The Worst Economic Collapse In History Is Starting Now: Be Prepared 

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The worst economic collapse in history is on its way. Be Prepared
This is a chart of the 2008 Financial Crisis. Over the course of 517 days, The stock market dropped by more than 56%, millions of people lost their jobs… their homes… and their life savings. It was the worst time for the global economy since the great depression.
And this is the 2020 Economic Collapse…so far… Over the course of just 21 days, the market has dropped by roughly 20%, the world has seemingly shut down, and we just might be on the worst economic trajectory in history.

So how did we get here…and what could we expect going forward. Well lets start off with the first part.
The first thing is that…as most of you know, there is a global illness going around that many people are worried about. And from my previous videos, you might know that my position on this is that if you get the disease, you will almost certainly be fine.
But it is disproportionately bad for the elderly, and those with underlying health conditions such as myself. So its good to be cautious on a social level, but also there isn’t need for you to panic on an individual level.
Initially when the disease had its first outbreak in China, it caused the Chinese Government to shutdown its manufacturing sector in order to help prevent the spread of the virus. Now, that wouldn’t be a problem…if 1/3 of all products in the world weren’t made in China. You see, China is the global supply chain of the world, so when China experiences delays in production, the entire worlds economy experiences delays as well.
Now I made a whole video on why this is…. which you can check out on my channel… but I won’t dive into that in detail here…
So, because of this supply chain slowdown, we have seen many large companies experience a slowdown in their sales and revenue. And this makes sense, because if you don’t have your product to sell, then you can’t make any money.
And here’s an example. The car industry is very dependant on tools, die, and machinery in order to manufacture their cars. But each on of these industries is experiencing 1 to 3 month delays because of the shutdown of the manufacturing sector. This means that car companies will not be able to launch their new annual vehicles on time, therefore missing out on billions of dollars worth of sales.
And also, because people are being asked to stay inside, be cautious, and work from home if possible, we have seen up to an 80% drop in automotive sales in some countries like china.
And this effect keeps trickling down. If the Car companies are seeing a drop in sales and revenue, then so will its suppliers. And if the suppliers see a drop in revenue, so will the raw industries that work with suppliers. And this effect radiates to all other companies that are connected to the automotive industry.
And what happens when a company sees a drop in sales or revenue? Well, we tend to see things like layoffs, or even bankruptcies. This would lead to a higher unemployment rate which would lead to less purchases being made by consumers, which would lead to less sales being made by businesses. And the cycle continues until the economy hits a low point like the great recession or the great depression.
And keep in mind, this is just the automotive industry. This drop in sales will apply to virtually every other industry in the world…except the toilet paper industry because that’s actually manufactured in a bunch of different countries around the world…yet sales have increased for some companies like KP tissue by almost 50%. So…there is no toilet paper shortage everyone…just a bunch of hoarders buying 100 rolls at a time.
Transcript out of room in description.
recession 2020

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16. mars. 2020





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A Smoth
A Smoth 16 timer siden
Evolve Coaching
Evolve Coaching 17 timer siden
Yo you're from Oakville bro? Markham here. I just binged like 7 of your videos. Really love the information you are presenting. I've been looking at a lot of the same data and coming to similar conclusions. I mentioned this in another comment but check out The History of Paper Money by Extra Credit and look into why the Japanese Yen is a global safe haven currency even though Japan's domestic economy is a mess. The answer to that question has been one of the most valuable lessons I've learned in my entire life. Keep up this great content brother! And reach out if you ever want to link up. Oakville is pretty close to Markham
Senada Pasic
Senada Pasic 2 dager siden
They should order that big crowd at the park to get tested.
Senada Pasic
Senada Pasic 2 dager siden
This one and the last one were both preventable with immediately shutting the borders and not allowing ridiculously high real estate leveraging with the last one which caused a ripple effect. I hope they're still doing covid tracing.
Task Master
Task Master 2 dager siden
This is what happens humans with limited knoledge and wisdom to rule themselves. The point has be proven through our never ending failures we need a higher source of wisdom to rule us
Emma Cook
Emma Cook 2 dager siden
Thank you! Love this info - good to know it, even though it does terrify 👍🏼👍🏼
Gilbert Lopez
Gilbert Lopez 2 dager siden
Got it all wrong the airline made lots of money, they buy back there stock know they want a bailout .
