Gen Z Culture Is Scary 

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I asked Twitter for the most modern day slang sentences they could think of. What I got back was some of the most cursed content I have ever uploaded to my channel. Big facts though, that's high key deadass, no cap. Finna hit you with that slang bruh.
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30. nov.. 2019





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jacksepticeye 6 måneder siden
I regret my decisions
Rachael Waller
Rachael Waller 14 dager siden
I can't stop watching this. It's so funny. I'm glad I graduated before all this weird crap. Lol.
Shiny Snowdrop
Shiny Snowdrop 28 dager siden
I regret your decisions too
LILFUWA18 Måned siden
uh 3 måneder siden
i regret your decisions too
Elizabeth Murray
Elizabeth Murray 3 måneder siden
jacksepticeye I bet you do I bet you do
Maggie MiniMix
Maggie MiniMix 2 timer siden
I luaghed my ass off xD
altkovac 11 timer siden
nah, i don’t think we talk like this irl...it’s mostly just text
Sicily Franklin
Sicily Franklin 15 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="189">3:09</a> I think this guy stole this sentence from "How To Speak Gen Z" by Sunday Cool Tees
Jermane Anyoha
Jermane Anyoha 16 timer siden
I'm 20 so I can understand everything. I just can't speak it.
the king gamer 09
the king gamer 09 16 timer siden
Those are memes no body talks like that
Roisin Norris
Roisin Norris 21 time siden
I regret the fact i understand all if this
Pinksquishyunicornss S
I only say yeet.
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith Dag siden
I don't but like everyone else does
Sqibbles Dag siden
As a gen z I want to drink bleach and die brutally after this
Autumn Bradshaw
Autumn Bradshaw Dag siden
How did I understand all of this 😂
Alan Mirzoev
Alan Mirzoev Dag siden
See, I'm an American, but I understand as little of any of that slang as you do, Jack (probably less), so I have no idea if we actually say this stuff xD
Milk Mods
Milk Mods Dag siden
alex tales
alex tales Dag siden
I was born in the last year of gen z 2012 my mom was born in the beggening of gen in 1995
raisa 2 dager siden
Go back to your nursing home jack .
Amora Neke Lukisan
Amora Neke Lukisan 2 dager siden
Everything is scary when you don't understand it
Kodi Beyer
Kodi Beyer 2 dager siden
"Do you guys actually talk like this" *yes, Sean, we do.*
Eliza Seymour
Eliza Seymour 2 dager siden
Where the flipsy flapsies was the peng ting famalam?
MorallyAmbiguous 2 dager siden
Lowkey scared that I actually relate to these and use most of the words and slang.....SMH
leesykate 2 dager siden
Gen Z slang is totally like 1920s slang half the time and I LOVE IT
Emma Sonn
Emma Sonn 2 dager siden
the weird people talk like this ☠️
Ella Cat
Ella Cat 3 dager siden
I know I'm late, but yes, we talk like this. However, we don't sound like we're trying to sound like we're summoning a demon whilst we say it or use that much slang in *one* sentence
Jed Malley
Jed Malley 3 dager siden
I'm Gen Z and even I'm really confused by this.
AlliedGaming 3 dager siden
I am a Millennial. I am 16 turning 17 this October. But these "Gen Zs" I don't understand 95% of things they do. I feel like an old fart.
Ayacyte 17 timer siden
16-17 isn't millennial
AV3R3ST 3 dager siden
2001, dont lump me in with those weird ass kids
Purple Turtle
Purple Turtle 3 dager siden
Gen-Z over the course of no more than 10 years have invented a new fucking language!! ffs!
Georgia Packet
Georgia Packet 3 dager siden
i'm only 21 and i felt old watching this, what the hell is Finna? I had never heard of a VSCO girl before this video and i've never heard "alright bet" ever.
Georgia Packet
Georgia Packet Dag siden
@DudeItsJustADAM all of it feels so cringey, I'm kind of glad I grew up in school without sksksksks. School was still horrible but not like that.
