My Best Friend Got The Coronavirus 

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CaseyNeistat 5 dager siden
from Dan - novids.info/video/qIhkbrCkrm7AaXo.html
Jasoninpersonam 19 timer siden
This is the hugest example in history of mass mind control brainwashing.
Nouman Saleem
Nouman Saleem Dag siden
Sar pls hel me
ALEXIA LIFE COACH - Tout est Beau Dans ma Vie
Stay SAFE ! Things happen for a reason and right now we have to think as a community even though we are NOT together physically 😇thanks @caseyneistat for your FREE content 💗HI from France 😉
Alvisworld Dag siden
Casey the numbers do not add up on the merch
ALXXX Dag siden
okay........... is not like positive for HIV!!!
FF TG Abhi
FF TG Abhi 11 timer siden
Take care about yourself casey
Saro Antonello Lovito
Saro Antonello Lovito 12 timer siden
Hi from Italy!
Kal AstraSastra
Kal AstraSastra 12 timer siden
You know there are two kind ppl who are responsible for this outbreak. 1. Chinese 2. People who are plain selfish and goes outside the home without any dire necessity . Casey is the second type of person.
Wade fromthawell
Wade fromthawell 12 timer siden
If Casey had a younger Indian twin I think he stars in this movie called Gaja Baja. I saw the poster on Amazon and tell me that does not look like Casey.
divyansh 13 timer siden
How many People from india watch casey ??? Mumbiker nikhil???
Bob Steenson
Bob Steenson 13 timer siden
Kasey, no mater what you achieve in life nothing will be greater than your children
Pickachu Plays
Pickachu Plays 13 timer siden
I am in south Africa
Martin Hayward
Martin Hayward 13 timer siden
It's all these stupid jetsetters that spread the disease globally to start with.
Warren 14 timer siden
I don’t have any hand sanitizer because greedy people hoarded it
WorkingProgress 15 timer siden
all Nurses out there, I salute you
Bobby Dragulescu
Bobby Dragulescu 15 timer siden
This video is sponsored by The Ocho.
FlightSim69 16 timer siden
Casey the surf is blown out!! What are u doing man! Stay safe bro!
Vinnie Langdon
Vinnie Langdon 17 timer siden
I feel like I'm living in a dream. Wake me up when it's all over.
Lady Prepper
Lady Prepper 17 timer siden
Also I feel like this is something God allowed to happen because people have turned their backs on God. SAD. Seek God world and he will have mercy!
Lady Prepper
Lady Prepper 17 timer siden
How to overcome Covid19??? Repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your lord and savior and then he will heal our land. All this was foretold in the bible that wars, earthquakes, pestilence, famine would occur in the last days before the rapture happens.(Matthew 24) Get right with GOD! READ YOUR BIBLES!
Josh Sullivan
Josh Sullivan 18 timer siden
404s on the website.
San D.R.O
San D.R.O 18 timer siden
Why do you want to make tshirts, and still ask money for it if it's for a non profit? Why don't you just offer a budget to that specific non profit.
slimish jimish
slimish jimish 18 timer siden
dont put numbers in your videos its fine but they arnt right yet we dont have enough test to be even close to correct
Stumpy Plank
Stumpy Plank 18 timer siden
Sure he did...
balbinder bains
balbinder bains 18 timer siden
so fxxxing wot we dont care dont wanna no
Shane Burgman
Shane Burgman 19 timer siden
Some stuff just shouldn't be touched. I'm all about creating content, but this is too far into the territory of "leave it to the pros". Love what you do Casey, but I think you should have left this one alone.
Randall Zheng
Randall Zheng 19 timer siden
Stay home, be safe!!!!!!
Job Celis
Job Celis 19 timer siden
Dude Casey make more adventure videos instead of boring talking videos
Bertie Chaos
Bertie Chaos 19 timer siden
COVID-19 is actually really bad in California. Stay safe 😐
zero2zero4 19 timer siden
that only one guy crossing your jogging path. yeah. if either of you are positive.. that crossing is impossible to tracked by medical person. and that is why you need to stay home. I don't think you exchange name card while you jog...
