RIPPED-OFF on Ebay AGAIN! - Intel "Black Ops" CPU 

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This is one of the most FABLED CPUs in Intel's line-up... and I finally got my hands on 2 of them. Was it worth the hassle?
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30. nov.. 2019





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World Peace Deathray
damn clickbait
Dennis Shelgren
Dennis Shelgren 3 dager siden
The test cpus often had super weirdo self reporting. I used to work there. We literally had a competition on how to F up testers. My job was to push chips till they exploded! Yeah we literally janked the results!
Lawrence 4 dager siden
Intel Hot Wire CPU
What'a'nerd 7 dager siden
Linus used to sound like a nerd, act like a nerd and ofcourse look like a nerd but for every new video he sounds/act and most of all; LOOK more like a Chad. I didnt come here to buy things from a Chad. I came here to learn from a nerd.. Unsubbing..
Cian Mac
Cian Mac 7 dager siden
It runs fine, clickbait as usual
Cjon wickham
Cjon wickham 7 dager siden
Distill water?
crisskia lmao aka Ciobanu Cristian
Haxor 10 dager siden
Where is the scam? Just looks like he didnt have the right board to me.
Oliver Koteski
Oliver Koteski 12 dager siden
Linus don't lie to us, you bought 2 cpu because they were selling in a package of 2.
McMona 14 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="480">8:00</a> "how are we at 44 degrees on idle?" Me: is that my pc you have there Linus?
iZayi 15 dager siden
why does it look like he is building a lego set
Not_Red 17 dager siden
Can you be my dad
That Cruiser
That Cruiser 18 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="393">6:33</a> :my phenom 2 running at 97 idoling Me: :D
That Cruiser
That Cruiser 5 dager siden
CNR_07 degrees F
CNR_07 8 dager siden
mike naemark
mike naemark 20 dager siden
dont understand why this would be special. X58 much older x5675 @ 4.5 daily on air and with hyper-threading. 6 cores 12 threads at 4.5 the only thing i can think of would be higher IPC. What theoretical R15 score should that cpu have gotten?
Haekalz 20
Haekalz 20 20 dager siden
bet i can run black ops
夜半回回夢繼昨 20 dager siden
-20'C can run it4.6GHz it support cpuX4=24core 4.6GHz
Des FTW 24 dager siden
Why was there tropico 5 music about half way through
Brandon Belanger
Brandon Belanger 24 dager siden
Wow. This is what Linus used to look like, back in The Before Times.
Lego Mini Movie Productions
Ask intel about the cpus and what motherboards they were designed for
Wail Faridi
Wail Faridi 24 dager siden
So you weren't scammed at all...? You got exactly what was advertised and what you wanted, but you didn't have the proper motherboard to run it. That's not what a scam means.
Tenshilixu 25 dager siden
The CPU, Mason. What does it do?
DAVID GREGORY KERR 26 dager siden
What about that Phase Change Cooling PC case you have lying around that should get that system running well at a much lower temperature.
Foxy Woxy
Foxy Woxy 26 dager siden
What mac users think is in thier macs
That Guy
That Guy 26 dager siden
Keep the beard man
Nitrom _HD
Nitrom _HD 28 dager siden
This cpu is 240w.... What does Linus? Add a mid range cooler
Victor F
Victor F 28 dager siden
how about the nanotech they want usto have injected into us via Vaccines for covid? dont believe me look it up. look up the patent for nanotech that actually is a cryptocurrency mining nanotech that runs off our body energy.. and this is coming from a MIT professors mouth to mine over the phone earlier this month.. when he discovered this. and was shocked.
DJ Emergency
DJ Emergency 28 dager siden
Windows: *initializing devices* Synapse: so you've chosen death?
MoLottes 28 dager siden
good lord, thats 1/3 of a horsepower just in CPU!
n a z a
n a z a 28 dager siden
mdd1963 29 dager siden
Perhaps you should stop buying obvious crap deals on E-Bay, seemingly just hoping to get ripped off, ...to make a video about the pervasiveness of e-bay rip-offs....!
Jack Song
Jack Song 29 dager siden
check power mangement
Nuke Mecca
Nuke Mecca Måned siden
instead of using your keys to start the test bench,. why in gods name do you not just use a switch on some case and plug it on to the power pins and leave it there, so you can just press the switch.. that key start up seriously sucks dude...
جود الخطيب
جود الخطيب Måned siden
Did you try using a next gen mobo
Chad Burton
Chad Burton Måned siden
My dads watching car tuning stuff and I'm watching this lol
Kyle Chu
Kyle Chu Måned siden
Wireless usb
Richard Lee
Richard Lee Måned siden
Peter Gade?
John Maynor
John Maynor Måned siden
The amd fx-93xx series CPUs had similar problems with overheating.
Mr lintlickers
Mr lintlickers Måned siden
What cringey ass little kid was laughing at absolutely nothing in the background, I’ll pull up with a 30 round and bounce out and snatch them niggas life, we’ll see who’s laughing now, say goodbye Linus
steven depina
steven depina Måned siden
Linus is a walking product placement
Brad Goss
Brad Goss Måned siden
"Our watercooled one is at like 25ish, and our air cooled is at like 50ish". Linus, you just debunked your "watercooling is no better than air" video. And the part that I find funny is that this was unwittingly more scientific than that video. You ran the tests in that video on the 9900k, which has well-known poor heat transfer to the IHS.
