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Check out the official Stockholm trailer starring Ethan Hawke! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: 2019
Starring: Noomi Rapace, Ethan Hawke, Mark Strong
Directed By: Robert Budreau
Synopsis: The strange story of the infamous 1973 hostage crisis in Stockholm.
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Kommentarer 80   
🔥 Brilliant <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a> 💕💝❣ 👇👇👇👇👇❣
Miu Channel
Miu Channel 14 dager siden
Like fox movie
Mr Ex
Mr Ex 16 dager siden
Riskbanken in English sound so funny xD
shinyeon23 17 dager siden
Is it normal that I was rooting for the captors?
abdul amir
abdul amir 18 dager siden
But her husband loose his wife, wife cheat crazy
🔥🔥 Nothing but tension from start to finish. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="57">0:57</a> 🎬 👇💞
Nakajima Atsushi
Nakajima Atsushi 21 dag siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a> song name please
Akiyama Joji
Akiyama Joji 22 dager siden
And here we go again.....another "american" protagonist.
Georgios N. Telas
Georgios N. Telas 23 dager siden
A film just to kill some time. Nothing special.
🔥🔥 awesome and eye opening. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="32">0:32</a> ❤💝 👇💖
WinkelHoof 2 måneder siden
So much wrong facts in this movie so I dont know where to start...
Pedro Damian Ramirez Pinchi
Not going to watch it just because the guy wasn't sweedish.
Stahlseil 3 måneder siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a>: Why are the police officers armed in 1973 with weapons that were only invented in 1990? Seems to be a fairly cheap production when such mistakes are made.
snxjdj buuaaskk
snxjdj buuaaskk 3 måneder siden
“she’s obviously got a cramp, someone get her a banana!!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alex Sepulveda
Alex Sepulveda 5 måneder siden
This is terrible
Farrukh R
Farrukh R 5 måneder siden
Another good movie like this is Dog Day Afternoon.
Jatz Wilson
Jatz Wilson 6 måneder siden
Hello Im 123
Hello Im 123 6 måneder siden
Plz change the name this is my countrys capitals name PS lika om ni är svenskar och sökte på Stocholm
Jason X
Jason X 7 måneder siden
I'll watch anything with Ethan Hawke. Great, underrated actor
MefuneAkira 7 måneder siden
how does Mark Strong not have his own movie?
Lizard 04
Lizard 04 7 måneder siden
Is Lord Blackwood still alive?!?! Where is Sherlock Holmes when you need him!?!?
Expressive Pets
Expressive Pets 7 måneder siden
So that's were the name of the syndrome came from? Too cool. I always thought that it came from war hostages...ha
Carr Rexx
Carr Rexx 7 måneder siden
Mark Strong with hair? And people are worried about the de-aging CGI on The Irishman.
Lola mo
Lola mo 7 måneder siden
I’m watching this for Noomi
Jonas vloggar
Jonas vloggar 7 måneder siden
Stockholm syndrome is actully when you Think your better then Everybody Else just beacuse its 100 dollar for a coffe (Only swedes Will understand)
Abra Kadabra
Abra Kadabra 7 måneder siden
The real robbers' list of the stuff they wanted to get into the bank is a classic piece of comedy gold swedish crime-history. The list included: "Boxes of Prince cigarettes," "WHISKEY!!" (almost etched into the paper, even underlined twice, lol), "calming pills.. for the ladies if they get nervous!", a tv with a specific inch screen and specific amounts of toilet paper and vegetables and so on. And the list was scribbled down in such a un-organized sloppy style which only an oldschool swedish outlaw wrote at that time. It makes swedes laugh today cuz it made it look like they really believed swedish cops would let them stay there n chill for months lol.
Penny Kent
Penny Kent 7 måneder siden
Looks like it could be a good movie, but Stockholm Syndrome is real and it's not funny. Maybe a better title for this movie would have been nice.
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton 7 måneder siden
plagiarism at its best
Robbie Mckellar
Robbie Mckellar 7 måneder siden
Before I heard the voice I thought it was Seth MacFarlane going for same look as himself in Logan lucky !!!
Stilekrop Films
Stilekrop Films 7 måneder siden
this had a lot of potential
AMA RMDtv 8 måneder siden
I dont liked it !