季子淳 19 timer siden
thank you,man. I m a Chinese. I’m so glad and appreciate to watch the video.we humans should overcome it,because the coronavirus is not the wrong to anybody,china.we are humans.this is a challenge to all of us.happy to watch your video
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy 20 timer siden
As a dad who's home. Why is your wife doing most of the heavy lifting? Join in.
Santiago Correa
Santiago Correa 20 timer siden
The way to stop it is staying and home and only going outside for essentials. Running and surfing isn´t essential.
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy 20 timer siden
I had the virus, no one took it seriously and didn't understand why I was self isolating and not letting people visit. I've lost my sense of smell, it's very strange.
joseimpact 21 time siden
Casey im scared :((( loved this serious video talk though :(( ♡♡
letaek 21 time siden
I live in NYC and the worst people right now are runners. They are are in droves. I almost got hit by one on my way back from getting groceries. Just STAY HOME. That is the least you can do. There are doctors and nurses risking infection daily. The least we can do is stay home right now.
HankOrion 21 time siden
CASEY!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️ FIRST! I hope your bud will be fine! SECOND! YOU INSPIRED ME TO START MY OWN CHANNEL! I want to thank you and hopefully one day I’ll inspire someone too. God bless you.
cescone999 22 timer siden
I'm from Italy. Please, don't underestimate this Virus. We all did that in the beginning. I personaly thought "is just a flu, it only effects +80 people with old health problems". Well, NO !! Or, not only. In my little town there is a young 17 yo lady at the hospital, with a tube in her throath! This fucking virus can affect everyone in a serious way!! Is super contagious; the only way to avoid it, is to stay home! But even better, don't meet anyone! Or at least, be sure to approach to a person with a mask. Everyone should wear a mask to prevent to spread saliva, that contains the virus. Today we sadly had 968 deaths. Guys, is not a joke, stay home and follow the health instructions! Good luck from Italy !
Ilay A
Ilay A 22 timer siden
"as of today there are 22,738 confirmed cases in the united states" now 5 days later , the states is sitting at around 100,000 cases. just a friendly reminder of how fast that shit spreads.
Rob Scothern
Rob Scothern 22 timer siden
Now you know how it got round the world without any thought. Get ready both Africa and the US
James Town
James Town 22 timer siden
you are rich you dont have to fear anything
woro 23 timer siden
Yes, priorities. Weed keeps people calm. Which is exactly what we need right now.
Tony Hall
Tony Hall 23 timer siden
Thanks china
Lisa 23 timer siden
„I’m definitely glad to not be there.“
ADVENTURE ON 23 timer siden
2 bad things in the world right now boosted board might go out of business and the carona thing
George Burns
George Burns Dag siden
Not staying home does not put anyone in danger that does not want to be. The ppl that don't want to be in in harms way should be staying home. Besides, some simple precautions reduces the risk, we do not need to throw out the Constitution to solve this.
The BlackSheep Chronicles
Yooo...you just walked by me. I forgot your name and best i could say was ""hey wassup youtube guy" .....sorry bro. Not my smoothest moment. Hahah..you just have a very distinct voice. Hilarious and small world.
Griffin Garbarini
Make more merchandise, this is such a great idea and has so much potential to help others as u have such a loyal fan base!
Cam Mackay
Cam Mackay Dag siden
This is one time where NOvidsrs have lost any sense of relating to their subscribers. Casey can more than afford to sit at home doing nothing, yet masses of people are terrified because they have no income. My stepdad is self-employed but isn't covered by the UK govt measures. So we're a household on half our usual salary..
Poppy Hunter
Poppy Hunter Dag siden
I had the virus, no one took it seriously and didn't understand why I was self isolating and not letting people visit. I've lost my sense of smell, it's very strange.
Ollie McKain
Ollie McKain Dag siden
Iamastudent Dag siden
When you are out like Dan, you got yourself soem blood on your hands. You're killing at least some eldery. Disgusting human!