Lumina 2 dager siden
The lack of critical thinking by men today is astounding. I expect this of women, but not men. The comments here are scary.
Zeek M
Zeek M 2 dager siden
You call auto industry failure a calamity yet I call it reducing pollution. I destroy any industry that pollutes. Toilet paper is for those with a low IQ when it comes to hygiene.
Nguyễn Phú Trọng
Nguyễn Phú Trọng 2 dager siden
Just for few months, everything will back to normal
sven svenson
sven svenson 2 dager siden
In the 1920s Depression they had hard sex and drugs at least in Berlin, now i have to say i am looking forward to that, the same is valid for my hairy coconuts, cheers from Berlin Germany
Lumina 2 dager siden
I'm disappointed that a Germanic man behaves this way.
S G 4 dager siden
the real economy was changed in the early 1970s and since then real wages have been flat. The middle class has been in decline for decades.................the shutdown has caused far more damage than a pandemic would ever have done.
Ray Morales
Ray Morales 4 dager siden
People, people, people!!! And was is it not .... listen to this one, please! Was is not,that the president, just a few days ago,Mr.Trump who clearly stated.,..,.( We have the best economy in the world)! True or not? And he said it in front of the media. Just before we're about to open most of our churches due to the pandemic and the crisis. What's up with that? The best economy right now! WOW, what a big lie in front of our own 👃! Ok big giant lier!!!! And we don't talk about this at all.
Chang Siah Lim
Chang Siah Lim 4 dager siden
Economic will not Collapse
John A
John A 5 dager siden
In real dollars and cents it has at now, even at 20%, greatly surpassed by many many times the losses of the great depression.
Hey Inbutation
Hey Inbutation 5 dager siden
All factories move out of CCP China...New Free Trade Peaceful World!
jason henn
jason henn 5 dager siden
Add in the global famine that is occurring due to GSM, made worse by covid; Can anyone say WE ARE TOAST, drop floating consumer debt, lock into long debt now, learn 2b self sufficient in food, gather into local trading and helping groups,
Jim Flagg
Jim Flagg 6 dager siden
I really think this is going to be a V shape. Yes w are going to lose a lot of small businesses but that is going to open up opportunities which is going cause a huge growth. Forest grows fastest just after a fire.
lemon marzipan
lemon marzipan 6 dager siden
The airline industry could change to shipping plans instead so we can stop relying on trucks and ships
lemon marzipan
lemon marzipan 6 dager siden
I mean we should be flying our goods around the globe and nation instead of so many humans
MrTommyboy68 6 dager siden
I'm really confused. In my red red red town in my red red red state, we have maybe 3 major employers (Air Force Base, Hospital and refinery). Since the "stimulus checks" arrived, the casinos are running balls to the walls and now MOST OF THE GAMBLERS LOST IT ALL. Others went to Wally World and bought large flat screen TV's, cigarettes and beer and THAT is gone. NO ONE PUT ASIDE AN EXTRA MONTHS RENT. PLUS most disturbing is the number of temp plates on cars a lot of them $65.000 trucks and suv's. Local dealers were advertising BRING YOUR STIMULUS CHECK IN AND WE'LL PUT YOU IN A NEW TRUCK OR SUV. So now these idiots have %700 or more a month payment for 7 YEARS. There is NO growth potential here. Farmers are looking to Fat Donnie to give THEM more money. Municipal governments are already screaming about NO TAX MONEY COMING IN. BUT they don't care if your business is closed but YOU have to still pay your taxes. I see bad things coming in the next 6 months. Enjoy.
TheTruthDoor 6 dager siden
The thought of ANY airline getting "bailed out" makes me sick. Who do you think spread this plague to every country on Earth?
TheTruthDoor 4 dager siden
You are just like Trump, you don't care about the two percent (using your calculation). It's more like 50% if you are older or sick.
R Red
R Red 4 dager siden
I'm sure they were wringing their hands laughing in some smokey back room about how their airlines were purposefully spreading a disease with a 99% survival rate all over the globe.
dobbysocks 6 dager siden
It's sad how Gen Z has to suffer through this and eventually spend their whole lives making up for this in the future just because adults can't get it together. Congratulations, you screwed us all. With all this crap that we've been born in, I can only hope that our generation can start to make things better and shift us on the right path so our future children can have the childhood that we've never got the fully experience.
