The Road to PS5 

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PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.





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Nando Ori
Nando Ori 4 timer siden
Kampret baru beli ps4 beberapa bulan lalu ,udh mau keluar aja ps5 eeeettdaaaah soni soni 😤😤😤😤
MystBrizzle 4 timer siden
All the dislikes are Xbox players
CotyGamer 15
CotyGamer 15 4 timer siden
Online gratis PS 4 y 5!!!!!!
gamertaboo 5 timer siden
Can't wait to get one. Cerny nailed it again as usual. 10.3 vs 12.1 is not a thing to worry about people. PS5 is 5-6x more powerful than my base PS4 and I just played Death Stranding on it and it looked amazing. Can't wait to see what they can do with the extra power.
Heizzell Marcia
Heizzell Marcia 5 timer siden
In holidays I want Play Station 5 this are amazing so the future from ps5 is the beeeest console videogame
Sony 6 timer siden
Did they pitch to the consumers which are us, or they pitch to investors? After steve jobs, you’ve to step up the game on presenting. Their presentation aren’t even worth to watch for, P.S: maybe u should let a well known gamers to introduce it to us.
Keizer Loud
Keizer Loud 6 timer siden
The Road To PS5! 🎮
アシュリー 8 timer siden
V A I O laptop
Tony Westwood
Tony Westwood 9 timer siden
I would really like Sony to bring back Dino crisis 1 and 2 remake like the resident evil games
Fiore Deutchmark
Fiore Deutchmark 9 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="556">9:16</a> Bloodbourne and it’s ladders 😂
HAKJUNE LIM 9 timer siden
horrible. Nothing for incredible innovation on “PS5’s Ultra fast SSD” lolllllllllllll😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
FR3D 9 timer siden
This guy is a genius
Owain Cuvelier
Owain Cuvelier 10 timer siden
This is what a functioning Xanax adict looks like. Love it.
Alex 11 timer siden
XV L4D 11 timer siden
We want ps5 120 fps lol
Othon Tzamtzis
Othon Tzamtzis 11 timer siden
He'd make an excellent villain.
ПАВУК 11 timer siden
У меня PS4 slim, мне пох
Muhd Hafiz
Muhd Hafiz 11 timer siden
Wait. This guy have memory cip in his brain 😂
Abdul Haleem
Abdul Haleem 12 timer siden
Mark Sony.
Bosco Da Indigo
Bosco Da Indigo 12 timer siden
The Guy speaking reminds me of Nolan Sorrento from ready player 1. Lol
Ellis Piche
Ellis Piche 12 timer siden
How come nobody is talking about how this guy looks like Dana Carvey doing a Dana Carvey impression
Space Kent
Space Kent 14 timer siden
His voice sounds like deadpool
zaheer Nazir
zaheer Nazir 14 timer siden
Xbox is the worst
Матвей Васн
Матвей Васн 15 timer siden
SSD5 9.3 TF
Матвей Васн
Матвей Васн 14 timer siden
@Torben ОК😁😁😁
Torben 14 timer siden
TF is not TF
YaMumsYaDad 16 timer siden
I want sugar... with water
Pietro4194 17 timer siden
This year all xbox
FLORIDA BOI PUMP 17 timer siden
They should make the ps5 waterproof and unbreakable so nobody girlfriend or somebody break it or throw it in the pool
We Chia Lee
We Chia Lee 17 timer siden
Can you put an SSD in it? I put my 1 TB SSD in my ps4 pro.
Chase Vander Voort
Chase Vander Voort 18 timer siden
Ps5 for life
أحمد المنصور
this guy convinced me
Rez Salar
Rez Salar 19 timer siden
Am i the only one here who still uses ps3 and is completely fine with it?
excited box
excited box 19 timer siden
For the HRTF couldn´t you make a quiz where you play a sound that attempts to trick you and you have to choose the location the sound is coming from and the more you play the more it should close in on what matches your ear.