A.m P.m
A.m P.m 8 måneder siden
Uhoh crazy feminist are going to hate this...awesome.
Fredrik Larsson
Fredrik Larsson 4 måneder siden
Why would they hate it? Are you triggering yourself while trying to trigger feminists?
I Ker
I Ker 8 måneder siden
Would be nice to have some actual swedish people in a movie about Sweden? Not that we have that many good ones but I mean Alexander Skarsgård? Mikael Persbrandt? Vera Vitali? Peter Haber??? Anyone??
Jonatan Röllin
Jonatan Röllin 8 måneder siden
@I Ker Hade ju varit roligt med en svensk produktion helt och hållet. Helt klart en händelse man skulle kunna gjort en bra svensk film av. Men Hollywood hann först på bollen. Kanske är bra ändå? Jag gillar både Hawke och Strong, men förstår vad du menar, finns ju som sagt namn att ta av!
I Ker
I Ker 8 måneder siden
Jonatan Röllin ja ok då de såg jag inte i trailern men nåååågra fler hade ju varit roligt, men jag är väl lite tjurig 😀
Jonatan Röllin
Jonatan Röllin 8 måneder siden
Vad är det för fel på Noomi då? Och Shanti Roney spelar Olof Palme. Dessutom är Gustaf Hammarsten med också, han som bl a spelar Lutz i Bruno. Så minst tre svenskar. 👍😊
User Name
User Name 8 måneder siden
It was a great movie. Ethan hawke killed it
raygon8 8 måneder siden
The Stockholm Syndrome is not a "tendency" . Its a process of building up and tearing down ( stress). Hostage: "if I show love to my captor he will not harm me ". Its more like brainwashing or hypnosis
Paul Lannister
Paul Lannister 8 måneder siden
Looks like good entertainment Ethan Hawke is a good actor
Herman Hedning
Herman Hedning 8 måneder siden
Mark Strong as Clark Olofsson, I gotta see this!
Lundbergh 9 måneder siden
No one is speaking Swedish in the capital city? Such realism, wow :D
scooperman 9 måneder siden
Really looked forward to watching this but what a load of drivel one of the worst films I have ever watched , It is based on a true story so was expecting something better , don't know if it was a drama or a comedy ,Christopher Heyerdahl who played the Chief of Police was almost as bumbling as Inspector Clouseau .
RafikalAizat 9 måneder siden
steve357g 9 måneder siden
Mark Strong with crazy 70s hair! :D
Cresent and star
Cresent and star 9 måneder siden
Thought Owen Wilson at first lol
Daniel Ngongang
Daniel Ngongang 10 måneder siden
I'll watch anything with NOOMI in it. She got my heart from "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."
Scrotus Maximus
Scrotus Maximus 10 måneder siden
Ironically, Stockholm is now suffering _Stockholm Syndrome_ with the economic invaders that are now infesting their country. Swedenstan is now lost to the EU's ambition of turning Europe brown.
Ava Momoh
Ava Momoh 10 måneder siden
who else loves Noomi Rapace?
Kevin Ramsamy
Kevin Ramsamy 10 måneder siden
I'm bald, How did mark strong grow hair?
Valentino Falcon
Valentino Falcon 10 måneder siden
I can dig it
BigBlack 10 måneder siden
Real Talk: Bob's Burgers referenced this already with Rudy the Bank Robber......
Hugh-John Fleming
Hugh-John Fleming 10 måneder siden
It looks like a comedy. Perhaps not so good, more clichés. Who knows.
Margaret Seddon
Margaret Seddon 10 måneder siden
Gavin says: the guy with a moustache and beard looks a lot like the late Freddie mercury!!!!
king of the hill awa
king of the hill awa 10 måneder siden
Lol anyone who is a bit fair and has mustache looks like Freddie these days
Dr. Midnight
Dr. Midnight 10 måneder siden
Where the hell do I find this amazing, horn-filled version of Dylan's New Morning??
Pete Owen
Pete Owen 10 måneder siden
Worth watching for Naomi and Bea 😍
Evandro Lima
Evandro Lima 10 måneder siden
Half way through the trailer and it felt like I was watching the whole movie.
