Love Is Blind is the dumbest show I've ever seen... 

Alex Meyers
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Love Is Blind Animated Reaction
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To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...
Victorious was kinda dumb...
YOU is a weird show...
Anne with an E is pretty great
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31. mars. 2020





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Eva Longwe
Eva Longwe Time siden
Ok but like that woman and man who fell in love first r adorable I think her name was Lauren lol she so pretty
Rebecca Hall
Rebecca Hall 14 timer siden
Amber has a repulsive attitude and hatred towards women
Nimesha Gamage
Nimesha Gamage 14 timer siden
I'm being a dick I know.. And she clearly takes care of herself.. But also she looks WAY older than 34...
Bag of cHips
Bag of cHips 15 timer siden
you should watch too hot to handle i-
June Cash
June Cash 2 dager siden
Am I the only one that's getting jubilee vibes from this?
Leyla Ouro-Koura
Leyla Ouro-Koura 2 dager siden
Denki 2 dager siden
*Calls show Love is Blind* *Proceeds to only cast conventionally attractive people*
Your Reflection
Your Reflection 2 dager siden
Okay, okay... *Now make a gay version*
Lindsay Connolly
Lindsay Connolly 3 dager siden
Just discovered this channel. Incredible cartoons 😅👏🏼
mirage_from_apex 3 dager siden
wow these are the most boring people to ever exist
The Sims Player
The Sims Player 3 dager siden
Barnett is a jackass😂😂 like if you would NEVER date him😂😂
Kirisaki Love
Kirisaki Love 3 dager siden
You should watch the movie love is blind on Netflix
Jade Choi - Make Money Online Challenge
I really liked the show but at the same time, this review is hilarious. I love it haha! 😂
Isabelle Fleay
Isabelle Fleay 4 dager siden
Fun fact his name is Matt Barnett not Barnett
Ashlynn Smith
Ashlynn Smith 5 dager siden
I’m sorry but most these Woman are seriously so annoying. I’m surprised that these guys found them attractive from their “personalities”
YouTubeUser 5 dager siden
oh wow the people on this show sure are awful
Samantha Moes
Samantha Moes 5 dager siden
To be fair, half the contestants were pretty average looking. They just either didnt find love, or were in one of the couples that they didnt bring to Mexico, because they had too many couples get engaged.
Jillian The lazy potato
Ssoooo he said he was ugly and I was like OK well let’s see his face I looked it up on Google because I’ve only ever watch his animation videos *sigh* why does he say he’s ugly when he looks like a slightly less attractive Zac Efron but not Zac Efron now Zac Efron from then like from the greatest showman he says he’s ugly all the time but dang he’s HAWT
kiki_pride 493
kiki_pride 493 6 dager siden
Alex: "I'm not attractive." People in the comments of his videos with his face: "oMg hE's sO hOt." "lEmMe aPpReCiAtE HiS fAcE." "lOoK aT HiS eYeS."
Your Boi Waffle
Your Boi Waffle 6 dager siden
They should have had 1 “nice guy” neck beard and then when he gets rejected and see him try and say that he was rejected for being ugly or being nice.
Alma Orlianski
Alma Orlianski 7 dager siden
Apollo 11
Apollo 11 7 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> Don't let this fool you. Just watch his videos where he reveals his face.
Cayla Clanton
Cayla Clanton 8 dager siden
That’s so stupid there’s a huge difference between standards and weird criterias. Like as a woman I deserve someone who loves and respects me, and thinks I’m beautiful and it doesn’t matter what they look like as long as I love them like I have type but being like oh you’re not rich and an athlete... can’t date you I have standards. That’s not fucking standards and if you live life like that you will NEVER experience real authentic heart wrenching love and I feel sorry for them.
Ladiesman217 9 dager siden
You copied Jarvis Johnson
A channel For Janis
A channel For Janis 9 dager siden
Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh water balloon
Blessing Micaih
Blessing Micaih 10 dager siden
Lauren and Cameron are the dream couple😭💕
h o t c h e e t o s
h o t c h e e t o s 10 dager siden
I stan Rachel for some reason.
Stevey Irwin
Stevey Irwin 10 dager siden
anyone else find there was a theme of the guys being emotionally TOO available and a bit desperate, while the women are obviously more on the like to get around/like bad boy side of the spectrum creating a perfect storm of broken relationships...
Shoddy Done
Shoddy Done 10 dager siden
how people don’t get that is all set up, their acting somethings is just eww
Triton Lord
Triton Lord 11 dager siden
You know what they say, love is bli- oh hi Mark
Avy Rees
Avy Rees 12 dager siden
Bra twizzlers I’m in
Demon Baby Girl
Demon Baby Girl 12 dager siden
Alicia Hanna
Alicia Hanna 12 dager siden
Watch tiger king
Two Chicks No Clicks
Two Chicks No Clicks 14 dager siden
Erin Bruce
Erin Bruce 14 dager siden
Do the next step!!😂
Andi B
Andi B 15 dager siden
This show was actually really nice. It was much more deep than Jessica and the entourage.. But this was hilarious.
Moonstar79 15 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="401">6:41</a> That guy laughing is the sound of, "Really?"
Moonstar79 15 dager siden
"Sexy voice and laugh" Leave it to someone named Jessica to turn a relationship meant to be built on personalities superficial.
