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djIIaSh 3 timer siden
I wonder how much will smith payed for this promotion?
Shiv kap
Shiv kap 4 timer siden
2018: I want Fortnite and Marques Brownlee 2019: I want Joyner hitting triple in the 'rari
Gold Ginger
Gold Ginger 4 timer siden
A dedication
ranjanies fan club
ranjanies fan club 4 timer siden
Daaaaa day hots
leont3am 4 timer siden
Mr. Will Smith please reply to my comment ❤️ big love
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 timer siden
world but no it's today not tomorrow so never too late to express how a idole has influenced you to go achieve your trophies. "homie is my idol and he even don't know it"<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a>
Arist Sui Generis
Arist Sui Generis 4 timer siden
Papelito 4 timer siden
MrFallDamage_TV got hacked
The beat/melody is simular to Rap Devil
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 timer siden
Brandon Robbins
Brandon Robbins 4 timer siden
The only thing I noticed was the I, robot facial hair was wrong (supposed to be chin patch w/ no stache) but the rest was on point!
Homeboy_Brando 5 timer siden
Just in case anyone was wondering who produced this track it was Crank Lucas. He has some dope ass music on his NOvids channel as well as funny skits. He’s a rapper and producer. NOvids channel is his name.
Joao Paulo Da Silva
Joao Paulo Da Silva 5 timer siden
You killing it man 🔥🔥🔥
Halucin8 5 timer siden
I loved the different movies and stages of Will, the lyrics were also great and meaningful. 9/10
Curtis Vertigo
Curtis Vertigo 5 timer siden
Entire career of the awesome actor condensed in 4 minutes by a fantastic rapper. Will Smith is the literal God of Hollywood.
adam wissam
adam wissam 5 timer siden
Black Chauncey
Black Chauncey 5 timer siden
Follow My IG: @mmpachorek_
Ergo Leo
Ergo Leo 5 timer siden
I'm done bro your a fucking legend
C R 5 timer siden
Crank Lucas beats are fire af
Diferd wuri
Diferd wuri 5 timer siden
Nobody: Joyner: it's rewind time
PharaohX 6 timer siden
Comment on my new video ‘’RIP’’ to make my friends think I’m dead😂😂
TraDigitalGaming 6 timer siden
This is intellectual prowess at its finest
Tropics 6 timer siden
Where’s Hitchcock tho
Just Kyle
Just Kyle 6 timer siden
After Earth should've been in here
AmineTheKing 6 timer siden
DIVIZE 6 timer siden
amine dz
amine dz 6 timer siden
Seriously, he really looks like him bit 😂
KELL WOOTEN 6 timer siden
Is it just me or does this music video give you ideas of movies to watch next time.🤔
Diego Peralta
Diego Peralta 6 timer siden
W for not including Gemini Man
KELL WOOTEN 6 timer siden
🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 will smith?
MrNicksta29 6 timer siden
Respect to Will. He deserves it.
Denis Nikolov
Denis Nikolov 6 timer siden
8,8 thousand people need to see a therapist!
Sergio Rodrigues
Sergio Rodrigues 6 timer siden
Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore 6 timer siden
This is good and I can see how people get floored by the concept of "he used all Will Smith's movie titles" but I can't see me listening to this just for that reason
george 6 timer siden
..enuff of this will smith bro-mance bs
Matt Pavlic
Matt Pavlic 6 timer siden
this beat is so god damn generic for a unique concept song
vegeta 6 timer siden
Too many references😍
Sarovix 6 timer siden
T. Wade Music
T. Wade Music 7 timer siden
I knew that beat was familiar...Crank Lucas made it for his DaBaby parody lol
R Refos
R Refos 7 timer siden
Where there's a WILL there's a way
Jrayzus Frost
Jrayzus Frost 7 timer siden
Have you heard this yet? "secret" by yours truly 🙌 - www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/31695933
Shafiq White
Shafiq White 7 timer siden
Hancock: am i a joke to you.
23dugan 7 timer siden
Ehh lets ripp off one of g eazys first videos😫🤦😂
NUTRID 7 timer siden
How they change his facial hair
Aiman Shaker Abd Manaf
Imagine you're a living legend and Joyner Lucas is your hypeman.
