PS5 isn't as powerful as Xbox Series X 

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The PS5 is official and...can't QUITE hang with the Xbox Series X. 😅
Our Xbox Series X hands on and teardown 🔨 novids.info/video/aXmcp2qphq6eqXY.html
Can the PS5 beat the Xbox Series X? 🤔 novids.info/video/omWImKXLi2zToII.html
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Todd Rodgers
Todd Rodgers 4 minutter siden
Nintendo better release an new switch if they want any third party support this generation
Jonathan Pope
Jonathan Pope Time siden
Every gen release xbox was suppose to be faster with better specs, that never matters and in fact batteries are not included in this ugly box. I think xbox x is the most unoriginal derivative piece of hardware I have ever seen. What should we call the new x box....x what shape should it be... a box and make them buy their own aa batteries.
Ricky Plumb
Ricky Plumb 2 timer siden
How can you compare when the ps5 specs haven't even been released?
Drone Tech
Drone Tech 4 timer siden
Everything depends on exclusive games like uncharted and God of war which makes PS a clear winner.... only few people care about specs...I guess
INFURIOUS ONE 4 timer siden
Over Clocking a RTX 2080 does NOT magically turn it into RTX 2080ti. Over Clocking is over rated. More CU's is the MORE important and SUPERIOR factor. There's now way around that FACT.
INFURIOUS ONE 4 timer siden
Xbox Series X has 44% more CU's than PissyS5!!! Which equates 44% MORE Powerful Ray Tracing, 44% MORE Powerful Mesh Shading, 44% MORE Powerful VRS etc...
Animositie 5 timer siden
I believe Xbox won in performance boys 😔 I believe the size means more hardware though they have the same specs I think Xbox has more than that
Erik H
Erik H 5 timer siden
Bro you had the fingers on the x series but not on the new ps5 so please stfu and wait till the ps5 comes
GoLD GinGY090
GoLD GinGY090 6 timer siden
All the dislikes are ps5 fanboys it's hilarious
Edy Danneal
Edy Danneal 8 timer siden
Wait for ps5 pro then 🥴
Caden Kelley
Caden Kelley 8 timer siden
Am I the only opposite person here I loved the ps3 and hated the Xbox 360 but loved the Xbox 1 and hate the ps4
Haider Ali
Haider Ali 9 timer siden
Imagine PC 2 Ik that sounded dumb I’m sorry
snoopyfix2 9 timer siden
I really can't even begin to predict which will do better, even as far as performance. For Xbox, it seems the edge is on the higher frame and refresh capabilities side when it comes to playing games like CoD, Halo, etc. For Sony, it seems loading times, rendering enviroments/assets will have an edge on games like Fortnite, Warzone, etc. (which are the more popular titles currently). I just can't wait to get my hands on both and see how they stack up.
The Savage Casual
The Savage Casual 12 timer siden
Yeah this video is straight up wrong lol
Cool assassln
Cool assassln 8 timer siden
The Savage Casual How can he be wrong when he straight up had the console in his hands and tested it out
Luko Mabasa
Luko Mabasa 12 timer siden
Why? I liked you Austin.... Why.....
Tropical Wolf
Tropical Wolf 13 timer siden
Which one should I get? Im looking for a more quite console and transportable. I've been with Xbox Sense the 360 should I get the PS5 or stay with Xbox
Yeet Blade
Yeet Blade 13 timer siden
Nerd hat comes I go
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 13 timer siden
Sony fanboys 7 years ago, “its all about the power” stronger means better.
Geordie Atom
Geordie Atom 13 timer siden
Expensive memory cards no way bad idea.
M 13 timer siden
We have come to the conclusion that xbox is better. Waiting for all the butt hurt ps4 players to reply to this lmao
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 13 timer siden
Xbox obviously paid Austin to make ps5 bad.
Markianooo 14 timer siden
Just buy a PC
Scott Needs
Scott Needs 14 timer siden
Who gives a shit no one can buy them yet and in any case PC hardware will overtake them in a matter of months. And you'll be having to buy another V2 of the same thing you just bought to stay ahead of the curve or to keep up.
Merick King
Merick King 14 timer siden
Dang the desion is real jk I'm a pc gamer lol
Lutfor Rahman
Lutfor Rahman 15 timer siden
dislike. i do not think he researched enough.
FintendoYT 15 timer siden
shazaibbiazahs 16 timer siden
Why do Americans have such annoying voices
ExSelite 17 timer siden
It’s goes down to this, what console have you played the most on? That’s the console you’re sticking with unless you want to start over on everything, which I don’t think most people will do. Since most people have stuck with the PS4 they will probably own a ps5. And for all the pc users gtfo, you guys act like emos. Like literally every pc user has no life, on games 24/7 fucking pale af and skinny.