Crazy Unicorn
Crazy Unicorn 16 dager siden
I don't agree
Moonstar79 16 dager siden
It's going to be real unfortunate if a dude with a feminine voice and unisex name ends up getting engaged to a straight guy
Elisabeth Nzanda
Elisabeth Nzanda 16 dager siden
you are hilarous!!!!! i love you hahahaha
CrystalMoonStar 16 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="500">8:20</a> So its safe to say you are one of the few NOvidsrs who we won't have to worry about covering Tiger King.
Rav FLEX 16 dager siden
Every god damn show I wanna watch this guy just obliterates the show, like...
GEN x GEN 16 dager siden
I feel like you're someone who allows people who aren't stupid enough to watch trash like this... to enjoy trash like this, sooo thanks? I guess?? 😅
Chloé Meca
Chloé Meca 16 dager siden
When they say it's brand new, never done. They are wrong. In France we had the exact same thing
Aluma Dan
Aluma Dan 17 dager siden
This is like a dumb reality show that is cringy beyond cringiness
Aluma Dan
Aluma Dan 17 dager siden
I have to laugh quietly cuz my family is sleeping but I can'ttttttt
Critical Damien
Critical Damien 17 dager siden
Hey Alex, um how are you getting the clips from the shows? Because I want to do like a review. But when I screen record netflix to get the clip, it turns black. Have any tips?
Hallie Johnson
Hallie Johnson 17 dager siden
This is stupid because all of the people are good looking not ugly.
good morning
good morning 17 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> They'd....they'd still be gorgeous
Gold Rose
Gold Rose 17 dager siden
This TV show is soo ridiculous 🙄, looks so silly. And some of them are so irritating.
Ruby Aria Rose
Ruby Aria Rose 17 dager siden
You should check out 90 day fiancé!
Mick 18 dager siden
Yikes, Amber... "I ain't ugly..." 🤪 You ain't all that, girl. 🙄
Katharina H
Katharina H 18 dager siden
when barnett said "you‘re my yin to my yang“ i kinda gaged. guess i‘m not as mature as i think i am lol
Tosca B
Tosca B 18 dager siden
It sure is :)
Anastacia Weilenmann
Anastacia Weilenmann 18 dager siden
We learn a little secret about barnnet Ad: He's the best dog in show! Me: 🤨 heh?
JohnTheSailor29 18 dager siden
Now that we know how he looks likes we know he isn't ugly
Lemon Skrt
Lemon Skrt 18 dager siden
I came from Alex’s post and I got super confused because I’ve already watched this then it says one month ago then I was like ohhh
N M 18 dager siden
That 6.5 number got me
Cassi Hunter
Cassi Hunter 18 dager siden
Riverdale 18 19
Matthew Mazzetti
Matthew Mazzetti 18 dager siden
The self-deprecating jokes about your looks fall really flat when we've seen your face.
Trinity Olusola
Trinity Olusola 18 dager siden
“Hallmark Channel rejects” 😂😂
Pandabrain 19 dager siden
There was a german show called "Herzblatt" which started in the 80s and was pretty much like the show in this movie so what he says at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>, that this is the first time ever this has been done, is actually wrong. In "Herzblatt" There was one person who got to ask questions and three people of the opposite sex had to answer. At the end the person asking the questions had to choose one without knowing how they look. At the reveal a door slowly opened with the famous words "Hier ist Ihr Herzblatt!" (Here is your Herzblatt). The way the way the show was mad was more like a game show like family feud or something.
Luisa Garcia
Luisa Garcia 19 dager siden
Lol honestly they all good looking
hetty100 19 dager siden
oh please review too hot to handle next lol
Venisha Pillay
Venisha Pillay 20 dager siden
Why does Alex keep forgetting he's hot?
Chad Spar91
Chad Spar91 20 dager siden
Jessica lives in the town right next to me! I don’t know her but i know people who do. wow small world.
M.C.Martin Official Channel
Asking if Love is Blind is like asking Evil if it’s deaf. The obvious answer is no
Andrei Talpa
Andrei Talpa 20 dager siden
Too hot to handle-show
Jenna Timm
Jenna Timm 20 dager siden
It was some good mind numbing content
Moonstar79 20 dager siden
So nobody else thinks it's weird that Barnett was as attracted to a 34 year old as a 26 year old
Moonstar79 20 dager siden
Water balloon! *hits the deck*
Diana Dido
Diana Dido 20 dager siden
"Looks like me you know? " Says the guy with ocean blue eyes and gorgeous face😐😐😐😐
idil ekin Tasar
idil ekin Tasar 21 dag siden
yoo do too hot to handle
A human ?
A human ? 21 dag siden
Dose anyone else have parents that turn the WiFi off at certain times Because they don’t trust you to go to sleep
Phillip Carter
Phillip Carter 21 dag siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a> Flashback to the tinder video😐
John Veazey
John Veazey 22 dager siden
All these people and they have a total of 3 brains cells lol
The Sequence
The Sequence 22 dager siden
Really really funny!
Lucy Kinnear
Lucy Kinnear 22 dager siden
If they through a British person into this
Christina Garcia
Christina Garcia 22 dager siden
I am not okay with this donit
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
Is FaZe Jarvis A Virgin?