Steve Balogh
Steve Balogh Måned siden
Hope to see a revisit if you find a motherboard that is 100% compatible
Evan Lacey
Evan Lacey Måned siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="269">4:29</a> it's 4/20
Chuck Lawrence
Chuck Lawrence Måned siden
LINUS!!! I dare you to dye your hair!! Any colour but dye your hair!!
Natoy Itlog
Natoy Itlog Måned siden
Title should be “how to make a creep video about a cpu”
Jesse Pike
Jesse Pike Måned siden
no waste when you satisfy curiosity.
Archeo Doku
Archeo Doku Måned siden
stop making ebay look bad. ebay is great for buying and yo get cashback.
Tsuneka Kou
Tsuneka Kou Måned siden
maybe you need high throughput load
Burgundy Måned siden
that cpu made linus its bitch
Andras Jonas
Andras Jonas Måned siden
Fortunately, there's some "content placement" in your product video.
Jacob Crosby
Jacob Crosby Måned siden
Even if this did exist, it's really not that big of a deal... He makes it out to be some crazy amazing thing, but it was not terribly uncommon for people to peg ~4.5-4.6gHz with 4930K and 4960X rigs stable on air. I've seen more than one 4.9gHz clock on a 4930K/4960X stable on liquid (as I recall, these were reported to need liquid cooling, but I could be mistaken). So I genuinely don't understand the hype of a 4.6gHz stock processor...
Captain Nutsack
Captain Nutsack Måned siden
It doesn't take a genius to figure this out. Your board isn't compatible. No motherboard is. Because this processor wasn't released for consumers.
Jackson Qu
Jackson Qu Måned siden
Lol time for the liquid nitrogen....
Johnfuse Måned siden
Everest chip huh? Now Intel makes Mariana chips.
Paranoid Times
Paranoid Times Måned siden
4 Linux.... 4 linux....
Herocringe Måned siden
I got an ad with Linus in it
Love Kush
Love Kush Måned siden
i5 - 9400F = 6C / 6T is $ 170
Alex Connor
Alex Connor Måned siden
Seriously, how did you open the bios menu?
RadjaVartogiS YT
RadjaVartogiS YT Måned siden
At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="752">12:32</a> ... How?? You Have Mistical Power Huh?
CaptMorpheusZ Måned siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="750">12:30</a> - Linus using Magic to get into the bios.
derHutschi Måned siden
that's why it's called a 'Hail Mary' ... try anything you can ;-)
Nirmal Raj
Nirmal Raj Måned siden
Linus:"I always get two of them." me: You always do that Linus
Diwei Lin
Diwei Lin Måned siden
it can run@4.6ghz at -20℃
Matthew Marr
Matthew Marr Måned siden
Please stop with the fucking click bait titles.
The hash slinging slasher.
I feel like this bitch could actually work with some special motherboard that can actually output the sheer wattage needed.
Dust Måned siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="707">11:47</a> I'm actually running a server on that mobo lmao
Joe Haynes
Joe Haynes Måned siden
Why would you use task manager to measure the real clock speed? Come on Linus...........................
Clarence Chung
Clarence Chung Måned siden
Who made the dual socket motherboard? Any detail?
TFS IGOLKIN Måned siden
lol the x5675 hits 4.6 easily an is a 6 core from 2010 ish
RetroSesh 2 måneder siden
When will you learn! 'Aerft6665546738' Doesn't actually sell legit crap with their eBay score of 3.
EdgyShooter 2 måneder siden
Anyone know the title of the video with that board?
iHoverZz YT
iHoverZz YT 2 måneder siden
Can't wait for the Black Ops II CPU
Shell 2 måneder siden
Your a dirty rat what you do to your staff iv seen the new upload your exposed its called the truth about linus tech tips Exsposed. Everyone needs to see this your not who you say you are you hate your fans laughing at them and don't even treat your staff proper ill never watch your channel again
Guy Sty
Guy Sty 2 måneder siden
The constant push of merch makes me not want to buy any of it.
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay 2 måneder siden
you could call Anthony
Liengamer _
Liengamer _ 2 måneder siden
Man like I mean I have an Intel xeon e5 1660v2 overclocked to 5ghz so ugh
Kaivaktra M
Kaivaktra M 2 måneder siden
I wonder why he didn’t make sure the motherboard supported the tdp of the processor.
Anarchy Empire
Anarchy Empire 2 måneder siden
Maybe if you get your hands on a nuclear power plant cooling system it'll work?
Ray's Boom Boom Room
Ray's Boom Boom Room 2 måneder siden
Linus u noob bastard u didn't even try to change the Intel PPM value in the registry to 4!
Slade Neilson
Slade Neilson 2 måneder siden
Glass wire
dialNforNinja 2 måneder siden
So what was the "rip off?" It looks like you got exactly what they advertized, but just didn't have the hardware to actually use it on your end. Can't blame the seller for that.
Aleksandar Måned siden
Clickbait my dude
SCAMMED on Deal Extreme...
We Found The New Hype House!