Is there ANY hope for game streaming? We tried them all. 

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There are so many game streaming services popping up, with so many idiosyncrasies, that it’s hard to keep it all straight. In this video, James takes Linus through a tour testing GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Microsoft Project Xcloud, and Sony PlayStation Now to see which one makes the most sense...except we didn't try Shadow.
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Stewerrvideos 13 minutter siden
I just wish I could stream my games from my gaming pc, to my mac without massive lag and bad quality.
Simorenarium 15 minutter siden
What about Shadow? Is it avaliable in Canada/US and how does it perform for you?
TheMonroe654HD 19 minutter siden
Literally any justification from publishers or developers is just trying to get more money out of you.
Salem Fox
Salem Fox 38 minutter siden
PS4 remote play ? I use it from time to time to play my ps4.
Jiggly Cuber 200
Jiggly Cuber 200 40 minutter siden
Private Internet Access = PIA = Pain in a**
ENDERwigginMEDIC 43 minutter siden
I signed up for GeForce now two days later they pulled all the games I literally played on the first two days
Jackson Baer
Jackson Baer 49 minutter siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="748">12:28</a>
Rithik Madhava
Rithik Madhava 59 minutter siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="514">8:34</a> Is that street light wobbling? What?
Karl Cabas
Karl Cabas 2 timer siden
Shuvo Khan
Shuvo Khan 2 timer siden
Game streaming may increase Linux based os market share
Fool 2 timer siden
What happened to the shadow streaming service, most likely the best of them all.
Mohit Vaidya
Mohit Vaidya 2 timer siden
Why is nothing ever available in my country ffs
ToneStar Productions
ToneStar Productions 2 timer siden
Thank you for proving how crap these things are.
Brad Haaf
Brad Haaf 2 timer siden
For my 8yr old Stadia has been perfect, going from Switch to Stadia blows him away for cheaper then the Switch. The difference in games seems to be a natural progression for his gaming experience (less cartoonie). I expect it to due till 14-16 depending on games coming out. Since i'm trying to limit screen time how many games is less important than quality of the content.
GamerTechKid 2 timer siden
Shadow's marketing sucks. No one even reviews them. No one knows about them. @LTT please include Shadow.tech in your review
Hanley Gibbons
Hanley Gibbons 3 timer siden
A couple of minor corrections about xCloud. 1. You can play any Xbox Game you own provided that it's installed on your Xbox, and eventually all Xbox games will be available from servers (devs can't block them because they had to agree to it as part of the general Xbox license agreement. 2. You can play on a TV as long as your phone supports HDMI out (I do this a lot in my bedroom and study) 3. xCloud is only on mobile currently but is coming to Windows and browsers soon, and possibly even to the Nintendo Switch
Mindfoolness 3 timer siden
star citizen
World Theory
World Theory 3 timer siden
I think games like Fallout 1 - 4 would be an ideal candidate for streaming services, as they have game mechanics that allow you play as a turn-based game. Fallout 1 and 2 actually are just straight up turn-based games, whereas Fallout 3 - 4 have a feature called VATS, that lets you pause the fight and let the game aim and shoot for you, based on character stats, distance, obstacles, the weapon used, relative body part size visible, and probably other factors as well. It's a feature that would be nice to have in other games as well for the purpose of streaming. (Although it's nice if you're just in the mood for a more relaxing game session, too. But it's optional, so you can aim manually if you want, which will allow some more advanced tricks with projectile arcs and stuff.) I think that what I should be saying is: turn-based games are a good choice for streaming game services. But a hybrid approach with clever game design would help make other game genres available and pleasant to play.
chumpyman 3 timer siden
I bought a Stadia founders edition (From eBay) after the 3 months i gave it to the Wife and shes uses it to stream Disney+ on the TV in her office
Theo Hughes
Theo Hughes 4 timer siden
Put on the brakes! Hold the phone! There are better options to stream. I got a Lenovo m93p Win 10pc for $130 that I hooked up to my living room tv and I use Parsec to stream everything from my main PC to it. I also stream my PS4 to the Lenovo as well as use PS Now, and if I wanted could install those other streaming services mentioned on the Lenovo, except for Stadia because we don't talk about Stadia... With Parsec on your host PC, it's free, super easy to use, ultra low latency, you can stream your games to another PC, Android, Mac, Linux that have the client installed anywhere in the world with full keyboard/mouse/controller support, I love it!. The other day I was streaming GameCubes Legend of Zelda: Wind Walker from my PC in Minnesota to California to my phone playing with a Ipega Bluetooth controller.
