appropriation". This overly defensive position is quite limited and very sjw. However, ok.
Devil Devious
Devil Devious 6 dager siden
Dude 6 dager siden
Use any culture in your writing. Offence it taken not given. Oh it's a private piece of lore not shared with outsiders? Who gives a shit. Either everything is ok to write about or nothing is.
Rob Grier
Rob Grier 6 dager siden
Trope idea: The Token character. i.e. token black, token gay, token whatever-is-being-solically-pushed-these-days. A way for the producers to say "Hey look. Our show about a straight white male protagonist is progressive, really!"
Diego Medina
Diego Medina 6 dager siden
Would the SCP Foundation follow in this trope?
Simon Morley
Simon Morley 6 dager siden
World of Darkness RPGs are a fantastic example of secret world and is incredibly fun
Avery Call
Avery Call 7 dager siden
My fav urban noir is called “to cast a deadly spell” it’s soooo good. Highly recommend it 👌 it’s a movie about a private eye who’s hired to find a spell book. It’s got monsters, magic, demon summoning and a sassy voodoo lady!
Hikari Tsumi
Hikari Tsumi 7 dager siden
I kond of agree, you need to research about the context, just using the name because it sounds cool don't ring a bell.
S.S RADON 7 dager siden
would the zone from S.T.A.L.K.E.R make it an urban fantasy?
sraeyynamoot 7 dager siden
Cultural apropriation isn't a problem, your entire channel is based on "apropriation" it's a rediculous idea
Madeline Leicht
Madeline Leicht 7 dager siden
What is the difference between magical realism and urban fantasy?
Madeline Leicht
Madeline Leicht 7 dager siden
Would Danny phantom count?
Avatarbee 8 dager siden
What I like about the Dresden files is that the secret world has a very good reason for wanting to stay hidden from the normal world. Because as it turns out even if you are an ancient Dragon getting hit by a missle is super deadly and the protagonist who is a wizard carrys a gun with him because often times it is just easier and faster to shoot the eldritch abomination rather than waste time to cast a spell.
Fyo Fyoriosity
Fyo Fyoriosity 8 dager siden
ooh speaking of urban fantasy, have you read Nevermoor? Childrens fantasy school thing, but really cool can recommend~ Also lockwood and bartimäus (at least the very first one)
Fenrigus 8 dager siden
Wouldnt Avatar or Young Justice count as well? Korra probably more so for Avatar world. Hey stop bending it the street young man. Also all of the Shin Megami Tensei series are definitely this, especially Devil Survivor. What if all myths are real and someone made it so you can use them as a gun, and then God saw that.
Marinus van Zyl
Marinus van Zyl 8 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="17">00:17</a>. "Where are the dragons?" If urban fantasy Amazon is to believed, they are all model-type, misunderstood, tragic Shifters? ;) :P
Sol IV
Sol IV 9 dager siden
So scp is urban fantasy?
Cyclops6161 9 dager siden
if we are talking Urban Fantasy TTRPG's Shadowrun is amazing, and it has Dragons. I suggest looking at its 5th edition though, 6th is bad
Sometujr 9 dager siden
So monster Musume is paranormal romance
Leafy Is Queer
Leafy Is Queer 9 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1119">18:39</a> is that a painting of a guy jacking off a horse? Cause that looks like a painting of a guy jacking off a horse.
Bashi Dono
Bashi Dono 9 dager siden
So world anvil or campfire?
Bthsr71 9 dager siden
Honestly, I think more religious feathers should be ruffled, use their stories to punch up when they get a bit too big for their britches.
weirdest duck
weirdest duck 9 dager siden
kerbael spayse progam fun gam
Bthsr71 9 dager siden
I"m not sure I'd use the Smite Kali example. While I would have toned back the look, she had a lot of ties to her roots. More than she did after they made a big stink. The Brahmin in Fallout is a better example of what not to do since it adds nothing and aggravates people for no good reason. Taking away Kali's psychotic "kill everything and drink the blood" persona doesn't seem like the good choice. Also that one religious leader complaining about any depiction of playing a member of the Indian pantheon in response to a couple of Symetra's skins. I'm not sure the line between """Artists"" are going to do what they want" and "respect other cultures" falls, but I feel that people on both sides of that divide need to give some ground and chill out. Edit: I thought she used the Smite Kali example. My bad.
