The Road to PS5 

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PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.




18. mars. 2020





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Tsunami Guay
Tsunami Guay Time siden
Tyson Taylor
Tyson Taylor 3 timer siden
Excellent, Party on Garth!
Freeshot Jack
Freeshot Jack 7 timer siden
This guy sounds like Ryan Reynolds but he isn’t
Scorpio 7 timer siden
PS5 event delayed because of fake racism in the US. Well done America 👍
MKIS 5 timer siden
Fake racism ??
Charley Weinhardt
Charley Weinhardt 8 timer siden
he got all the way to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3095">51:35</a> before clear bs was perceived to be detected.
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha 9 timer siden
Thanks USA...now the PS5 Event got postponed
Charley Weinhardt
Charley Weinhardt 9 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="604">10:04</a> explaining how ps5 might out graphic the xbox series
hammurderer 10 timer siden
1 like 1 SSD
prickly10000 10 timer siden
*Meanwhile 3 Mouth later* "Unfortunately we had to cancel our PS5 reveal event because we wanted to look woke"
Eric Neitzel
Eric Neitzel 12 timer siden
I need a Dana Carvey parody of this in my life.
Unknown 13 timer siden
PlayStation is life say bye bye to xbox
by_nachit0 13 timer siden
Xbox dislike be Like....
Psycho Rōnin
Psycho Rōnin 13 timer siden
Make PS5 full backwards compatible please!
Tsunami Guay
Tsunami Guay Time siden
Only PS4 games will be playable
خالد الشمري
خالد الشمري 13 timer siden
Ps 6??
No i gotta come up with an announcement like this to convince my parents I want a ps5
wafaxxx9boy xxx
wafaxxx9boy xxx 17 timer siden
please no I don’t have money to get ps5 no
Ice ice Baby
Ice ice Baby 19 timer siden
Oh great, now kids get to play their horrible games KILLING people 100x faster. Can´t wait for Trump to ban gaming!
Ice ice Baby
Ice ice Baby 19 timer siden
Will we get these ssds for pc tho
WhoTNT 19 timer siden
I'm not sure if my idea would work but they can probably use a more simple method for averaging the HRTF for different people. There can be a audio configuration setup process where they start with the default HRTF and play sounds in different locations horizontally and vertically and ask the player to identify where the sound is coming from. e.g Have options to choose like "Certainly up", "Maybe up", "Unsure", "Maybe down", Certainly down" Then they can adjust the HRTF until the player is certain about the location of all sounds.
Marco Alonso
Marco Alonso 19 timer siden
People who disliked this video have no idea of how revolutionary all of this tech actually is. And the fact that everything is being explained so clearly it's just outstanding.
Harbaj Grewal
Harbaj Grewal 19 timer siden
watched this again as ps5 event was postponed
Egemen Türkyılmaz
Egemen Türkyılmaz 23 timer siden
Why so many dislikes, this is one of the coolest presentations that i've ever seen gaming community is so harsh lol
dorz Dag siden
This guy is like the G-man of Sony
JUST FELIX Dag siden
Aarius Williams
Aarius Williams Dag siden
He’s giving me BIG bob ross vibes ❤️
Алан Басишвили
I hope the number of dislikes will not stop sony from doing such awesome presentations! I am learned a lot, especially about sound localization. And Mark is one of the best orators I have seen so far.
Frederik Andersen
extremely exiting. Audio is more important than graphics and framerates in my oppinion.
Damir Mlinac
Damir Mlinac Dag siden
Pliz on croatian maj home miting tu monny pliz
Damir Mlinac
Damir Mlinac Dag siden
Plizzz no to many ps 5 pliz
Damir Mlinac
Damir Mlinac Dag siden
Assassins creed black flag ps3 and ps4 pliz assassins creed valhalla ps4 and ps5
Damir Mlinac
Damir Mlinac Dag siden
Plizzz pliz
Damir Mlinac
Damir Mlinac Dag siden
Fack ju sony ps5 a ps4 assassins creed valhalla ps44444 !!!
Light Overnight
Light Overnight Dag siden
In the beginning he sounded wierd to me. By the end he is my new favorite spokesman.
Desk Studio animation
The dislikes are Xbox fan bois and Microsoft employees
Desk Studio animation
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="28">0:28</a> he looks like a psychopath
Shresth GTAFIFA Dag siden
leopardo 27
leopardo 27 23 timer siden
And overheat?
Trudel A
Trudel A Dag siden
I don't buy the audience being that still.
Raul Badea
Raul Badea Dag siden
Roblox will be on ps5 ???
Raul Badea
Raul Badea Time siden
Ok :(
Tsunami Guay
Tsunami Guay Time siden
1NZD Dag siden