Pyke Rhyno
Pyke Rhyno 7 timer siden
grey camo pants need to be a trend
Jon Slotte
Jon Slotte 7 timer siden
Bro I a big fan of Will Smith this was Absolutely the best video I seen u captured ever moment of his Career
Rob 7 timer siden
So dope both of them
Silverback Gaming
Silverback Gaming 7 timer siden
Click the link for free home workouts novids.info/video/doqccY2ojp-tqKQ.html
Silverback Gaming
Silverback Gaming 7 timer siden
Home workouts here novids.info/video/doqccY2ojp-tqKQ.html
Silverback Gaming
Silverback Gaming 7 timer siden
Home workouts novids.info/video/doqccY2ojp-tqKQ.html
Silverback Gaming
Silverback Gaming 7 timer siden
Silverback Gaming
Silverback Gaming 7 timer siden
DopeAhhYo 8 timer siden
Amazing 👌 masterpiece
Rick 8 timer siden
This song is gold
jin 8 timer siden
It's dope to see someone successful give respect to their idol while they are still LIVING.
King Murese
King Murese 8 timer siden
I liked how he showcased Will's movies. This goes hard!!!
Grozdina Petrowic
Grozdina Petrowic 8 timer siden
BIG H 8 timer siden
*the sad part is that he will be recognized when he dies like some other rapper They will always respect you and watch you when you die not when you’re alive* ,I fucking hate this *He has worked for this since he WAS 14-17yrs old*😡
moe bezz
moe bezz 8 timer siden
Giuseppe littera
Giuseppe littera 8 timer siden
*tell me the rapper badder than this guy* 😱🔥👉novids.info/video/gmqCqWjTZZ7LrmU.html
Nico Bahena
Nico Bahena 8 timer siden
He forgot handcock
Seawox Ni
Seawox Ni 8 timer siden
In some shots, He actually kinda look like Will
420high Life gamer
420high Life gamer 8 timer siden
What about handcock
rainisha nautiyal
rainisha nautiyal 8 timer siden
This is pure talent and pure respect
ogbu Uchechukwu oji
ogbu Uchechukwu oji 9 timer siden
Will smith sent ne here
Papa DragonBorn
Papa DragonBorn 9 timer siden
This rhythm sounds like something medieval
N.O.E. 9 timer siden
Nobody doing it like Joyner
D Devil10
D Devil10 9 timer siden
How has this even got one dislike? Mad intelligent
Johnny Davis
Johnny Davis 9 timer siden
Eminem - Joyner Stupid (Joyner Lucas Diss) 😱🔊🔥🔥 novids.info/video/aYKUq47BjWuzqqQ.html
Cloud 8 timer siden
galbavy21 9 timer siden
You forgot Independence Day.... jus sayin
Neptune Charles
Neptune Charles 9 timer siden
i've listened to this song at least 40 times now. who else?
Czar Jackson
Czar Jackson 9 timer siden
is that a deep fake of will ?
Nephoology Yt
Nephoology Yt 9 timer siden
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: People who disliked: Who’s Will smith? 🤨 Like where have you been? 😐
Johnny Davis
Johnny Davis 9 timer siden
Best Rapper in The United States 🔊🔥 novids.info/video/aYKUq47BjWuzqqQ.html
binnies star
binnies star 10 timer siden
Rain keep pouring Sky keep falling Everyday oh nananA
Hatake Nigkashi
Hatake Nigkashi 10 timer siden
kingchris20 10 timer siden
1/10 you forgot Bright
Cloud 8 timer siden
he cant have every movie in one song
Tait Gray
Tait Gray 10 timer siden
Brown nose brown nose brown nose
Gbaby Greedy
Gbaby Greedy 10 timer siden
Yo Joyner I Had to stop every thing I was doing to watch this video 💯🙏🙏🤯 Neve seen that coming from you the 🐐 (standing novation) you did your thing man I know will was proud to hear and see this impact what a way to make people listen bout your impact
siyaneliswa shozi
siyaneliswa shozi 10 timer siden
We noticed he left out Will being in Suicide Squad. We all know why he did that.
Jonathan L
Jonathan L 10 timer siden
I love Joyner and will smith
Aleksander Licona
Aleksander Licona 10 timer siden
What happened to “after earth”
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