RIPPED-OFF on Ebay AGAIN! - Intel "Black Ops" CPU 

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This is one of the most FABLED CPUs in Intel's line-up... and I finally got my hands on 2 of them. Was it worth the hassle?
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30. nov.. 2019





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Trystan Oowatie
Trystan Oowatie 2 timer siden
it's really weird hearing people talk about ASIC's outside of my work, I build them 😅
purplegill10 8 timer siden
PLEASE DELID THIS THING! I wonder how much better the temps would be if you got some liquid metal on there
Mike Fish
Mike Fish 10 timer siden
Hey Linus could you try this cpu in an oem system board? Like a Dell Precision T3600 or Fujitsu
gkingkongkev 11 timer siden
clock speed shouldn't be jumping around this much, it should be fixed. *looks at task manager*.... Uhm
RICH MORGENSTEIN 11 timer siden
In all fairness! Just to say that is really the legit chip! The pins on it would be incorrect for the socket you have it installed in. It had its own special pin layout unlike CPUs of the mainstream in the same socket. Ever see a person put a 771 in a 775 socket? Same idea! it will work if you block a few pins so it won't ground out. will work if they do ground out just not so well.(Pins 16,23,61,103 need to be grounded.)( Pin 4,5,112 are dead shorted to ground should be blank). (Pin 11 Has voltage in. Should be blank) (Pin 66mobo goes to 72cpu) (Pin 111mobo goes to both pin 93,99cpu)But that is why your bios is reading weird shit in parts, cause of a short in the pins. If you look deeper! You will notice all your PCI-e lanes after row 8 are dead as well! they won't work till pin111 is attached to 93,99 of the cpu! If you want to really get down to what you have in your hand! It is nothing more than a LGA2011-v3 Chip with Middle finger on its pin layout before they went with sticking to the standard layout of the socket in a Xeon 10core v3. To explain why it was hush, hush and the pins were not correct! Intel could not figure out how to configure their new design on the socket they were selling. They actually had to design a new tech to get from point a to b on the dies holder and still keep the form factor they were selling! More of an I don't want to look stupid move to not talk about it. Because it's a nerd thing at the time to play Black ops it's how it got its project name
JustMe8800 12 timer siden
ngl this title crosses the line. You weren't ripped off on ebay, those chips were exactly what the seller said they were...
Salvador Flores
Salvador Flores 13 timer siden
Linus Ting Tips
Ossie Dunstan
Ossie Dunstan 14 timer siden
Haven`t used intel since Pentium 2 , the most waste of space processors and company on the planet. Thumbs down for the fucking adverts you scumbag
Don Mega
Don Mega 15 timer siden
An engineering sample not performing to the spec. What an outrage. Definitely deserves the "got ripped off" title!
ph4nt0m 17 timer siden
"I'm not an intel fanboy" buys intel fanboy cpu
Zwen 17 timer siden
Wtf is that music they add now to there videos
Nicholas Simoneaux
Nicholas Simoneaux 19 timer siden
As someone that owned an ASUS x79 deluxe and an i7 4930k CPU , this video speaks to me on a spirtual level. I managed to get that 4930k to run 4.4 ghz all core with HT enabled for several years, about 2 years ago had to clock it down to 4.3, and before i replaced had to run it stock because i was running into BSOD more and more frequently. (pretty sure the CPU was degrading as time went on i did have it cooled by a cooler master nepton 280l kept that beast under 90c even at full tilt at 4.4ghz)
Paul Mohr
Paul Mohr 19 timer siden
So am I seeing those cinabench scores right? 700 something with one cpu and it looked like maybe 900 something for two cpus on the all core test? That is just sad lol. My ryzen 3600 will do 1630 ish stock. Even my old ryzen 1500x would do better than that.
ZeR036 19 timer siden
12:58 When u see the test subjects
Rickbearcat 20 timer siden
Why did you never actually say that you were "ripped off" in the video?
thomas allertz
thomas allertz 22 timer siden
Stupid video as hell....and you Talk to much. And your Ads, are disturbing.
Yours Truly
Yours Truly 22 timer siden
lol that was entertaining as fuck. I can relate with the "I_NEED_TO_TRY!" part...
Yours Truly
Yours Truly 22 timer siden
It's the "Housing Bubble" chip.
Mike Soda
Mike Soda 23 timer siden
Of course the gigashit board wouldn't even post lol.
Uvraj Ram
Uvraj Ram Dag siden
Because of reasons lol
Two taps on the right and the sponsor never happend
Simos Katsiaris
Simos Katsiaris Dag siden
coming to this video after watching the LTT 8k fireplace special..... why so blurry, why so low res?
Styx. Dag siden
try it with that in-no-way-cost-effective-but-cooling-effective sink watercooling "system"
elcaminoman1960 Dag siden
I have a 3960x on a asus p9x79-ws running at 4.6ghz on all cores. It is on water but i cant see why a 6 core chip without ht cant do it.
elcaminoman1960 Dag siden
Its paured with a vega 64 as my sons gaming rig. He can hold 144 fps on most any game.
