My Crush Was Spying on Me, he saw everything 

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Marjorie Charles
Marjorie Charles 2 timer siden
This is soooooo not what the title said it was
Xia Cortez
Xia Cortez 2 timer siden
Her: he makes me feel special meanwhile me: you make me feel speciarr.
Marlene Romero
Marlene Romero 2 timer siden
This is the most beautiful story everr
Mira Puckett
Mira Puckett 3 timer siden
MY crash loves me
Ayden Mena
Ayden Mena 3 timer siden
I'm confusion
meplz yes
meplz yes 4 timer siden
Ally: " how bout you? has love come to you in an unexpected form?" Me: No. Just no, I havent felt love, I be single asf and lonely in quarantine! Damn you ALLY!👉🏾👈🏾😭
ngatai taiatini
ngatai taiatini 4 timer siden
Damn she really wasted that drink
Malak artliin
Malak artliin 4 timer siden
Have people ever heard of quarenting!?! 🤣🤣 like social distancing you'll get coronavirus!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Coopers
The Coopers 5 timer siden
Why when she said the boys names she was saying thier last name
Nyah Bella
Nyah Bella 5 timer siden
Can I react to this for my NOvids channel thank you
Gracie Mayorga
Gracie Mayorga 6 timer siden
Sana ol 🙄
• Elly Blxu •
• Elly Blxu • 7 timer siden
ceo of clickbaiting
Landons Vlogs
Landons Vlogs 7 timer siden
What did tony do?
LifeWithMe 7 timer siden
You are stubborn 😬
Thess Jordan
Thess Jordan 7 timer siden
That had nothing to do with the name of the story
motomoto wog
motomoto wog 7 timer siden
Click bait
Caretbay47 7 timer siden
Yea my bf is spying on me... uhuh suuuuuure... 👌 accurate title
Hey Jude
Hey Jude 7 timer siden
Tony: I...*kisses* Me: THIS IS NOT ANIME!
Patricia's Gaming Show
she keeps switching between troy and tony lmao what's this dude's name again???
Riley Donofrio
Riley Donofrio 8 timer siden
I feel uncomfy watching this
collie flower
collie flower 8 timer siden
This is click-bait😡😡😡
Mad. Hatter
Mad. Hatter 8 timer siden
how does the title go with the story???
Sydney Dawes
Sydney Dawes 8 timer siden
is his name tony or troy bc you called him tony then troy then tony again
Funny Vibes
Funny Vibes 8 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="378">6:18</a> damn u mom was a real “hottie”
Ash ImStIlLaPiEcEoFgArBaGe
This girl is stupid. Brooooo you obviously like Tony more! This is just triggering >:/
prettiiieee patootiiee
Oh my gash,, i can relate to it, but why doesn't the story connects to the title,,
reebunny 9 timer siden
Bruh the title was so damn misleading like, WHY EVEN TITLE IT THAT?!
"sam takes my arm and leads me out the bar" <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="631">10:31</a> she got straight fuckin snatched damn what you mean leads
Audrey Marie
Audrey Marie 10 timer siden
*isn't this kinda clickbait?*
Mrs Mendes
Mrs Mendes 10 timer siden
Next video... "I got kidnapped by my 6 year old brother, but I fell in love with him, then, the doctor said I only had 3 minutes to live!"
Miya's Ideas
Miya's Ideas 10 timer siden
The title is clickbait. 😡 you could’ve used the actual story line
Lil Blogger
Lil Blogger 11 timer siden
Lol I believed this until the blonde guy kissed her
Madelyn Ingles
Madelyn Ingles 11 timer siden
Well okay then
Amiracle Gamer
Amiracle Gamer 11 timer siden
Ok I got clickbaited by the title but I watched it it was amazing
Headbone YouTube
Headbone YouTube 12 timer siden
What stalking is there
Daynea Graham
Daynea Graham 12 timer siden
"Especially troy franklin", I thought is name was tony
Buggo The Buzzo
Buggo The Buzzo 12 timer siden
Anyone else get *serious* veronica sawyer vibes from this girl?