Greta Of The Corn
Greta Of The Corn 10 måneder siden
This movie sucked.
Faith Vazquez
Faith Vazquez 10 måneder siden
This film offers a view into a different society and how they handle crime. Swedish crime response is drastically different than American responses and Robert Budreau exemplifies that in Stockholm. If anyone is interested in de-escalation protocols, foreign affairs or legal and criminal anthropology this film would be a good time for you!
Elann Eggart
Elann Eggart 10 måneder siden
Loved this film! I really enjoyed the frenetic pace of events in the movie, it really matched the wild nature of the situation. The three leads were all great but Ethan Hawke is remarkably good as Lars Nystrom, really selling the character’s slightly unhinged demeanor, as well as his more vulnerable side. I definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a zany and exciting movie!
Toni Correa
Toni Correa 10 måneder siden
This picture takes a very heavy, serious subject matter and presents it as a dark comedy. This presentation makes it both easier and more interesting to process in addition to coming to understand just how a person might experience this phenomenon. The screenplay was cleverly written so that you too, the viewer, find yourself sympathizing Ethan Hawke’s criminal protagonist. This is also partial to the fact that his character, Lars Nystrom, often took actions in favor of his captives, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout their time together. A good film worth watching.
Kayla Carpenter
Kayla Carpenter 10 måneder siden
Stockholm follows the story of Lars Nystrom (Ethan Hawke) and his robbery of a Swedish bank and holding of hostages in order to break his friend out of prison. The movie heavily focused on the human connection and empathy between the robbers and their hostages, allowing even the viewers to gradually shift from favoring the police to the bank robbers. Additionally, the film did a perfect job of displaying the complexity of Stockholm Syndrome and made it easier to understand how this could happen to someone. I would absolutely watch this movie again.
Kara Elizabeth
Kara Elizabeth 10 måneder siden
Enjoyed this movie! Stockholm is as entertaining as it is contemplative. Balancing the inane comedy of an action heist with the heart of an intimate drama, the film will have you laughing at Ethan Hawke’s outlandish determination as well as empathetic of his idealistic vulnerability. With a comedic wit, layered characters, and an intriguing psychological draw, Stockholm proves to be a thoroughly engaging film from start to finish.
Jahi Cole
Jahi Cole 10 måneder siden
Stockholm illustrates a hostage situation in such a comedic, yet intense fashion. It recites the crime that pioneered the term “Stockholm Syndrome” that took place in Sweden in 1973. The dynamic between Lars, played by Ethan Hawke, and Bianca, played by Noomi Rapace, is riveting as the captives’ perspective of his humanity is contrasted with the animistic perspective of the people on the outside looking in. I would highly recommend this to those who are intrigued by crime dramas.
Tess Futch
Tess Futch 10 måneder siden
Be prepared to watch “Stockholm” and fall in the same trap Bianca, played by Noomi Rapace, did in this movie. You will experience Stockholm Syndrome and understand why. Robert Budreau when writing this film did an outstanding job when influencing the audience to cheer on the relationship between the kidnapper and his hostage. The way Robert made us hate Bianca’s husband after he didn’t make fish for her children was almost inspiring. We as the audience, are supposed to think a hostage falling for her kidnapper is insane, but we start rooting for the forbidden romance when we see how uncaring her husband is. This film has the originality that every movie needs. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting a change in the normal and watch this great movie with unorthodox characters who will surprise you.
0Flow0 10 måneder siden
Why does this look like a comedy? Is crime just entertainment?
Fredrik Larsson
Fredrik Larsson 4 måneder siden
For americans it is.
Oskar Koponen
Oskar Koponen 10 måneder siden
Not very close to the true story
Klara Högberg
Klara Högberg 10 måneder siden
Vadfan har amerikanarna kokat ihop denna gång
414MrMilwaukee 11 måneder siden
Plot twist: The women were behind the robbery
Nicole Vaughn
Nicole Vaughn 11 måneder siden
Mark Strong’s performance in Stockholm was entertaining, realistic, and incredibly enthralling. Depicting an infamous bank robber named Gunnar Sorensson, his serious demeanor contrasted the sarcastic humorous personality of his partner Lars Nystrom (Ethan Hawke). Never once breaking character, Strong realistically performs as a stern criminal, which assisted in showing the heist-action side of the film. Looking forward to seeing more from Mark Strong, and highly suggest you see his performance in Stockholm!!!
