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29. nov.. 2019





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Retro Unicorn
Retro Unicorn 11 minutter siden
Twilight is actually better than Lilly
Peter Corral
Peter Corral 33 minutter siden
Loving you Contortionist album in the background. One of my favourite albums ever.
Apul Mahdeek Aoud
Apul Mahdeek Aoud 34 minutter siden
She's not bad looking, but other than that, there's nothing appealing about the bitch at all.
Ollie Foxx
Ollie Foxx 34 minutter siden
"...and as a straight white man myself it's not really my place to say these things..." Oh ffs. Stop it. You don't have to be a veternarian to know a horses ass when you see one. Hate hearing emasculated men say crap like that, grow a pair.
andie 55 minutter siden
she claims she’s mature and grown up yet she calls a “hater” an “angry virgin” like wtf is fhat
1998sims 56 minutter siden
As a female I really want to be ride or die for female comedians but all of the ones that I've come across put themselves in such a box of *only* discussing being female, and acting way over the top to try and compensate for feeling like females unfairly have it difficult in the comedy gig. I much prefer to watch male comedians, not because I'm misogynistic or anything of the sort, but because they don't feel such a need to box themselves in and in turn create comedy that is more natural and relatable. If female comedians just stopped putting themselves in these self enforced boxes they might start to actually get that appeal from the masses.
Arezki Time siden
This video may now fall in the new NOvids anti harassement BS. Oh how things just work in favor for Lilly and her alikes.
Gölök Z L Buday
I rather appreciate that mine do badly, I'd have a lower opinion of myself if got close to the 50,000 mark.
Bobby selman
Bobby selman Time siden
Most of her fans are Indian, the in studio audience are Indian, 14,999,999 of her NOvids subscribers are Indian. There are a lot of Indians on this planet and they tend to support their celebrities no matter how unfunny they are.
Julian Young
Julian Young 2 timer siden
Drew took all the words out of mouth. 😭😂
Sveaborg _
Sveaborg _ 2 timer siden
Dude my mom was watching the one with mindy on it once for some reason wtf I knew I recognized the host from somewhere but didn't care enough to look
Brooke Montano
Brooke Montano 2 timer siden
The dance Gavin dance in the cut scenes 🤙🏽💕
Akash Shah
Akash Shah 4 timer siden
Whoever don't like her jokes are sexist, misogynistic pigs 😡🔥. And racist too.
Ted Tedness
Ted Tedness 4 timer siden
The show is racist and sexist, they should be sued. I thought race and sex don't mean anything, I guess I need to judge everyone by their race and sex NOW.
El Cappo
El Cappo 5 timer siden
Idk this lady....but youve made me hate her
Jason 5 timer siden
Comedian seems to be an easy job these days
Aeiden gtfo
Aeiden gtfo 6 timer siden
Wanda Sykes had a talk show back in 2009 lily isn't the first person of color.
OverUsedMeme 6 timer siden
You are just racist.
humera shaikh
humera shaikh 7 timer siden
I am not a fan of lilly but this video wont help either
Jason rodriguez
Jason rodriguez 7 timer siden
Lily is the type of girl to bash white males while masturbating to them on pornhub
TheRManProds 7 timer siden
Bojiggle 7 timer siden
Hold up was that Care by Dance Gavin Dance?
nabila mulla
nabila mulla 8 timer siden
Just a white boy trying to defame lily. Stay pressed while she stays winning.
Kirbyfire73 8 timer siden
She's a racist feminist trying to be a comedian, It was bound to be bad from the get go.
DeadlyDeadlyBeees 8 timer siden
9:54 That's a great line. I think it can apply to NOvidsrs as well as people who perform or make creative work for others in general
Nikola Opacic
Nikola Opacic 8 timer siden
Dance Gavin Dance in the transition slide, very nice
TheCrusaderRabbits 8 timer siden
"Ok Bloomer." Kill me
Beeg Yoshi
Beeg Yoshi 8 timer siden
In b4 this gets taken down due to the new NOvids policies
Painted Lotus
Painted Lotus 9 timer siden
I've watched this video four times, and it's still just as cathartic.
V - Dawg
V - Dawg 9 timer siden
Conan occasionally does make jokes about his celebrity status. But he does it in a way that he makes fun himself so the audience laughs and likes it
Madeline Engel
Madeline Engel 10 timer siden
This is the most patient and insightful criticism video you've put up. It's refreshing to hear you speaking out of concern as if for a friend while maintaining professionalism. Props.
Mikoy Fernandez
Mikoy Fernandez 10 timer siden
Ironically, Lilly really needs to take notes from old timers like Conan, seriously!
ThePersonNetwork 10 timer siden
can't wait until youtube takes this down for bullying -_-
Teehee 10 timer siden
My new favorite genre of NOvids is cyber bullying. Thanks Jake Paul!
Anathema Nu
Anathema Nu 10 timer siden
lilly singh completely UNFUNNY. Total cringe.
John Billings
John Billings 11 timer siden
Even in school I was always everywhere. Never an "insider"... They hated my stinking guts.
•Minty• 11 timer siden
I think the crowd had a script of laughing...
mike allen
mike allen 11 timer siden
if you dont laugh at her jokes you are racist and homophobic. if you think she is a joke you are racist and homophobic.
Josh Krawczyk
Josh Krawczyk 11 timer siden
It’s because I’m white isn’t it
Janelle Armand
Janelle Armand 11 timer siden
Lily's complete lack of self-awareness is astounding. She's not comedic.
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