The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For 

Doug DeMuro
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The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the Tesla Model Y during a thorough tour of the Model Y. Then I'm driving the Tesla Model Y, and I'm going to tell you what it's like on the road.
Model 3 - novids.info/video/pphoj6fOmKG6jGk.html
Model 3 Performance - novids.info/video/i6mlp3-uZHiveZw.html
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jack dowden
jack dowden Time siden
Best all around Tesla = best all around car.
macsupra76 Time siden
I wish I still had the stones to dress like a 12 year old.
Radu Constantinescu
The Doug mode...
Chris Hunte
Chris Hunte Time siden
Joe Schmo
Berk Oral
Berk Oral Time siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1210">20:10</a> Joe mama
michaelatw86 Time siden
Can somebody tell retarded men that this blue and the black tires don't match, and it makes it ugly?
StopWIN 2 timer siden
cannot understand why people want to get rid of buttons and always do two steps going through a screen that is taking away your concentration from traffic, where it should be. if this car had a combustion engine, I think people would talk more about how cheaply built it is and that its way too expensive
ThatDamnGamer 2 timer siden
Why are you skipping the explanation part of your doug score? I see the doug score now and it doesnt matter when I dont know why you chose those scores
Greg Steele
Greg Steele 2 timer siden
Remember when "Crossovers" used to be called "Hatch backs"
Mag neto
Mag neto 2 timer siden
Chick car.
Suprax 2 timer siden
Kusal Jayasenthu
Kusal Jayasenthu 3 timer siden
we dont want to see your face when driving, use another cam focused to the road.please
John Grzeskowiak
John Grzeskowiak 3 timer siden
Definitely a little less ugly than the others. Need to wait and see if this model will be prone to the plethora of issues inherent in the marque
AsRebel 3 timer siden
Reddit, whos joe?
Lake Show
Lake Show 3 timer siden
You know you’re a full on meme right?
Edgar Reyes
Edgar Reyes 3 timer siden
Those wheels are ugly as hell. Why alot of electric cars have ugly wheels. I dont hate Teslas.
Espy 3 timer siden
S3XY. I love Elon musk
ry guy
ry guy 3 timer siden
joe mama
Tom Shiveley
Tom Shiveley 3 timer siden
9 on features? How much of an Elon bootlicker does Doug have to be?
Lukas de Waal
Lukas de Waal 3 timer siden
Wow what a bargain this $70,000 car vs the car 'no one can afford' the Model X at a stratospheric cost of $85,000 🙄
Mark Keller
Mark Keller 3 timer siden
Long ago when the Model X came out I suggested that Tesla should make a version of the Model X without the falcon wing doors. I predicted that it would sell like hot cakes if they did that. I'm glad that it sorta came true.
Mark Keller
Mark Keller 3 timer siden
A proper three row version of the Model Y should have a flatter roofline, but I bet it won't. Auto companies worldwide need to get rid of the piano black plastic parts too.
Eli Syed
Eli Syed 3 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1209">20:09</a> It's simple. It's Joe mama.
TheDownloader86 3 timer siden
You should show mobile app too :)
supertrucky 3 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1816">30:16</a>... Doug: "it feels really, really quiet" ....lol how do you feel quietness?
Dimelinion 3 timer siden
not likely
Captn Dang
Captn Dang 4 timer siden
Watch the tail light at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> and explain please
randobad 4 timer siden
Mouse scroll wheel on steering wheel, who would have guessed.
The Traveler
The Traveler 4 timer siden
Doug .. "Elon can't fight physics" .. Elon ... "Hold my kombucha" 🚀🛰😂
Mihai Burloiu
Mihai Burloiu 4 timer siden
Jeez I got 4 ads in 8 minutes, relax with the monetization Dougo.
Stewy 4 timer siden
Lexus suv way better!!
