Men's Rights vs Feminism: Is Toxic Masculinity Real? 

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The views expressed by cast members in this video do not reflect the views or opinions of Jubilee Media. Below are links to studies that explore some of the issues referenced in this discussion. These studies also do not reflect the views or opinions of Jubilee Media. We encourage you to do your own research, respect opinions that don't align with your own and to have empathy!
The Gender Pay Gap: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_pay_gap
Neuroscience of Sex Differences: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuroscience_of_sex_differences
Emotion Suppression and Mortality Risk: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3939772/
Gender Bias and the Death Penalty: papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1767508
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Gender Bias In Family Court System: journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/1948550617741181
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Jubilee 12 dager siden
Hey Goodhumans, we hope you enjoy this episode and we hope it sparks meaningful & productive dialogue in your lives, as well as here in the comments. To keep up with what we're doing and for episode sneak peeks, follow us on Instagram! instagram.com/jubileemedia
Cricket Stockton
Cricket Stockton Time siden
Hi! I hope there is a video in the works including the deaf. Such as “do all deaf people think the same” or “deaf vs. hearing”
Nutdealer 4 timer siden
Just be equal like dang females and males have done thier part for 200.000+years once yall got intelligent you just stoped. To be honest i dont really get it. We need both genders to continue this race i dont see why you people just like saying men are that men are those no not all men are like that but in reaility thats kinda how your here today without men how could we continue spreading our race?.
Iris Dogma
Iris Dogma 9 timer siden
Stop being shitty journalists. You know full well that this wasn't originally even about MRAs, that two of the guys are not MRAs, and threw this together as low quality click bait. Do better.
Prometheus Venom
Prometheus Venom 12 timer siden
@Layla Petes A flawed opinion from what I understand of what an incel is they’re people who hate the gender female. I’m a feminist for equality but as a men’s right activist on several issues. I believe that women deserve equality but today’s modern feminism is a shame. The whole he said she said court rape cases is wrong as that’s destructive. The unbiased drivers’ insurances why should it cost me a higher cost of my gender when more women are at a risk of getting into car accidents. Mansplaining okay why is that something wrong or why is manspreading wrong? The target of the smallest thing is arbitrary. Toxic masculinity is very broad it’s a like being masculinity is toxic that me being a guy is toxic because I have masculine traits. Traits of me being a musician, or being physically active it’s a choices I pick because I choose that. Also if I’m offering someone who I asked out I would pay my girlfriend offers to pay for my meal when she asks me out for dinner. I just don’t believe that women should use money as a factor when looking for a man to date money isn’t a trait it’s just income which is wrong to me.
Prometheus Venom
Prometheus Venom 13 timer siden
@Fred Starner Maybe Gamers vs anti-gaming.
Van Leigh
Van Leigh 3 minutter siden
I didn't come here to get heated but I'm heated anyway
pagan _THE
pagan _THE 4 minutter siden
the title is sexist.... title is basically mens right fighters vs women rights fighters - and for some reason only toxic masculinity should be topic and not toxic femininity
Sash Mishra
Sash Mishra 8 minutter siden
Kursut asks one question to Mimi & LoL really she can’t name one?
Sim Card
Sim Card 10 minutter siden
I bet Derek's mom left him
adam rossiter
adam rossiter 12 minutter siden
these women were so defensive and didn't want a conversation but instead push their agenda. Cunts. PS Derrick is sub human its ok.
Capnobot 13 minutter siden
All us men are trying to dismiss derrick. But men do you even realize with that opinion you are doing the same thing as the feminists?? You are generalizing yourselves just like some feminist women. Is it not clear that some of these women hold a bias view towards ALL men based on some of their own personal experiences? My point is that they are having an emotional experience toward a gender based on the actions of some individuals. They cannot think rationally in these situations because their emotional experience is taking hold and clouding their better judgement. So when they accuse the man of not thinking logically I couldn't help but snicker a little bit because of the woman that had an emotional outburst a few times. What happens to her all the time is not at all ok. But she related her emotional experience to an unrelated question that was meant to provoke a productive perspective regarding their differences to achieve middle ground. Her emotional situation clearly clouded her judgement here and she went off on some wild unrelated tangent. So I really do believe feminism is misguided by emotions and personal experiences. Just because these women have met terrible people who happen to be men doesn't make all men like that. So to be productive we must stop generalizing genders. I respect derricks opinion even if its not the popular thing to do. He study's biology and understands how nature works in its respective roles. Does that make him a bad person? I will give an natural example. The one girl was offended at derrick and said she didnt need a man to protect her. Perhaps she felt that derrick had no authority to say that because she most likely isn't attracted to him. But so many time while laying in bed with women they told me why they are with me and why they are so happy at that moment. The reason they give is because I make them fell safe. So deep down inside wether or not they are willing to admit it, respective roles are built into our genetic code as a species. Why do we get horny? Because of the natural need to procreate. Wether we fell that way about being horny at all is a different story. But the truth is if we didn't need to procreate then there would be no need for sex. So derrick here's to you man. Even if I don't completely agree with how you said it. Thanks for being the elephant in the room
Dunk Milk
Dunk Milk 15 minutter siden
None of them have good arguments to throw.
