Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue - Stupid People, Sex Guidelines & Bill Burr 

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Week two of isolation and Jimmy continues his daily mini monologues from his house during the quarantine. In today’s #minilogue Jimmy talks about stupid people who aren’t staying home, Donald Trump “protecting” Asian American communities via Twitter, Mike Pence testing negative for Coronavirus, Senator Rand Paul testing positive, how the Italian government is handling the pandemic, sex guidelines released by the NY Department of Health, and Jimmy interviews comedian Bill Burr from the safety of his own car. Jimmy will be making a donation to a worthwhile cause every day during this quarantine. Today, it’s the LA Food Bank. Please consider helping them, $100 buys 400 meals. Go here to donate: www.lafoodbank.org/
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vemor 15 minutter siden
Congrats on being number one - most cases! congrats to your great orange leader! there's gonna be a record low number of mass shootings though, people will probably miss that in the news, aww...
Marco Bertoglio
Marco Bertoglio 33 minutter siden
Thank you, you lift my spirit!
Carl Jones
Carl Jones 59 minutter siden
The native American the real American has put up a wall around the reservation hahahahahahaha
HK Wilson
HK Wilson Time siden
Bill Burr was 10 feet from Jimmy, he moved about 4 of those 10... He's good.
Gary Esposito
Gary Esposito 3 timer siden
somehow American exceptionalism applies to immunity from disease too. its part of the stupid gene.
Ghous Moinuddin
Ghous Moinuddin 4 timer siden
Whats the use being the most powerful country if you can't protect your own citizens from a stupid virus
Blair Rice
Blair Rice 5 timer siden
Let be honest three hours of Golden Girls is solid.
Creator Dj
Creator Dj 5 timer siden
Honestly with all this going on. Take that minute and enjoy that life honestly has slowed down. Put you tech away shut down your social media. Enjoy the things that matter family that lost connection between one another. Call family and friends hear their voice don't text. Understand what you have been missing. These people online are still making money while we are all laid off not working. Because we have become accustomed to these devices. Practice social distancing and enjoy this moment in life where you have a second to now re connect with family. Sit down for dinner together, read together , colour, family movie night with popcorn. As of today I shut down my device towards all of this social media and you tube and what not. If im not making money neither should they. Enjoy your family everyone. Lets make 2020 a moment to Shut it Down. And embrace what the 70s 80s were like about family
Crystal Marie
Crystal Marie 7 timer siden
Bill is the best of the best
Diana Raymond
Diana Raymond 9 timer siden
He’s right it id a dry run for something else coming!
Brittany sue
Brittany sue 9 timer siden
Jimmy can you have Tom Hanks on your show? Thank you!!!!
George Russo
George Russo 9 timer siden
Disgusting how people are using this in order to politicize. WAKE UP! You are being manipulated. I'm disgusted with Trump and I'm disgusted with the left. All of which are implicated in this. Americans have been exposed to extreme forms of politics, blind to common sense, but rather addicted to their own hate(look at the comments). And this is exactly what allows the elite to manipulate people. Corruption is real, conspiracies are real. On a daily basis, people conspire against each other and don't necessarily realize it. The elite do this too (However they DO realize it), but with more resources, and 0 conscience.
10 Hammers
10 Hammers 11 timer siden
Ole Freckles how are ya?
Just my .2
Just my .2 11 timer siden
Ty Jimbo, it’s my birthday and now I’m officially old. Face time me for an interview? I’m the best looking man on earth, also the most boring man, maybe the strongest man? But I can promise you that I have the longest part of the male body in the world? Yea no lie, my toes are the longest, well I think , well no there not, just a thought to be on your show😜🍻👍 maybe I will start a wild animal gig , to get there ? My stuff is so bad the the old Gong show would have turned me down ? So with that being said , if you need help sometime please feel free to FaceTime me to work something out 👍 I would have to clear through my manger ( wife) to make sure she hasn’t booked me to clean the bathroom or something 😜 Man I make a mean English muffin with peanut butter and jelly, oh God it’s so good, so maybe a cooking segment? 😇 love you Jimbo , we need to stay safe, so please drive slow out there on your toilet paper runs. 👍
Theo Pan
Theo Pan 11 timer siden
What an uninformed idiot
Lynn Perry
Lynn Perry 12 timer siden
What a pic of Rand Paul! Too too!