Hanged Hourai Doll
Hanged Hourai Doll 10 dager siden
The wendigo theory is fine, though tbh I fine it used accurately more often than not. The skin walker thing can take their offence and shove it. Sorry, but transformation by wearing the skins of other creatures is super common world wide, and skin walker is a really logical name for them. It is too easy for authors to arrive at that name independently of any outside influence. You dont get to claim cultural appropriation on anythign someone can arrive at from first principals.
Sam Wamm
Sam Wamm 10 dager siden
on the subject of cultural appropriation there is very much a case that certain things are seen as the go-to punching bag as a point of view shared by the majority can get enough of both willing backers and people too terrified to complain that what's considered beliefs or even ways of life can be attempted to be expunged from society say satanism as a religion or homosexuality as a sexual preference. The only problem is when these are so intrinsic to group of people that they are unable to cope with anything different you have to weigh up whether it's morally right that these people are ousted or whether we're all kinda doing the same thing everyone else is doing because we don't want to be different. scientific backing is great in this respect as it can prove once and for all whether something is true or not because science is based on experimentation and observation rather than second hand knowledge. Only problem is the truth and scientific facts aren't very exiting for most people so forms of entertainment tend to focus on impact rather than accuracy and this often comes back to bite society in the butt as people are often influenced by things they find more interesting rather than care about the details. For example the general concensus being that the vampires that lived centuries ago were connected to bats despite that being the invention of one Brahm Stoker who decided "hey bats are kinds cool" and used it for a novel rather than the endless amounts of evidence pointing to wolves as the actual creature involved. This then becomes a rather sticky topic when it comes to religion when things like the greek god of the forest starts being depicted as the anti-god in christian works despite the fact that had anyone taken the time to actually read the bible they'd find the devil is always refered to as a snake and has no connection to goats at all in the entire book, people that follow the religion choosing to believe popular fiction based on their religion rather than what their actual religion tells them. so much so that in many cases when the differences between popular fiction and what the actual religion itself says are brought to light, followers of the religion will back up the popular fiction rather than the religion they actually follow or supposedly do at least even to the point of coming to blows. this mob mentality con of course single out and attack people who do not fit whether by choice or not. suffice to say that if your information is coming from a friend of a friend it's worth questioning and doing a little research about and that includes information you get from works of fiction as well which often deliberately lie for the sake of narative. simply thinking of how you came to know something can often reveal how you've been played.
Richard Murdock
Richard Murdock 10 dager siden
One way you can avoid stepping on any toes is to blend multiple monsters or deities together from a variety of sources. For example, in my own fantasy universe I made a unique goddess of death by blending elements of Sonte Muerte, Mictacecihuatl, and the Japanese Hannya demon. And looking at the final result, you wouldn't be able to tell she was based on any of these legends unless I pointed out the similarities.
iverson silva
iverson silva 10 dager siden
Have been crafting an "our world, but get this: magic and monsters/gods", and this video helped me figure some stuff. Thanks
Blushing Ralsei UwU
Blushing Ralsei UwU 11 dager siden
Gensokyo is really cool too
not mariolevi
not mariolevi 11 dager siden
Midnight Dawn
Midnight Dawn 11 dager siden
I listened to the Magnus Archives podcast planning just to listen to one episode and see how it was and now I'm obsessed...................... thanks for the recommendation!
alec christiaen
alec christiaen 11 dager siden
fun thing is how Diamond is unbreakable is the part where Jojo became urban fantasy for a bit. things like a mangaka using a stand to inspire his work or a chef using his stand to cook awesome food is the kind of crossover between the magic of the setting and the mundane of real life that urban fantasy mainly uses as its selling point.
Andrew Orders
Andrew Orders 11 dager siden
Urban Fantasy can be good, or just a lazy excuse for bad writing.
The Presence
The Presence 11 dager siden
For the cosmic horror variety: Welcome to Night Vale
Companion92 8 dager siden
I expected it to show up with Gravity Falls for localised weirdness
Exploer TM
Exploer TM 12 dager siden
"Messing with people’s religious beliefs might piss them off" Then they should just ignore it existence altogether especially if author wasnt trying to piss them off on purpose. Its not like they can legally do much about it anyway so yeah.