HenryDynamo 19 timer siden
Will there be a ps5 pro and slim
Los Irizarrys
Los Irizarrys 19 timer siden
Do you like the Xbox Sires X? Better PlayStation you’re better
Los Irizarrys
Los Irizarrys 19 timer siden
I have a PS3
Jarod Skaff
Jarod Skaff 19 timer siden
Aw come on, playing Dungeon Defenders already pushes my Xbox 360 hard drive to it's limits, it chugs when hundreds of enemies are present, and the USB 2.0 on my Xbox 360 only goes up to 35MB/s which is 20MB/s faster than the DVD drive but still. We need an official SATA SSD for Xbox 360 and xbox one, emphasis on the SATA part on those 2 consoles.
Eduard Cojocaru
Eduard Cojocaru 20 timer siden
Jim: Ok Mark... Mark: *Blip* Jim: Tell me about the new PS5. Mark: The PS5 has a new and improved architecture blablabla.....................52 minutes later Mark: I can also search the web for more information. Jim: Uh, Thanks I guess.
GAMES - DevilHeart ¿?¿?¿?
This is stpid byed ps1 then ps 2 and then ps 3 and ps4 and ps5 im not gonna purache ps5
iKhmerReaper 21 time siden
Ps n Xbox need cross platform. so we can party up no matter wat console for any game or activity!!!!!!!!!!
intrepidis 22 timer siden
This presentation has been nicely edited together. It seems like Mark is an accomplished presenter, so I doubt each segment took many takes. The background sharpness is about right, but it's a little too flat though. Also the people that have been merged into the foreground are a bit strange. Bonus question: Are Sony bringing back their Vaio laptops?.. or is that an old one on the podium there?
Sam's Fog
Sam's Fog 22 timer siden
There’s no way he wasn’t looking at a screen.
Ramello Askew
Ramello Askew 23 timer siden
Drop a like if you grew up with sony
Sloth h
Sloth h Dag siden
I want him to read me a bedtime story.
Angle Dag siden
What up with those fake people
Doggo Dag siden
Why so many dislikes
CEIL VANTOMAHIV 11 timer siden
Giocherellone Dag siden
I buy at lanch day!
Malik Hall
Malik Hall Dag siden
Ar <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="630">10:30</a>, This is nostalgia to the PS2 boot screen.
Big Daddy J
Big Daddy J Dag siden
When did Dana Carvey start working at Sony?
RK 740
RK 740 Dag siden
Half the price of my 2 year old pc and probably 3x more powerful, can’t wait
Erwin Tan
Erwin Tan Dag siden
I am excited about the SSD capacity that Cerny hasn't said yet. How much will it be? Personally, I am hoping at least 5TB. After all it's PS5 right? So 5TB is about right. But 10TB will keep me at peace ✌😆✌ And in the last part he mentioned about 3D sound design. I was wondering if they can implement IMAX with laser sound quality into the system instead of Dolby Atmos. In a theatre, I notice that IMAX sounded way better than THX for sure and I think sounded a bit better than Dolby Atmos.
Zach B
Zach B 4 timer siden
Erwin Tan and it only has 825 TB of usable storage
Erwin Tan
Erwin Tan 5 timer siden
@Zach B Yeah I hope so.
Zach B
Zach B 10 timer siden
They pretty much are the same, Dolby is better in some instances and IMAX in others, but they aren’t using either, instead it’s a new audio engine called Tempest that’s supposed to be better... we will see.
itsgamerv ux
itsgamerv ux Dag siden
I bet that all those dislikes are XBOX users.
itsgamerv ux
itsgamerv ux Dag siden
To be honest I use both but I only use XBOX live for my PC and I personally don't own an XBOX.
Amar Aone
Amar Aone Dag siden
I do not have a console and am a fan of PS, I want to get a game console in which I can play all the games of PS1,2,3,4 I mean, I want a console that is full backward compatibility
Jorge Brito :3
Jorge Brito :3 Dag siden
Xbox Win
Alejo Cortez
Alejo Cortez Dag siden
evifnoskcaj Dag siden
The presenter sounds so much like a calm Ryan Reynolds that it's messing with my brain. Also, I love this in depth explanation!