Roberto Ventilii
Roberto Ventilii 4 timer siden
I'm stuck with a shitty adsl 7mb/s , no option to have a better service where i live . So this looks like science fiction to me
Steven Moeller
Steven Moeller 4 timer siden
Watching them play a SamSho game for the first time ever... Hilarious!
Rofhiwa Matumba
Rofhiwa Matumba 4 timer siden
Linus: "Conclusion, haha" Samurai Shodown IV: "VICTOLY!!"
Smokey 01
Smokey 01 4 timer siden
You guys should try console streaming with xcloud
Smokey 01
Smokey 01 4 timer siden
Is there HD rumble when playing game streaming
Havock-Ace 4 timer siden
Hold the kill record in Apex legends in my country, my PC died and am at the verge of loosing it, tried Gforce now but the ping to server is 200ping, unplayable for me, great service though. Still sad 😢
MUMOD BIOS 4 timer siden
I just want to pick that 1 hair... **
teranyan 4 timer siden
Stadia is trash
Texownian 5 timer siden
Y'all didn't cover "Parsec"
BlackSwan-ai 5 timer siden
I’m over here with my 10 over 10, I have to watch videos in 480 if I’m lucky 720
apelikepresident 5 timer siden
Gerik Melvin
Gerik Melvin 5 timer siden
there is a playstation now on phones, i do it sometimes with my lg g7
cpt_macmillan 5 timer siden
Can you please do eft vs warzone fps
AbdulAhad 5 timer siden
well PIA also stands for Pakistan International Airlines, every time I hear you sponsor that, it makes me think about that.
BackYard Ingenuity
BackYard Ingenuity 6 timer siden
linus so i tried to join the team, says dead line is closed but you can still join the team how would i do that. i have a few powerful pcs and lots of extra gpus. i would like to join the team
Opiatezeo 6 timer siden
Hey Linus, do yourself a favor and test Division 2 on Stadia vs any other platform for how fast you can get into the game and play, or move around the map. This is the reason Stadia works for some people.
Startup Sapience
Startup Sapience 6 timer siden
Here is our informative video on cloud gaming. Think of it as the Netflix of gaming. Watch: novids.info/video/c4qLbmqpa4GvmqA.html
Adrian Coleman
Adrian Coleman 6 timer siden
just out of the blue racism against the blacks....
Dominic A
Dominic A 6 timer siden
Destiny 2 has known black crush issues on HDR displays. I thought it was because I game on an LG OLED but my friends with LED or QLED displays have the same issue.
Blake Ellison
Blake Ellison 6 timer siden
I'll wait for 2030 streaming services, but wait they'll not be able to do the then standard 8k 120fps so they'll still suck.
EDLuke246 6 timer siden
Fucking hell that intro killed me
Pat Google
Pat Google 7 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="256">4:16</a> Yeah good point, that's actually why this whole clip is worthless. Get back down to earth Linus 💰👑💰
TGAPro MKM 7 timer siden
according to me geforce now is win win and then ps now....
Joshua M.
Joshua M. 7 timer siden
This channel is going downhill. Didn't talk about the actual resolution of Stadia, played 1 games for a few minutes. That platform varies so much with FPS and resolution, it seems like there is no point in watching anyone's opinion other than Digital Foundry
겜짱 7 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="477">7:57</a> eyebrows tell everything
Bob dabiuld
Bob dabiuld 7 timer siden
I played GeForce One for months on a bad connection. It was so impressive, I’m glad they kept it beta for a long time to perfect it.
Bob dabiuld
Bob dabiuld 7 timer siden
Google Stadia 🥰 such a perfect solution and very portable too!
Liam Blood
Liam Blood 7 timer siden
Should you guys not be seated 2 meters apart? Social distancing and what not
Matt Bell
Matt Bell 8 timer siden
If you do happen to already have a good gaming rig and you have good internet, then Steam Streaming is a nice free option for both inside and outside the home.
