Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 12 

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Niko and Clint sit down with Amy Johnston to break down some of the craziest action sequences in your favorite films!
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IceWolve 24 minutter siden
"we always are in umcofrtable clothing or heels etc" typical women though, not much different than real life lol
syed haidar
syed haidar 27 minutter siden
iko uwais!! his the new jackie chan. all his fight scene is the best
syed haidar
syed haidar 29 minutter siden
wonder woman
James BAXTER 38 minutter siden
Part of a next video stunts idea: Original Jumanji
Andrew Uhl
Andrew Uhl 44 minutter siden
You should react to any scene from The Rundown. My favorite Dwayne Johnson movie!
Juri Time siden
React to the James Bond Bob Tracks motorcycle Scene
Janie B
Janie B Time siden
Get heidi moneymaker on!!
K Rab
K Rab Time siden
Clint we challenge you to watch all the Marvel videos. You have plenty of time since you are self isolating. 🙂
Shana Hernandez
Shana Hernandez Time siden
I'm surprised they didn't know she did the motorcycle scene without wires and by herself. I'm not even that into stunts and I knew that.
Konseq Time siden
I want to see more videos with Amy, she's great
lehninger 2 timer siden
when a fight scene has an armbar, but the character instead uses the leg to kick the guy. fuck movie fights are dumb. well done, but dumb and completely unrealistic.
Francis Gignac-Langlois
Bring 👏 Her 👏 Back 👏
Hail Hydra
Hail Hydra 2 timer siden
The real black widow
Bruce Leeds
Bruce Leeds 2 timer siden
I'm so glad to know Amy was black widow in the best movie that had black widow in it. Plus Amy has done some fantastic work on other projects
Kapid Zett
Kapid Zett 2 timer siden
react to stunt high and low japanese fight movie doe
Nedra Ikhumen
Nedra Ikhumen 2 timer siden
You guys need to react to the fighter Moon Lee.
Råger Noger
Råger Noger 2 timer siden
Water world
mohammed zaif
mohammed zaif 2 timer siden
Armour of God , the parachute scene at the end please . I am big fan of your show . Now I have a different perspective while watching movies and also the taken 2 beginning scenes with outrageous camera angles please
DIPANSHU Gaur 2 timer siden
Booker TheTwit
Booker TheTwit 2 timer siden
I’m pretty sure that clip from the gate is straight up stealing the soundtrack from the dark knight
CatandBonez 2 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="400">6:40</a> ahhhh man too soon too soon. RIP into the badlands. The only reason the final episodes sucked ass was due to the fact that all the content in those final episodes was suppose to take place over the corse of 2 more seasons..but the network canceled it.
Nico Flores
Nico Flores 2 timer siden
Can y'all do the ending of the heist with Berlin in money heist from netflix
Daniil Chubanov
Daniil Chubanov 3 timer siden
Maybe some "Choreographer React To Bad & Great..."?
Carlo di paolo
Carlo di paolo 3 timer siden
hey guys! your show is really great. not trying to come off sexist, but just wanted to let you now. Amy being there this video made me even more happy to watch:) please invite more stuntwomen over? :D
Saisantosh Singu
Saisantosh Singu 3 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> and you tell me Bollywood is over the top
Michael Angelooo
Michael Angelooo 3 timer siden
Bring cecep into the show
Demonic 3mk-_-
Demonic 3mk-_- 3 timer siden
Cecep rahman is a silat gutu btw
Vinicius Moreira
Vinicius Moreira 4 timer siden
that green motorcycle was wired
PhenJaws 4 timer siden
You guys should react to the fight from the music video for Dream in Drive by the Oral Cigarettes
Marian Mae Mellizas
Marian Mae Mellizas 4 timer siden
Guys~~~ I'm a new subscriber here. I just discovered your channel yesterday and has binged watch your stuntmen react (super great content btw). Haha. For your next vid, include the (opening) Car Chase Scene in 6 Underground. Or any action scene there. 😁 Thanks!
5tyxzOfficial 5 timer siden
Can u pls review Mortal Kombat 11's cinematics? I found them really interesting, and i hope you do too
Jacob P
Jacob P 5 timer siden
Could also do a video where you have previous stuntmen guest on to hit members of the crew. Educational content.
Jacob P
Jacob P 5 timer siden
New quarantine series Clint Reacts to all the films he hasnt seen that were on stunt man and special fx artists react.
William Eldridge
William Eldridge 5 timer siden
Simon Phoenix beating up cops in Demolition Man.
cypriano beltran
cypriano beltran 6 timer siden
@CorridorCrew can you do the last fight scene in once upon a time in Hollywood
Mugisha Bob Jacob
Mugisha Bob Jacob 7 timer siden
She's good
marwan bakri
marwan bakri 7 timer siden
4 RaSu
4 RaSu 7 timer siden
Stunt man react to 6 Underground the scene on the boat with that magnet. Are the guys pushed together? Or is the most of it cgi?