Lumina 2 dager siden
There is no future. Sorry to break it to you. We're in the middle of Agenda 21/30.
7RIGHTS OfService
7RIGHTS OfService 6 dager siden
Wait and see what the lack of human social integration does to this world. Just wait and see!
Simon Ruszczak
Simon Ruszczak 8 dager siden
The easiest way out of an economic collapse is National Socialism. But the "Tribe" won't like it, it'll lose them money, they'll start a war to get you back to their usury system.
Johnny Lynch
Johnny Lynch 5 dager siden
Ha...hahaha..... ok bub
EF 8 dager siden
why has my search for 'Bank Of England QE' bought me here? All I can say is 'exponential'. Once you get away from linear stuff your brain will understand the whole problem...
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru 8 dager siden
We should go back to the work and rip off the World from the quarantine! We need all people to BE SICK and gain immunity! So they will become a SHIELD aganist the virus! It already work in Sweden!
Andrea Possie
Andrea Possie 8 dager siden
Look bro some your info is accurate but your opinion on these huge companies suffering is b.s. All this is exactly why the fed gov should have bailed out the citizens not the corporations. Duhhhh. Propaganda ass
Andrea Possie
Andrea Possie 8 dager siden
Fauci connected to funding a a lab in wuhaun. 3.7 mil. Also a few months ago a Harvard Professor and two Chinese citizens were arrested for trying to smuggle "bio research" into China. The "bio research" came from a Jewish hospital here in America. How many billions does america give to Israel every year? How much of our foreign policy is pushed by the Israeli intelligence community? 90% of America's electronic ballot machines are made by israeli companies. Follow the bread crumbs.
Lucian Fuller
Lucian Fuller 9 dager siden
Great Video!
Live Mantis
Live Mantis 9 dager siden
What makes you people think that working from home REDUCES productivity? That nonsense has been proven to be FALSE, "friends" and lovers at the workplace, that is what reduces productivity! Stress from having to commute to and from the slave houses has also been show to reduce productivity. If you have data which shows that working from home reduces productivity (which it does not) then balance that with the reduction of productivity caused by the stress of having to put up with DRIVERS on the road, with their road rage and unsafe driving habits. Too many baby brains make assumptions, then, they insert them as brief mention into a video, spreading an assumption of false information, subtly injected into the mind of viewers.
Live Mantis
Live Mantis 9 dager siden
Automation and UBI NOW!
BIZARЯO #1 ‽ 9 dager siden
Let's spread the wealth of the 1%
Craiglist 034334Erd454
Still waiting....
Famous Kat
Famous Kat 9 dager siden
That's the major issue about capitalism if the system cannot make profit the stock market crash. The worst about that is that people aren't buying useless things like cake,nutella,chips,dirty food so these companies are crashing too. And I'm happy because they are useless multinational companies that ruin js
Alessandro LinuxBSD
Alessandro LinuxBSD 10 dager siden
The main issue is that is impossible be prepared for the planned huge recession if we aren't in the top of the food chain.
Gerry Shafer
Gerry Shafer 10 dager siden
Gerry Shafer
Gerry Shafer 10 dager siden
Carlos Blandino
Carlos Blandino 10 dager siden
Humans are predictable and easily manipulated. Humans don't learn and recreate history. A reset is coming.
Chang Siah Lim
Chang Siah Lim 4 dager siden
Economic will not Collapse
Nayanika Majumdar
Nayanika Majumdar 10 dager siden
Could you please guide me towards links that i can browse to get statistical data on the economic downfalls during this timespan (stocks, GDP, trade profits, retails, transport, etc)?
Audrey Flemming
Audrey Flemming 11 dager siden
Indeed! my experiences during the last recession made me vow never to allow my poor judgement to affect my financial life. It was so bad and I ended up in great debt after losing my job. I became homeless and moved in with my friend who introduced me to a Binaryreap3r. Through him I discovered that Bank hack is possible and he can help you hack any bank account to deposit funds more than once like he helped me. I just feel blessed that I was hooked up to a guy who could safely hack a bank without risks. Contact him through secure email Binaryhack3r@protonmail.com
Cathy 11 dager siden
So glad l have my freezer and cabinet filled peanut butter and beans.
Umer Aziz
Umer Aziz 8 dager siden
Yeah, man we are to damn lucky 😢
Elisha Crow
Elisha Crow 11 dager siden
Ohh and there changing dirty money over the food, good job Chinatown!!
