Sinan - Stockholm City 

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Sinan - Stockholm City
Instagram: sinanemve
Drönare: Critical
Video: Redeye Pictures
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aRia End
aRia End 5 timer siden
Vem är här 2025?
Nour Abo Khaled
Nour Abo Khaled 6 timer siden
Ninja Of The Darkness
shieeeet aks in sweden
Mystic_Abdi 2 dager siden
Reklam för kondomer
cool cool
cool cool 2 dager siden
C pas des 😂😂😂😂 suédois, c de la racaille qui salit la Suède
Jonas Martinsen
Jonas Martinsen 2 dager siden
Get it on spotify
Phew 2 dager siden
(no one in this video is from sweden)
Sediqullah Naseri
Sediqullah Naseri 3 dager siden
Jätte fint min broder.
Sude Cicek
Sude Cicek 3 dager siden
Wo sind meine deutschen 😂🇩🇪
bay area 925
bay area 925 3 dager siden
Fuck Islam
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert 3 dager siden
these boys are gonna have a hard time when Odin decides to revive all the viking warriors
Anonymous 4 dager siden
Lika om ni ser en enda svensk
Anonymous 4 dager siden
När ska ni åka hem era töntar
BBOOSTING Sweden 4 dager siden
Naw lilla gubben har du tagit med dig hela släkten??
Das Raden
Das Raden 4 dager siden
Guld och gröna skogar över denna videon e fan guld
Maxi Kaxi
Maxi Kaxi 4 dager siden
Liksom ni kan va coola med pistoler har ni träna knyt nävar ele
Alvin Lindh
Alvin Lindh 4 dager siden
German rappers: *talks german. English rappers: *raps in English. Spanish rappers: *speak español. Swedish rappers: *ضح ميكسيكو
John Niemi
John Niemi 4 dager siden
haha det gula huset bakom har jag gjort el/nyproduktion i ligger alldeles vid sollentuna pendeltågsstation, som praktikant de vill säga..
John Niemi
John Niemi 4 dager siden
Där de står och rappar hade vi våra byggbodar
Nicolas Tawfik
Nicolas Tawfik 4 dager siden
Gustaf Johansson
Gustaf Johansson 5 dager siden
Just stop this please This is not the Sweden I want..
alexander norberg
alexander norberg 5 dager siden
Nano Lo
Nano Lo 5 dager siden
Sweden people what do you think about this? An answer please
SADAAM 6 dager siden
*Om du har sett din flagga i videon like 2020*
LordTonyAccardo 6 dager siden
Tönthora, jag ska dra fram som pesten genom förorterna.
Mocro Brussel
Mocro Brussel 7 dager siden
Morrocan people from Sweden ??
Dana 04
Dana 04 8 dager siden
Ni håller palastines flagga upp o ner
7kt gal1
7kt gal1 8 dager siden
People talking bout acting tough. Bro these guys getting killed everyday and shootings and stuff. And I'm not kidding its a trend in Sweden and the places in the ghetto is called "orten" and orten has been really popular the past years in Sweden. So this isn't something new and uncommon nowadays. Not saying its good or bad but just facts.
nut job
nut job 5 dager siden
I'm a immigrant but i understand why people hate us. But these people are mentally unstable
saeid nazari
saeid nazari 8 dager siden
Hate f... Sweden and swedish. We must fuck this society
نور محمد
نور محمد 9 dager siden
This is ❤❤
james swartz
james swartz 9 dager siden
*trys to flex with a gun or two that doesn’t work right *every American: hold my beer
Volfram Dag siden
This AK is probably smuggled from ex-yu country, it is zastava m70 and it is really good gun
jalil cherchell
jalil cherchell 10 dager siden
Listen to this novids.info/video/lKaCkK6XbbDckXo.html
Anton Friberg
Anton Friberg 11 dager siden
Spotify pls
Shan '_'
Shan '_' 11 dager siden
Giogi Frack
Giogi Frack 11 dager siden
Hiroshima i sollentuna please 🤭🤭
Mokke121 13 dager siden
Fuck Sweden
sudsud182 14 dager siden
2020 ACAB
Hani Kurd
Hani Kurd 15 dager siden
Love Kurdish people ❤️☀️💚
h0rrid Dag siden
fuck your dirty race
Aking xLife
Aking xLife 14 dager siden
Zahraa Zubaidi
Zahraa Zubaidi 15 dager siden
Jag bor iraq och jag tyckte om sången och förste varför gör ni såna sånger inte bra men jag tyckte om sången
GRT Mezinator
GRT Mezinator 16 dager siden
More like Islamabad city
Make Valkeinen
Make Valkeinen 16 dager siden
why swedish armed forces doesnt eliminate those retards? xD
FregzY* 17 dager siden
Önska den va ute spotify 😭
Yoyo Von Bismarck
Yoyo Von Bismarck 17 dager siden
Felix Gutzik
Felix Gutzik 18 dager siden
Hallo aus Deutschland!
