Gen Z Culture Is Scary 

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I asked Twitter for the most modern day slang sentences they could think of. What I got back was some of the most cursed content I have ever uploaded to my channel. Big facts though, that's high key deadass, no cap. Finna hit you with that slang bruh.
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jacksepticeye 6 dager siden
I regret my decisions
MIGUEL Felipe 7 timer siden
No we never did this
ToxicThunder 17 timer siden
I'm baby
EmoNessYT 4 dager siden
Your brain cells before the video: 👍🏻 Your brain cells after the video: 💀
The Meme Police
The Meme Police 5 dager siden
Ok boomer 🤣🤣 Sorry.
Harrison Doerffel
Harrison Doerffel 5 dager siden
People don't talk like that (trust me)
Mike And The 21 Century
Did I just have a seizure??
Gaming With Lizzy10
Gaming With Lizzy10 3 timer siden
Sadly it's the truth
ImmaChuuni 3 timer siden
I'm a teenager rn but i dunt fuckin' know a lot of this sht OwO
IzGotzKillz 123
IzGotzKillz 123 4 timer siden
I'm surprised no one said "Say sike right now"
Sideways Soviet
Sideways Soviet 4 timer siden
I'm 18 and I'm honestly scared for this generation. What The Actual Fuck???!!
Owen Rueb
Owen Rueb 4 timer siden
roses are red, hydro flasks hold water, say sksksk again and your family will be slaughtered
Aiden Zach
Aiden Zach 4 timer siden
There all from memes
Big Deels
Big Deels 5 timer siden
Hire me to be your zoomer translator
Diablopro 34
Diablopro 34 5 timer siden
Holy lordy Jesus... I'm fifteen and feel sixty...
thurboy 5 timer siden
I'm 13 and *what the frick*
Big Deels
Big Deels 5 timer siden
Im a 16 year its sad because some of this is true
Benjamin Sweet
Benjamin Sweet 5 timer siden
I'm gen z but I feel as much like a boomer as you
L 5 timer siden
I used to say "sksksk" too much I was too gen z
Riyad Ali Gaming
Riyad Ali Gaming 5 timer siden
Mr. Broccoli
Mr. Broccoli 5 timer siden
Im only 19 and still dont know what half this shit means... oh god.... im a premature boomer *cries in YEET*
blue mythic
blue mythic 5 timer siden
I'm a senior in high school now. People do use this slang but we don't use it to make up complete sentences lol. We normally use like one or two slang words in a sentence if we use slang at all. I do know what all of these words mean though lol. At my school you can hear the vsco girls off in the distance going sksksksksk. My group of friends normally uses slang ironically though.
StormTheFox13 6 timer siden
i didn't even know what my own generation was talking about until this video
DoubleHashBrown Gaming
b r u h deadass idk what all of those f i l t h y boomers are talking about, we don't talk like that and that's real shit, fr fr. makes me wanna vibe check them all on jah
God Broccoli11
God Broccoli11 6 timer siden
I’m fourteen and I don’t understand shit in this video
vvioletjoon 6 timer siden
A lot of these are actually AAVE or African American Vernacular English it wasn't just made up out of nowhere, the majority of today's slang came from the black community yeeeears ago.
Tamster 6 timer siden
I'm 15 I don't used slang words unless I'm joking around with friends because I find stupid also but no one actually talks like that
xXCookie GirXx
xXCookie GirXx 6 timer siden
I'm sadly a Gen Z and I can confirm that people who talk like this are annoying. I hope people will learn proper English. 😣
Markel Bro
Markel Bro 6 timer siden
Jack: *reads the first sentence* Me, a gen z member that only social media account is on NOvids: *infinite confusion*
Markel Bro
Markel Bro 6 timer siden
Now if you excuse me.. *I’m going to go CURE my SADNESS*
Markel Bro
Markel Bro 6 timer siden
Also me in the middle of the video: I don’t know my own generation *send help*
Charlotte Emily
Charlotte Emily 6 timer siden
Okay here's the best I got Sup fam u looking pretty gay today I got the big sad here's the tea this fukin Boomer came over and like fukin called me a visco girl and legit fam and I ooop I fukin went ok boomer it was so lit sksksksk I yeeted my hydro flask in the face like oop she was lookin pretty gay I legit can't believe that deadass did that like whatever anyway gtg fam sksksksk buyyyeee (I got nothing against gays this is just how people talk? For some reason they use gay as an insult)
Kaitykat Playz
Kaitykat Playz 6 timer siden
5:36 PLEASE don’t ever do that again😂🤣🤣
Ninja Wizard5072
Ninja Wizard5072 6 timer siden
I feel like my generation is split between the scum of the earth who talk like this, and the normal ones who would like them to jump of a cliff whenever they talk
xSalteh YT
xSalteh YT 6 timer siden
VIBE CHECK 4:01 It says **Channel* for those who can't read that quick and cba to yeet back and check it. Oof.
Shog Evans
Shog Evans 7 timer siden
I’m embarrassed to be a gen z
Alyssa Readdy
Alyssa Readdy 7 timer siden
honestly if you talk like this in my area unironically you will get beat up
Foxy the pirate
Foxy the pirate 7 timer siden
Is the sksksksksksksksks is kind of annoying
Foxy the pirate
Foxy the pirate 7 timer siden
I'm 13 and I don't understand a single bit of this
Rashel Izro
Rashel Izro 7 timer siden
Omg...I am in pain
CVCreeper 7 timer siden
ok boomer
AngelAgainstAWindow 7 timer siden
Only freshmen talk like this
Nolan Smith
Nolan Smith 7 timer siden
The Noctor
The Noctor 8 timer siden
I am gen z and Jack is my culture
Michael With a B
Michael With a B 8 timer siden
the most annoying people talk sort of like that but they talk like that because they literally have no idea what any of it means and nothing they ever say makes any sense lol so yeah we say like all of those things just not all in the same sentence.
Pat Rick
Pat Rick 8 timer siden
I feel like I'm gonna puke my eyes out and crap out my esophagus
Liam Rat
Liam Rat 8 timer siden
They don't say it THAT intensely
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