Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue - Friends Trivia with Courteney Cox 

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As week two of isolation continues, Jimmy does another mini monologue from his house during the quarantine. In today’s #Minilogue Jimmy talks about a family making their son’s 21st birthday special in isolation, Donald Trump being “hard at work,” the Senate agreeing to a 2 trillion dollar stimulus package, fantastic quarantine videos coming out of Italy, the Olympics being postponed, Jimmy presents our #QuarantimeKiller of the night, and Courteney Cox goes head-to-head with Jimmy’s superfan cousin Anthony in a “Friends” trivia challenge. Jimmy will be making a donation to a worthwhile cause every day during this quarantine. Today, it’s Meals on Wheels. Please consider helping them. Go here to donate: www.mealsonwheelsamerica.org/
Buy Jimmy’s new children’s book The Serious Goose! All of the money he makes goes to children’s hospitals across the country.


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25. mars. 2020





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Nektarios Zoidis
Nektarios Zoidis 18 timer siden
Legend says that Anthony is still laughing
Minny 2 dager siden
I still watch Friends daily!!!😁
Lisa Hunt
Lisa Hunt 6 dager siden
Meals on wheels is a charity that helps a lot of people. It can help especially to giving someone to talk to if they are alone.
Lisa Hunt
Lisa Hunt 6 dager siden
Jimmy you are funnier than I realized. Courtney I did wear a fake turkey on my head about 6 years ago; I am not putting my head in a dead animal.
dave christensen
dave christensen 7 dager siden
Carson would roll over in his grave if he found out this evil had taken over his show ,makes me puke
Frankie 9 dager siden
How the fudge can someone keep a clean fridge like that I’m jealous
Gaurang Nigam
Gaurang Nigam 11 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> that would make the perfect caption
Kghelly07 13 dager siden
Ok guys the actual Courteney Cox part starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="465">7:45</a> Actual trivia starts at like <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="780">13:00</a>
Chonk Boi
Chonk Boi 13 dager siden
I feel so bad for our nations great celebrities locked away in their palatial estates with only their live in staff
lordnoske 13 dager siden
Ash Wolf
Ash Wolf 16 dager siden
She looks horrible
Dk Nurul
Dk Nurul 18 dager siden
OMG!!!! Courteney Cox!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
pa me
pa me 19 dager siden
Liam Higgins
Liam Higgins 19 dager siden
“That is both the coolest and saddest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I hope you didn’t get lucky with the bartender.” I’m dead 😂
christianhoffman 19 dager siden
she’s looking a lot better nowadays. i’m glad
catseye664 21 dag siden
Anthony was so in love with her! It was adorable.
Shukran 22 dager siden
imagine watching your show and get money because of the rewatch
Shukran 22 dager siden
her face ruined asf
StuntMan 22 dager siden
Oh my least favorite jimmy tv-host
Dallas Stone
Dallas Stone 23 dager siden
Been watching a lot of Friends lately, it NEVER gets old. It’s so awesome!!💙🖤🤍
luna pajaro
luna pajaro 24 dager siden
Theo Thesda
Theo Thesda 25 dager siden
So jimmy recorded this in a black lodge?
๖Donnie๖ ๖Campbell๖
Jimmy your speaking of Trump's little thumbs' Courteney Cox Has Man hands because wait for it.....She's a man with a cox that was the whole reason for choosing that name like most mtf's do Like Sandra Bullock, That last name literally means Testicles' But I know you already know all this as you allow them on your show, happy Quarantine Jimbo'
David Ricardo Moreno Cruz
i speak your lenguague, bro
David Ricardo Moreno Cruz
invitame a tu show!
Haidar 3
Haidar 3 Måned siden
Monica is my favourite character in Friends 😍😍
lynette poppenberg
lynette poppenberg Måned siden
Courtney Cox, text “sample” to 608-530-1124 for an all natural product (caps) that might help with memory.
razztazz Måned siden
Hold up, she doesn't remember being on "Friends"? She was a cast member for 10 years & she doesn't remember? C'mon now! These celebrities are loosing it. Even Kimmel just brushed past her ridiculous statement.
atfinn Måned siden
This is tough to watch.
leviOsa not leviosA
leviOsa not leviosA Måned siden
Everything is *Monica* *clean*
leviOsa not leviosA
leviOsa not leviosA Måned siden
50000+ deaths in the US alone, good going trump 👌
yepit'slou Måned siden
i got 6/6. i beat anthony
Your Nerd Daz
Your Nerd Daz Måned siden
Friends is on netflix
Tejender Rana
Tejender Rana Måned siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="877">14:37</a> monica
Hannah Sophia
Hannah Sophia Måned siden
Love yo courteney cox
Tyrell Grey
Tyrell Grey Måned siden
monica is back on jimmy kimmel live
Emanon 505
Emanon 505 Måned siden
God Damn! What's holding Courtney Cox together. She looks hideous.
Shreyansh Pandey
Shreyansh Pandey Måned siden
Courtney comes at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="468">7:48</a> I just saved ur time
Meiyo- Driftin
Meiyo- Driftin Måned siden
