This video is hard for girls to watch (emotional) 

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Grab the tissues because these are comics about how hard girls have it episode 2.
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2. april. 2020





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Elena Craneriver
Elena Craneriver Time siden
to get rid of cramps walk and breath deeply
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 4 timer siden
I love your videos sooooooooooo sooooo much 😋😂💙💜❤🧡💛💚 gloom you are a queen.👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑📿📿📿💍💍💍💎💎💎💎💎
snow fur_kat
snow fur_kat 6 timer siden
I usually don't care about how much I look I mostly just wear just like simple jeggings because I don't like jeans baggy hoodie with the hood on and I usually keep my hair messy and when I have the hoodie on I get often mistaken for a boy because some of my hair like ends up going over my face.
snow fur_kat
snow fur_kat 6 timer siden
I know what you mean about the memory skin cuz last summer which was like 5 for 15 years ago I was wearing my swimsuit which was a watermelon and I got a suntan and by some tan I mean sunburned and it was there for like two whole years and it just went away today.
Manda DC
Manda DC 7 timer siden
Did not have those clams I say you thanks for running I see you help me with water slide where it is spider or you can anticlea you what I just said
Sara Oliveira
Sara Oliveira 7 timer siden
Sara Oliveira
Sara Oliveira 7 timer siden
go to goodwill!!!!!!!!!!!
Shay Young
Shay Young 7 timer siden
Seriously though, how do you stop the cramps while running 😅
Rolando Quinanola
Rolando Quinanola 8 timer siden
😷😷 bed 😴😴 sad 😭😭. pray 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫Google and me.😷😷.
Flemflem Flemming
Flemflem Flemming 8 timer siden
the cramps are also called stiches its when you eat food or drink water before you run.
Brook P
Brook P 12 timer siden
Go into water
souljah332 17 timer siden
Drink water to get the cramps
KAYLEN MERRIMAN 17 timer siden
It takes me less than 5 min to gets ready
Alexandra Grenier
Alexandra Grenier 19 timer siden
for muscle cramps/knots if you keep working out ventually it'd get better. Its basically your muscles way of saying I'm weak, keep working out. But instead of running you could always powerwalk instead lol
Addison Fafard
Addison Fafard 20 timer siden
To stop the craps you can stretch first before running
Guest 25
Guest 25 21 time siden
ugh, boys are just babys beacuse periods do hurt!!
Haleyjoan Dag siden
Put your hands on your head while you run when you get a cramp
Autumn Lin
Autumn Lin Dag siden
That shorts one Harry styles who?
Quimorah Scott
Quimorah Scott Dag siden
Charlie Young
Charlie Young Dag siden
Yeah some boys get really confused about why women’s jeans don’t have pockets
Emma Evans
Emma Evans Dag siden
I could definitely help kassie with her insta because I take amazing pics even though I’m a pre teen. I take a lot of photos of my sisters and they always think those pics are amazing and they are young adults. I’m just saying I’m bomb when it comes to photos
kyriekitty Meows
I read shampoo bottles
Kylie Jensen
Kylie Jensen Dag siden
Me watching this video as my belly fat is showing and I’m suffering through something a boy will never understand.... The period.
G_0691 1
G_0691 1 Dag siden
Mamama Gloom:OoOoOoO
Maria Cerasela
Maria Cerasela Dag siden
You know about the belly cramps? Well I know how to fix them! All you do is stop... Then you breath in through your nose and out of your mouth really slowly... You need to do that for 5mins or so. When you feel better keep running and when you get the same thing later repeat the moves I said. Your welcome Kassie😊 I will always be happy to help!
Lujayn Melhem
Lujayn Melhem Dag siden
For the cramps, lift the opposite leg and rub the side of your stomach/hip that hurts. Special thanks to 5-Minute Crafts.
Abby Whitehead
Abby Whitehead Dag siden
with the stomach cramps i think i once saw that you stand on the other foot on the other side ur cramp is (i get it on one side or the other) and then take a deep breath or two and massage where you have the cramp it helps a lot i hope i helped someone 💗
Maya _Brownii
Maya _Brownii 2 dager siden
PEOPLE!! Here is how to not get stitches. (When you run and your stomach hurts) Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Your Welcome.
