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Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs. That's right, Claire's making Girl Scout Cookies. Did you know the Girl Scouts started selling cookies back in 1917? But it wasn't until 1951 that the Thin Mint, the cookie most synonymous with the Girl Scouts, was introduced and swept the country like a tidal wave. And now here we are, in the Test Kitchen, watching Claire make them herself. What a time to be alive.
Check out the Bon Appétit magazine feature on Gourmet Makes: bonappetit.com/story/gourmet-makes-behind-the-scenes
Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz
Filmed on 1/21
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Girl Scout Cookies | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit





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ColonyRecord 10 timer siden
Oh man, please do Moonpies (aka Wagon Wheels in Canada) when Gourmet Makes restarts in the test kitchen!
Raelyn Fortier
Raelyn Fortier 11 timer siden
Make air heads next!!!! And show the world the shake trick with them also!!!
Lelandra_The_Mage 11 timer siden
lol I got an ad for a folding dehydrator on this video XD
Alisa Arata
Alisa Arata 13 timer siden
I wanna know claires sign and myer briggs
Amira Ebrahim
Amira Ebrahim 16 timer siden
Chris’ amazement at the caramel channel is adorable and needs to be talked about more
Vanessa Castro Chesterton
Gaby is the sweetest
Cara Kroucamp
Cara Kroucamp 19 timer siden
Hello Claire love your videos. Can you please make Easter marshmallow eggs for the next gourmet makes Thank you
Boblo 22 timer siden
Girl scouts? I don't know. I think it's dangerous to teach young girls self-esteem and leadership skills.
Luci Cooke
Luci Cooke 23 timer siden
I want to see Claire make gourmet spaghetti Os
Luci Cooke
Luci Cooke 23 timer siden
I want to see Claire make gourmet spaghetti Os
Mary Perez
Mary Perez Dag siden
I’m here because Rachh’s always talks about you on her channel @RachhLovesLife . 😂♥️♥️♥️
Life with Luna
Life with Luna Dag siden
omg please do something with your hair. Got that whole nightmare on elms street going. lmao
Cynthia Riley
Cynthia Riley Dag siden
Do toaster strudels nextt
Sour Brothers
Sour Brothers Dag siden
At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="870">14:30</a> Chris's world gets turned upside down. "Thats for a somoa? a CHANNEL? fck off...."
KP Designs
KP Designs Dag siden
Claire make zebra cakes
Valentina Marcos
Dalyne Johnson
Dalyne Johnson Dag siden
I love Gabby. She’s one of my favorite people in the test kitchen. She’s like everyone’s mom. ❤️
JordanNicole Dag siden
Please to gourmet Stroopwaffles next!!
Molly Dag siden
Chris's soft "oh my god" when he saw the channel in the samoa was A+
gasmasksamxwx Dag siden
Gourmet Cosmic Brownines!
Hillary M
Hillary M Dag siden
That sash is too cute!
Alexys Romero
Alexys Romero Dag siden
You should do GANSITOS!!...a Mexican snack/dessert-ish. Ofc when this blows over😬
maniiatiicaiilu Dag siden
I would love if you could make mantecol, ask Gaby about it, it's delicious
Helene Desmarais
Claire, I didn't read the 7,425 commentairies so maybe it was said. To clean your microwave; boil water in a bowl and let it steam very well. Come back to clean a few minutes later. No scrubbing, Just wipe/wash it away.
Amy Andrea
Amy Andrea Dag siden
Claire should attempt Cosmic Brownies...someday
Ramona Cottle
Ramona Cottle Dag siden
Pls make Teddy Grahams
Kate Andersen
Kate Andersen Dag siden
This is funny, they always throw things at Claire. Sorry Claire
Chloe Green
Chloe Green Dag siden
I think EVERYONE would die for Claire
ProxUrAimz Dag siden
40 min of nonsense and u can't even give a minute to an actual girl scout boo bonappleteeth
Rutuja Kale
Rutuja Kale Dag siden
can you make claire make the hello panda biscuits?
Hazel's Magical Kitchen
You should make McDonald’s french fries next!
Danni Chamberlain
Can you try making gobstoppers? I don’t know if they are called that in the USA but thats what they are called in Australia.
Asian Muffin
Asian Muffin Dag siden
I think she doesn’t get Girl Scouts because she lives in an apartment?
Omar Villa
Omar Villa Dag siden
She should make pixie sticks
C M Dag siden
Claire, I am addicted to this show! You're so adorable!
Evan G. Harazaki
Evan G. Harazaki 2 dager siden
I love how Gaby said "You cleaned it!" at the end
YuNg_Eg 2 dager siden
How old is Claire? Just wondering
marieee1394 2 dager siden
When they all get back to the ba kitchen, gourmet makes should go international. Claire should attempt to make favourite treats of different countries. I would like to make the first suggestion for Australia---> Tim Tams please 😄
Angie Vano
Angie Vano 2 dager siden
Hey Clair..Microwave Cleaning TIP: put a cup of water (a little lemon juice is optional) in for about 2-3 minutes. Then everything wipes right off!
