NLE Choppa - Walk Em Down feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video) 

Abonner 2,3 mill
Ganger 13 mill
98% 124 791 1 926

Listen to "Walk Em Down": nlechoppa.lnk.to/walkemdown
TikTok: @NLEChoppaMusic
Triller: @NLEChoppa
A Psycho Films Production
Director: Christian Sutton
EP: Sam Canter
Producers: Geenah Krisht & Mary Margaret Merritt
DP: Dannel Escallon
PD: Dre Day Designz
1st AD: Erik Mateo
Editor: Tyler Sobel-Mason
VFX: Warm & Fuzzy, Nuclear Creative, Max Goodrich, & Will Tooke
Colorist: Stephen Derluguian
Lasers: FutureWeapons Lasers

#WalkEmDown #NLEChoppa #RoddyRicch #WalkEmDownChallenge





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NLE CHOPPA 8 dager siden
I Need To See The Whole World Vibing To This And Hitting The New Walk Em Down Dance #NLE💔
Chloe Warren
Chloe Warren 8 dager siden
Mackofficialrapper 8 dager siden
Nle Choppa is very consistent I can't wait to meet and work with him when I get big
Clinton Wilson
Clinton Wilson 8 dager siden
Yeah nigga
MegaCatBlocks 8 dager siden
Vibe chedk
Cathal Lacey
Cathal Lacey 8 dager siden
Jahnara Smith
Jahnara Smith 4 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> there’s my bae☺️.
Isabella Garcia
Isabella Garcia 4 timer siden
NLE Choppa fineee af😩
Isaiah Norris
Isaiah Norris 4 timer siden
This is one of those songs that get better every time you listen to it
χєи !!
χєи !! 4 timer siden
Walk em down challenge 🌀
Clusta Jr
Clusta Jr 4 timer siden
Straight Garbage Besides Roddy verse
Sleekky 4 timer siden
I'm pretty sure 90% of these views is me 😂😂😂
Curiosity 4 timer siden
I could already see cringy tik toks dancing to this song
TheSincereKiller 4 timer siden
I don’t care if they beefing or not nba young boy and nle needa make a song already Th at a hit would hit numbers like mike Bloomberg numbers lol
davi amaral
davi amaral 5 timer siden
Nle fight rappers kkkkkkkkkk novids.info/video/laZkr36ag3rTqH4.html
onyishi blessing
onyishi blessing 5 timer siden
why dont i get likes and comments and subs but buy the way this song is lot
toxic kavonya
toxic kavonya 5 timer siden
Did song is fucking golden
xpertsebz 1
xpertsebz 1 5 timer siden
Best rap ever
MASK 5 timer siden
Hello, I'm a small artist. And I put out an album yesterday. And I'd love to see Feedback and support on it. So, if you could. Listen and give me feedback please. Thank you! NOvids Link: novids.info/plistPLgev1kHwNaGbe7coV-slldlH0S6Tcqn4x.html
PIERDOLIONERS 5 timer siden
Kurwa leprzego teledysku nie widzialem ale to sztoss jest omg
Alberto Fernández
Alberto Fernández 5 timer siden
Taquan Neblett
Taquan Neblett 5 timer siden
I like roddy rich but ssang for 5 sec
Fabian T
Fabian T 5 timer siden
This instrumental is fire
whe ela
whe ela 5 timer siden
Slept on the lil homie, shit snapping 🚶🔫
Th cuba Bom
Th cuba Bom 5 timer siden
傅乾育 5 timer siden
BurkeisH3R3 5 timer siden
November 1st is NLE birthday
Malik Earl
Malik Earl 5 timer siden
Absolute unit of a 16 year old
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera 5 timer siden
Yo Nle u change u was rapping so loud now u claim keep on doing what u doing
Rodolfo Perales
Rodolfo Perales 5 timer siden
Where them wife beaters at Prim
Kelvin Cruz
Kelvin Cruz 5 timer siden
The song fireee but you should've let robby be more in the song
For Me
For Me 6 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a> when you get your allowance and flex on your friends
Carlos The morning star
I bet this gon be my jam for the next ten years
Fix_ It
Fix_ It 6 timer siden
Shahi 6 timer siden
Choppa:How long do you want to be your part Roddy? Roddy:No
Hasnain Ali
Hasnain Ali 6 timer siden
Is it me or this guy looks disabled when he dances 😂🙄
Gary Williams
Gary Williams 6 timer siden
Yo Right Walk em down to hell cuz u on FIRE
Nitesh Bhardwaj
Nitesh Bhardwaj 6 timer siden
Jonny Samuel
Jonny Samuel 6 timer siden
News : money can pass you the virus NLE CHOPPA : <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a>
sko0f 631
sko0f 631 6 timer siden
