Things You DIDN’T KNOW About Everyday Objects 

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Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects! Comment if you knew about these things! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Survival Life Hacks novids.info/video/pWueiorLbJ_FgHo.html Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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Elizabeth Hamby
Elizabeth Hamby 19 timer siden
I literally came back to this video to check the sticker on my banana it's organic!!!!
Those3 Weirdos
Those3 Weirdos 21 time siden
There are pens that can erase
mermaid squad
mermaid squad 23 timer siden
Lol I made oatmeal this morning and I check it every few seconds and I'm like what's this mesh blockin my view I don't like opening over and over
Nafisa Mahjabin
Nafisa Mahjabin Dag siden
Who is Lia?
HellHound Mf8
HellHound Mf8 Dag siden
Hah, peasant I have erased pen with a normal eraser
Aoife Mcgeough
Aoife Mcgeough Dag siden
Hi love you
itz_blair Dag siden
I usually accidently push down the cutitle
Jaylee Cooper
Jaylee Cooper Dag siden
The gas thing. It happens often. I don't know how they forget about it either 😂 ( I work at a gas station)
Harmony Roseman
Harmony Roseman Dag siden
You can erase pen with a stranger for hair
xX Alexi Xx
xX Alexi Xx Dag siden
I have been your biggest fan for 5 years now. Like if you have been a fan of sssniper wolf
Hamster Haven
Hamster Haven Dag siden
Actually the bumps on keyboards are little points so that people can easily navigate the keys without looking
Bobi Shaw
Bobi Shaw Dag siden
I have always been a fan
Jamal Adams
Jamal Adams Dag siden
Aliya Islam
Aliya Islam Dag siden
My school uses the bumps on the f and j keys to teach us how to correctly type on a keyboard
Andalina Thomas
Andalina Thomas Dag siden
but hey that does not mean that I hate you ok I love you
Wade btw
Wade btw Dag siden
That F and J thing would be useless for me I rest my fingers on WASD
Natalie Romero
Natalie Romero Dag siden
The lollipop hole is also used if kids accidentally swallow it and choke they can at least breath through the hole so they have enough time to make it to the hospital
Trekel Stevens
Trekel Stevens Dag siden
This was actually uploaded on my birthday
Elaine Flores
Elaine Flores Dag siden
i thought the colors meant what types of colors they come in like pink doritos but i never saw pink ones and this was when i was 3 yrs old
Dilly Dolly Kice
Dilly Dolly Kice 2 dager siden
F and J is for people who are training to type and memorise by the lines so they know where are the other letters and numbers without looking at the keyboard
NATHAN 2 dager siden
Okay those stripes on my headphones dont work so I guess I want a refund
?ħάȡάşşάħ¿ 2 dager siden
Lia when u get the time u should go down to the strip it looks so empty and cool now that it's closed!
MR_Flameingerick Plays
I figured out the color thing when I was 2
Kimberly Montoya
Kimberly Montoya 2 dager siden
The first one about the paint I knew because like 2 weeks ago I went with my dad to Walmart and they did that so not only the y do that at home depo but at Walmart too
Marla Vargas
Marla Vargas 2 dager siden
I learn more today
APPA & DFAA 2 dager siden
Sniper: 9 is... 4 is... 8 is... 3 in the image: Crying in the corner
Jessie Lapp
Jessie Lapp 2 dager siden
me: eating lays* picture: shows me* also me: NANI!?!?!?!?
Corgi Vibes
Corgi Vibes 2 dager siden
"Balls And Holes" 🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏👍👍👍
Tammy Landry
Tammy Landry 2 dager siden
*<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="141">2:21</a>* Me: My math book has a case that has it where the keyboard props up
Lucion Face
Lucion Face 2 dager siden
People don't pay in money anymore sadly they pay in toilet paper
Lucion Face
Lucion Face 2 dager siden
St duh duh about the charger but I follow you
Pink Pearl
Pink Pearl 2 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> My mom almost detached that when we was at Speed way,This guy let my mom know it was still in the car and it was ok- A
Elyssa Lee
Elyssa Lee 2 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="244">4:04</a> Actually, it wasn’t only made for that, it was also made so if a kid choked on the lollipop stick they would have a hole to breathe through until the doctors can get it out.
Josie S
Josie S 2 dager siden
My grandpa once drove off with the gas pump still in his car
creatermari :3
creatermari :3 2 dager siden
Sometimes I hate Arizona
Tammy Tuiulupona
Tammy Tuiulupona 2 dager siden
I was eating chips while she was talking about the dots Don't know why we need it
Gacha_muffin :P
Gacha_muffin :P 2 dager siden
“For when you feed your C A R” Me: yes when you feed your CAR”
Bigpotato_246 2 dager siden
Just like signs there is a sign because someone has done it before
Its Mel Mel
Its Mel Mel 3 dager siden
When you said the hole in the loly pop is to make sure that there is a firm hold of the loly well i can easily get the loly off. Idk how.