Shane McNeill
Shane McNeill 4 timer siden
Drove a Model S for the first time a few weeks ago. The drive was fantastic. And then I read the problems about Tesla repairs taking months to accomplish, if ever. The tires also seem to be a weird thing that not just any tire store can fix. I already experience a 3 hour wait on the side of an interstate, a 2 hour tow, and a 2 day wait at the Porsche dealership just to get a tire because my Porsche doesn't have a spare tire. Being able to get a tire on a moment's notice is important. I really liked driving the Tesla and truly appreciate this review of the Model Y. I love innovation more than most people but, as an engineer, I'm in disbelief at some of the features you showcase in this video. A button on a computer screen to open the glovebox? An electric door opener for the door and the manual door opener might damage the trim? The lack of a dashboard with basic information is nothing less than disturbing to us other drivers on the road knowing that Tesla drivers are taking their focus off the road. Heated seats that are not easily controlled by the passenger sitting in the seat is a problem. It seems to be a great vehicle but it has numerous flaws that keep it from being a practical purchase. I know. You're saying what's practical about buying a Porsche? 3 years ago when I bought it, I could make an argument for it. 3 years later and over $11k in repairs with about $8k pending (been in the shop for about 5 weeks straight now), you're right. There's nothing practical about buying a Porsche. As much as I'd love to drive a Tesla back and forth to work, I just know I'd be saying the same about it.
Ray The FPS Gamer
Ray The FPS Gamer 4 timer siden
Drink one up every time he says "and" as a segway. Holy shit he says "AND next up" way to many times does he even realize it?
Chris Rosenkreuz
Chris Rosenkreuz 4 timer siden
I thought joe was coffee
Matthias Fritz
Matthias Fritz 4 timer siden
can't wait to see this dude reviewing the Tesla Cybertruck.
Nico Autia
Nico Autia 4 timer siden
That's the most hideous design of any Tesla IMHO...
Chris Ashe
Chris Ashe 4 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1210">20:10</a> this dude cleverly getting lots of people to comment on his video
Piee89 4 timer siden
Okay.. For real.. This guy is gay?
DavyDave1313 4 timer siden
Looks like a common sedan died in the water and became bloated. Big NOPE.
Grant Korting
Grant Korting 5 timer siden
Has Dough DeMuro bought a Tesla? Why/Why not?
Alden Blair
Alden Blair 5 timer siden
Doug “AND...AAND...AAAAND” DeMuro
MUMOD BIOS 5 timer siden
It is... well... fugly...
Roy Scown
Roy Scown 5 timer siden
Can this be bought directly from Tesla, or do you have to go through a dealer? Will Tesla handle the financing?
Denis Cachovan
Denis Cachovan 5 timer siden
Every other rewiever: the range, the comfort, the driving experience Doug: You lift this thing up and BOOM. ANOTHER smart storage solution
Tomáš Mrázek
Tomáš Mrázek 5 timer siden
Hey Doug, do you think you can get hands on Renault Twizy? I think its one hell of a car. 😏
cusman 5 timer siden
Really think a review going to be as detailed as yours should not skip over the voice controls. On the Model 3 * I use Navigate to Address or Business destination * I use Call or Text Contact. Text is sent using Voice-To-Text dictation * I use Play to select audio streaming channel as well as Skip track or even control volume * I use natural language to control climate settings like temperature set or turning heated seats on / off for specific positions * I even use Open Glovebox There is a lot that is supported using just Voice Controls and all of it seems to support wide variety of natural language. You should definitely cover that in any future Tesla technology overview videos you do.
Dylan Sullivan
Dylan Sullivan 5 timer siden
“Who exactly is Joe?” Everyone on the Internet: **profusely sweating**
1.5x playback everything - thank me later
Cant wait for the cybertruck review =)
The Decaffect
The Decaffect 5 timer siden
Joe mama
Alan Gruskos
Alan Gruskos 5 timer siden
See if you can count how many times Doug says the word little in his videos. Little switch, little button, little lever, everything is little. Could make a fun drinking game.
Vertti Koo
Vertti Koo 5 timer siden
Doug: Elon can’t fight physics Chuck Norris: Hold my ...
Verrückter Schakal
Verrückter Schakal 5 timer siden
Screw auto pilot, I prefer to do the driving myself..
Kyle Farlow
Kyle Farlow 5 timer siden
Where is the spare tire? All of my vehicles have a spare.
Verrückter Schakal
Verrückter Schakal 5 timer siden
New cars don't come with a spare anymore.
David Ayotte
David Ayotte 5 timer siden
6'-3"-6'4", depends of how I feel.
Grant Korting
Grant Korting 5 timer siden
Could you demo voice commands? Are Model Y voice commands as seamless in comparable vehicles?
