NINJA | True Geordie Podcast #125 

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Ninja (Tyler Blevins) the worlds most famous streamer/gamer and Fortnite king makes his debut on the True Geordie Podcast.
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Ninja 5 dager siden
I really hope you guys enjoy this!! Open up about a lot of things that I have never touched on or talked about. Putting it all out there, have a great day
Tim Beck
Tim Beck 3 timer siden
U da man ninj
GAMING With IZZY 8 timer siden
Love u bro 🤦‍♂️
Jose Romeo
Jose Romeo 16 timer siden
Ninja I love this ninja damn this is cool asf love the podcast
DEF BIGL 23 timer siden
Duckyz_on_Quack 5 timer siden
This whole thing ninja was throwing mad shot at asmongold
Slow Gravity
Slow Gravity 6 timer siden
duuude this was awesome, but not gonna lie. i kinda wanna see you have a podcast with pewdiepie. ninja, if you see this. i love you dude, been watching since the h1z1 days
Klavs Bumerts
Klavs Bumerts 6 timer siden
Such a great Podcast! True Respect to all 3 of You! 👌
RΔDICΔL βΣΔST 7 timer siden
Why does true gordie look like timthetatman
GAMING With IZZY 8 timer siden
Love u ninja ❤️
Ain’t Fredo Of You
Ain’t Fredo Of You 8 timer siden
Honestly, I vote Ninja for JRE
Henry Machell
Henry Machell 9 timer siden
Was that a remix of lose yourself I hear in the background?
Dash Byrne
Dash Byrne 9 timer siden
True geordie really got the best out of Ninja with this one, home run dude.
Charlie Cornell
Charlie Cornell 10 timer siden
What is the song while Ninja talks about stuff at the start
Steven Haskell
Steven Haskell 10 timer siden
So... how has the True Geordie gone from football hangover.. to this?
Leandro Leveron
Leandro Leveron 12 timer siden
The face of gaming? lol sure
Alex Desjardins
Alex Desjardins 13 timer siden
really enjoyed this one!
Leon Deamoko
Leon Deamoko 13 timer siden
Do a podcast with ANT MIDDLETON!!!
MrT4NKAGE 14 timer siden
Review of XXXTENTACION's new album plz
Kai 15 timer siden
Tgf bro
Kai 15 timer siden
Pewdiepie needs to be on this
Mikey Shelley
Mikey Shelley 17 timer siden
Brilliant lads. Well done. Ninja is a beast and genuine to boot. 👍🏻
Mrcorona13 20 timer siden
When he was talking about the legacy stuff and people coming up and being remembered more than him I instantly think of tfue... sheesh man ninjas just a different breed man, he’s always one step ahead
Stiven Binson
Stiven Binson 21 time siden
Ninja i really like you but fuck you.dont disrespect britney spears.
DEF BIGL 23 timer siden
33:00 Dwayne The Rock Johnson: he said out work them, learning is : wake up 6:00 AM and start cracking 90's in playground etc. Be willing to outwork your competitors daily. Whether you succeed or fail - it inherently makes you better by forging an iron will & work ethic that can never be broken.
SuperJcoleFan Dag siden
vloggers mad LUL
Hisham ali
Hisham ali Dag siden
Where can I get that ninja merch 😭😭😭
Barney Washbourne
Great podcast
harry robinson
harry robinson Dag siden
no one: True Geordie: "I'm a bit like this"
Brandon Roston
Brandon Roston Dag siden
Good choice in song
Adam Dag siden
I've never watched his streams ever or any of his content so can definitely agree with the point of people disliking him without knowing him at all. Cause I'd only heard bad points i just assumed he was a bit of a dick but panders to kids so he's popular. As much as his content isn't for me he seems like a decent bloke. I'm glad you had him on because I feel like I got to see the side I'd rather see instead of his streams tbh. Doesn't take himself or anything seriously and he proper sound bloke
Ktmking 112
Ktmking 112 Dag siden
Who is he talking about at 31:01
GUSTY 17 timer siden
he's just talking in general about the people on the internet
phantoml881 Dag siden
ninja isnt the first mainstream gamer what the hell? Pewdiepie was
phantoml881 Dag siden
im sorry ninja but you're not a athlete... i mean you're a damn good gamer but you're a gamer not an athlete
Destroy22two Dag siden
After Dark Ninja = The BEST Ninja!
Hugh Neutron
Hugh Neutron Dag siden
This is the shittiest reply ever. Fortnite requires movement, editing, building, rotating and hitting shots. There are not ”positions” in Fortnite. A kickers job is LITERALLY to kick. Horrible analogy, kind of embarrassing.
sam Collinson
sam Collinson Dag siden
Shaun Attwood part 4?
ItsJustOlives Dag siden
TG brings out the best in people’s personalities. Every interview he does makes me like and respect that person even if I didn’t really like them at the start
Dead Meme
Dead Meme Dag siden
Laurence has ligma
rorykelly45 Dag siden
Ninjas a legend! 👍
Motunrayo Kabiawu
x10000000000000000000000000 LOVE for Ninja after this, such a Great Person. Hope to meet him one day.
justagamer53 Dag siden
Ninja:"wives forcenCD"
French Gooner
French Gooner Dag siden
Being the best gamer is amazing let's not take anything away from Ninja and other e-sports guys. But let's also not ignore the dictionary definitions of 'athelete' and 'sport'. "Physical exercise" is literally in both definitions, plus what Ninja and these other guys are doing probably deserves its own recognition.
Sloth lotsofsloths
Kind of always wrote ninja off by what I saw online but he comes off really bang on on this podcast. Seems like a really nice and humble guy. Great podcast as always
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