Kanye West - Closed On Sunday 

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Director: Jake Schreier
Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee and Cody Ryder
Producer: Joe Faulstich
DP: Adam Newport-Berra
Production Company: Park Pictures
VFX: Chris Buongiorno
Color: Matt Osborne / The Mill
Creative Direction: Angel Boyd



28. nov.. 2019





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Reckless Gaming
Reckless Gaming 3 timer siden
What is this??? Is illuminati taking u? It sounds like a good bye. Its weird....
Christi Adera
Christi Adera 3 timer siden
The quire part is the only part I liked honestly
Larry Gonzalez
Larry Gonzalez 3 timer siden
Talking about Jesus but married into a devil of a family, have you have no shame
chopsticks and knives
chopsticks and knives 3 timer siden
Why kardashians why
Shawn Ruscitti
Shawn Ruscitti 3 timer siden
I like Kanye but these ducking lyrics lol. Had me laughing. You my chix filet! Poop de scoop can’t beat this.
Shawn Ruscitti
Shawn Ruscitti 3 timer siden
Tho the ending was rlly beautiful
Arya’s World
Arya’s World 3 timer siden
You my Chick-fil-A?
Keziah Cadena
Keziah Cadena 4 timer siden
flor lopez
flor lopez 4 timer siden
Amazing. A great example for a change. May The Lord be with him always.
Melanie Dejesus
Melanie Dejesus 4 timer siden
North took me out at the end 😭
Queen Cecelia
Queen Cecelia 4 timer siden
I Love u Kanye!!!💖💖💖💖 What did Lil mamma scream at the end?
NichtDeinTyp 4 timer siden
alittlestrength 4 timer siden
Very Cultish
CheckouttheRILEYS 4 timer siden
They don't want this.. media will call him crazy... 🇺🇸🇵🇭👍❤
Alejandro Tovar
Alejandro Tovar 4 timer siden
Kanye standing on a mountain he owns looking at a field he also owns is the biggest flex of the decade
PokeDemon54 4 timer siden
the little girl at the end tho...............
ツKoen 4 timer siden
Breaking news! Kanye West caught toting his *B i b l e*
Josiah McGhee
Josiah McGhee 4 timer siden
Chick-Fil-A has joined the chat
Diana Isabel Mejia Cardenas
Jazzable don’t even stand a chance uhhhhhh get it west! 💐💐💐
温迪 4 timer siden
why do I feel like something is gonna happen soon?
nkeiru26 4 timer siden
Don’t understand the terrible caveman clothes
nkeiru26 4 timer siden
1:24 Lol awkward family photo
Dilan Flair
Dilan Flair 4 timer siden
a like for kardashian
nkeiru26 4 timer siden
I don’t understand his daughter screaming at the end...
deewillofficial 4 timer siden
Kim K should deactivate hear gram every Sunday
TheDirtymikenation 4 timer siden
this song needs to be 15 min
Beth Gilks
Beth Gilks 4 timer siden
Is no one gonna talk about North at the end? 🤔😬
Choey 4 timer siden
I’m just want to clarify and say that this version is way better the choir part is so an unexplainable feeling but a very good one than the original and I expect him to release it on Spotify platform soon
Pia Ongcoy
Pia Ongcoy 4 timer siden
Love the lyrics❤️
deewillofficial 4 timer siden
Kanye seems obsessed with Star Wars
Carti Nu
Carti Nu 5 timer siden
1:56 Friend : What did u do this sunday? Me : I've been to the club for the first time.
Iyahtah 5 timer siden
Prepare for war
you’ll NEVER GET it
you’ll NEVER GET it 5 timer siden
The Kardashians have now join Mr West cult
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 5 timer siden
I love this. God bless us all. JESUS IS KING.
Kitty Love
Kitty Love 5 timer siden
Don’t fall for this shit. Y’all think Kanye is really a Christian? Not when he’s a part of of the evil Kardashian clan.
Jaqueline Rodrigues
Jaqueline Rodrigues 5 timer siden
Very good!!!!
x x
x x 5 timer siden
Kanye is one of the GOAT but what the fuck was that at the end, killed the entire vibe
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 5 timer siden
Kanye for #2020 president
Habibti Alexandrite
Habibti Alexandrite 6 timer siden
For any Christian who thinks he is a fake Christian... I hope you look at your past before you accepted Christ and then tell me if you yourself was perfect before accepting Christ... Because it’s hypocritical enough for someone who claims to be of Christ and cannot see that this alone coming from someone who’s head was in money and so many other things that he has been changed. This is a true image of Christ’s Mercy. Of God’s mercy on us. That God gives us time to repent and to turn to Him. The only thing that you guys think is about how he’s using His fame for many reasons or it’s a hoax. But honestly, think about HOW MANY fans he has lost!? Or let alone think he has gone crazy. The Jews themselves thought Jesus was crazy and a blasphemer for saying He was the son of God... 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just see how similar of a situation he is running into. Anyone who lives for Jesus is considered crazy. Because it actually IS crazy. No! People can’t POSSIBLY change! People can’t possibly lead their families! People can’t possibly live a life to please the Lord!! Why? Because we are in a world of sin. We are SUPPOSED to be self centered, illogical, and unloving people who only wants what the world offers. But JESUS FREES you from the world so you can live for Him. You’re not a slave to the world anymore. And you think that he STILL is doing this for show. I pray that God may open your eyes 🙏🏼 Encourage your brothers and sisters and Christ .. whether their new in their walk or not and don’t ridicule them or put them down just because you “know” more... but rather help them as the family that you SHOULD be. The world is already bad as it is. And we definitely don’t need to be taking part in that.
Foraging Squirrel
Foraging Squirrel 6 timer siden
as a real christian i can see all the demons in this
Sadike Ballantyne
Sadike Ballantyne 6 timer siden
Kanye is back
Penxe Pa
Penxe Pa 6 timer siden
Please dont turn out like Jim Jones
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