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas 11 måneder siden
Stockholm does a lot in its premise because it is both insanely goofy and funny, but also explores a complex relationship forming between two people. Lars, played by Ethan Hawke, is the eccentric man takes hostages in a bank in Sweden. Even though he has the facade of being a dangerous threat to those he takes hostage, you quickly realize that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He only has three hostages, and in this enclosed space you find intimate relationships forming. The core of the film centers around the relationship between Bianca, one of the hostages, and Lars. Their situation is innately bizarre to form any kind of friendship, but they do anyway. It’s the most fascinating part of the film, because despite the circumstances, you believe their relationship is real. You actually root for its success. It’s the crux of the whole film and the exploration into that psychological behavior is really fascinating.
Lapeez 22
Lapeez 22 11 måneder siden
Anomaly be like
Anna Repole
Anna Repole 11 måneder siden
I just saw this movie this weekend, it was awesome!
Stacy Houston
Stacy Houston 11 måneder siden
The movie we never new we needed
Fredrik Larsson
Fredrik Larsson 4 måneder siden
This is kind of a remake actully.
ThwipInc. 11 måneder siden
Song from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a>?
Adam Lemus
Adam Lemus 11 måneder siden
I really, really hate to be that guy..buuuuuuuut. Steve McQueens Mustang in Bullitt was a 68 fastback with a 390V8 not a 302 Soooooo yeah
Adam Lemus
Adam Lemus 10 måneder siden
trash I’m not a nerd. I just happen to know technical aspects of motor vehicles to the point I can’t help but feel the need to express my base of useless knowledge when people who haven’t devoted their lives to knowing such thin make incorrect statements. Damn it.....I am a nerd
boxed water
boxed water 10 måneder siden
Fishy Swede
Fishy Swede 11 måneder siden
I won't lie, it's weird to see english speaking actors take a stab at the bank drama that later on inspired people to name a psychological condition after it. A couple of Swedish actors, Noomi Rapace, Shanti Rooney and Gustaf Hammarsten at least bring some Swedish flair. I remember the weird adventure/action movie "The Prize" that centered around Paul Newman's novelist traveling to Sweden to accept the Nobel prize in literature and uncovering some sort of communistic plot. Now THAT is entertainment.
Sarah M
Sarah M 11 måneder siden
“Stockholm” is one of those wonderful films that present as an easy watch but actually capture a deeper feeling within the viewer that was completely unexpected. I loved that the film’s humor and easy-listening music combined perfectly with the high-intensity, fast-paced action to create a film that easily drew me to the edge of my seat. From the trailer, I thought the film would be an enjoyable flick that I could watch and forget; however, every detail in every scene was crafted to leave me sympathizing with Lars Nystrom, the captor played by the incredible Ethan Hawke, just as hostages do with Stockholm Syndrome. Director Robert Budreau’s attention to every cinematographic detail in every scene leaves me wanting to watch it repeatedly to soak up everything the film has to offer. I highly recommend you allow yourself the pleasure of being captivated by this film!
unchartedrocks1 11 måneder siden
i was just thinking Dog Day Afternoon even though these movies are not the same both include clueless bank robbers who were ill perpared to commit a heist.
Chazonic Paintball
Chazonic Paintball 11 måneder siden
I thought this movie was already out
Alex Austin
Alex Austin 11 måneder siden
From its dark humor to its intense suspense scenes, “Stockholm” is an overall great heist film. It illustrates the re-enactment of the 1973 Swedish hostage crisis. Bank robber, Lars Nystrom, played by Ethan Hawke is funny and naïve. His victim, Bianca Lind, realizes his true personality and begins to feel sympathy for him. This is how the original term “Stockholm Syndrome” was coined. The entire cast gives an incredible performance. Definitely one of my favorite heist films.
Regina Affectus
Regina Affectus 11 måneder siden
Hjälp va konstig, men jag tänker fortfarande se den 🤷🏽‍♀️
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I'm loving Noomi Rapace in those glasses. 😍
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