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Sometimes even love is not enough to keep some people happy. Meray Paas Tum Ho revolves around the lives of an ordinary couple, Danish and Mehwish who have different needs and mindset which slowly drifts them apart.
Ayeza Khan as Mehwish is a beautiful girl from a middle-class family. She is married to Danish who loves her immensely. She has certain expectation from life which Danish is unable to fulfill.
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Humayun Saeed as Danish is a simple and honest man who works in a government organization. His life revolves around his wife, Mehwish.
They are both leading a happy life, but despite Danish’s best efforts, he is not able to give Mehwish the life that she desires.
Shees Sajji Gul as Roomi is the only son of Mehwish and Danish.
Adnan Siddiqui as Shehwaar is a rich and charming man. He has a cunning nature and knows how to manipulate people. He is the owner of a large company in which Mehwish starts working.

Mehar Bano as Anushey is a close friend of Mehwish who belongs to a well-off family.
Rehmat Ajmal as Aisha and Furqan Qureshi as Salman are the mutual friends of both Mehwish and Danish who are always there for them in time of need.
Hira Salman as Hania is the teacher of Roomi, Mehwish and Danish’s son. She is also the daughter of Danish’s colleague, Mateen Sahab.

In light of the aforementioned circumstances between Mehwish and Danish, will the latter’s true devotion and love for the former ever be enough for her?
Written By: Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar
Directed By: Nadeem Baig
Humayun Saeed as Danish
Ayeza Khan as Mehwish
Adnan Siddiqui as Shahwaar Ahmad
Hira Salman as Hania
Shees Sajji Gul as Roomi
Mehar Bano as Anushey
Mohammad Ahmed
Furqan Qureshi as Salman
Rehmat Ajmal as Aisha
Hira Mani
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asma qazi
asma qazi 11 dager siden
Ajeeb system hy Danish ne shawer ko tahper Mara shawer ki bv ne mahwish ko kitna pyrr hn in 4 ro ma
Fariha Atif
Fariha Atif 29 dager siden
Suggestion for cast of mery pass tm ho noe drama should go towards end other wise long suspense/episode lose the public interst as well as publicity and popularity...... But at the end ask writer now better m just give suggestion.
Wajid Lasani skg
Wajid Lasani skg 29 dager siden
Who like Roomi in this drama
Jupiter TV
Jupiter TV 29 dager siden
Khurshid Wazir
Khurshid Wazir Måned siden
Ayeza khan Teri shakal pe lanat aise darame ma kaam krte hue. I hate you.
YOU R UNIQUE Måned siden
Kis kis ko Adnan Siddiqui ki acting pasand hai . character Ni acting
Blessed Family
Blessed Family Måned siden
Is Anusha and the kid mother and daughter? They have exact same face. 😮
Blessed Family
Blessed Family Måned siden
I know someone like this woman in a real life but the sad thing is in real life people stay happily ever after and their kids suffer. Great job to all the actors in this amazing series.
Muhammad alam
Muhammad alam Måned siden
Agar Danish ne mehwish ko apnaya to ye bakwas drama ho ga
Baloch Zada
Baloch Zada Måned siden
Ary walo agar danish ne mehwish se dubara shadi ki to tumhe maaf ni krein ge hum dekhna
KW Tech
KW Tech Måned siden
ap ye drama kis country say dekh rehy hai ma Pakistan say .. pak wale like kare aur others wale comment karen 🔥❤️👍
jaanu dundun
jaanu dundun Måned siden
Still waiting for 19th episode
A News
A News Måned siden
Writes By heart
Writes By heart Måned siden
Kindly support help me to reach 1k followers its a request otherwise all is your choice... If you subscribed my channel do let me know Please don't spread hate on my comment I just want other to help me in time of need I just hope you ky ap log subscribe kr dein... Thankyou!!
ghomo phero
ghomo phero Måned siden
ghomo phero
ghomo phero Måned siden
Noob player
Noob player Måned siden
Sharjeel Siddiqui
Sharjeel Siddiqui Måned siden
Love the entire team ❤️
Abdullah Afzal
Abdullah Afzal Måned siden
Episode upload kro barwon
Asma Khan
Asma Khan Måned siden
Syeda Nabeela Hassan Naqvi
Kia hoga ab
Binte Khaliq
Binte Khaliq Måned siden
Dollmen mall clifton kon kon ja rha hai in sub se milne?