Elisha Crow
Elisha Crow 11 dager siden
Why are you showing Chinese workers when you talk about it breaking your heart, looks like youre a bit swayed to one side, good job bro!
Goldensnow 12 dager siden
I think there's a discipline required in oneself to really look at the facts - as you outlined - and get out of denial. It's like looking at an unfinished jigsaw puzzle - you can see what the rest of the picture will be like, but it isn't finished yet. What we are seeing now is the serious worldwide recession we were going to have has been pushed over the cliff by COVID-19, sow could we be facing anything BUT a major depression?
JEFF 12 dager siden
This guy is no expert he’s an idiot !!! Makes zero sense where u go to college ? I’ll make sure my kids avoid
JEFF 12 dager siden
U guys are 0-3 now .. latest hoax no worse than flu Lmao big time
Chris White
Chris White 12 dager siden
Many didn't suffer or even realize 1929 was a depression. I believe reality is what you make it and you adjust to adversity. I was born 1980 raised by a woman born 1926. I would say both were pretty bad years and through it all we made it through with the same as we did before and after. I believe that this reset will last 1095 days. It is another industrial revolution we are in and for the first time a global reset. The doors open for change and you must see the opportunities before you and achieve your best. When the doors close which they are as I am typing, you will miss the opening. It's nothing more than a duality like life always presents. You have a decision/choice to make. Choose wisely, there is no right or wrong only the opinion of yourself and the weight of thoughts from others. Freedom is of the mind. Truth is of the mind. Freewill is of the mind Reality is of the mind Everything is created by your mind. Is fiat debt yes Is fiat money no Are you a slave when independent no When you see past opinions to the core of truth you realize that nothing changes without your belief. Nothing exist without your belief. Thoughts are powerful Truth is powerful Light is powerful Freewill is powerful
Woody 13 dager siden
What's that cliche "the writing is on the walls"
peter mr goudas
peter mr goudas 13 dager siden
They need to make a new model every 10 years, NOT each and every year. In the past, there were times when people had to wait in line to order a car. There is, as we speak, millions of unsold cars and the market are bombarded with new ones coming in. In the past car makers produced on an "as ordered basis", and consumers used to line up to place orders. Nowadays, the slogan is the "pizza place" style: "Buy One, Get One Free". The days you visit the coffee shop for donuts and coffee have been replaced by the day at the dealership. They have every variety of coffee imaginable, from espresso to cappuccino including cold sandwiches. There is no shortage of car dealerships in any city, in fact, new car dealers are popping out like mushrooms everywhere. Another disaster is approaching at fast speed: China's electric cars are joining the wild mushrooms as millions of them are currently in production and additional millions in the process of being manufactured. Another funny situation, the car remote starter starts not only your own car but a group of cars in the same parking lot, all at once; and all cars' lights start flashing like Christmas trees. Cars keep getting smaller and further smaller with lower roofs. This is unreal! You got to be short and petite to fit into these cars. God forbid, you get into an accident, you're really screwed, they have to cut off your legs to get you out, What a disastrous situation! There is in some areas flee markets or farmers markets, soon we will see (Cars flee markets). In another video comments section, someone wrote: "Sent them to the third world countries who don't manufacture cars such as the USA OR CANADA. How the people around the world learn so fast that the General Motors closed down in Oshawa Ontario or other car manufactures in the USA such as Detroit, Ohio, Michigan, Oakville, Maryland, many of which moved to Mexico. In the meantime the 2019 General Motors strike with the walkout of 48,000 United Automobile Workers from some 50 plants in the United States demanded increased job security, the gateway for temporary workers to become permanent, better pay, and retaining healthcare benefits. Meanwhile, the U.S. automotive industry is facing incredibly fierce global competition from other car companies, such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda and a host of other car manufacturers, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Isuzu, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Mitsuoka, Audi, Porsche, Alpina, Fiat, Dacia, Moskvitch, Yo-Mobile, Advanced Automotive, CT&T United, Volvo, and thousands more. Go to automobile manufacturers around the world on Wikipedia. Global auto manufacturers flee to Mexico and other emerging countries due to their cost advantage, as hourly wages in Brazil, China, India, Pakistan, etc. are much lower than in developed countries. Mexico has many advantages for auto manufacturing due to many factors including the cheap labor, railroad, and road transport links and close proximity to the US. The story about the car overproduction is not ending here, however, in another comment, someone suggested that the US government purchases all the excess inventory and sells for $ 1 for legal purposes to the homeless people with first in line all war veterans who are starving to death and sleeping on the street all over America.