Iamastudent Dag siden
Some people are acting dumb in moments like this. Thought those hateable ( or whatever it's called ) people only existed in movies... Man, you guys can be dumb. Greetings from the EU.
Ruiqi Xu
Ruiqi Xu Dag siden
Stay home!!! Don't give people the wrong message that you still go out running as a social media influencer. That will impact a lot of people. Seriously...
WenjayTew Dag siden
and you didnt wear mask
Ronnie FU
Ronnie FU Dag siden
I'm in China, please wear a mask if you can. It really works. If not why does all the doctors in the hospital wear it.
sirrus13 Dag siden
China did this to everyone. Please stop being politically correct for one time. When it comes to lives, political correctness goes out the window
Locked Gamer
Locked Gamer Dag siden
5 days later as of to day 85k cases
Adrian Lechman
Adrian Lechman Dag siden
How many people got corona virus last year.?or two years ago?
vLoG TuBe
vLoG TuBe Dag siden
He will be fine, may god bless him🖤😐🙏stay safe everyone and take care !
Michele De Liberato
Hi Casey, greetings from Italy... Please don't underestimate this virus, use protections, don't end up like us
Sartono Hartojo
Sartono Hartojo Dag siden
I am surprised at how people are not wearing mask or gloves or other protective gear and walking around despite the virus.
P B Dag siden
I feel sad for the docs and nurses. Please do not increase their pain by neglecting the virus. Patience is the need of the hour.
Wtf Casey! stay at home, please !! we love you!!
Pepper Talks
Pepper Talks Dag siden
Sure, if you forgot about the ccp hiding this and letting it become a pandemic.
Operative Grill
Operative Grill Dag siden
big oooooof
Clement C
Clement C Dag siden
Disliked. You’re supposed to stay home not gallivant like an unstoppable moron because the streets are empty . Setting a shit example while nurses and doctors out there risking their lives for us . What a dumbass
Joshua Bailey
Joshua Bailey Dag siden
you should do a eye reveal
Prakhar Dhakar
Prakhar Dhakar Dag siden
Anyone troubled by the running water at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="568">9:28</a>
Zeh Zahl
Zeh Zahl Dag siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a>... So basically, the number of cases in the U.S. only six days after this vid was posted has now quadrupled to almost 86,000. Crazy.
René Javier
René Javier Dag siden
The timeline on this video is a bit confusing.
Anand Tiwari
Anand Tiwari Dag siden
HI I 'm in India . Please stay at home . Please 🙏🏻This is the only way we can all together eliminate the corona virus.🙏🏻Please understand the problem 🙏🏻
r w
r w Dag siden
This is life without capitalism; living with shortages and waiting for government help.
Stay inside dude, you're not immune or some shit...
racoonzattack Dag siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> Casey: I can’t think of another circumstance in modern history’ where that has been the case. Spanish Flu: Am I a joke to you?
Alex : BAZen
Alex : BAZen Dag siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a> No good guy or bad guy *cough* CCP *cough* *cough*
Tommy Guns Dunleavy
I hope the world comes together and stays together
Nabil Dag siden
Exactly 5 days later: 80,000+ confirmed cases in the US (March 26)
I`m not digging this whole situation.
Eric Dee
Eric Dee Dag siden
I have a cousin who lives in NYC - Right in the middle of it.
Green Skeletons
Green Skeletons Dag siden
All ❤ together!! We will win, by we I mean humanity!!!! God said so!!!
Commentor1 Dag siden
Bed beg beg.
Nancy Centurion
Nancy Centurion Dag siden
Keep going surfing, and your hobbies! You will get it like you your friend. Shame on you! Way to give an good example.
Ivan Novak
Ivan Novak Dag siden
Can someone explain me why this moron has 11 mil followers. He is stupid,unintelligent...stay home...goes out all the time.
Sue Love
Sue Love Dag siden
Casey please post more videos if you can...We need your positive attitude😊
my Coronavirus story.