Limey 28 minutter siden
Zach is the MVP
diamondheart 31 minutt siden
derrick definitely still lives in his mom's basement...
john sneade
john sneade 31 minutt siden
Derrick ruined this conversation
Ian Rogers
Ian Rogers 40 minutter siden
The girls are sexist AF. Giving girls a nice look and giving guys a mean look. Their being completely hypocritical.
Andy Romero
Andy Romero 41 minutt siden
Can these feminist stfu. Jesus christ
Steven Bouranis
Steven Bouranis 46 minutter siden
I cannot watch this it's just going to piss me off
VIII Maus 47 minutter siden
It pains me to see that people see mens rights and feminism as two conflicting ideologies that need to fight against eachother.
Eman Name
Eman Name 50 minutter siden
Women and men are both people therefor they are flawed. Here's the bottom line, equal rights and expectations, no double standards but be respectful of individual strengths and limitations. The most important thing we all need to do is to objectively see the bigger picture, let's stop overpopulation, pollution and corruption or we'll have no planet to endlessly argue on.
zach young
zach young Time siden
1st Derrick sucks 2nd men live shorter lives because we have higher amounts testosterone in our systems
Nul Rai
Nul Rai Time siden
Any Jordan B. Peterson fans here?
Roche fort6
Roche fort6 Time siden
M3phistos Cafe
M3phistos Cafe Time siden
I'm getting major school shooter vibes from Derrick
Risse Time siden
Maybe we could have swapped Derrick with a female advocate for men's rights because I'm not sure that he's with that group. Wasn't Karen Straughan not available? Honestly, Derrick's inclusion comes across a bit disingenuous. Maybe you could have included an 'old school' feminist (someone like the Factual Feminist) and not just the 'new wave' feminists. We need diversity of opinions as well as racial groups.
Kshreya Sundar
Kshreya Sundar Time siden
A man could be friends with a woman all his childhood, she could be " one of the guys", but the moment he makes an inappropriate joke or comment, forgetting who he's talking to, and the woman could feel highly offended and may even complain on him, hereby ruining his reputation not only as a man but as human being. Men face consequences for what they say and what they do and they do and must be careful on their actions and words, as well. The locker room talk thing, I honestly think there's nothing much wrong with it. Time's are changing and exposure to these things occur sooner, so, girl talk could also be equally vulgar and theirs.
Mweisho Nene
Mweisho Nene Time siden
Derrick is the worst
Noah Eberly
Noah Eberly Time siden
Is this gonna be another one of those videos that as soon as a real talk starts they say "let's take a break"
Jason Alvarado
Jason Alvarado Time siden
Derrick needs to stfu, he makes men look bad.
Vance FR
Vance FR 2 timer siden
Also why they gotta bring two great dudes and then Derrick bro. Derricks just the completely wrong thing for men’s rights
jeremy aquino
jeremy aquino 2 timer siden
when u have to raise ur voice to get ur point across its a L
Vance FR
Vance FR 2 timer siden
10:40 they should’ve mentioned how if both dad and mom are good people but want the kid for custody, the mom gets the custody over the dad just cause
xliabilityx 2 timer siden
A talk between Bea and Zach would’ve been really interesting too, they seemed invested in understanding the other side.
heyman 2 timer siden
Derrick feels empathy for the "lost women" - but man, he looks so lost :(
Tess A.L.
Tess A.L. 2 timer siden
Man we REALLY don’t fuck with Derrick
Nobody 2 timer siden
Christ. One day Derrick's going to grow up and have some self-reflections and try to have these videos removed
hit circle
hit circle 2 timer siden
"can russians and Ukrainians find middle ground"
GoldDragonFlame 2 timer siden
BoiledKettles 2 timer siden
Wait Derrick is a NOvidsr, I have lots of videos to dislike
Scarecrow 2 timer siden
Usually I really like these videos, the fact that the men were represented by that moron is really disappointing. Thanks for that guys. This discussion was two men, three women, and one douche
Leodas 2 timer siden
How can you defend yourself without getting attacked? dafuq?
Jacob C
Jacob C 2 timer siden
ohhhhh so we picked losers for the men’s rights guys
Clarity Hits
Clarity Hits 2 timer siden
If women and men stare differences that make them able to be superior to one another because of those differences that is equality. 20 singles is equal to one 20 dollar bill.
Matilda Hamilton
Matilda Hamilton 2 timer siden
children don't have the same rights in the law not only because people want to protect them but also because social awareness skills aren't developed yet, so children may not know the right decision to make, this is why children can only driving when they are in their late teens
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