My First Impressions of Living In Stockholm 

Stefan Thyron
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It's official!! I'm all done with the move and am living in Stockholm now. In this video I talk about some of my first impressions of the city after living here for a week.
Instagram: stefanthyron
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Phi Hou
Phi Hou Måned siden
Stefan, I am an American living in DC and had visited Stockholm and loved it. Nice city and people.
MightyTenor 2 måneder siden
One word: GLOVES.
beardedbaldie26 2 måneder siden
As someone born and raised in the UK I can’t fathom why any American would want to live in Europe. This continent sucks! It’s much harder to become wealthy and make something of your life here because of taxes, welfare state and insane cost of living. Any Brit with half a brain has left for North America or Australia :(
Sam Lozano
Sam Lozano 4 måneder siden
Hi, How did you find a job as an American? I would love to live in Stockholm.
Erik Sandberg
Erik Sandberg 7 måneder siden
välkommen till sthlm!!!
Mohamed Osama
Mohamed Osama 10 måneder siden
how the hell did you manage to get a turn on a damn apartment isn't there a 20 year queue? im not exageratting i've been literally told that. there's a 20 year queue. I want to move to stockholm from a suburb down in the south.
Screechgames 10 måneder siden
So it gets very slippery ya and I don’t know why though
Marianne Johansson
Marianne Johansson 10 måneder siden
Get yourself a wool -underställ- and fish oil capsules and the winter will become easier.
richie 10 måneder siden
I’d rather live in a Tropical country like Thailand.
craseerrada 11 måneder siden
On the very important topic of Kebab. I've only visited Stockholm once, and it was 2 weeks ago, but I never found any places where they sell Dürüm. Do you happen to know if it has a different name in Sweden? Any recommended places that serve them? Much obliged!
Pernilla Laila
Pernilla Laila 11 måneder siden
Du har säkert hört det förut, men du får mig att falla för Sverige på ett sätt som man inte gör när man är född här, tack! ❤
NѦturalVibΞs 11 måneder siden
Stay out of sweden. We dont like people from the outside, only politicians do it because of profit. The people dont like people from the outside , facts
Karin Johansson
Karin Johansson År siden
Stockholm is not small. Stockholm is much more than juat the city. It is around 2 millions in Big Stockholm.
Sollefteå bibliotek
Falafelbaren på söder
Kevin Rourke
Kevin Rourke År siden
How many jobs did you apply for before getting a job in Sweden? I am in an in-demand industry and desperately want to move there!
bookbasket År siden
the suburbs around Stockholm does count as Stockholm so it much bigger than just the inner city center
Linus Wärn
Linus Wärn År siden
That map of LA is not of just LA but suburbs and other towns too. Stockholm is larger than what you showed on your map here.
Omnibus XYZ
Omnibus XYZ År siden
almost like in Islamabad :)
NikEdw70 År siden
90 SEK for kebab... WTF... you need to get your head straight! Way overpriced! F it, pizza and kebab has gotten so overpriced its redicilous. The ingredients are cheap as hell and the time to make it is negligible and the prices are crazy! I dont understand why people still pay for it with those prices. 90 kronor... no way man. And how many Pizza places have the same owners after 5 years...? Draw you own conclusions. Spend your money on real food from real cooks.
ceicli se-i-sl-i
The snow in Stockholm is mostly slush. To experience more wintery climate, go in land. Also, Stockholm is more expensive than other cities. There are work to be found, but somewhere to live, that's another thing.
Xerdoz År siden
Go check out the best and coolest areas of Stockholm. Spånga, Tensta and Rinkeby. You get a glimpse of Sweden's future where it's heading.
MrPojjan År siden
Välkommen till stockholm!
CimInc År siden
Welcome! You need to go to Barrels Burgers & Beer in Old town. Trust me on this.
Elias År siden
Snälla åkt till Göteborg
Abeeb Arowolo
Abeeb Arowolo År siden
I think i will explore too soon, scared of the freaking cold weather 😑
Cognomen År siden
It's 68 km (42 miles) between the northern end (Märsta) to the southern end (Västerhaninge) of Stockholm (see it on Google Maps here: tinyurl.com/y93mce6v). That's not much smaller than Los Angeles which is 134 km (83 miles) from the western end (Santa Monica) to the eastern end (Mentone) (see it on Google Maps here: tinyurl.com/y84pa7fs). In fact, almost exactly half as large (or 1/4 in area) even though the population is only 1/8 (2.3 million vs 19 million), that is, half the population density. So, Stockholm is effectively a more sprawling city than Los Angeles. (Contrary to common belief, Los Angeles is one of the least sprawled cities in America. It's actually quite densely populated and compact relative to its population size.)