That episode was great though Do u take Emily as your wife Ross I take the Rachel
Marina Verte
Marina Verte Måned siden
Love this new opening with all the artwork and her voice 💕💕💕
Apurv Choughule
Apurv Choughule Måned siden
Cox 's looking old.......What a golden days was in 90's
zakaria radoine
zakaria radoine Måned siden
she wasn't acting in friends she IS monica
Kevin Godwin
Kevin Godwin Måned siden
That ptosis in her left eye though... 🤔
Irene Tomazos
Irene Tomazos Måned siden
Where in NJ are Jimmy's parents?
Irene Tomazos
Irene Tomazos Måned siden
Jimmy, your parents did a great job with the garage bar! The lights and the Leg Lamp looked nice!! 😃
10521577A Måned siden
Anthony is cuuuuute 😍😍😍
maz a
maz a Måned siden
You’ve ruined ya self girl
Catherine Zeta Jones -fan
But Joe peed on Monica!!! This kid wasn't right when he said Chandler, Courteney was right !
Aishiki Mukherjee
Aishiki Mukherjee Måned siden
Dude please watch the episode.
Sultan Dablool
Sultan Dablool Måned siden
I started watch friends on Netflix now?
VPunter Måned siden
Any pigs could be US president.
Ella Phillip-Clarke
Ella Phillip-Clarke Måned siden
I’ve totally been binging it too. Out of nowhere all the shows I watch have stopped filming and I thought, hey Friends seems to be such a popular show that is iconic and all. I’ll just watch. And ever since then so many friends related things have been popping up in my life it’s honestly scary.
Chris Gibson
Chris Gibson Måned siden
cortney ccox is like me.... some parts of my life i have no clue about.... maybe drugs?
parsoumash Måned siden
Haven’t seen friends in a while but I could swear it was Joey who peed on her leg ... All I remember is him saying “that’s right, I stepped up” And that he’d pee on all their legs lol
Sherri M
Sherri M 11 dager siden
Joey stepped up but he got all nervous & couldn't pee so Chandler had to do the job.
jessica Ferrier
jessica Ferrier Måned siden
parsoumash I think Joey tried but got stage fright and Chandler ended up doing it lol
Bruno Perlstein
Bruno Perlstein Måned siden
Hey Jimmy kibble you're under house arrest and all your friends are too you just don't know it yet I was just wondering did you get any of that bootleg adrenochrome???????
Bruno Perlstein
Bruno Perlstein Måned siden
Thank God we have such a great president you got to love his tweets and I want to take this time to mention his approval ratings are through the roof and you've got to love how he's exposing Hollywood propaganda and these so-called stars that are really enemies of the people and enemies of our Republic like you mister Gible kibble
Warning Signs
Warning Signs Måned siden
R K 4422
R K 4422 Måned siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="877">14:37</a> Monica Geller moment is right there
M Pa
M Pa Måned siden
She's clean and organized just like Monica
Kenneth Edwards
Kenneth Edwards Måned siden
Why this ? Don't intrusive algarythems have any upside?
Nicola Kountoupes
Nicola Kountoupes Måned siden
we all love seeing rich people showing what they have in their coffers during the corona virus. thanks. always refreshing.
Lol br
Lol br Måned siden
Creepy the way the Vice Pres keeps his face void of all emotion ...
Maryam Alhaqq
Maryam Alhaqq Måned siden
Jimmy’s wallpaper isn’t that bad. It’s actually okay
Silver Fritz Reah
Silver Fritz Reah Måned siden
When they announced the reunion i actually thought how fun it would be to have them all watch an episode again hahaha or either Jen and Courtney for sure have to rewatch bc they have very little memory of the show hahahaha
Roald De Tino
Roald De Tino Måned siden
I guess Jimmy nor anyone in his crew speak Italian.. 'cause what the old man yelled at the woman playing the flute on the balcony was quite rude and blasphemous.. 😂 Greetings from quarantine in Italy!
Ada Sheinman
Ada Sheinman Måned siden
Stop being mean to Trump. It is disgusting !! It is your guys president after all!!!
hdzmiriam Måned siden
You're spoiling Friends to Courtney!
Karl Pope
Karl Pope Måned siden
So Funny. Thank you!!!
Reese Montgomery
Reese Montgomery Måned siden
Jim you aren’t funny You haven’t ever been funny ever
IpodAdvance Måned siden
you cant count on Netflix you can count on DVDs i got mine for $10 each season 8, 9 but not 10 also at pawn America
Sawyer Ramos
Sawyer Ramos Måned siden
trying to stay relevant
Thomas William
Thomas William Måned siden
What a moron
Zane Måned siden
I don’t know who this Monica babe is but she must have a way with words.
Lee Limbeck
Lee Limbeck Måned siden
Keep your politics to yourself.. No one cares what you think.
Alexander Jiménez
Alexander Jiménez Måned siden
Friends, very nice. Monica super.
SisforSuper B
SisforSuper B Måned siden
THIS IS STUPID, AF! A "has been" and a "never was", on video chat together. Yipee! We need the real Purge.
Marcie Phillips
Marcie Phillips Måned siden
Barf. Pedowood pukes!
Alice W
Alice W Måned siden
Trump's giving "rule technique" a name, talking to that poor lady. Can anyone tell me why he is so orange in his face?
Fafolorenzi Måned siden
5,36 un bel Porcoddio!
Дамo Крiстофеr
F*** me. I thought that was Catelyn Jenner for a second...
Anna Tsaava
Anna Tsaava Måned siden
his cousins laugh sounds just like David dobriks LOL