DudeItsJustADAM Dag siden
@Georgia Packet You could say that again. I will say that in this video obviously these examples are way overdramatized and very rarely will someone go out into a full spurt of slang unless they're trying to be "funny". Before I entered middle school things like hydro flasks, OOPING, sksksksksing and being a VSCO girl or something else was not even heard of. So you can imagine the culture shock I received when all of this appeared out of nowhere. Suddenly everyone had a phone and was using Instagram or Tiktok. This never happened before and just seemed like a foreign land to me. I got a phone myself which in a way I disliked. I couldn't understand people when they said things like "fr tho" or "I gotchu fam". I didn't even understand "basic" terminology like smh or TGIF. For me, it's just a bunch of white kids trying to sound like they're gangster and from the hood. It's what I call a Wigga. Sadly there are absolutely NO African Americans in my school to tell these people that it isn't cool or funny. It just makes every kid look ratchet or ghetto. I just don't get the appeal.
Georgia Packet
Georgia Packet Dag siden
@DudeItsJustADAM I've never been so happy to not be in school anymore.
DudeItsJustADAM Dag siden
I just came back to this video a little while later and honestly this is MIDDLE SCHOOL in a nutshell. It is filled with so many kids that speak like this and I hate it. I wish people would just talk normally because saying things like "Periodt." And "Oh and I OOP SKSKSKSKSKSSK" isn't funny. It's just extremely over the top and irritating. I wish everyone would feel the same, but that's asking a lot for a bunch of 7th graders...
Sian Binks
Sian Binks 3 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="388">6:28</a> this is what yoda should of said in star wars
Katana Quits
Katana Quits 3 dager siden
ITS OKAY!! I may be gen z. But I have reddit!! And am depress
Samuel Kidd
Samuel Kidd 4 dager siden
Thing is no one from gen z says this to this level. Like i say vibe n stuff but like not ten times in a sentence
Toontastic Gaming
Toontastic Gaming 4 dager siden
Are these people drunk?
Pepsi Guy
Pepsi Guy 4 dager siden
I'm a zoomer and some of these slang words make me want to die.
SleepyGhostIsMe 4 dager siden
Last year most of my friends talked like this and now its dimmed down bc we all had to be responsible for highschool and stuff but now it's only the "quirky" people and the funny ones that speak like this but everyone can speak how they like and theres quite a few people that speak like this just bc they want to and there is also 'slang' that's specific to certain groups and or people
Fresh Sans
Fresh Sans 4 dager siden
I.. cannot understand much of those tweets- I feel old not knowing much Gen Z slangs. Even though I’m only 14 XD
Kaila Stenhouse
Kaila Stenhouse 5 dager siden
God half of this video was a blur of words to me I didn't know what any of those "slang" words were. I'm so glad I don't talk like that. I'm not even old
Toss Boy
Toss Boy 5 dager siden
I... What? I'm so... What? I'm part of Gen Z and I... I'm confused?
gay broski
gay broski 5 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">2:27</a> there goes the ad rev
Jacob Van Metre
Jacob Van Metre 6 dager siden
In all seriousness we don’t use slang words all in one sentence (for the most part). But we do indeed have a ton of individual slang words that we can use.
Malayna Bucklin
Malayna Bucklin 6 dager siden
Tbh most of these words and phrases don’t get used in the same sentences. You’d need like a couple of sentences to really get it
mlp movie magic
mlp movie magic 6 dager siden
Jordanrian Anderson
Jordanrian Anderson 6 dager siden
Yesssssss queen
Weeb Child
Weeb Child 7 dager siden
is it bad i understood all of that?
Josh James
Josh James 7 dager siden
was this a try not to get anxious challenge?
destiny rios
destiny rios 7 dager siden
I feel bad for understanding most of this
Kitagawa Yt1711
Kitagawa Yt1711 7 dager siden
okay does everyone remember that live action scooby doo movie from like 2004 this world is slowly turning into they way the teenagers acted in that film and i'm scared
Flamingo 7 dager siden
huh, I thought there were going to be more ooff's and yikes's
Krista Nichol
Krista Nichol 7 dager siden
On behalf of some Gen Z’s not all of us talk like that. But some people talk to me like that I don’t even know what they’re saying
Cherry Butterfly
Cherry Butterfly 7 dager siden
aight whos gonna tell him that no cap means no crap
Gabs R
Gabs R 7 dager siden
Every time Jack said "OK boomer" in this video, my Google Assistant popped up and interrupted the entire video. Ah, technology.
MattFilms 7 dager siden
Do people actually talk like this? Yes. I was surprised how normal those sentences sounded to me until I saw his reaction and understood how insane they must sound to someone who doesn't hear language like this daily lol. No, me and my friends do not talk like this (unless it's ironically) but online in a comment section or texting a friend, yes my friends talk like this. Some ironically, some its just how they text.
mynameisarilynn 8 dager siden
I've never been more ashamed of my generation than while watching this video & having to hear these words come out of Seán's mouth.