Abhiram Madhu
Abhiram Madhu 5 timer siden
My favorite part : "THHIIIISSS"
cusman 6 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="268">4:28</a> - I think if they can add a voice trigger to activate voice-controls they could probably enable rear passengers to be able to do their own climate or heated seat controls using voice. What I mean is, to use Alexa or Siri or Ok Google, there is a voice trigger, but in Tesla car a button has to be clicked to enable voice-control listening. That button is available on steering wheel or display screen, so front riders only at this point.
Vertti Koo
Vertti Koo 6 timer siden
My next car when they become more widely available 👍
Mr Price
Mr Price 6 timer siden
So no backup keys, just a key card?? I actually think that’s pretty cool 😂😂😂😂
Max 6 timer siden
Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y Now read it from the top to bottom
Alief Sole Kicks
Alief Sole Kicks 6 timer siden
Where's the AC vents
BC 6 timer siden
Another tin can from Tesla. Awful cars.
B H 6 timer siden
Before buying that performance model, or before buying any car, don't forget to ask your insurance company for your ins cost.
Rimwydas Boskas
Rimwydas Boskas 6 timer siden
The Tesla model line up mystery reveald: S 3 X Y Cybertruck
Blades Of Grass
Blades Of Grass 6 timer siden
"More affordable...stars at 40,000 dollars" that's gonna be a nope from me dawg lol
Adam Uppsala
Adam Uppsala 6 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="202">3:22</a> is what I fancy doing to him in this car!
Aldo 7 timer siden
'even Elon can't fight physics' I think that adjusting for roll isn't a long stretch at all, but maybe it's expensive to have a continuously adjustable suspension. I don't know anything about cars.
freak city
freak city 7 timer siden
Joe mama
goran stojanovic
goran stojanovic 7 timer siden
No is tat so enragous to ask other human beign andinteract with them aka yoru family membr to simply put heater seat on/of.Alos no if you have a Tesla car in ownership litetraly everyone after like 2 weeks or so give or take everyone got use to it so no need for central ifo like speed gear? and stuff like that at all and also wrong yet its on a side but its still in vision exept if you personaly have tunnelvision and can only see the things that you directly looking on i for example can easly see not only the subtitles in movie but also can see at the same time whats goin on in the movie and aslo can slightly see someone who is sitting right next to me so sorry but that is just bolloks not able to see thd road just bcs its not central showing but slightly to the side is mostly getting used to it same for everything you go tio army you learn/get used to different types of gear/weapons,same with computers same with everything everything is the same there are only slight and minor tweeks that people need to get used to.Your review is like cominbg for a prespective of someone who doesent even own a Tesla or maybe you are just the type that just cant get suedt to different stuff and prefer sticking to usual.
Blashzo Nikolov
Blashzo Nikolov 7 timer siden
Joe is a user, who wrote a letter to Tesla that when the alarm goes off wakes up and disturbing the little once at the back seats. So Tesla, showing respect to their user requests, named that feature to him. :)
Raymond Licon
Raymond Licon 7 timer siden
Can I buy one in Mexico 🇲🇽?
Joshua Helera
Joshua Helera 7 timer siden
Tesla model S 3 X Y
Blashzo Nikolov
Blashzo Nikolov 7 timer siden
Man, 7 adds and 5 commercial breaks just for the first 10 mins of this video. I'm okay with monetizing but it's too much!
Farshad Ahmed
Farshad Ahmed 7 timer siden
whats next model Z ?
Penzija Mirovinić
Penzija Mirovinić 8 timer siden
Imagine having so much cases of dog or child left behind, you have an option just for one :)
Noel green
Noel green 8 timer siden
horry shit! WANT!
Herr Mittmann
Herr Mittmann 8 timer siden
On a "digital" level this car is really exciting. But on an "analog" one...it's sooo booooriiiiing... To me especially the interior just feels cold and pretty average compared to the money you spend. On the other hand, in parts Teslas feel compulsively creative. Controlling everything via the center screen is "interesting", but nothing beats a simple handle to open the glovebox. So I'd love to see a car, that combines the best from both worlds. They are not really big in the US, I guess, but currently, Peugeot is killing it design-wise, especially in the interior (and especially for that price point).
GaLa -
GaLa - 8 timer siden
When my best friend gf leaves him in car she uses dog mode😂😂😂😂
Alexander Gunda
Alexander Gunda 8 timer siden
you missed one of the main features of the Y - having a heat pump on board
Paolo saturnino
Paolo saturnino 9 timer siden
Can you review Tesla roadstar 2020
Ganger 89 k