ExSelite 17 timer siden
Gta 6 loads in 2 seconds? 🙀🙀🙀
MrTacoCraver 18 timer siden
Morbid_Avenger 18 timer siden
They differ by small margins on raw power, but the PS5 SSD speeds, and the chipsets in place to remove bottleneck are going to deliver games from devs that can use it correctly unlike anything the series X can do, hands down.
Corn 265
Corn 265 18 timer siden
I’ve had an Xbox 1 for 2 years it’s broken down twice and is still broken right now. I had a PlayStation for 3 years before that and it never broke down. I’m buyin the ps5
Spencer Sundstrom
Spencer Sundstrom 18 timer siden
Xbox has lost me with their terrible customer service and inconsistent products, I've had an Xbox of every generation dating back to the original, but my Xbox one s busted on me, and so did my Xbox one x, Microsoft did nothing to help, they both broke right around the end of the warranty and all they offered was a fix for $250 and $300 respectively, I am frankly tired of dealing with Microsoft's bs excuse for customer service and broken products. I have multiple friends who have had their xboxs break on them, I don't know anyone with a PlayStation that has broken on them. I don't give a shit about power or specs, I care about reliability... a concept that seems entirely alien to the Microsoft Xbox team
_ Jota_
_ Jota_ 19 timer siden
I still in the PS5 Team because they have The best games :D I like the Xbox too , it very fast and has a very high quality , but I always had a PlayStation and I don't have any reasons to trade it. Srry for my bad English , cuz I'm portuguese
Jorge Gutierrez
Jorge Gutierrez 19 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="470">7:50</a> your welcome
Brendan ODonnell
Brendan ODonnell 19 timer siden
I have a PS4 and Xbox one s. I like both consoles a lot. I play PS4 a little more, but play both consoles often. I still don’t know if I should get the PS5 or Xbox Series X. Can someone give me advice on which one is better
Caidan Moore
Caidan Moore 17 timer siden
Brendan ODonnell Xbox series X is better in every way performance wise and has all back wards compatible games from the original Xbox where as PS5 only has a couple backwards compatbal games from PS4
YamiKawaii 20 timer siden
Xbox obviously paid Austin to make ps5 bad.
Cool assassln
Cool assassln 8 timer siden
YamiKawaii nope
SHK Potter
SHK Potter 21 time siden
Look at all the dislikes from the fanboys. No hesitation to dislike videos covering facts.
Sk2Neat 21 time siden
Every generation I alternate between Xbox and Playstation but ion even know at this point bruh
nelson a
nelson a 21 time siden
but there's alot of waifus on ps5 ;)
Arnav Bharadwaj
Arnav Bharadwaj 22 timer siden
Nice shirt.
XoticTCG 22 timer siden
The comments are interesting. I'm for Playstation. It's what I grew up with. In my opinion the exclusives are better as well as the controllers. Just a better fit for me personally. But I do have to say Xbox has won it this generation. But it's going to be a back and forth game. Xbox learned from last gen mistakes. So they came out swinging this gen and I believe Sony underestimated them. Next gen I believe Sony will get it again. Regardless, both consoles are a work of art. Just appreciate that we have this kind of technology and entertainment.
Velpoem 22 timer siden
Xbox Series X: completely backwards compatible and cross platform PS5: Just some game’s backwards compatible and no cross platform
FKY Rips
FKY Rips 22 timer siden
Who need God of war, The last of Us, Uncharted, Spiderman, Final fantasy 7, Ghost of Tsushima PlayStation win 😏
Ano Mashamanda
Ano Mashamanda 23 timer siden
Don’t care still buying ps5
Brentius Maximus
Oh no!!! Dude they said that about the xbox one x and we see how that turned out. Fuck xbox.
Wolster PS
Wolster PS Dag siden
I think I will go for ps5 if it's cheaper
noob gamer
noob gamer Dag siden
8k dislikes on a completely comparison video *sigh* i will never understand i guess
noob gamer
noob gamer Dag siden
I dont have a favorite because at this point the console doesn't even matter all modern consoles have enough power to almost unlimited games so as long as its fun who cares
lemusicable Dag siden
if you look into the ssd situation on pc, the nvme it's not faster then sata ssd when it comes to gaming so in real life, it's not going to be a performance difference when gaming...and if you install a game via disc or internet, you will be limited by those technologies anyway....so regardless the speed of the drive, performance will be similar from the storage point of view. I'm just happy that AMD has overcome Intel on all levels and the xbox has overcome PS...I like ps but it's way too much overrated. Plus, the overall benefits of the xbox platform should be a no-brainer when choosing between them two. My advice, buy a PC :)
stormbolt007x Dag siden
One of the best reasons to buy Playstation "God Of War"
Swedeninthahood Dag siden
Team Sony!! Thanks for the best breakdown video about the announcement. Now I have the info much more clear. Thanks Austin
Magikarp Dag siden
I'm on team Xbox and I'm extremely excited for the series x to come out and it will be the first ever console I'll buy day 1 of its release along with halo infinite.