Vinny20 18 dager siden
I'm gonna guess it's not about poetry, but could anyone explain what he is saying in general?
Ben Phillip
Ben Phillip 20 dager siden
Kick them out Sweden please .
Martin 20 dager siden
så jävla dålig edgy musik, detta är sån musik som får sverige att se ut som det gör.
Diana Budakci
Diana Budakci 21 dag siden
Sweden Ball
Sweden Ball 19 dager siden
Diana Budakci 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪
PATRYJ 22 dager siden
Co to jest
Charles htte
Charles htte 22 dager siden
Ont est en Arabie saoudite ?
doxor85 22 dager siden
Här in Finland sossu betalar....
Szef11 23 dager siden
I wrote Swedish rap And it showed first me this: imigrants from africa And arabic.. Fortunetly I live in Poland And i have peace❤️
Sweden Ball
Sweden Ball 19 dager siden
Szef11 Yea lets hope swedish and polish nationalism rise togheter and spank the hell out of eu!
Svesse1305 23 dager siden
These gangs are everywhere here in sweden
East L
East L 17 dager siden
@Emił no just statin facts
Emił 17 dager siden
@East L are u actually proud of that?
East L
East L 20 dager siden
that s nothing come london way more violent gangs here
Solkian 23 dager siden
is this Sweden or Iran?
Emploice Muswashans
Emploice Muswashans 23 dager siden
Dmytro Gula
Dmytro Gula 23 dager siden
Take your AK back home
Ahmed Alharthy
Ahmed Alharthy 23 dager siden
So geilll 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Henrik Gullikstad
Henrik Gullikstad 24 dager siden
Im glad they at least learned swedish, in norway we have these polish and somalis That have lived here for like 11 years. I work at this supermarket and One somali came and wanted to buy chicken breasts but didnt know What to say so he just said: "peep peep" 😫😂 like Bruh.
La'anos Hart
La'anos Hart 24 dager siden
När kommer i spotify wallah bror due sjukaste jag sett wallah sinan #1 i svensk rap
Sweden Ball
Sweden Ball 17 dager siden
marracash Du är ju korkad
marracash 18 dager siden
Sweden Ball han snakker bedre svensk enn deg..
marracash 18 dager siden
Sweden Ball jeg r fra Oslo og skjønner mer hva han andre sier enn d du sier
Sweden Ball
Sweden Ball 18 dager siden
La'anos Hart För jag har tråkigt
La'anos Hart
La'anos Hart 18 dager siden
@Sweden Ball Varför bryr du dig ens?
Delijabrate 25 dager siden
en av hans bästa ja svär videon e sjuk !
blanc coupable
blanc coupable 25 dager siden
RIP Sweden
Hallcoat Ali
Hallcoat Ali 26 dager siden
Tosh Animates
Tosh Animates 26 dager siden
This is just a way to show that sweden aint pussys
Tosh Animates
Tosh Animates 16 dager siden
Emił ik lol Ja vet ville ba skriva det :/
Emił 17 dager siden
these guys are not swedes
Minna Uussilta
Minna Uussilta 27 dager siden
Är det på riktigt💀💀
KUNGARNA 27 dager siden
haha fu-regnr.transportstyrelsen.se/extweb/UppgifterAnnatFordon/Fordonsuppgifter
Majid Arman
Majid Arman 27 dager siden
たわわ 29 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> THE FLAG
Coronavirus Zang
Coronavirus Zang 29 dager siden
Cool nerf guns you got there buddy it's nerf or nothing
Jacob Arson
Jacob Arson 29 dager siden
Shit tune
Jack Goff
Jack Goff 29 dager siden
they fucked up sweden hard 2022
FishTick Måned siden
no. yease.
Alvar Källar
Alvar Källar Måned siden
FLOPPI Måned siden
We must secure the existence of our people and future for white children.
News Schweiz
News Schweiz Måned siden
One minute of silence for Sweden 😱 Middle East taking over Swedistan 🤔
Dolly de Doll
Dolly de Doll Måned siden
Swedes use that dagger in spine roman legend as kill. And it is be false friend to get the rouge behind in able stabb. I know cuz I solo so defence in check it is 0 output show on the input it is. No problem for me. Daggerdodge is points. And on miss i say 1on1? Weak... so I get people group here.
Riri X
Riri X Måned siden
Ngl but Sweden lowkey dangerous
redruM 7 dager siden
@East L london and paris aint shit compared to chicago
East L
East L 20 dager siden
it isnt lmao crime statistics r fine paris and london are worst than whole of sweden
Dylan Craig Wellstead
Welcome to Swedistan! The capital is Al Stockholm
RadiatioN Måned siden
Vittu mitä paskaa
PhythrowSwaage Måned siden
he wantz to Sex Kamel😯😦!!! ATASHON HARAM DETECTED HARAM DETECTED !!!😡😡😡
Pagani Zonda
Pagani Zonda Måned siden
culturally enriched "Sweden".
Finnish Boi
Finnish Boi Måned siden
This isn't the swedish they tought us on school 😂
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