godric Elkhazali
godric Elkhazali 13 dager siden
Please do video about the federal reserve monetary system people need to know, the system been set up to in favor the big banks its actually been set up by bankers if trace it down to the 30s the federal reserve law
Ashton 13 dager siden
“Leave a like button”
tripjet999 13 dager siden
Boot Comrade Trump and his band of republiCONS OUT OF WASHINGTON, NOW!
Sherry Mc Garity
Sherry Mc Garity 14 dager siden
Steve Mcfadden
Steve Mcfadden 14 dager siden
Excellent video you explain things very well I don't consider myself an unintelligent man but I don't quite understand everything on Wall Street I don't think they do and yes I think we're heading for a long recession / depression
roleyondawrist 14 dager siden
Don’t worry Kim kardashian is gonna save us all
Lrc Dlc
Lrc Dlc 14 dager siden
Dave Sunhammer
Dave Sunhammer 14 dager siden
May 14th - 2 months later: Let's stay closed for another month or 3. Food chain failures are starting around the globe. France, Spain, Italy... not just 3rd world anymore. Europe. This wont be a recession, this will be a population reduction on a large scale.
Minh Huy Lê
Minh Huy Lê 8 dager siden
dog 14 dager siden
Hang on. I bet a majority of the airline industry could be bailed out their CEOs and executives wealth alone. Why should bail them out if we get our money back later or if the government gets to keep its shares of the company.
dog 14 dager siden
Imagine my shock when capitalism has another huge failure and the politicians do little to nothing protect the interests of us, the working class, and use our tax money for bailing them out. We are doomed to repeat this cycle over and over again until we finally learn, underneath rubble, that the rich who own everything cheat us and steal our money and bring nothing but instability to our lives. Where is all this growth and where is the amazing economy? Not in our hands, not in our towns or cities. I tell you how I'll prepare, probably with a pitchfork at this rate.
dog 14 dager siden
Also, the stock market doesn't equal the economy.
Y M -
Y M - 14 dager siden
Proverbs <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1090">18:10</a>, "The name of Jehovah is a strong tower. Into it the righteous one runs and receives protection."
TheMozzaok 15 dager siden
Only 45 secs in, "where are we going???" TO WAR , ta da da dah.
Bridgett Tubbs
Bridgett Tubbs 15 dager siden
We got here because of China.
Who wants to talk about murders!
If only we could go back in time to isolate that one person who got the virus first. All of this terrible things wouldn't happen.
Peeta's Bread
Peeta's Bread 14 dager siden
Yeah, but China didn't want to do that. From what I have learned from my parents, because I am a child who isn't interested in watching the news on TV and that type of political stuff, China didn't do anything about this virus. What they could have done was IMMEDIATELY shut down the entire country and prevent anyone from China traveling, whether it was in their own country or to different countries, and prevent anyone else from coming into China. But what I believe they did instead was they still tried to handle the virus, but people were being stupid and they were able to turn it into a global pandemic. The government didn't want anyone to be frightened by the situation they were in, so they did barely anything to stop or at least slow down the spread. Then again, I don't think this is 100% true, because I have just heard of some of this from my parents and I don't enjoy having knowledge of everything that is going around the world when it comes to politics. If you are perhaps less stupid than me, feel free to tell me why I'm wrong. Just please don't turn this into an argument :)
JC 4 Evur
JC 4 Evur 15 dager siden
Since this video was made the stock market has rebounded over 30% Why? Because of the massive liquidity the feds have pumped in...so you don't think the fed is going to continue printing money?
Gary Stewart
Gary Stewart 15 dager siden
No you are not almost certain to be fine if you contract one of the 30+ stains of covid19, not to mention the long term health effects to the lungs even if recovered from covid19. No it does not only attack and kill the sick and the elderly. Some of your info is good news however your claims regarding the dangers of covid19 are misleading and out dated. There are stains of covid19 that will take lives regardless of age or health. This ever evolving man made virus is still virtually unknown and experts have been mistaken several times already as to the nature of the virus.
