Tesla's Cybertruck Tug-of-War Stunt Was Pointless 

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Here's Why Tesla Cybertruck Towing A Ford F-150 Is Meaningless
A tale of physics, electric trucks, and why tug of war doesn't matter.
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During the Tesla Cybertruck reveal Elon Musk showed the world that the Cybertruck can pull a Ford F-150, uphill! At initial glance, you might think wow, that's an impressive feat. Surely the Tesla's electric torque helps it rip the F-150 in this battle of "who's got the bigger driveshaft?" Unfortunately, physics informs us these kind of demonstrations are entirely pointless.
We'll discuss the actual wheel torque of the Tesla Cybertruck as well as the Ford F-150, we'll look into both vehicles weights, and we'll analyze the video to determine if the Ford is RWD or 4WD. Ultimately, we'll all land on the conclusion that everything we witnessed was pointless. That's the story of life. Enjoy!
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26. nov.. 2019





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Janusha 9 timer siden
The styling is polarising? No... Its ugly. There is no getting around that.
Janusha 9 timer siden
American cars dont have engines... They have a FOUR LIDURH MODURH
E1itetube 10 timer siden
Completely missed the part where the ford loses all static friction on the road when the wheels spin.
Shumi2020 10 timer siden
Thanks for taking the time to make this video, very informative and entertaining!!!
Samantha White
Samantha White 10 timer siden
Blah blah blah... it pulled the damn truck an that's it!! (and it doesn't pollute)
Avery McDonald
Avery McDonald 10 timer siden
nobody: ford owners:
Teven Barrientos
Teven Barrientos 12 timer siden
I feel like im in Math class
Conner MacGibbon
Conner MacGibbon 12 timer siden
Statics at its finest
JumpNation 12 timer siden
i only understand chinese
Le Ju
Le Ju 13 timer siden
electric Car engineering hatte this ytchannel
frog n kraut
frog n kraut 13 timer siden
I think they worked those angles, there was no incline just a forced perspective
locksmack 13 timer siden
If I’m understanding this right, the engine output doesn’t seem to come into the equation at all? What if the cybertruck had a little 1.5L 4cyl petrol engine while maintaining the same weight? Would it still win?
A. Kassana
A. Kassana 13 timer siden
9.3K Tesla fanboys are crying in their spaceX blankets
Shad Quirk
Shad Quirk 13 timer siden
Lol this thing was styled but suit wearing office jocks who've never done a single minute of real labour.
SvKLamers 14 timer siden
If it was downhill, the F-150 being a RWD would have even less weight on the driven wheels... probably negating the gravity assistance.
liam quaas
liam quaas 14 timer siden
I think Tesla went so weird with the design because traditional truck owners are so loyal. They need to be different
dekaaizer 14 timer siden
5000 pound in force; why America.
Mark Haury
Mark Haury 15 timer siden
It's not a pickup, it's more of an SUV with some party tricks. As long As I think of it that way, it's cool. But it can't do half the things a real pickup with a bolt-on cargo box can do and as you say completely misses the mark of what is the biggest-selling vehicle in the USA. Nobody who needs a real work truck will buy this thing. It will appeal to people who have no use for a pickup, like the people who buy Land Rovers and Escalades that never leave dry pavement. Still a big market, but it won't convert the world to EVs. The thing Elon doesn't understand is that if they convert tradesmen, businesses and farmers, they will have won the war. But as long as they insist on trying to shape the market instead of serve it, they will fail.
AgrokL 15 timer siden
"not useful"? they made hard frame cheap in production with low gravity center and good aerodynamics... and by the way they go in all colors you want - no paint in production (getting price even lower) - paint yourself in any imaginable color you like.
Don Lumiere
Don Lumiere 15 timer siden
Anyone here after Joe Rogan Podcast?
Carson pasanen
Carson pasanen 16 timer siden
hahaha, that's funny😂
Vibeguy1052 16 timer siden
I can't believe so many people this design is cool or good. I'm seriously confinced Elon could put out a literal piece of crap on wheels release it and his fans will go crazy yelling this is the future
Zato 16 timer siden
You missed the obvious.. the Tesla moved first, and when the Ford felt the Tesla pull then the Ford tried to move. The Tesla's momentum was already going forward at the start. The Ford had to start with the Tesla already pulling on it. I think a VW beetle could have pulled the Ford in this scenario. Also , I wouldn't want to be seen in a Tesla truck. It just looks butt ugly.