It's still mbb 👌 but we fuk with the locs 💯 💯 💯 this shit 🔥 🔥 🔥
Johnathan Johnson
Johnathan Johnson 6 timer siden
Ty Ransom
Ty Ransom 6 timer siden
100 Subscribers without a video challenge
If you're reading this, I hope you become a millionaire after the pass of Covid-19. God loves yu a lot❣️
ALTF4ツ SO2 6 timer siden
Cadê os br? Música foda
Jamasia Osborne
Jamasia Osborne 6 timer siden
Family Choppers
Dividend Stock Stacker
Sound like nba
Lucid JacobbYT
Lucid JacobbYT 6 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> looks like he’s in a video game
Ecstasy Ex
Ecstasy Ex 6 timer siden
novids.info/video/Y3WLpKGpqqTYjYaN.htmlatch this
Ecstasy Ex
Ecstasy Ex 6 timer siden
novids.info/video/Y3WLpKGpqqTYjYaN.htmlatch this
Ecstasy Ex
Ecstasy Ex 6 timer siden
novids.info/video/Y3WLpKGpqqTYjYaN.htmlatch this
Ecstasy Ex
Ecstasy Ex 6 timer siden
Watch this novids.info/video/Y3WLpKGpqqTYjYY.html
YayoPolanco95 _
YayoPolanco95 _ 6 timer siden
shid started like a gtav heist
knolan game
knolan game 7 timer siden
Hard to believe these clowns
msfav88 7 timer siden
One Random Person who Dislike this video don’t like all his music
Ramjivan Vishwakarma
Ramjivan Vishwakarma 7 timer siden
This shit is banged in the club #banger
Harsh Thakare
Harsh Thakare 7 timer siden
The grunting adlib while walk em down sounds exactly like future , this shows how much he has influenced half the new industry
Baxsas 64
Baxsas 64 7 timer siden
Lol u can play this song in X 1.25, X 1.5 and X 1.75 without the song being shit like wtf
GLX Galaxy
GLX Galaxy 5 timer siden
HRVY HRVY 7 timer siden
the 9k people who disliked the video, r the ones who dislike roddy ricch, bc nle the goat 🐐
REACT BOTSWANA!! 7 timer siden
Got goosebumps because this is 100% talent
patricia Mcdonald
patricia Mcdonald 7 timer siden
Obsessed with this song you don't even understand !
lucas paul
lucas paul 7 timer siden
roddy in 20 secs , just why
SGB_Jay 7 timer siden
I Need To See The Whole World Vibing To This And Hitting The New Walk Em Down Dance #NLE💔
OXARAS LIVETV 7 timer siden
He should hop on a track with a jamaican artist fr
Idoliz Clan Cryptic
Idoliz Clan Cryptic 7 timer siden
it sounds clean when NLE says down and when NLE says around THE WHOLE WAS CLEAN
Apollo 7 timer siden
Dowwwwwnnnn!!!!! Bruh dats young boy
Aynour Nagem
Aynour Nagem 7 timer siden
No is talk about the fact that his ex girlfriends is pregnant and it’s a girl what kinda dad is that
BAYLES 7 timer siden
crazy to think a mafia boss or some kinda sex trafficker listens to this somewhere
Mkz3 8 timer siden
Nle is the rap king
Jay Phoxx
Jay Phoxx 8 timer siden
Ingredients you need to make things blow up: 1.Vinegar and baking soda 2.Mentos and pepsi 3.'yeah' and 'ee err'
DriizyXBL 8 timer siden
Electron X
Electron X 8 timer siden
walk em down, urf ruf walk em down urf ruf walk em down erf ruf walk em down erf ruf walk em down urf ruf walk em down urf ruf walk em down erf ruf.
Domenico Bro
Domenico Bro 8 timer siden
Nle is the new Era of raping
Davy Oliveira
Davy Oliveira 8 timer siden
quem veio pelo caverinha? Kkk
Nog Rlvs
Nog Rlvs 8 timer siden
whoo miss old choppa
Blessed Demon#1
Blessed Demon#1 8 timer siden
I think this is my favorite flow from NLE Choppa
Psycho _221
Psycho _221 8 timer siden
Zamas 8 timer siden
A good collaboration with Roddy Ricch, also a good vid!#NLE💔
Chemeka Harris
Chemeka Harris 9 timer siden
Nle sine me up im a kid rapper
Thanvir Ali
Thanvir Ali 9 timer siden
What a song keep it up
Mier 9 timer siden
X in minimal
Bay.1142 9 timer siden
look my chanel video NLE chopa walk em down lyrics thanks
Catch Up
Catch Up 9 timer siden
Not gonna i like it buh kinda sound like your other songs so it ain't hittin
Catch Up
Catch Up 9 timer siden
Not gonna lie*^
רון רמינוף
רון רמינוף 9 timer siden
Who download twitter only for choppa cuz he block on ig
SpideR 29
SpideR 29 9 timer siden
I walk em down everyday
Lehel Kovács
Lehel Kovács 9 timer siden
Rappers when the whole world is in quarantine
Ganger 89 k