Ehtesham Naeem
Ehtesham Naeem Måned siden
Lahore se kon jae ab😭😭😭
Iqbal Thasleem
Iqbal Thasleem Måned siden
Pls upload...
Sandalj Saifi
Sandalj Saifi Måned siden
I like roomy 's dialouge
Akram Mirza
Akram Mirza Måned siden
Ic episode ka bhtttt bysabri sy intzar ho rahaaaa hai❤😍
Asooma Salam
Asooma Salam Måned siden
Jis jis ko humayun saeed ki acting achi lagti hai wo like karey
Asooma Salam
Asooma Salam Måned siden
Maham ne jo thapar mari mehwish ko bara maza aaya mujhey jis jis ko maza aaya wo like karey
IslamTvUrdu Måned siden
IslamTvUrdu Måned siden
IslamTvUrdu Måned siden
Muneeb alvi
Muneeb alvi Måned siden
Plz 18 episode up loud krain
Cricket Star
Cricket Star Måned siden
When Cristiano Ronaldo Broke His Fan Wrist novids.info/video/dH6YgWuPdoO1g3o.html
Talha Imran
Talha Imran Måned siden
ep 18 kitne baje release ho gi jis ko pta hy please reply
Anum Ahram
Anum Ahram Måned siden
Mehwish ka mukafaat e Amal start ho gaya h,,,,us ko rulaa kr ayi thi khud sari umar roye gi ab
Junaid Ansari
Junaid Ansari Måned siden
18 episod jaldi bhajo yrrr plz
ayub nasir
ayub nasir Måned siden
Bilal Aabid
Bilal Aabid Måned siden
syed sahir shah
syed sahir shah Måned siden
Kisi k sabar k imtehal nh lia kro warna haqqiqat zindagi m esa hi hota haii.. 💔
Talha channel
Talha channel Måned siden
trreding no 1
KillerSidd Måned siden
Guys.. you must listen to this cover song of 'Tum Hi Aana' It's really amazing. You'd wonder how you could watch it for free. Trust me! novids.info/video/k4t-qX-Vm36-l3o.html
Black Water
Black Water Måned siden
Plz ep 18 jaldi upload karo yyar
Aaqib Khan
Aaqib Khan Måned siden
It's Saturday, who waited anxiously for this episode today? Hit Like.
Aaqib Khan
Aaqib Khan Måned siden
Sawera Nadeem ki entry.... Nothing gets better than this. What a seasoned and amazing actoress!
Shabana Imran
Shabana Imran Måned siden
18 episode lab aye ga
Sadiawaheed Sarohi
Sadiawaheed Sarohi Måned siden
It's a must watch novids.info/video/Z2BioKaPrZ2-fmE.html
Dani Sidd
Dani Sidd Måned siden
Ye baat roomi
Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain Måned siden
So good
Abdul Ali
Abdul Ali Måned siden
Who reading cmments while watching..?
Usman Yousaf
Usman Yousaf Måned siden
Dialogue afat haï Yaar afat agreeeee ??
ASHIR TV Måned siden
Todey is my birthday plz subscribe me plz plz plz plz plz plz God Bless You And finish your all problems (Ameen)
Mohd Shahzeb
Mohd Shahzeb Måned siden
ye baat to manni padegi ki..... drama serial k maamle me pakistan india sw bht aage hai...
Lollywood Times
Lollywood Times Måned siden
🔥Humayun saeed and Resham🔥🔥singing OST of Mere Pass Tum Ho novids.info/video/iYqfg5Xan52dpaA.html
akber loharwada
akber loharwada Måned siden
new update deni thi aap ko dosto ayeza khan pagal hone wali hai next episode me aur hira mani ki shadi humayun se ho jay gi
باغِ ارم
باغِ ارم Måned siden
مہوش اور شہوار کے خراب دن آنے والے ہیں یار سارا مزه ہی خراب کر دیا ۔ میرے پاس تم ہو مہوش
Duaa Qureshi
Duaa Qureshi Måned siden
Best Pakistani Rishta Website aqadnikah.com/
Nauman Sheikh
Nauman Sheikh Måned siden
Danish K mobile k ringtone bata dy koi please?
neil barjatya nikhil jain barjatya
18 episode kaha h mil nahi reha kab aaega
saad k
saad k Måned siden
Rajpur Mazhar
Rajpur Mazhar Måned siden
Hussaina Saifuddin
Hussaina Saifuddin Måned siden
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