PeteC75 Dag siden
I am planning to switch back to Xbox after 5 great years with the PS4 and PS4 Pro. The PS exclusives honestly are not that important to me. The generations-wide backward compatibility, though, is looking super attractive. That and the series X (horrible name) has a clear power advantage. I’m not buying into the SSD speed of the PS5 overcoming the raw power advantage of the SX.
De Nada
De Nada Dag siden
What happen to simple Atari
De Nada
De Nada Dag siden
I have no fucking idea what the fuck he was talking about at all. I just want to play shooter games and don't know which console I should buy.
ItsAidos Dag siden
I’m getting ps5 and hopefully I can play ps3 and ps2 games but if I had 1000 dollars in spare cash I would buy both
ItsAidos 16 timer siden
Caidan Moore I know but I can’t buy it at launch day obviously you’ll just have to wait and see
Caidan Moore
Caidan Moore 17 timer siden
ItsAidos u can’t even play half of the PS4 games on PS5
Rob A
Rob A Dag siden
What types of cooling will be made aftermarket for these systems? I’m hoping to see some water cooling options available. Much better performance yes? Let me here your thoughts.
mutalix Dag siden
Dude ms could and prolly should break the pc class and repurpose serx as a computer it would be shockingly cheaper than most rigs
MemeFox Dag siden
Your editor has made it very obvious that he watches plainrock124
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Dag siden
Onder Nacar
Onder Nacar Dag siden
I want to play Spider-Man, God of war, The last of us, Days Gone, Uncharted 4 on Xbox series X 😂 if I can, I would love to buy Xbox series x. I don’t care about how fast it is
Landen Bohnenstiehl
Xbox series x looks like Microsoft computer and I like it
Landen Bohnenstiehl
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Dag siden
your cringe
FxExAxRxExD Dag siden
What do i think? I think ill wait a few years till i get one of the consoles until they cough up enough next gen games and go from there im in no rush im good with my ps4 pro
Ibellamy58 Dag siden
My pc still better than both-
D R Dag siden
You just want to promote the Xbox stfu
Sander Alphen
Sander Alphen Dag siden
Yes and apple is slower then Samsung.....
21sT CENTURY Dag siden
That's not true
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Dag siden
having a gaming PC imo.
tazzywazzygaming 2 dager siden
Theres one thing I dont like about xbox, they are big and chunky if they were slim I buy it no doubt
TOP MakeUp
TOP MakeUp Dag siden
Look at the one x and PS4 pro
Mr. Dinosaur
Mr. Dinosaur Dag siden
Well the Xbox is smaller but ok if you say so
:O ps5 is better
alfredo perez
alfredo perez 2 dager siden
Sony dose not need to be as powerful because they know players are so financially invested in their platform (aka psn plus and digital libraries),they wont just ditch them for better hardware.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Dag siden
I am going to remain team Nintendo, since they have the games I like to play.
PlaystationFanDude 2 dager siden
Xbox looks bulky, i prefer a sleek looking thing like Playstation 4-5
PlaystationFanDude 13 timer siden
@Pucio The Cactus Not really sleek, all bulky like the new x series that is coming out looks like a ugly box
Pucio The Cactus
Pucio The Cactus 20 timer siden
PlaystationFanDude I mean an Xbox one s is sleek but then original 1 is fat
ItzAaron 2 dager siden
All these salty ps fanboys is saying xbox is paying all he's doing is comparing the specs
chungleman 2 dager siden
Yeah but the playstation has better exclusives
iT's Aeon!
iT's Aeon! 2 dager siden
dude looks like a typical xbox dude anyway looool
Mr. MushroomParty
Mr. MushroomParty 2 dager siden
XBOX Series X: I will take over the throne from my father and be the next most powerful console PlayStation in 2020: What about putting a 4K-BluRay drive into our next-gen console, we're only 5 years late but oh well
SHANE MOSES-SMITH 2 dager siden
your cringe
Mahbub Rahman
Mahbub Rahman 2 dager siden
Nicktv8 2 dager siden
Mahbub Rahman lol just can’t agree to the facts
tsokaro 2 dager siden
I was team Sony I had the ps1 ps2 ps3 fat and ps4. When I noticed that my ps4 was really slow the menu was like 15 fps. So I bought am xbox one s now I am clearly team xbox
Johnny Rimbow
Johnny Rimbow 2 dager siden
I wish they would have named it the Xbox 720. I’m still gonna buy the Series X but I would have bought it purely for the name.
coolcalhoon calhoon
coolcalhoon calhoon 2 dager siden
Vid idea go into a pc store pretending you don’t know what your doing buy what they suggest and test it’s performance
David Tyson
David Tyson 2 dager siden
Staying Xbox all my games and accessories will work on the next console
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