Epic Shish Kabob
Epic Shish Kabob 12 dager siden
Only tangentially related, but how did the deer skull become a thing in lots of wendigo illustrations? Any description or story I've ever read describes them as tall and skinny, but no deer. Plus, deer don't really seem to fit the themes of greed/social transgression that the wendigo seem to have going on. Was this just something some illustrator decided looked cool?
theB0sSPr0 13 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="440">7:20</a> next week: isekai
The Machine
The Machine 13 dager siden
-familiar setting -fantastical content J O J O
Siro Medina
Siro Medina 13 dager siden
I've been listening to the Magnus Archieves nonstop after watching this video, thank you Red.
James Short
James Short 13 dager siden
Percy Jackson is getting a live action series on Disney+ send Rick Riordan said that he is going to work very closely with it
Abby Short
Abby Short 13 dager siden
The dragons are on Wattpad
DaemosDaen 13 dager siden
My Favorite 'Monsters are real' story has to be Hotel Transylvania and I am sad that it was not shown. I haven't heard Skinwalker in a long time... Just and FYI; WorldAnvil Calendar and Family Trees are not apart of the free package. Source: my wallet.
CPU_1 13 dager siden
Thank you for recommending the Magnus Archives. You got me hooked.
dontbothertotalktome 13 dager siden
Tma is a paranormal romance
Raffael Eggel
Raffael Eggel 14 dager siden
I like you guys but the "white" mention was unessesery.....I am European and I dont crawl up the walls when my rich and very old folklore is misused......Thats an american Problem and stop pretending like its the same every where......Just saying not all you listeners are amis......
Terricon4 14 dager siden
The Dragon, The Hero, And the Courrier. And Excelent manga that's a bit unique. It takes a fantasy setting, but looks at everything from a more realistic stance, with the main character being a local government worker for the post office. It's using lots of actual historical references for stuff and the sources of lots of fantasy tropes, so lots of part seem odd, or interesting by today's standards, but are actually based on what people have/had done in similar situations in the past. But because of how different the normal back then was, it feels odd to us today. While I wouldn't call it Urban Fantasy, it does oddly sit close to it, while not quite landing there as it's kind of like an opposite approach. It IS a fantasy world, but everything is being grounded in it, it's like taking a fantasy world and then having to get all annoying serious, and realistic about it. Not just grimy dark big things, but lots of things like little ways people live their lives or send mail or other things. So it takes the normal unrealistic fantasy, and forces it to feel like a modern realistic non fantasy story... while still having dragons, magic, and other things. Overall, very interesting, and quite unique, so well worth reading for many I'd say.
Jaeger_Bishop 15 dager siden
All I have to say about "Muh cultural appropriation", is offence is taken not given. Most times people use these terms just because it sounds more mysterious or exotic and that's fine as long as they are not intentionally, mean-spiritedly mocking the culture these terms come from.
MattheJ1 15 dager siden
Just wanna tell you guys, these videos always have some bangin' recommendations. Infinity Train is a blast.
alethearia 15 dager siden
The Magicians - dragons
British Blueberry
British Blueberry 16 dager siden
Wait! Harry Potter is an urban fantasy?
Eyes of the Cervino
Eyes of the Cervino 16 dager siden
Funnily enough, I think I'd heard Wendigos explained before -- less as a metaphor for greed, but more as this manifestation of the fear northern-dwelling tribes had of getting snowed in to their homes and being slowly driven to madness and cannibalism. Kind of a Shining-esque horror of being corrupted by your situation/surroundings, only . . . you know . . . an actual, literal threat they had to face every single winter. So for me, personally, I'm a lot more likely to be bothered by a (hypothetical) movie blaming Wendigos for greedy people's behavior -- but in the middle of the wide open desert -- than I would be by a more ambiguous spoopy people-muncher that at least doesn't contradict the logic of the original legend.
General Ablon
General Ablon 16 dager siden
I kinda liked the Iron Druid series, the humor was great. However, the main character is not really the driving force of the story. It is essentially an ever spiralling series of consequences, as far as I got.
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