Daan dss
Daan dss Dag siden
МОН100Р Dag siden
Них"я не понял, но очень интересно
JNS Studios
JNS Studios Dag siden
Can we at least know what the controller looks like
محمد الشمراني
Can Sony 4 players play with Sony 5 players
Leleor5 Dag siden
xbox series x its better
Leleor5 11 timer siden
@Baby Yoda xbox: 12 tfloops ps: 10 tfloops xbox: 1TB ps: 825GB xbox: 8k 120 fps ps: 4k 60 fps
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 21 time siden
How do you know?
Io sono Sly 5
Io sono Sly 5 Dag siden
Sly 5?
YISTECH Dag siden
Those who disliked are just consumers who know nothing . That’s understandable
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 21 time siden
i know
Anime Fan
Anime Fan Dag siden
When it release and how much is?
Nefelin Desenhador
Cattle argument / sonistic damage control: For sonysta the retro doesn't matter, the real sonysta doesn't play an old game, this feature only serves to plug a hole! Long live our guru jim ryan! What? How? He said that backward compatibility will be important on PS5? ... See? Sony listens to us! It will be available on retro ps5 with all previous PS! Playstation WINS! What? Only 100 games out of more than 4,000 on PS4? No PS1 / PS2 / PS3? ... well, we will have SSD! And ... the fastest console in the world, thanks to the SSD ... and better graphics and sounds, thanks to the SSD ... and backwards compatibility from the top 100 thanks to the SSD! That's enough, after all we don't like old games at all.
masterfulcreator Playz MC
i get that his speech isn't 100% accurate however basing storage amounts over 1 month of gaming for a device that will be taking on the last 7 years of gaming plus the next 7 not just the next 7 isn't right. how many people can just download and play a game whenever they feel like. i can't afford a fibre cable and im sure most people can't. as well next gen games will be bigger with higher texture densities. i know for certain that i will be getting the biggest added storage cause i can afford that at least. most probably can't. im assuming 50mbps isn't the limit on download speeds anymore either but what is it? im aware my inventory of games is a little more than most (aside from over a dozen or more of my friends looking at their lists) at 40 or so, but adding another dozen or more on top over the next 7 years seems reasonable to me. it can take me a full day to download any larger game like GTA V. or modern COD's. im just not feeling this 825 gb it feels more designed for the elites with high speed internet. just to add: will there be any optimization for: higher refresh rate game play, higher FOV, game streaming, game modding abilities similar to gta 5 or minecraft 3rd party 'free' mods ect? i love the sound of everything else though.
Guardian Dag siden
Please make sure those ps4 games are running at 4k60 on ps5. 60FPS!
Rocky Playz 15
Rocky Playz 15 Dag siden
My sister just bought me the ps4 2 years ago
Xbox Two XX
Xbox Two XX Dag siden
You have really nice sister. My sister spit in my face.
Sheila Gonzalez
Sheila Gonzalez Dag siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2524">42:04</a> when the cops come
Rocco Spezzaferri
When Pistachio Disguisey presents tech projects....Wonderful presentation btw
mohamad ali harb harb
I am waiting for this thing better not dissapoint me ps5
Epic Games
Epic Games Dag siden
Ps5 explaining ASMR
Hidden VIP
Hidden VIP Dag siden
Cars Vlog R
Cars Vlog R Dag siden
Sony buy VIAO Again Or Make new laptops under Sony Brand
ANIME F.B.I Dag siden
Before i get hate or roasted i have a ps4 and xbox Now i preety sure the ps5 is going to be lit and awsome but i feel like the Xbox series x will be powerfuler tham the ps5 and have better looks games,feel,graphics,not price tho but still overall i think the series x will be better
az rak
az rak Dag siden
where is the PS5?
Xbox Two XX
Xbox Two XX Dag siden
In your dreams... go to sleep... dreamboy....
Tareq Qup
Tareq Qup Dag siden
I just come to put dislike and out
Can we just see it tho also i doubt anyone even understands what this guys saying
PIU Piu Dag siden
bayu daiichi
bayu daiichi Dag siden
Very bad presentation
PS5: Official Release