Emil Hultling
Emil Hultling År siden
When you are refering to Stockholm you are talking about downtown Stockholm or ”the inner city of Stockholm” not Stockholms län which would be equivilent of say Los Angeles County. Stockholms Län stretches all the way from Uppsala to Södertälje. The Stockholm you are refering to could be compared to say downtown Los Angeles. Learn the difference: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_Municipality en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_County
erika nilsson
erika nilsson År siden
apartment tour please !!!!!
Doif År siden
Haha this is quite cool, I've been watching your vids for over a year . And now when you move to Stockholm you move to my neighbourhood. Cheers!
h06nort År siden
Stockholm is not that smal. Search for "Stockholms län" and you will see the exact size :) You were showing "the inner city/ the central of stockholm).
PiK År siden
If I've heard right, American guys get a lot of Swedish pussy. Something to keep in mind.
thegreatalyssa År siden
Go everywhere. Don't just show the pretty. Show the good areas and the bad areas. Be real and not fake. Go to Rinkeby etc.
Making it Happen
You actually have snow in the northern states. Check out Vidsel. We have -22 degrees Celsius.
Laura Cavalcanti
How do you deal with the lake of sun in winter time? i've heard in winter there's only a few hours of sun... so, how do you deal with that?
Louisa Man
Louisa Man År siden
Ett tips. Nästa gång du tänker gå förbi en förskola så kan du ju stänga av dina öron och ignorera än att driva med ett barn som vill hälsa. Så omoget.
Jonas Wendin
Jonas Wendin År siden
Solna, Huddinge, Botkyrka, Lidingö, Sollentuna and all those places are also part of Stockholm. What you showed on the map is just the city centre. If you google "Stockholm map" you'll see the whole city. Still smaller than LA though.
Xhonathani Nga Elbasani
when you say fika, it kinda sounds like figa, which means pussy in italian.
Ilona Hendrix
Ilona Hendrix År siden
Hi Stefan! I really like your videos! Would you mind sharing which cameras you use? Thanks a lot!
Edvin Sikström
Edvin Sikström År siden
Can i please meet you?
SsashaSweden from Russia
Thank you for the video! I just moved to Sweden and I like it)
Fahadullah Muhammad
Welcome 🙂
Alessandro Benetti
I'm an ICE man and I love live in a really COLD country ! Is really so cold Sweden ? I want -20 C degree in winter and max 25 C degree in summer. I'd like to live in Antarctica ( my favourite country) but I can't find a job there and so I need to move in a country with jobs in ICT sector like mobile developer or similar. Sweden and Norway are the best I think. What do you think about the wonderful Stockholm ?
Lukas Zethraeus
Lukas Zethraeus År siden
Can I give you a suuuperimportant tip.. Invest in a pair of underpants of wool! Wool Socks too.. and padded leather gloves.. that's how you survive the winters 👌👌
Zmile År siden
Welcome back Stefan. We really need positive people like you here!
sara 7
sara 7 År siden
Congrats you made it to Stockholm! It’s absolutely a gorgeous place
sezuh GD
sezuh GD År siden
Also you should really try Jett’z burger at Sockenplan metro, Enskede, they have the best burgers in Stockholm.
sezuh GD
sezuh GD År siden
You should try Planens Pizzeria in Enskede, Sockenplan is the metro. Great Pizzas and Kebab!
# Céline
# Céline År siden
You should really try out Dell'attore if you haven't already, they make the best pizza! 😍
Olofsson Anton
Olofsson Anton År siden
If you come to jönköping/nässjö i will show you the best pizza
Rose K
Rose K År siden
I've been studying in Stockholm for about a week now (I am originally from the US) and your videos helped me so much to prepare to move here! Thank you :)
Mulle Meck
Mulle Meck År siden
dont forget to eat the meatballs
Alexander Holm
Alexander Holm År siden
Norrköping. My hometown!