Tetsu de Rothchild
Tetsu de Rothchild 15 dager siden
China’s government sees human rights as an existential threat. Its reaction could pose an existential threat to the rights of people worldwide. www.hrw.org/world-report/2020/china-global-threat-to-human-rights More than any other government, Beijing has made technology central to its repression. A nightmarish system has already been built in Xinjiang, the northwestern region that is home both to some 13 million Muslims-Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other Turkic minorities-and to the most intrusive public monitoring system the world has ever known. The Chinese Communist Party has long sought to monitor people for any sign of dissent, but the combination of growing economic means and technical capacity has led to an unprecedented regime of mass surveillance. Japan does the same. Blanket surveillance for all muslims. This is far away from the Geneva Convention. Boycott china today
BikeStuff 15 dager siden
If everyone Boycotted China, we all could survive, Move production to India, they appreciate it more.
Matt McCaughen
Matt McCaughen 16 dager siden
World's going to shit gdp is down 25-30%yet the stock market is up past what it was before the market crash the rich are cashing out while us little people suffer lol how is this far
Razor Face
Razor Face 16 dager siden
Stupid irritating background music
kenneth wallace
kenneth wallace 16 dager siden
We are in for major problems. Some will get rich though.
SmithsnMoz 16 dager siden
Democrats willing to Crash economy in order to get rid of Trump! .. NOW MILLIONS WILL DIE OF STARVATION!
autiemuse 16 dager siden
REPO market was throwing fiat bucks at bans all through last fall -- already facing a collapse last year. Wasn't this 'plandemic' an attempt at another too big to fail bailout? Hmmmm... could be.
Tom Alexander
Tom Alexander 16 dager siden
Cars are like humans, good idea that's been abused to the point of idiocy
Nicky Yap
Nicky Yap 17 dager siden
Yeah... We are going back to the stone age. Really... 😅
Jin Lu
Jin Lu 18 dager siden
This will be the greatest depression!
Larry Glickman
Larry Glickman 18 dager siden
The media hysteria is political. Forty thousand people die in car accidents every year and we do not close the highways. In 2017-2018 there were many thousands that died from the Flu and respiratory issues and there was no quarantine. The major Farma companies already have millions of vaccine doses in warehouses and only the FDA is holding things up with extreme time consuming protocols. Like wise the Democrats do not want improvement until the election is over. What about due process of Law before your freedom is removed?
Horse237 18 dager siden
The Debts we supposedly owe are fraudulent. The Federal Reserve legislation was drafted in 1910 by Agents of the Warburg, Rothschild and Rockefeller families.They gave Bankers the right to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing. This unfairly transferred the wealth we created to Bankers. They also gave themselves the right to create $100 in loans for every$10 on deposit (called fractional reserve banking) which created huge Bubbles of Unpayable Debts. Unfortunately for us, Unpayable Debts are never paid. They are cancelled. When Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse, they contract the Money Supply. That happened in 1933 when Debts were cancelled through bankruptcies and foreclosures. That 31% Monetary Contraction led to 3 million Americans starving to death. The alternative to starvation would have been to go back to President Lincoln's Greenbacks which did not require a loan to be created. If we had gone back to Greenbacks, the Monetary Contraction would have ended in months. But Wall Street does not care that common people starved to death. Nor do they care that the US national debt of more than $25 trillion would never have happened if we still had Greenbacks. There is an alternative to Debt Cancellation through bankruptcy (America 1933) and through hyperinflation (Germany 1923). It is an organized Debt Cancellation called a Jubilee by the Bible Writers who first saw it during the Babylonian Captivity. The kings of Sumer and Babylon used Debt Cancellation to stop Depressions and unequal wealth distribution. Bankers love inequality and unfairness. One of the control mechanisms for the Banks to control democracies is the Bilderberg Society. I wrote this: Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg vidrebel.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/debt-cancellation-is-the-best-way-to-take-down-bilderberg/
triparoundearth 18 dager siden
In 6 to 8 months when government bailouts for service industries and individual checks stop you will see more defaults. 2021 losses will bleed over to banks and other industries. In 12 to 24 months we will hit the bottom of the bell curve and then a slow and long recovery. Of course the feds may pullout an uno card and we will see how the market responds to that.
Chuckles 18 dager siden
Ya, give all the money to the banks. What a JOKE.
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 18 dager siden
Could be the start of deflation/depression or hyper inflation or both but which comes first?