Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford F-450 Platinum 

Ganger 1,1 mill
97% 43 083 887

2019 Ford F-450 Platinum!!! This new tow rig is going to be an epic build!!! We bought and duramax for hauling builds and as soon as we but a big lift and wheels on it, we knew it wouldn't be ideal for towing. This dually however is the perfect candidate and will be a smooth long distance hauler. We can't wait to dig in a see what it going to take to get it rebuilt! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!
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David Tim
David Tim 17 minutter siden
That's one beautiful truck, I will be watching the rebuild
kandarp naik
kandarp naik 22 minutter siden
Where is rebuild in video better give proper heading idiots
nicholas harkins
nicholas harkins 46 minutter siden
Aye u was in Gaston county were I live
Carl Spackler
Carl Spackler Time siden
Are the safety chains connected to the removable part of the hitch????
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Time siden
Damnnnnnnnnnn what a monster love it love a duali especially this one such a giant monster
Fahad Al Dossary
Fahad Al Dossary 4 timer siden
Amazing video, car ,weather keep up
snaprollinpitts 5 timer siden
DUDE, who turns their post notifications off?!!! come on, saying that sounds so stupid, especially when you say at the end of every video! if you need more to say then thank all of your subscribers etc.
PS XBOX Classics
PS XBOX Classics 6 timer siden
If That truck Has only 1,000 miles it still has the full Factory and powertrain warranty if you take it to a dealership they can pull the vin and tell you but only 1,000 miles it should have the full factory warranty still in Effect and DO Not remove the Def it will void it
Jack Short
Jack Short 6 timer siden
One thing I don’t understand about the American ‘Truck’ (They are called Utes get it right) culture is that you put massive lift kits on them. Then put massive fancy chrome rims and tires that would be shit when four wheel driving, which then completely ruins the purpose of putting a lift kit on it in the first place.
Gerson Arias
Gerson Arias 7 timer siden
The camera where the brake light is for the truck to back up with a gooseneck trailer like a pro by itself
Conner Cooper
Conner Cooper 8 timer siden
Rather have the dmax tbh. But hey it's sick tho.
Marco Vlogs
Marco Vlogs 8 timer siden
This is AMAZING!
ghawas 8 timer siden
How much did you pay for this truck?
Made Zy
Made Zy 9 timer siden
yall should make a flatbed tow truck
Jr Gt
Jr Gt 9 timer siden
One thing is good to know they're not going to be able ghetto out this truck like they did the Duramax
Gavan Crawford
Gavan Crawford 10 timer siden
Nice shots of Atlanta
Jeepers12 10 timer siden
The code for the locks should be in the glove box. The code for my escape was on a card in the fancy zip up owners manual holder.
jeemiah later
jeemiah later 10 timer siden
keep doing wut you do
Jake Archives
Jake Archives 11 timer siden
You should be able to change the door code in the settings in the infotainment system. That’s how it is on my 2013 F250
Ritchard posterior
Ritchard posterior 11 timer siden
what toyo tires you got goonzsquad?
Operator Benji
Operator Benji 11 timer siden
Lol try a little over half that weight no where near 15k
T plumber
T plumber 11 timer siden
my dodge 2011 laramie 1500 has rear heated seats just so you know ford is not the only ones who do it and its been out for over 8 years :P
wheelman013 12 timer siden
No safety chains from the trailer to the truck or did I miss it?
Kyle Brackett2
Kyle Brackett2 13 timer siden
I was like 5 minutes from y'all at the race track
Matt R
Matt R 13 timer siden
You can program the code from the head unit
Duane Webster
Duane Webster 14 timer siden
You guys are killing this NOvids thing
lcizs_77 lcizs_77
lcizs_77 lcizs_77 14 timer siden
Trokiando cuhhh
Lee Scanlon
Lee Scanlon 14 timer siden
You guys crack my ass up!! But I agree, dang, that is a sick truck!
Don Carter
Don Carter 14 timer siden
Dumb and Dumber.
milber guerrero
milber guerrero 15 timer siden
I like your truck
chopped T
chopped T 15 timer siden
You guys get a good deal on it?
ryan schroeder
ryan schroeder 15 timer siden
“Heavy duty trailer”😂
Yogi69 15 timer siden
Damn.... could've saved a shit ton of work on those $1,000 wheels with some 2x4s.........
Michael Lytle
Michael Lytle 16 timer siden
Nice chevy truck
TADionysus 16 timer siden
the code is probably on a sticker under the hood by one of the hood hinges
TADionysus 16 timer siden
i would rebuild it stock it would be worth more
Summit dave
Summit dave 16 timer siden
The code might be in the manual/ paperwork in the glove box
No Yes
No Yes 16 timer siden
the Ram limited has heated and more power ports in back
Dallas Andrews
Dallas Andrews 17 timer siden
you may not be legal. depends on your driver license's and what plates you have on your truck and trailer. By law total weight is your truck and trailer and load on trailer. So if your truck is plated at 8,000 lb. normal truck plate then you are overloaded
66singleman 17 timer siden
Move the pintle ring up on the trailer front channel and then put the pintle hook plate mount directly into the GMC reciever hitch socket.Get the pintle as close to the bumper of the GMC as possible. I hope one of you idiots has a Class A license for a trailer over 10,000lbs..the DOT would have a field day with you..