El Giro De Jalisco
El Giro De Jalisco 12 timer siden
That cleavage tho
Zoey Kogelmann
Zoey Kogelmann 12 timer siden
That was nothing like the title said it would be ;-;
GamerPie 12 timer siden
Oh come on where is the fat belly? Crush didn't real saw everything
Amber Fu
Amber Fu 13 timer siden
The only reason she hates this guy is because he invited her friends for a burger
Amber Fu
Amber Fu 13 timer siden
Bruh this girl overthinks too much.
Rebelle_ Rose
Rebelle_ Rose 13 timer siden
The video: “My crush was skying and he saw EVERYTHING!” Also the video: *clickbait*
That Weird Creator
That Weird Creator 13 timer siden
Animal crossing and Doom came out the day this was made :3
Hailey Angnatuk
Hailey Angnatuk 14 timer siden
Why he likes you so much
Robert Flood
Robert Flood 14 timer siden
Warrior Wasp
Warrior Wasp 15 timer siden
My name is Allison to🤣
Mia Easton
Mia Easton 15 timer siden
Yo this was the biggest click bait scandal ever
Colette Pugh
Colette Pugh 15 timer siden
this is scam tho
Blazing Mammoth
Blazing Mammoth 15 timer siden
“Has love come to you in an unexpected form?” Oh, it’s never come to me at all. :)
Starrix night
Starrix night 15 timer siden
Why is this so stupid but I am about cry my eyes out
Alison Olmstead
Alison Olmstead 16 timer siden
Allison: “ice skating boots’ Me: honey they’re called ice skates
Neomi Peters
Neomi Peters 16 timer siden
Eleanor Scott
Eleanor Scott 16 timer siden
Her: has two boy trying to ask her out. .... Me:still trying to find a crush
Lurking shadows Play
Lurking shadows Play 5 timer siden
Same ;-;
Joel knucles5000
Joel knucles5000 16 timer siden
Mikylah Johnson
Mikylah Johnson 16 timer siden
Is his name tony or Troy 😂😂🤔
Marv Mir
Marv Mir 17 timer siden
lmao, the clickbait got me.
Viridiana Estrada
Viridiana Estrada 18 timer siden
This story sounds as a typical story from wattpad, lol
Lightingofdeath 3000
Lightingofdeath 3000 18 timer siden
I to be honest I like those kind of woman
eduardo Vazquez
eduardo Vazquez 18 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="410">6:50</a> she says Troy Franklin
Megan Jennings
Megan Jennings 18 timer siden
Opposites attract
Lara S.
Lara S. 18 timer siden
Mmmmmmmmmmm eeh not the best
EagleJDM 18 timer siden
cringey fetish channel
Liz Bull
Liz Bull 19 timer siden
tonY FranKliN. eSpECiAlLy noT TrOy fRaNkLiN
CAITA WHITNEY 19 timer siden
this is literally me <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>
EverSoWillow UwU
EverSoWillow UwU 19 timer siden
I honestly think her getting mad was unnecessary he was just trying to invite both of them it doesn't mean he was using you.
Shyquida Davis
Shyquida Davis 20 timer siden
She selfish she know she cheating on both of them boys 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Jemal Sedik
Jemal Sedik 20 timer siden
I hate how the story dosent match with the tittle and thumbnail
Big wet Fart
Big wet Fart 21 time siden
How does this relate to the thumbnail or the title?
Nazima Ragoonath
Nazima Ragoonath 22 timer siden
Was I the only one that thought Avril as in Avril Laveane
Not Playing
Not Playing 22 timer siden
Oh Tony Franklin ok not mr helicopter
Not Playing
Not Playing 22 timer siden
Is it mr helicopter
Lizard Brick
Lizard Brick 22 timer siden
Why does Sam have two different sized eyes?
Royer Rodrigez
Royer Rodrigez 22 timer siden
Way does tony looks Like me
Bamgine Akneehow
Bamgine Akneehow 23 timer siden
There is so many wrong things in this
Tom Nook
Tom Nook Dag siden
Wtf this girl is crazy. She needs therapy. Don't get at me, it's true
Emily Hollier
Emily Hollier Dag siden
Ok but why does this channel always name the character Alison or Alex???
Kzkaojx Hasannsjw
This has nothing to do with the thumbnail
epicgirl 248
epicgirl 248 Dag siden
I didnt know that wattpad became a youtube channel
Bee Man
Bee Man Dag siden
Local disco..
Making aerogel
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I Used Hearing Aid Secretly