ROOKTABULA 13 timer siden
An anti-science, pro-Trump, Evangelical preacher who traveled around telling people that faith would fend off the virus and that the media is overhyping COVID: Dead from COVID-19.
DreamingTree33 14 timer siden
Nice play on the Dharma Initiative!
Jeff Whitman
Jeff Whitman 14 timer siden
The 25th Amendment needs to be invoked. We need to unite and act in a strong, decisive, and democratic way to make the claim that our President is behaving irresponsibly at a time of crisis and therefore unable to fulfill his duties as President and thus needs to be removed from office. I am not a big fan of Mike Pence, but at least he is not showing distinct signs that he is mentally unbalanced. I am asking that someone with money and power and who is able to see the obvious, someone like a Bill Gates or a Jeff Bezos, to make available online a petition for people to sign that would demand all 14 members of the President's Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove the President from office. If we can get the U.S. Surgeon General to make a claim that the President is showing distinct signs of mental illness that could be preventing him to demonstrate clear and strong leadership at a time of crisis, that would help. I do not believe it has ever been done before, but in the words of the President, we need to "go big," and we need to do it now!
Lindsay LaLonde
Lindsay LaLonde 14 timer siden
Was supposed to see Bill in Reno tonight... 😭
Cynthia Archie
Cynthia Archie 15 timer siden
I limit the amount of news I watch. But I saw one of the funniest things ever. They were covering the lockdown in the U.K. & an officer was yelling @ the people in the park. He told them to go home because ‘it is NOT a holiday, it’s a LOCKDOWN!’
Patricia Hill
Patricia Hill 17 timer siden
Let's talk about those seniors who are not watching the Hallmark Channel. Those who are still working, caring for children, voting, etc. We're not imbeciles who can either go to the bank or watch the Hallmark Channel!
210SATX82 17 timer siden
Billy freckled taint dresses younger as he gets older. Legend.
Pawnjp 17 timer siden
Best episode of Jimmy Kimmel ever?
Linda Smith
Linda Smith 17 timer siden
Nice to know NYC endorses masturbation (nobody decent ever jerks off on BART!)
Linda Smith
Linda Smith 17 timer siden
Vice Poodle.... hilarious!
Ajay Choudhary
Ajay Choudhary 18 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="297">4:57</a> the best Martin Scorsese's movie I have watched all decade. Thanks Jimmy.
Janis hall
Janis hall 18 timer siden
Ahhhhh… he keeps getting closer and closer!! Back off Bill Burr!!!!
Tap Kay
Tap Kay 18 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> italy has been hit the worst, no its actually America that got hit the worst now jimmy! Blame trump for not reacting so swiftly! stay safe people. social distance hugs from Indonesia!
Randy H
Randy H 18 timer siden
Boring dude!
Preesi 19 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="911">15:11</a> LOL "Im not touching that!"
Germain Gonzalez
Germain Gonzalez 19 timer siden
I used to like Jimmy Kimmel
coffeemachtspass 19 timer siden
The flamethrower. Holy crap, those Italians have a way with words. Bene, carinissimi. Spero che subito tutto sia normale in Italia. Un bacio, ma alla distanza propria.
Finding Faith
Finding Faith 20 timer siden
everyone will eventually get the virus. better now than later when the hospitals are all full and out of resourses. the issolation will only slow the spread making the durration longer. perfect time for crisper to finnally go public and solve our problems that'll be the new billionairs. i think they'll have to wait about 18 months though. maybe they started in january. set a timer.
Joseph R
Joseph R 20 timer siden
Jimmy I am sorry. Your show is so boring.
Catherine Iyoha
Catherine Iyoha 20 timer siden
I love you Bill burr!
D Lloyd
D Lloyd 22 timer siden
oh.....Trump racist....ho-hum. Your writers can't write from home?
Cheri Ann
Cheri Ann 23 timer siden
Mr. Burr is brilliant.
Larry Smith
Larry Smith 23 timer siden
Happy bday vibrator hahaha your a dic lol
Trevor Reniger
Trevor Reniger Dag siden
Hahaha! Billy Burr is funnier on the street than 99% of celebrities in scripted interviews! 🤣
Marjorie Johnson
Wait a minute! I am a great grandma and no way I am watching hallmark anything......
Arfnudaniack Blue
Golden Girls is great.