Nick Peterson
Nick Peterson 16 timer siden
6:00 can someone explain to me why in the world he's just pulling the vehicle's weight and saying that's how much force it can accelerate with? he says "it simply is able to accelerate because it weighs more because it can put down a larger force"....by that logic wouldn't heavier vehicles inherently have greater acceleration than lighter vehicles? Also this kinda contradicts the ole F=ma, which indicates the mass is inversely proportional to the acceleration
ninjxxitty 16 timer siden
wait. so you dont have the full schematic for the truck but youre going to speculate anyway? if youre going to assume whatever you want just because its an electric vehicle than so can i and come up with numbers that favor the truck. you also assume both vehicles have the same size wheel. which again doesnt do you any justice. the point of math is to give you proof not boundless speculation. im honestly confused why youre speculating the specs for the ford. just find the model and get the info you need. why are you just guessing based off commonly found measurements. lets stick with facts yeah?
Membrane556 19 timer siden
On cost the Cybertruck's competitor would be the F-250 super duty.
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas 19 timer siden
My guys an artist , look at how realistic that's cybertruck looksq
Scott DL
Scott DL 20 timer siden
The power lies with those who control perception, something Tesla did spectacularly with their flawed test.
George Knowles
George Knowles 20 timer siden
Anyone who knows anything about electric motors knows that for a certain horsepower rating the electric truck will always beat the internal combustion powered truck in this type of test. The maximum torque of an electric motor is when its speed is zero.
LTDominator 21 time siden
you saw it but it didn't happen. here is the math... tesla haters gona hate...
ferchoville 22 timer siden
Terrible that Tesla had to invade Bolivia and cause a massacre to take ownership of Bolibia's lithium to create Tesla's batteries.
Hemp Chew
Hemp Chew 22 timer siden
This is INCORRECT. Your force from your ford motor is not simply multiplied by all those factors to each wheel of the truck (or in this case just the rear tires). The torque multiplier will be split among the rear tires (approx 15:1) for each tire. Second you have not factored in the initial force from the motors. If the initial force from an electric motor is say 2000N and the initial force from the ford engine is 500N, then the tesla would still be applying more force to the ground. You are right that the max force to move forward with is equal to the force of friction to the ground, which the tesla wins. So its not pointless, tesla just proved they have more grip than the F-150. Get an engineering degree
Tomáš Karlík
Tomáš Karlík 23 timer siden
I believe the styling is in a large part due to ease of manufacturing the car. So far, Tesla has always had issues with keeping the production rate with the demand. The angular design, the no paint aesthetic, the large blocks it's comprised of - they all mean this car will be able to get out of the factory in a super short time, at least in Tesla's standards. That said, I'm sure they tried their hardest to make most of the design in terms of free advertising. The polarization really helps spread the word, and unless Elon is trolling, the preorder numbers confirm that.
Yoopertube Jeff adamczak
Had a 01 dodge dakota 4.7L 5speed and some how it was able to out pull a full size chevy with 8.1L v8 in it.... so doing research why this is possible i found your video.... kinda help explains but why didnt i just sit and spin
Farhan Khelya
Farhan Khelya Dag siden
I respect your effort here but bro! the point of showing video of Ford f150 was that Tesla showing it can beat same price pickup truck but more powerful .
Marc fa20dit
Marc fa20dit Dag siden
I'd like to see Tesla do that towing experiment and see who wins after 20 min or so...lol...I bet just that little tug o war used 20% of its charge
Bakedsynth 34
Bakedsynth 34 Dag siden
Cybur treck is gey
Rotten Tomato with Handsome Potato
More than 9k Newtons disliked this video.. they don't seem to like the actual fact of gravity nd weight now
Huntin Fishin
Huntin Fishin Dag siden
I have an F-150 and it is 4X4 but has no stickers to say so, but I fixed that problem with some camo stickers, but yeah get a 4 wheel drive F-150 throw it in 4 wheel low and pull that toaster around like a boat
S F Carp
S F Carp Dag siden
Finally ..... a review without all the " Cyberwank " Tesla fanclub " FAPPING " 👍
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