Isaac Is a Simp
Isaac Is a Simp 8 dager siden
Please, don't throw me in with these folks.
Fleeting Colors
Fleeting Colors 8 dager siden
At one point you start saying them ironically, but then you find that they've officially integrated into your normal speech.
Grant D
Grant D 8 dager siden
It's hard being one of those kids born in 2000... like, fuck. I'm almost 20. Not really a zoomer, definitely not a millennial what the fuck am I. Also hydroflask can fuck right off, we stan Yeti in this house.
Radio Kitten
Radio Kitten 8 dager siden
Meanwhile in the background, everyone vomiting because /ew/, why is this the direction language has gone?
Juniper Tea
Juniper Tea 8 dager siden
Ah yes, I'm gen z..
Jake Klossing
Jake Klossing 9 dager siden
*Me watching the video* "What's a hydro flask" My generation Z self does not fit in this disappointing orgy of slang.
Damophobe 9 dager siden
I'm a zoomer, and people dont usually say this. We just speak normally for the most part.
LilDdiehl 9 dager siden
ellie w
ellie w 9 dager siden
My favorites are the fairy sentences This video is breathtaking 🤩🧚‍♂️✨I wish it took away yours💅✨❤️
Kathryn York
Kathryn York 9 dager siden
How is it that I didn't understand any of this? My older brother talks like this and holy shit I feel like I'm fucking 60.
Christina Jones
Christina Jones 9 dager siden
I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard. I've never heard people say full sentences like this.
Diamondrel 9 dager siden
Lmao I love how finna woke came from the other jack actually named John
Beck Wray
Beck Wray 9 dager siden
Being the emo ass 17 year old I am I can completely and honestly say I’ve never heard anyone talk like that but that’s just me 😂🤷‍♂️
I’m in a Box
I’m in a Box 10 dager siden
Urban Dictionary: Does Bruno Mars is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago. Even it has happened in 2012, but some of the public still curious about what exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay. ... He just came out with his bad rumor which is spread massively. Have you ever heard does Bruno Mars is gay?
I’m in a Box
I’m in a Box 10 dager siden
The one Jack looked at just reminded me of this one
Emma Cutler
Emma Cutler 10 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="217">3:37</a> Unfortunately, I know a lot of people that do Also, I'm part of Gen Z and didn't understand half of that. Most of the slang at my school is cursing.
Justice McIntosh
Justice McIntosh 10 dager siden
I’m a gen z, cringing so hard right now
Sammy Karba-staggl
Sammy Karba-staggl 10 dager siden
at this point we all speak two languages at least, english and gen z slang
ladybugxo 10 dager siden
As a gen z i can confirm i have never heard almost any of this... lol... wth.
Squidja Boy
Squidja Boy 10 dager siden
That's literally only American Teens and 20 year olds.
Lil' Ms. PIXIELICIOUS 11 dager siden
Watching this makes me fear the next generation when they eventually start a secret cult with and orchestrate a new language made entirely of bop
IceMetalPunk 11 dager siden
I was talking to my other millennial friends about slang not too long ago, saying how much I hate some modern slang. I specifically pointed out "on fleek" and "yeet". That was when my friend explained the glory of "yeet" as an antonym of "yank". I had only heard it as an exclamation before, but I am 100% on board with it as the opposite of yank. Sorry, I mean I'm hundo p on board... I think? Anyway, "on fleek" is still ridiculous.
IceMetalPunk 11 dager siden
I'm only a few months younger than you, Sean, and this video just made me feel ancient. Why you do dis to me? :(
Dragon Julian
Dragon Julian 11 dager siden
I have lost my last fucking brain cell Not because of sean, but because people actually fucking say this shit irl
Arcane Heart
Arcane Heart 11 dager siden
I can't tell if these are written by gen Zs or old people trying to sound cool.
Kaila Marsh
Kaila Marsh 11 dager siden
That moment when you’re gen z and you barley understand what they’re saying, I feel like I lost brain cells listening to this lol
Ella Dreadful
Ella Dreadful 11 dager siden
Nope not all of us only the crazy ones.......i only hit the woah sometimes and i say yeet sometimes and im a gen z-er
Crungle McBungley
Crungle McBungley 11 dager siden
All this bullshit new slang is my generation and I hate it
kou minamoto
kou minamoto 11 dager siden
I think a demon was summoned in my house help
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