G r a n t
G r a n t 2 dager siden
I feel like this video is just a constant series of excessive drum solos
Shannon Osborne
Shannon Osborne 2 dager siden
oh no what happened to andy at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="267">4:27</a>?
kendall 2 dager siden
no one: delaney: Okay what about the _____ badge ?
abbilearnsit 2 dager siden
Once we're all free to leave our homes again, can BA please make the Gourmet Makes Museum an actual thing open for guests to visit?
Jenn W
Jenn W 2 dager siden
Best way to clean microwave interior: Half white vinegar, half water in a bowl Microwave 4-5 min to make vinegar steam Wipe!
JesusMySavior 2 dager siden
On some other previous video, I read a comment that said "Delaney looks at everyone like he's in love with them" and now I just can't unsee that. :P
Lisa 2 dager siden
gourmet makes: cosmic brownies. the brownies and frosting may be kinda basic, but those sprinkles have something to them
Aidan Shields
Aidan Shields 2 dager siden
claire like hates christina lmfao. not actually, but she seemed annoyed by her presence
Julia Martin
Julia Martin 2 dager siden
I’m so sad Claire isn’t doing this series anymore
Ardelle Xiu
Ardelle Xiu 2 dager siden
Julia Martin would you care to explain?
Rachel Steeves
Rachel Steeves 2 dager siden
I can't get over her haircut!
Mikki Black
Mikki Black 2 dager siden
Color Me Influenced
Color Me Influenced 2 dager siden
The BA test kitchen isn’t cleaned every day? And, if it is, WHY NOT THE MICROWAVE???
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson 2 dager siden
I was a girlscout and actually did win a TV once for selling most cookies I loved being a scout and even helped younger girls in high school
haley stewart
haley stewart 2 dager siden
You should make chalupas!!!
Bush Cat
Bush Cat 2 dager siden
Does anyone have a recipe that's similar to the one they used for the cookie dough here? my little brother has celiac disease and he can't eat girl scout cookies anymore. I would appreciate it if someone knew how I could make him some, I searched it up on yt and wound up here. :)
Ryan Polk
Ryan Polk 2 dager siden
Am making these during quarantine. Thanks, Claire!
ThatGamerDude9000 2 dager siden
"I can do this blindfolded." Burns the first batch and blames the oven.
Lizzy Smith
Lizzy Smith 2 dager siden
when she redid the cookies everyone made i was like this is VIRGO energy
Love Life
Love Life 2 dager siden
Can you guys try to recreate a debbie cake? That would be cool
Simon Baldwin
Simon Baldwin 2 dager siden
Please do gourmet Swedish Fish
Sean-Thomas Flynn
Sean-Thomas Flynn 2 dager siden
does no one but myself love the original shortbread Girl Scout cookie?? it rocks with coffee/tea and so yummy!
Bjørn Nielsen
Bjørn Nielsen 2 dager siden
grey guse in the fridge lol
Marisa Lunde
Marisa Lunde 2 dager siden
Now do Little Brownie Bakers Girl Scout cookies (aka the better subset of Girl Scout cookies -- no, I'm not willing to debate this. ABC Bakers are inferior).
Mariah 3 dager siden
Once quarantine is done, can u make gourmet dried seaweed snacks pls!!
Triptorio 13
Triptorio 13 3 dager siden
I always won. One year I sold 500 boxes
chris wang
chris wang 3 dager siden
Gaby is amazing.
Max Knobbe
Max Knobbe 3 dager siden
Thank you for the peanut butter and the nice smile, John
Dr. Grim
Dr. Grim 3 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="807">13:27</a> i got just the thing for you clare :P
Jonas Darilag
Jonas Darilag 3 dager siden
parang ang sweet lang ni Claire dito haha
Mia McGauley
Mia McGauley 3 dager siden
why does everyone sleep on lemonades 😭😭
Drool 3 dager siden
we stan gabi
Sergeant NPC
Sergeant NPC 3 dager siden
I'm literally in love with Claire
Tiara L'Hommedieu
Tiara L'Hommedieu 3 dager siden
claire is... the biggest virgo and I live for it
Iris Arianna Tuakoi
Iris Arianna Tuakoi 3 dager siden
Fruit roll ups
Iris Arianna Tuakoi
Iris Arianna Tuakoi 3 dager siden
Fruit rollups
Iris Arianna Tuakoi
Iris Arianna Tuakoi 3 dager siden
Can you do fruit roll ups?
Phantyy 3 dager siden
Clair is the best or how ever u spell her name
Alyssa Reed
Alyssa Reed 3 dager siden
kenna eckels
kenna eckels 3 dager siden
Visually Fabulous
Visually Fabulous 3 dager siden
Claire should make Toffifay next!!!!
Hayden Rogers
Hayden Rogers 3 dager siden
no one: Claire: “this microwave is a disgrace to the test kitchen.”
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