Holly Branson
Holly Branson 2 dager siden
Holly Branson
Holly Branson 2 dager siden
You have to drink water
Nerd_time 126480
Nerd_time 126480 2 dager siden
Eat orange’s and bananas you have a lack of i thing I forgot but it helps
Amelia Brooks
Amelia Brooks 2 dager siden
Who edited this vid? Because they deserve serious props
Amber Anderson
Amber Anderson 2 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="968">16:08</a> eat bananas. Try it, it should work. 🍌
Amber Anderson
Amber Anderson 2 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="855">14:15</a> ummm yes binge eat ice cream! I ate an entire tub in less than an hour before. My family were scared 😳
Mia 2 dager siden
I've seen this post of some dude the other day, saying like: I don't understand why Woman want tampons and pads to be free. It is unnecessary, if u can't control ur bladder u have to deal with it. Just learn to hold it in, it's not that hard. Thanks dude. I don't know why I haven't thought about this before, u made my life so much easier. No but seriously, go back to elemantery school and learn how the body of a woman works, you'll be surprised...
Oliwia Mielczarczyk
Oliwia Mielczarczyk 2 dager siden
I had a black bench in my primary school and whenever I sat on it it burned soooooooooooooo much!
Sarah Mwasote
Sarah Mwasote 2 dager siden
Lillian Klug
Lillian Klug 2 dager siden
You put your hands over your head
Michelle Season
Michelle Season 2 dager siden
to stop the tummy cramps you lay down for 6 min then get up and get some air .
Wanna Chill
Wanna Chill 3 dager siden
Where my bois gang at ? Only me ?
Howlite Wolfie
Howlite Wolfie 3 dager siden
How to stop the cramps in your stamach when running: 1 breathe through your nose only 2 run slower 3 listen to something entertaining like an audio book to distract your body from the fact you are running
Cat Bat
Cat Bat 3 dager siden
For running cramps, try not to eat before jogging i used to get a lot of running cramps uf i ate lunch before running. Hopefully this is helpful. 🙃
Akira Fleury
Akira Fleury 3 dager siden
did she just say i can call terri to get him to bring me my phone
Monkeybutt Bannana
Monkeybutt Bannana 3 dager siden
I used to be in a little running club at my school, and I got those running cramps all the time. My running teacher said to put your arms in the air and stretch over to one side. Hope this helps!
Unicorn Sprinkles
Unicorn Sprinkles 3 dager siden
Actually males can die if they go through the same amount of pain women go through when they are pregnant do ha And also my but has been getting recently and I barely fit into any of my shorts or jeans from last year😭😭😭
Katie Fletcher
Katie Fletcher 3 dager siden
for running cramps bananas and Gatorade help a lot
ABEEZARTZYE1 3 dager siden
to stop craps what I do is reach my arms real high above my head as far as I can take deep breaths then rest for a minute (don't know if it actually works just what I do)
ABEEZARTZYE1 3 dager siden
My mcdonalds consumption has not gone up because it can not getany higher 👌
Army _101
Army _101 3 dager siden
Yo watching this gave me a cramp
Hanna 3 dager siden
I HATE when i Put so much effort in my Friends Pics (and we're Not really Close) and im lying on the Floor to get a great Pic & when they Take a pic of me it Just Looks Bad
Marcia Randall
Marcia Randall 3 dager siden
The running cramps are when you aren't breathing to the bottom of you lungs so the bottom part of the lung gets sore so try taking deep breaths and so some side stretches.
Yeet Poop
Yeet Poop 3 dager siden
To stop stomach pains wh Ike the inning is too touch yo your feet
Gamer C
Gamer C 3 dager siden
To stop cramps holdt a rock, it will help😁👌🏼
Daniel Fenton
Daniel Fenton 3 dager siden
Try walking or jogging first and stretching beforehand
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson 3 dager siden
To stop the cramps while running, start walking instead and put your arms on or above your head. it might still hurt a little but it helps.
Bella De jesus
Bella De jesus 3 dager siden
Guy: periods dont hurt so Me that doesnt started yet: getting hit in the nuts dont hurt then.. Guy: BUT YOU DONT KNOW HOW IT FEELS Me: thats right i dont and you dont know how it feels either Guy: but it hurts more Me: what are you boy or girl because of what i have learned woman are the only one who get periods and horrible cramps Guy: k Me: 👁👄👁 you- i- wha- uh- oop- hm-
Dark Feather
Dark Feather 3 dager siden
Maybe I'm just lucky or too young at age 19, but none of these are relatable. I never get cramps that bad oof.
