Joe Rogan Experience #1391- Tulsi Gabbard & Jocko Willink 

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Tulsi Gabbard is a 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district since 2013. www.tulsi2020.com/ Jocko Willink is a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer, author of the book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, and co-founder of Echelon Front, where he is a leadership instructor, speaker, and executive coach. His new book "Leadership Strategies and Tactics" will be available in January 2020.



26. nov.. 2019





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Chesh Cat
Chesh Cat 8 minutter siden
I'm late to the JRE but I see, if nothing else, this forum, the guests, and the attention it gets is changing the mindset of what a legit pres candidate can be. Bravo. Down with "white religious successful rich guy is the best leader" mentality. Puhleez.
Sufi Muslim Lion
Sufi Muslim Lion 11 minutter siden
Jocko added nothing to the convo. He is a total meathead, knucklehead & useful idiot who thinks because he was a soldier who we send over to get his legs blown off in other countries so our investors can penetrate new markets or resources & raise stock prices - that he understands something profound about these conflicts or political military strategy.. Hia advice is totally useless & vague cheerleading. He thinks hes some profound thinker or a sophisticated strategist or smarter than the leaders but he just doesnt understand the game being played and he said the Sunnis of Ramadi viewed US troops as "angels" lmfao yeah bc they were kissing his ass to his face in daylight while hiding their sons or brothers at night after they did an ambush & tried to actually make him an "angel" & kill him lol
Libby Libstar
Libby Libstar 39 minutter siden
Come see my channel if ya’ll want the real on the racist POLICE!!! novids.info/video/gKCko4KtYYWnnZQ.html
Libby Libstar
Libby Libstar 39 minutter siden
Come see my channel if ya’ll want the real on the racist POLICE!!! novids.info/video/gKCko4KtYYWnnZQ.html
Corey Sheets
Corey Sheets Time siden
As a Trump supporter, I have no clue why the Democrats dont support Tulsi. Just shows how small minded the dems really are.
Apple Fritter
Apple Fritter Time siden
Corey Sheets cause the democratic establishment can’t control her. They want to put forth their puppet candidates that will serve corporate interests
Johnny Garlic
Johnny Garlic Time siden
If I was an American I'd vote for Tulsi gabbard
none of your business
Joe! Host your own debates!
Gary Smeltzer
Gary Smeltzer 5 timer siden
If she would just change her opinon to pro-2A I would vote for her, she has integrity and honesty.
Larry Litzgerald
Larry Litzgerald 5 timer siden
Bonnie V
Bonnie V 3 timer siden
We already have two center parties, both looking out for corporate interests. What we need is a grassroots party that supports a government of, by, and for the people. The challenge is that only a few 2020 candidates are running people-powered campaigns, and we see how they are getting treated by the corporate-owned media. Tulsi is trying to reclaim the Democratic Party back for the people, but she faces an uphill battle.
Nick Towler
Nick Towler 6 timer siden
Hits so many great points. Great work
Stormingthecastle1 6 timer siden
Libya was actually doing great when Gaddafi was running it Joe.. better than us in many ways.. they had tuition-free secondary education as well as universal healthcare
Anthony Wright
Anthony Wright 8 timer siden
Maj. Gabbard, those grey highlights are in violation of AR 670-1.
JIM LARUCCI 9 timer siden
No idea what Jocko is talking about. He answers in way too many directions.
Jonny M
Jonny M 9 timer siden
Tulsi is fine !!! Sexy lady !!!
Milkman 10 timer siden
Trump 2020
Toxic Neon Gas
Toxic Neon Gas 9 timer siden
Milkman there’s no president as refreshing as Trump
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 12 timer siden
Origin should make hemp jeans
Toxic Masculinity
Toxic Masculinity 12 timer siden
Jocko, bro, you are a libertarian/conservative. Definitely not a liberal democrat limp wrist.
Toxic Masculinity
Toxic Masculinity 12 timer siden
She’s the only logical minded democrat that exists today. But Dems are too ignorant to recognize logic. That’s why Trump will win again.
Apple Fritter
Apple Fritter Time siden
Toxic Masculinity they are not too ignorant. Establishment and corporate party doesn’t want her and won’t support her. They would rather have trump. At least he will play ball with corporate America. People would love Tulsi if the Dems gave her a push. Sadly they are more interested in corporate interests than those of the people.
Andrew Salerno
Andrew Salerno 12 timer siden
She’s so well spoken and beautiful
MrTitaniumDioxide 13 timer siden