Bill Burr!🤣🤣🤣
Fahima ameen
Fahima ameen Dag siden
America pls stay safe... Almost 100K positive cases and almost 9k new cases today. Are these figures right?? Pls stay home n stay safe
Kerry Anne Stevenson
I notice the creep that happens when people talk to each other,they start off all good and sparkly 2m distance,the longer they talk they’re practically kissing each other goodbye.
Melanie Hawkins
Melanie Hawkins Dag siden
Old or Young the Golden Girls are fun!! 😂
GiftEm Dag siden
Bill kept unconsciously stepping forward and that made me nervous. It's a thriller of an interview.
Linda H
Linda H Dag siden
Bill Burr kept getting closer and closer.
Tony Zecchinelli
excuse but I show with evidence that Japan has found some sort of solution to the virus it is not possible that japanies go around with not lockdown so if you are interested let me know I will send the video
my name not yours
This is ridiculous! That theme song gets me in a good mood instantly 😃 Love it ❤️
Carlos Tadeo Ferrer Yabur
Jimmy, have you talked with Matt Damon? How is he? You should interview him!!!!!
Lady Hawk
Lady Hawk Dag siden
Love Bill Burr
Carlos Tadeo Ferrer Yabur
Es cagadisimo Jimmy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😱😱. Saludos desde México.
BaseballKing 0517
stupid people do and say funny things.... so thanks for that Jimmy :)
Sheraz Ahmad
Sheraz Ahmad Dag siden
Bill "You couldn't live with your own thoughts Jimmy" Burr.
Ed Lewis
Ed Lewis Dag siden
Love the Italian Mayors. Just like family, arguing whether it should be Farfalle or Tagliatelle.
Artis Jones
Artis Jones Dag siden
Staring those two people 😂😂😂!!!!
Chew Bacca
Chew Bacca Dag siden
I saw Bill Burr so I clicked. Love you, Bill. It was a good video overall and I love the passion of the Italian mayors. It's like you have to scream and swear at people to get through to them, smh.
level 1
level 1 Dag siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="427">7:07</a> bill burr
Emily Alterio
Emily Alterio Dag siden
Those Italian mayors...reminds me of my family every Sunday dinner and holidays. The only difference is my Uncle Vince punching a turkey because it fell outta the oven on Thanksgiving. I couldn't make this up if I tried....lolol.
butler gillespie
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="322">5:22</a> woow 🔥🔥🔥💋💋
Shawn Warren
Shawn Warren Dag siden
Die publicans DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
streyon Dag siden
Bill Burr is the absolute best!
Kawtar Khoudairi
Bill burr is the non rapper version of Eminem
Stien Muller
Stien Muller Dag siden
Bill wasn’t standing in front of his house, he lives across the street down three up on the left. The echo tells me there is a sharp incline in the direction he was talking.....just kidding. However, the homeowner of the house he was in front of now has a lawsuit, so, win win!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Dag siden
The Italian mayors were great.
noel hutchins
noel hutchins Dag siden
Covfefe-19 virus
noel hutchins
noel hutchins Dag siden
plant your corn in the back yard now because if the reinfection rate is like the initial infection rate, we're going to need the corn husks for wiping; How did Demolition Man use the three sea shells in that movie from 93'
ll sue
ll sue Dag siden
better audio and camera.. watch youtubers please to see the difference
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Dag siden
I really appreciate you entertaining me.
jason9022 Dag siden
We can guarantee that mike and donnie both request , sorry, demand they have their temp taken rectally
Christine Rose
Christine Rose Dag siden
Why don’t you go help people instead of acting like an asshole.
Christine Rose
Christine Rose Dag siden
You suck
C Scott Gaumnitz
Mike Pratt
Mike Pratt Dag siden
Bill is an, absolute, legend
Mickee Mickee
Mickee Mickee Dag siden
Keep up the hard work of broadcasting while being isolating. We appreciate it!
Cindy Munger
Cindy Munger Dag siden
Oh Jimmy. You have made my day ....again. Thank you so much.
pm Dag siden
everyone has had a conversation with someone on the street from their car like this hahaha
Josh Welch
Josh Welch Dag siden
Just stay home. You have enough money. Don't come back.
Kevon Hayes
Kevon Hayes Dag siden
Bill Burr's got personality and funny for days.
iaim toplease
iaim toplease Dag siden
Writing from Italy, proud of my country and our FREE health care system!