Wilry Williams
Wilry Williams 8 timer siden
MORE CHRISTOPHER NOLAN MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daiyuki117 8 timer siden
Movie - High Voltage Scene - Guy falls off of roof, bounces hard off wooden crate, lands hard on cement It legit looks like it fken hurt, and it's a low budget movie, I'd be super curious to see how they got such hard impacts without just killing the guy.
justjaseg 8 timer siden
POV Scenes reaction? Kickass, The Villainess, Hardcore Henry etc!! Could compare it to how FPS povs look
*insert type*
*insert type* 8 timer siden
*I subscribed* Could you react to the skydiving scene in CHINESE ZODIAC (The movie with Jackie Chan)
Shamal Khalil
Shamal Khalil 9 timer siden
Hello guys, love your work and the efforts you put, I would like if possible to make a video about The Immoral movie ( Henry Cavill) especially the God fighting scene. One of my favorite movies. Hope you read my comment and take it to consideration. Thanks.
JollyRoger3117 9 timer siden
Hey Guys, can you react to terminator dark fate!!! Cheers
Inspirational Goosebumps
None of them is wearing mask
Mike Normansell
Mike Normansell 10 timer siden
Hmm, i hope that was not a spoiler for death stranding at the beginning
Paul Lorenc
Paul Lorenc 11 timer siden
What about comparing the early CGI in the original Tron movie from 1982 to Tron Legacy?!
Zackary Bumbaugh
Zackary Bumbaugh 12 timer siden
Y’all should check out Alex rider movies
Mally Is A Snowman
Mally Is A Snowman 12 timer siden
You should do one of driving stunts
Syahmii Cinematics
Syahmii Cinematics 12 timer siden
it would be cool if you guys reacted to this Rainbow six siege S.I. event cinematic novids.info/video/hHesapq3l5yseYI.html
Allison Thuang
Allison Thuang 13 timer siden
Could you guys review Max Zhang vs. Dave Bautista's fight scene in Master Z?
Will Holz
Will Holz 13 timer siden
Have you guys done Hero or Kung Fu Hustle yet? They have some SPECTACULAR scenes in both and I don't remember you guys doing either? (If not feel free to correct me!)
Mikro panda
Mikro panda 14 timer siden
IP man has like 4 movies and all of them has good fight scenes 1.mike Tyson Vs ip man 2.ip Vs karate guy😂 etc it has a lot of fight scenes
Marksman14 14 timer siden
raid redemption, raid berandal and the new police story
Mikro panda
Mikro panda 14 timer siden
Please react to ip man fight scenes it's dope 🔥😎 I promise 🔥🔥
Ashley Ellwood
Ashley Ellwood 15 timer siden
Badass first female guest!! I'm glad you guys brought on someone awesome who had a lot to react to and say!
pct87 15 timer siden
That Michelle Yeoh stunt on the bike was her. Supposedly Jackie was so impressed by that stunt, they added the helicopter stunt in so he didn’t get upstaged in his own movie.
Mikey Hartson
Mikey Hartson 16 timer siden
Star Wars episode 3 finally fight
Gnargnar4shar 16 timer siden
React to Woodkid’s run boy run music video. PLEASE!
Robert Ransom
Robert Ransom 17 timer siden
Hey Crew, watching Von Ryan’s express a World War II oldie. Wondering if you could do a show on the difficulty of action scenes on top of moving trains. From the oldies, through things like Mission Impossible to Under Siege II trains have been a nerve wracking platform for fights.
Sam Winchester
Sam Winchester 17 timer siden
react to the power rangers and the evolution of their stunts and cgi
Pedro Nunez
Pedro Nunez 17 timer siden
Star Wars lightsaber battles!!
harley walker
harley walker 18 timer siden
Sean Hawkins
Sean Hawkins 18 timer siden
Jason Statham has sick action movies! you should review the fight scenes in "Safe"
Sam Lewis
Sam Lewis 19 timer siden
You guys should react to all the falls and heavy hits in Knights tale! Those stunts look painful!
Master Rick
Master Rick 19 timer siden
Pirates of the Caribbean!
kenneth dorado
kenneth dorado 19 timer siden
Do the fire sword part of NOAH please!!
GONDEZ 19 timer siden
I know cecep.
Pranadi Kusumah
Pranadi Kusumah 19 timer siden
Clint is my favorit
Mr_Mokkori 19 timer siden
I think this scene is a great piece of choreography and stunt to see for you guys ^^ novids.info/video/a6WJqZyxZK3HnnY.html
MrVoching 20 timer siden
Im not sure if you guys react to the Pirates of the Caribbean series
Potatomancer 21 time siden
banlieue 13 the fight scene in the pub.
Cody Kearbey
Cody Kearbey 21 time siden
U GUYS NEED TO do Steven Segall in Under Siege
Lloyd 22 timer siden
You should definitely react to the fight scene between Morphis and Neo in The Matrix
Kenny To
Kenny To 23 timer siden
Please check out the cut scenes for the latest call of duty game, captain price has a bit of uncanny valley going with his face, especially with regards to his facial hair
Mo Vetta
Mo Vetta 23 timer siden
Atomic Blonde?
Big D
Big D Dag siden
When Amy comes back should do Shaolin Soccer and/or Kung Fu Hustle seeing as she is a fan of the floaty stuff 😉
Big D
Big D Dag siden
Would love to see a stunt person breakdown of the scene in RED where Bruce Willis steps out of the spinning car novids.info/video/fHeqpZi7lZa6gH4.html
sk8mac19931 Dag siden
Have y'all checked out HOOK yet? It has some decent stunts.
SiMo Dag siden
You Don't Mess With the Zohan the intro fight scene