Joe nailed the _insult_ that have become the televised presidential debates -- a horrifying, commercialized, reality-TV-sound-bite, largely vacuous circus. I recommend to anyone who has not seen the Academy Award-winning masterpiece _Network,_ please do so. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_(1976_film) The emperor has no clothes...
Bluecavemen 15 timer siden
Joe 100% wrong on 1:14. He talking ppl word for yet. Listen to professor Richard Wolff he expert in economics. I can see Joe didn't give it thought he just said that to make a point. But Mr. Wolff would prove him wrong
Anthony JS
Anthony JS 15 timer siden
Too bad Jocko doesn't really know what he's talking about, but otherwise this was great.
Nameless Person
Nameless Person 13 timer siden
he was there to promote his book
Christian Capitalist
Christian Capitalist 15 timer siden
I'm a trump supporter ( since I'm not a communist and I actually love America). Wasn't a republican before that (except for supporting Ron Paul). Thank God the left is so insane because this woman was the only one I was concerned about.
Luis rivera
Luis rivera 15 timer siden
She has my vote so far.
A. B.
A. B. 16 timer siden
To the Americans here, how can an old fart like Biden lead the polls? I don’t get it. 😂
Syxx6 16 timer siden
If only she would drop her stance on reparations.. then I could really get behind her.
Greek Rage
Greek Rage 16 timer siden
Tulsi rocks 🤟🏻
Mohamed Mussa
Mohamed Mussa 17 timer siden
Mehdi Hassan that’s his name mate
JoyfulUniter 17 timer siden
I'm kind of interested in seeing Rogan and Jocko double team Tulsi, make it happen universe for the spank bank awards.
Mike McCalip
Mike McCalip 17 timer siden
This was nice and all, but you didn’t get her to discuss her ideals on the big issues. Where does she stand on 2nd Amendment? Also, how does she expect to pay for her “Medicare for all” plan. She comes off as middle of the road, but I’m not so sure she is.
Christian Rigaud
Christian Rigaud 18 timer siden
Tulsi is an amazingly earthed candidate. Too bad I dont see anybody of her caliber in Europe, not in France, not in Germany, not in Poland, not in Sweden.
SlurTV 19 timer siden
I’m voting for whoever is pro labor, pro union, and pro petrochemical industry.
Nick Summervill
Nick Summervill 19 timer siden
Don't like that they are pushing this "Don't attack anyone on the left for not being progressive enough" stuff. Party unity blah blah blah. The centrists get attacked from the left because polls on the issues show that the democratic base is far to the left of the party leadership. They are being attacked for not representing their base.
Dave Weir
Dave Weir 20 timer siden
1.16.35 it’s about time someone addressed the plight of America’s fart manufacturers
The Main Source Report
i recommend everyone study the psycholiogy of how humans are driven .. david snyder is his name . i watched his lecture on how to spot liars nlp etc . and its like u see everything he breaks down on tv movies how we act . once u learn this its like why wasnt i taught this in school ? its really uplifting and useful for every aspect of life u will see it and understand things in a new light ..
The Main Source Report
a psychiatric expert on nlp and our brain broke down ho to tell iff u r lying , what drives humans , and it changed everything . 1st is primal . is it a threat .. 2nd is can i mate with . 3rd is cani eat it . 4th is social ladder and where your place is . humans hate bullies . as do chimps . j peterson broke down that on chimps . chimps kill buillies together . so our contriollers are hidden 4 that reason .. its like wiz of oz . everything is terrifying then u see the lil man behind the curtain and u r like ? we r obsessed with sex and death . thats why tv and news is always sex death . he did that a few times during the session and everyone woke up for 20 min of attention cuz of some chemical it releases adrenaline . . then there was a episode of broad city . and they did exact thing . death sex yelled like 5 times in show . and i immediately knew exactly why .. then theres the 3 of social image . what oters think of your success . how u think of your success and image , then the truth . so we r very social beings . and public image is huge esp whenyoung but its the same as u age , then they know we r driven by food and reward and they know the exact frequency that keeps you on auto pilot like tv social media etc but also is toxic .
asdf asdf
asdf asdf 21 time siden
2:00:56 Mehdi Hasan reference
Blas Carrasco
Blas Carrasco 21 time siden
Tusi just said, "too fucking big!" at the 1 hour 36 minute mark... I like it.
Matthew Viramontes
Matthew Viramontes 16 timer siden
Acropolis Games
Acropolis Games 22 timer siden
I appreciate Tulsi's point about the Iowa apple farmer, but what about the increased burden of the taxes the proposes?
saqib nisar
saqib nisar 22 timer siden
Mehdi Hasan brought me here