Sluzzy Dag siden
ill ahegao for a new pc :)
Mathew Reyes
Mathew Reyes Dag siden
LN2 cooling video coming soon?
lol what a joke of a CPU lol
Citizen 1482608
Citizen 1482608 Dag siden
Oh man, "How did I get into the bios" I'm on the floor here.
toploz_ jr
toploz_ jr Dag siden
12:57 "okay custom...." *mini heart attack* "okay lat's just leave it to default"
waffle911 Dag siden
One application the Everest series saw actual deployment was in EVE Online. Since the server code architecture was entirely single-threaded in nature (the roots of which hail back to 2002!), increased load in a single solar system couldn't scale across cores. They used these in two different specific instances. If you had one of the game's legendary multi-thousand-pilot fleet fights break out, the server node would all to its knees. Enter Everest. If you made a request ahead of time for a specific solar system to be reinforced for a major tactical deployment, they would move the system onto the reinforced Everest node to keep the game playable, even if it was only at 10-20% real-time speed due to load. The other use was for the game's main trade hub, which regularly hosts 1500-2500 pilots at any time, conducting thousands of transactions every second. not too far off from its original intended use in trading stocks.
Daniel Royer
Daniel Royer Dag siden
I know I'm several days late on this, but I just rebuilt my computer the day before Thanksgiving, and upon installing Windows 10 x64, revision 1909, as I was going through the welcome setup, where you choose telemetry settings, it auto-installed the latest nVidia drivers. Windows has gotten a lot smarter since Windows 7! It cut about half the work out for me! All I had to install was the chipset, the Realtek audio driver, and the Intel INF driver. That's it! So much easier than it was 8 years ago.
Shadow Dag siden
Can it run Crysis though?
GTA_SA Modes
GTA_SA Modes Dag siden
AM I the only one not understanding what he's saying?
сергей маркин
❤Instagram☯️ - carlmarks_music
lyric Cook
lyric Cook Dag siden
Most of the time i dont understand what linus says.
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas Dag siden
Im begining to see a theme here. I'm guessing one of Linus's tech tips, is to not buy shady second hand tech from E-Bay?
Nimitaszia 2 dager siden
Lawrence timme channel has video about this cpu and they are bad
Jay holloway II
Jay holloway II 2 dager siden
I love how he is all tech savvy but doesn’t wear a anti static wrist strap when installing cpu 😡
Corey Carpenter
Corey Carpenter 10 timer siden
Anti-static wrist straps aren't that important. Been building PCs for friends and family for over 10 years. Never used one and the PCs have lasted several years with no hardware issues often with my parts getting handed down to other family members so the system is built twice. The key is to be careful about how you build the PC. If you are building your PC on the carpet while wearing socks, microfibre pants, and a wool jumper then maybe you should wear one. If you are constantly touching your case, have your power supply plugged in (but switched off) you will discharge any static along the way and not allow it to build up to a dangerous level. But even then it is not that important. Sure, they are static sensitive components but you can reduce the likely hood of static build-up pretty easily.
StarGateSG7 2 dager siden
The high heat production in too small of a space of many modern CPUs is WHY our parent company went from CMOS substrates to full GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) substrates for our custom CPUs! The much wider traces (280 nanometres to 400 nanometres) of Gallium Arsenide DOES NEED higher frequencies at higher voltages/higher current BUT is much easier to cool because we can DIP the entire chip substrate into an ultra-clean (i.e. really, really pure!) non-conductive coolant fluid and NOT short-circuit and/or ablate or scour the substrate lines and various circuit layers. ALL future CPUs and GPUs from every manufacturer WILL SOON ENOUGH be going to large-form-factor GaAs substrates having direct contact with non-conductive, high purity circulating coolant to keep them cool. And one of the reasons WHY, is that we can push our GaAs CPUs to clock speeds from 60 GHz (575 TeraFLOPS) up to 2 THz (Two TeraHertz at 19.2 PetaFLOPS!) of 128-bits wide processing power! You CANNOT EVER MATCH that sort of performance level with CMOS-based chips! . Unfortunately, in order to get CLEAN/SHARP/SMOOTH TRACE LINES, you need an electron beam etcher (less than 10 nm) to ensure CLEAN edges and cleanly shaped valleys/cells because of the "brittleness" of GaAs. That takes time to do (21 days per chip currently!) BUT you can make up for it by using THOUSANDS of e-Beam etchers manufacturing the same chip design in parallel. And some of our newer model etchers can do 16 chips at a time since they use multiple beams in parallel using much faster 2D-XY vectoring to bring 21 days per chip etch down to less than 2 days per chip! We're still ironing out some "issues" with that 16-chip etcher though! . On the plus side, we're aiming for fully automated manufacturing and automated Quality Assurance up to 10,000 chips every two days. . P.S. It will be $8888 CANADIAN RETAIL PRICE for the 60 GHz (575 TeraFLOPs version) of our GaAs Super-Server chip! .
RaidrWolf 2 dager siden
How do you figure you were ripped off? You got what you ordered. You just were not able to get it to work perfectly. Only if they promised it would work with certain specs, such as more than just 82% or 84%, could you say you were ripped off.
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