Luana Bogers
Luana Bogers 4 dager siden
Being trans is a superpower okay. I can relate to both women and men problems. I am a man that actually knows exactly how a period feels. Coming soon on Marvel.
Gauri Garg
Gauri Garg 4 dager siden
Those running cramps mean you have low stamina, I have em too, xD.
Cookie_crumbs 4 dager siden
At school there’s plastic chairs so when I wear shorts I get up and the chair is kind of sweaty and it peels off half my skin 😭 schools got to get rid of plastic chairs
Kycia Nurse
Kycia Nurse 4 dager siden
Heart been broke so many timesss
Kynzley Elbourn
Kynzley Elbourn 4 dager siden
You stop cramps by stretching and drinking lots of water
creepy pasta
creepy pasta 4 dager siden
For when you run with out cramps you should probley take stomach pain thingys to get rid of pain befor you go running
Anabelle Morales
Anabelle Morales 4 dager siden
To stop cramps don’t open your mouth and take a break to prevent them DONT OPEN YOUR MOUTH
Naenae Letsplay
Naenae Letsplay 4 dager siden
Wait like one hour after you eat so then you don’t get those cramps it’s usually but helps me :-)
It_moon_ 25
It_moon_ 25 4 dager siden
Drink water
Kalaivani Mudliar
Kalaivani Mudliar 4 dager siden
you should walk and your cramps will go away
Dynamic Dave in Utah
Dynamic Dave in Utah 4 dager siden
drink salt water to stop cramps but not to salty like a tespoon of salt
Theworldkeepsgrowing Hi
Bohemian rhapsody comes on Everyone: Me: YASSSSS YASSSSS KEEP PLAYING It ends Everyone: Me: WHY! WHY!
Amrita May-Singh
Amrita May-Singh 4 dager siden
Aparentlly if u lean either to the side ur cramp is on or the other way im not sure it stops hurting as much (while running)
Marilyn Catalan
Marilyn Catalan 4 dager siden
Those cramps are called stitches. They're soooooo painful, but then my dad is like "Just keep running and it'll stop."
Juan Burgos
Juan Burgos 4 dager siden
This happenes to me when and in 12 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="974">16:14</a>
Gloria Sharkey
Gloria Sharkey 4 dager siden
A way to stop the cramps is to take a break while running, and run a lot bc those often mean that your not used to it, which is perfectly fine 😊. I get those ALL THE TIME
That’s right I said it
For the cramps and if u feel very winded, just lift ur arms above ur head, elbows up to the sky, it opens up ur lungs and u feel much better
Rinoa Vincent
Rinoa Vincent 5 dager siden
Ok this may sound weird or bad but the easiest way is to push you fingers into we're it hurts deep
Lindsay Richard
Lindsay Richard 5 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a> The average girl starts her period at the age of 12. The average woman is expected to live to age 71 (according to Google). Due to menopause, a woman stops having her period around at least 45. That leaves a 33 year age gap between the beginning and end of a period. A period is expected to last some what close to 7 days a month. Multiply 33 by 12 (weeks in a year dedicated to periods/one week a month) to get the amount of weeks and you get 396 weeks. Multiply 396 by 7 to get the amount of days and you get 2,772 days. So according to my research a female spends some what close to 2,772 days out of their lives worrying about a period. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Just thought I would do this to put the fact that Michael Jordan won a game while having the flu for one day. Girls spent some what close to (according to my research) 2,772 days worrying about periods. I know it's not the same, just thought I would point it out. Also I don't think "Simping" is a bad thing they just genuinely care about us (not saying others don't) and are showing signs of chilvary, which in my eyes is not a bad thing. Just to a certain point you can stop showing so much chivalry, sometimes it can come off as annoying. Your welcome, I guess.💜(don't come for me I did this in support for the women dealing with this problem)
Ju O
Ju O 5 dager siden
Welcome to the PITY PARTY 😢🎉
Patty Davis
Patty Davis 5 dager siden
It not hard
cyndi haire
cyndi haire 5 dager siden
Audrey Good
Audrey Good 5 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="857">14:17</a> the most common cravings for girls on their periods (guys you’re welcome) 1.) Chocolate... not just any chocolate... DARK chocolate 2.) Pickles 3.) Spicy Foods
this video is not for boys
Awkward Dating Show (pt. 3)