Nord Productions
Welcome to Stockholm! Have lived here for 3 years and plan on moving to my own apartment soon. There are over 1 million people using the subway every single day and they are extending it with 11 new stations for 2025. I'm not a huge fan of all the people on the subway so hopefully this will change for the better :)
parlbesatt År siden
You actually just showed the inner city, but never mind, welcome here!
Leif Olofsson
Leif Olofsson År siden
Välkommen tillbaka!
Bobby Badfinger
Bobby Badfinger År siden
For being a teacher u are really uneducated . This really shows that americans are waaaay behind.
Espie W
Espie W År siden
Swedish people specially in stockholm are as cold as their winter weather. Seriously, they have no joy and is not that easy to approach them. At first you think they are shy, but that’s so far from true. They just simple have no manners. A great example, they prefer to push you than to say excuse me 😤They are egoistic and materialistic. Also, if you have a car and drive you know right away how selfish they are. Even if you signal they will try their best not to let you in the lane. They will get out if their cars to fight with you. You just have to live here to know what I’m talking about 😫😁
combination År siden
@Lovisa Näslund Which is very stupid. Swedes have a serious problem with taking criticism.
Lovisa Näslund
Lovisa Näslund År siden
E Cheng We just have different manners. For example, the comment you just wrote is considered super-rude for a Swede. For a Stockholmer, that would be a great example of having no manners.
Sadly this is true (and I am a Swede and Stockholmian myself..) Dont know about the car-thing, but the rest is true.
jaycee425 År siden
Hope to see you around :D
Ann-Marie Löfberg
Welcome to this part of Sweden
Anders Malmgren
Anders Malmgren År siden
Its the most beautiful city in the world... In the summer...
Marmor007 År siden
Go to Uppsala i live there
Marmor007 År siden
Can you. Go to lappland its so bueityful iver etheree
Patrik von Köhler
You compared Greater LA to Stockholm Central. If you want it to be more equal, compare Greater LA with Greater Stockholm. LA will obviously be alot bigger still.
Fheed Pexx
Fheed Pexx År siden
On average during these conditions, 200 people a day are hospitalized in Stockholm because they slipped :( They are really bad at taking care of the icy surfaces. Like, they prioritize the roads and almost ignore where people are supposed to walk. So in many areas, you just have to walk in the middle of the road.
sandra Rosales
sandra Rosales År siden
Welcome to Stockholm
Joseph Chamaon
Joseph Chamaon År siden
Stay away from the southern parts of Stockholm and you'll thrive! 😛
vegetab1e År siden
Like some people already pointed out, comparing the historical city center of Stockholm to metro LA is pretty unfair. The metro area of Stockholm (which you didn’t include), still have a higher population density than the city of LA. Compare Stockholm metro area to LA for a better (but not perfect) comparison.
eveslifestyle År siden
Can't wait to see your Stockholm videos/vlogs! Kommer bli så kul att få följa dig i Stockholm!
Dee Dee
Dee Dee År siden
LA is not a city; it's a collection of cities. It's called LA County for a reason.
Rise Inc
Rise Inc År siden
love your sound track. who is it?
Funkywallot År siden
The rest of Sweden would not consider Stockholms metrosexual male ambience being Swedish at all. Are you scared to climb a snowy staircase ? And your hands are cold ? My god. I just shook my head. You fit right into generation Y (The oh so brittle one ) ? Voted down.
Linus Wärn
Linus Wärn År siden
So invite him to your town and show him
Funkywallot År siden
@Fille S Its MR. Farmer to you.
LiseLotte Divelli
You look truly happy.
Jesper Jansson
Jesper Jansson År siden
dude östermalm is like 10 times more expensive than the rest of sthlm
Jacob Haraldsson
That's just the core of Stockholm in that picture lol, it's a lot bigger. One can argue that Solna etc is not Stockholm, that it's another city that has grown together with Stockholm but the same can be said about Anaheim that was included in the picture of LA...
The Amastorian
The Amastorian År siden
Ok stefan lets take a fika......
ExuberantRaptor År siden
Jag gillar färgen på väggen bakom dig av nån anledning. Intressant :)
Adam 1740
Adam 1740 År siden
vill ABSolut inte bo i stockholm
Adam Johannesson
Stockholm Walks
Stockholm Walks År siden
Welcome! Perhaps my filmed walks from different parts of Stockholm can help you find your way around!
jagcf År siden
Äntligen! Välkommen! 😊 🤗
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