Corban Cory
Corban Cory 3 dager siden
The aux part is rong it for if u have a Mike and the ear part
Anime Fandom
Anime Fandom 3 dager siden
I have erased pen before No. Joke.
Delylah Hettich
Delylah Hettich 3 dager siden
Typing position is called home row
Tanjtp 69
Tanjtp 69 3 dager siden
Hii im a fan
Christopher Aufdengarten
The hole in a donut isn't for "evenly cooking," no no no, it is simply a convenient handle.
Cody Howell
Cody Howell 3 dager siden
I love you I'm keera
Lydia Spears
Lydia Spears 3 dager siden
So give you some 🚽 paper
Victoria Maia
Victoria Maia 3 dager siden
I knew the donuts one because I had to read a very very boring passage of it for the state test
Crazy Pikachu Evolution
Everybody knows about titan position
Stan Harrell
Stan Harrell 3 dager siden
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 dager siden
my balls hit different LMAO!!!
Olivia and Rafaela
Olivia and Rafaela 3 dager siden
They make erasable pens I own like 50 of them
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 dager siden
The bumps on the f and j key are for blind people as well
Bruna silva salvino
Bruna silva salvino 3 dager siden
One time a man that worked at Home Depot he let me make paint and I am only 8 year old
Erick Lopez Vargas
Erick Lopez Vargas 3 dager siden
I swallowed a big chunk of orange and I chocked and gaged it out
Michelle Keogh
Michelle Keogh 3 dager siden
And also the hole on the top of the pen is used for a hole to breathe if u digest it ☺
Michelle Keogh
Michelle Keogh 3 dager siden
Oops she already said that 😂
Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller 4 dager siden
What if you didn't fail because I didnt
fortnite_ ada
fortnite_ ada 4 dager siden
You say some twice we aint dum we see that you do some twice sry
Belldofers Matlack
Belldofers Matlack 4 dager siden
Organic isn’t any different
Dawn VanBriggle
Dawn VanBriggle 4 dager siden
The bumps on the keys are for people who can't see well or are blind Thx 2nd grade teacher who was always mean to me for teaching me something I've used once in my life I still hate that woman... (at least I think she was a woman......)
Schleich lover 3000
Schleich lover 3000 4 dager siden
I rubbed out pen before and it wasn’t suppost to be able to rub out
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 4 dager siden
Lia: posted. Everybody: liked that
Jack Whitby
Jack Whitby 4 dager siden
Know the bump is for blind people on fj
Shawna Knapp
Shawna Knapp 4 dager siden
" I coUld make a a joke but I won't " I'm dead
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 4 dager siden
I now why there are holes in a donut
Giovanna Machado
Giovanna Machado 4 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="279">4:39</a> same, everyone’s experiencing that
Jinx _OwU
Jinx _OwU 4 dager siden
*Am I the only one that likes pocket watches and takes them with me*
Cody Howarth
Cody Howarth 4 dager siden
The bumps on the f and j key are for blind people as well
Ultra gaming
Ultra gaming 4 dager siden
my balls hit different LMAO!!!
Kenna Raftery
Kenna Raftery 4 dager siden
My aunt has driven with the gas tank 2 times
Skunkgirl4life 4 dager siden
Coke or Coat
Skunkgirl4life 4 dager siden
Sniperwolf: If you like to write hard Me: Oh that’s me hey I need to listen Also me: I’ve never even seen those erasers
Maddie :0
Maddie :0 4 dager siden
Why don’t donuts have holes
Hadar Nahari
Hadar Nahari 4 dager siden
Well u can also get an erasable pen tho
lil rose
lil rose 4 dager siden
Wow t us I just learned why my left head phone isn't working.😂😂😂 Lol
Emma_gachafox123 .
Emma_gachafox123 . 4 dager siden
I have so much tp lol
waheguru family
waheguru family 4 dager siden
I think the bumps on on the keyboard are so u can write without looking at keyboard That's what I learn from a typing website that was for typing without looking and welllllllllllllllllllll Is that it?????????
Courtney Dustman
Courtney Dustman 4 dager siden
Rebecca Kinsella
Rebecca Kinsella 4 dager siden
but i have no cuticle any way :(
Sally Alshammari
Sally Alshammari 4 dager siden
The golf ball reminded me o f waffles :)
Byron West
Byron West 4 dager siden
I now why there are holes in a donut
Byron West
Byron West 4 dager siden
I collect them to 😂😄☺
Lindsay LouLou
Lindsay LouLou 4 dager siden
The bumps on the key board are so you can find the F and the J so you can find the other letters and type without looking at the keyboard I learned a lot from this video go real. Had no clue about the hooks on the iPhone chargers 😲
Marley Watson
Marley Watson 4 dager siden
i erased a bunch of pen marks and succeded
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