This has blown me away, and not because I cannot grasp the technical concepts discussed (I can), but witnessing the passion and depth of thought in Sony PS5 team's design and their understanding of all of the multiple audiences requirements in order to drive a product that delivers on those requirements in the best possible way (demonstrated in such clarity too) is extremely satisfying to hear & see. 10/10 on this demo, you have my full respect not just as a consumer, but as a technologist, a computer scientist and an innovator. Bravo.
Alex H
Alex H Dag siden
Great presentation, really well done, which is rare in the video game industry !
Andrea Diagbouga
Why is this guy not in politics
Kévin Bisiaux
Kévin Bisiaux Dag siden
this guy sounds like Linus tech tips, and it disturbs me
star4e Dag siden
My favorite physics lesson...
itag Dag siden
Very very impressive engineering. The presentation of Mark Cerny is spot on.
Tbh I actually really enjoyed this video even though I dont understand most of it lol
Blitz ZA
Blitz ZA Dag siden
im confused why does this have so many dislikes? 🤔😂
Ye Htut
Ye Htut Dag siden
Still haven't ps4..... If you agree leave like ...... Same life....😭😭😭👍👍👍
SavageLeo _wgkta
Yo but will be able to play all of our digital purchases on PS5 and tho?
DERIKplay Dag siden
Sr. Jorge
Sr. Jorge Dag siden
Another ASMR video
Mustafa Abbas
Mustafa Abbas Dag siden
Guys why the dislikes. Mark cernys voice and speech clarity is something else man I'm convinced to buy ps5
Aubrey Verlage
Aubrey Verlage Dag siden
If you think Mark Cerny sounds boring... Go watch Fox News 👋🏻 This is how intelligent people speak.
GlitchKnight Dag siden
I came to watch for a couple minutes to get the general Idea, I left having watched he entire thing and knowing everything about the PS5. Dudes voice is smooth!
Antonio LaMontagne
I bet none of you can sit through this without nodding off.
Amogh Kulkarni
Amogh Kulkarni Dag siden
This dude's brain is a giant ssd.
Jizzle Playz
Jizzle Playz Dag siden
Aww man I can't afford ps5 I only have PS4 and PS3
gaming channel of the fat boi good
If you seld both you can buy a ps5
Erlend Bjerck
Erlend Bjerck Dag siden
This dude actual is the human equivalent to c-3po
priom Banerjee
priom Banerjee Dag siden
2020 Ps5: The future of gaming 2025 Ps5: The present of gaming 2030 Ps5: The past of gaming
YT_SENSEI Dag siden
Respect to this man
Dat_boi_Juan712 Dag siden
Sony better fix the fans, if not I’ll be disappointed
Khalid MI
Khalid MI Dag siden
Rewatching this in preparation for the 4th of June event....
Jean Aymán
Jean Aymán Dag siden
Sony's big reveal on 4th of June: The Road To PS5-video was a tech demo from upcoming Hideo Kojima ASMR-game called "The Road To PS5" and Mark Cerny will be your friendly NPC-companion through your journey.
Ben Eve
Ben Eve 2 dager siden
why does Mark Cerny looks like he is explaining hunger games?!?!
demian valero
demian valero 2 dager siden
No entiendou inglish solo español ñero JAJAJAJ
analisajofficial 2 dager siden
The dislikes are from xbox users
Max Danylenko
Max Danylenko 2 dager siden
Wow, Dana Carvey sure is muli-talented...
Dante Gabriel2005
Dante Gabriel2005 2 dager siden
The Hardware of this console is amazing, i can't wait to see how many developent will make exclusive games for the ps5.
Dan-D 2 dager siden
Make online free again on PS5!!!
Mahaveer Singh
Mahaveer Singh 2 dager siden
Dan-D you are right
Mahaveer Singh
Mahaveer Singh 2 dager siden
Plz protect this person from anything for ps5
KingMath22232 2 dager siden
That presentation ist great!
Nathan Grey
Nathan Grey 2 dager siden
Cerny talks like he is trying to explain stuff to stupid people
Numai Dag siden
Soo, you're saying almost all Game Developers are stupid? That is the audience this presentation is for - it's a GDC talk
yorgos protogeros
yorgos protogeros 2 dager siden
Amazing speaker!
Andreas Tzimboukakis
Andreas Tzimboukakis 2 dager siden
we need a new wipeout game to showcase how fast things can go with the new SSD XD
Parker Gordon
Parker Gordon 2 dager siden
PlayStation is gey
Jinx 1234
Jinx 1234 2 dager siden
It’s very kind of them to be showing off the console in action for the whole video
zoko_cx 2 dager siden
Why so many thumb downs, you are disappointed not getting exact launch time so you can starting camping in front of stores on time ? This is high quality talk, a really informative and clear even for non technical users. I really like how clearly this man speaks.
Oliver the theorist
Oliver the theorist 2 dager siden
sounds like ryan renolds
annu yadav
annu yadav 2 dager siden
Will it run elder scrolls 6?? Who am i kidding we will get ps6 till then!!
The Crow of Yharnam
@Skywalker 🙄 boring
Skywalker Dag siden
Who cares about elder scrolls 6 when we've got gta 6 to look forward to.
The Crow of Yharnam
Bethesda is garbage
Seiko Sanjii
Seiko Sanjii 2 dager siden
Speech level: 100000
Jaylious Yew
Jaylious Yew 2 dager siden
This guy is on Xbox hit list, we need to activate all form of federal protection for him.