Red Shirt 

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The Red shirt returns, but not as you might expect. No one expects the power it now holds
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2. des.. 2019





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Kommentarer 1 354   
Daniel Gibbens
Daniel Gibbens 3 timer siden
underwhelming option for new shirt color: blue for rookie or new employe?
renata1111 7 timer siden
Do the Russian accent, but with a southern twist.
John Smith
John Smith 10 timer siden
Someone going to let Ellie out of the closet?
Alan Day
Alan Day 12 timer siden
You all should play with each others nipples that would be more fun.
HaphazardP 13 timer siden
Gotta love the NEO moment haha.
Chris Rockey
Chris Rockey 14 timer siden
Funny stuff could use some pig guards at the start I always liked that part
HEARTLESS ANGEL 666 15 timer siden
Next Platin Shirt ? x,D
Juan Sebastian Hernandez Díaz
Does anybody want to think in Ellie?
Shadman Shahriar
Shadman Shahriar 16 timer siden
Adam, I really wanted to rise over Rowan's oppression. But you went too far dude. Look what you have become :'(
Klyze 19 timer siden
Weirdly enough, it kinda looks like my job
Kevin Gersteling
Kevin Gersteling 20 timer siden
Seeing Rowan like that made me so happy XD
JustArcher Dag siden
wtf? lol
***I K I G A I** *
The matrix tho.... haha i almost spilled what i was eating ...
Devmarta Dag siden
So... is Ellie still in the cupboard?
Desol Nonary
Desol Nonary Dag siden
so is ellie and the white shirt still stuck in the closet or....?
ALEXONYX 007 Dag siden
Star wars reference 👌
shadow snape
shadow snape Dag siden
Rowan is a beautiful leia!😂
Urhobo Man
Urhobo Man Dag siden
Star wars Unleashed The matrix Movies this reminds me of
Ric CadManiac
Ric CadManiac Dag siden
Love it!
ale3is0000 Dag siden
3:47 Whomsoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal! Just as the blade rends flesh, so must power scar the spirit...
ptthunder Dag siden
this is evolving more and more into Mad Max! CONTINUE TO FURY PLAYTECH!...
Emma Esplin
Emma Esplin 2 dager siden
Why wasn't Rowan in Leia's bikini
farlon muentes
farlon muentes 2 dager siden
the shirt saga was built from the time was rowan thinks he is fat on red shirt then alan found the white one then went to ellie and now the gold. that build up for this revelation of the new playtech shirt took 3 years. i am just waiting for the ultra instinct of the shirts.
Jeff N
Jeff N 2 dager siden
So the white shirt is better than the red shirt, the gold shirt is better than the white shirt, and the red shirt is better than the gold shirt. It's shirtception!
Jodah175 2 dager siden
ok... uhmm.... XD
Ben Weese
Ben Weese 2 dager siden
I am somewhat concerned that the one of the first things Adam did after getting the gold shirt was remove Rowans pants... 😂🤣
RuralTowner 2 dager siden
Only just seeing this. As soon as I saw Rowan I was reminded of a perverted take of Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi and Theon Greyjoy as "Reek"
Calamity 2 dager siden
And what about White Shirt Allie? she is not staying locked in that closet forever. How are they gonna deal with her just the two of them? the last time they faced off against a White Shirt it took 2 Red Shirts and a Black Shirt to combine their powers and they just barely managed to come out victorious.
Islarf 2 dager siden
Pls tell me Adam becomes a ghost with Rodney!
jeffalchemist 2 dager siden
Rowan still being a douche at the end was funny af.
ICanSeeY0u 2 dager siden
3:20 I tought he was going to say consecutive normal punch
yunafires 2 dager siden
You had me at panty wearing Rowan on a leash. Going for the fanfic crowd, huh? Totally not working. Nope.
Janelou42 2 dager siden
Why didn't you just feed him some nuts? Case closed.
mrgreatbigmoose 2 dager siden
Ummm....the White Shirt is still just over there...still locked in the closet.
Peter Poulsen
Peter Poulsen 2 dager siden
Adam no! no! God no! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 😭 Star-Wars inspiration I'm loveing it 😜👍
Michelle Tuxford
Michelle Tuxford 2 dager siden
😅😅😂🤣 Can’t wait for the prequel - An unexpected lunch break.
Sven D
Sven D 2 dager siden
I love Rowan's slap fighting style.
Federico+ 2 dager siden
Everyone: This was just to introduce the new uniform! Me, an intellectual: This was just to show Rowan's 6 pack.
Евгений Мозырь
Этот бородатый чел - самый афигенный!!! Он рожи корчит...
Reus of Persia
Reus of Persia 2 dager siden
That's Ip-man 4 right there