this video is not for boys 

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these are nasty girl stereotypes that are lowkey true so im offended but also the pov is just right when it comes to what i've survived and experienced so... rip
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Tiera Daniels
Tiera Daniels 3 timer siden
my life
McKenzie Smith
McKenzie Smith 3 timer siden
Kassie: “Besides a perfume collection but who has that” Me: “👋 um... me....”
Doggo 503
Doggo 503 3 timer siden
If you say “this video is not for boys” then all the boys be like “ challenge accepted 😈”
Ketan Patel
Ketan Patel 4 timer siden
This video is weird girls are weird
Heidi Mogollon
Heidi Mogollon 4 timer siden
I love that when u did the intro because the dog's eye bolls go in side the O's he he he he he
night Queen
night Queen 4 timer siden
Kassie you are to pretty to be saying you felt bad about not looking like a model 💀 but I guess it does happen to every one
Rahab gaale
Rahab gaale 4 timer siden
She bought that palette? Heck yeah!
Molly Linfield
Molly Linfield 4 timer siden
This happened to me when I was in vacation and we were going to Florida and it started and I had to ask my older sis for one and my older brother saw and he is like "I KNOW WHAT THAT IS HAHAHAHA"
Israel Hernandez
Israel Hernandez 4 timer siden
Grace Amos
Grace Amos 4 timer siden
3:08 That’s never happened to me! 😳 🤩
Natalie Aguilar
Natalie Aguilar 4 timer siden
Half these peeps talkin bout the title 😂😗
Super Star
Super Star 4 timer siden
I'm on my brothers account don't worry i'm a girl. Anyway when i do the bun hairstyle it always turns out perfect i don't know why.
Crazy_ Phoenix
Crazy_ Phoenix 5 timer siden
When ever I go on vacation It starts 😭
Mixtli Diaz
Mixtli Diaz 5 timer siden
Why is you hairline weird?
elitegol gaming
elitegol gaming 5 timer siden
I am both
Neko Kat
Neko Kat 5 timer siden
You know I haven’t started yet and I hear people talk about how terrible it is and I’m just like 😜ha ha I’m lucky lol
Apple Hawkins
Apple Hawkins 5 timer siden
See I have 1or2 years till I get mine but I always hear about how horrible it is 😭😭😭😭
Apple Hawkins
Apple Hawkins 5 timer siden
Meaning 2020 or 2021
Sunnyflower x
Sunnyflower x 6 timer siden
*girl looking at her uh..not gonna say :)* HURRY UP YOU DUMB IDIOT! I am scared I am about to start meh period..
gacha wolf frends
gacha wolf frends 6 timer siden
i dare you to do a dare video wifh azzy
Wholesome Melon
Wholesome Melon 7 timer siden
My grandma perfume horders She smells like perfume from the morning to the end of the day
Molly Cartoons
Molly Cartoons 7 timer siden
Is that kassies real hair color?
Night of Shadowz
Night of Shadowz 7 timer siden
Half of these aren't relatable to me...because I don't wear makeup or dresses...
Aciplays Anything
Aciplays Anything 7 timer siden
I got all of them. Because I'm a girl
Gamer Fox
Gamer Fox 7 timer siden
Whatever crop top you wear too high or low will be cute. Because you're cute
Kayte Jordin
Kayte Jordin 7 timer siden
When ever I sneeze on “those days” I always cross my legs🤣
Jay Parker
Jay Parker 7 timer siden
Im on my dads computer my wardrobe is full, but I have nothing to were!!
•{Lauren}• 7 timer siden
One time I went on vacation and it was one of those weeks
TheBestinTheWest 12121212
video: this video is not for boys me: *clicks*
Katie Brady
Katie Brady 8 timer siden
"Behind perfume hoarding, but who does that" Me: * *looks at huge collection of perfume and body spray* * 😬
Mimi Know
Mimi Know 8 timer siden
It’s okay Gloom. I don’t like how I look without makeup either, and I’m wanting to become a model so I feel like I shouldn’t be so unconfident in my own skin.😅
Nicky Jones
Nicky Jones 8 timer siden
dis vid is for me bday! (just not for boys)
Imani Asia
Imani Asia 9 timer siden
not at all
Xx error xX
Xx error xX 9 timer siden
... I have to wash my hair literally everyday
Chloe Leitch
Chloe Leitch 9 timer siden
Kassie: I have a lot of hair 9 year olds: BUT YOUR HAIR ISN’T THAT LONG Teenagers: it’s cuz her hair is THIC
Phoebe Bored
Phoebe Bored 9 timer siden
Cassy: I have so much hair Me: are you kidding me I am sitting on my hair right now
Arabella P
Arabella P 9 timer siden
yes all of it is true lolololol
Madison Tennant
Madison Tennant 9 timer siden
Just me or is she only wearing one side of eyeshadow
Mike B
Mike B 9 timer siden
Why do girls wear underwear anyway?
Samwell Panini
Samwell Panini 9 timer siden
Anyone click on this cause it said not for boys?
Drawing with Meh
Drawing with Meh 10 timer siden
I still have a vest that I had when I was 3