The Dark Matrix
The Dark Matrix 8 timer siden
Where’s Shadow
WarMom 8 timer siden
One thing to note is that while PS Now has a big library, it's not a persistent, growing one. A lot of titles come in and leave 3 months later. God of War (the 'rebooted' one) came in in October and was phased out in January, it might make a return. Horizon Zero Dawn is currently in and will be taken off the service in July.
ryan webb
ryan webb 8 timer siden
Cool! But is it as cool as DOTA 2?
MikeeHun 8 timer siden
You guys are wrong in many parts of this video, you can run geforce now, on windows which can be connected to the tv; and there is a definitive list of games: www.gfnlist.com
Really Virtual
Really Virtual 8 timer siden
Lol - so you pay Google over the odds to buy your games, and presumably a subscription, then, they pull the service (like all their other services) and you lose your investment! What a great idea!
By's 8 timer siden
Corona answered this question: NO. Because you will have to fight for bandwidth with all steaming services like NetFlix ( which cut the streaming quality by 25% due to the world crisis)
SquallTheBlade 8 timer siden
Seeing Linus play fighting games was painful to watch...
SpaniardNL 9 timer siden
The best streaming service will always be the one that does not 'stream' over the internet. It will never happen, it will never have lower latency than local, it is physically impossible... get over it.. streaming is a novelty, it's fun, it's quirky, and nothing more than that.
NiTroSeeKs 9 timer siden
The latency while using mouse+kb on GFNow is quite noticeable. While casual gaming is fine, playing e-sport titles is out of the picture.
20GRIZZ20 9 timer siden
I think GeForce Now is the best, most well rounded service. It will have almost every game once licensing disputes get settled, super affordable, solid fps with ray traced graphics and is basically just a PC for rent. I’ll probably stay subscribed to GeForce Now all year long.
NaeMuckle 9 timer siden
I use PlayStation Now and never had a problem with it. The bonus is you can download a lot of the games now.
Sir Jaxxy Gaming
Sir Jaxxy Gaming 10 timer siden
I'm surprised you left Shadow out.
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren 10 timer siden
Till we can have under 50ms no way i want to play super lagging games!
thefatt1988 10 timer siden
Linus, just a reminder, basically you don't own any games that require you to be online to play the games regardless if you physically own the game as when the server is down, you won't be able to play it anymore. p/s: really miss the time when consumer really own the game, not just the license to play the game.
psinjo 10 timer siden
i honestly don't think it's fair to judge the services based on your super awesome internet, a much better comparison would be on a network closer to the average user's internet. it feels like stadia just assumes you have perfect internet all the time... it ran absolutely horribly when i tried it, and my internet is pretty decent
Blake Mann
Blake Mann 10 timer siden
Steamlink allows you to play your games over the internet on your phone or tv from your pc... makes me wonder when Steam will allow you to cloud game by allowing you install games you own to the cloud and stream them.
Ymetro 10 timer siden
I am getting the Beavis & Butthead vibe here and there... Good old fun!
Olivér Nagy
Olivér Nagy 10 timer siden
Just sayin. I have GF NOW installed on my 2018 Sony Android TV and it works without issues. It would probably be even better on a more recent Android TV.
Jacob Wilhelm
Jacob Wilhelm 10 timer siden
The Rocket League Segment could have been a little more in-depth. In RL i seem to feel every change latency. So i still doubt that Shield is good enough for competetive matchmaking. Does nobody @ltt play RL?
Marcos Danilo
Marcos Danilo 11 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="443">7:23</a> isnt destiny 2 free-to-play now?
Computer Hacks
Computer Hacks 11 timer siden
If any one has problems related to Windows please comment back.Maybe I can help.
Donovan Brown
Donovan Brown 11 timer siden
Their is a Nividia G force app
Tse Hong Ling
Tse Hong Ling 11 timer siden
i think cloud gaming will change a lot with 5G, when it is more common. the latency will be better and speed. its like how 4G changed video streaming and gave birth to Netflix, and other video streaming sites and changed music from downloading mp3 to streaming online like Spotify.
Alex 11 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="469">7:49</a> pure gold!
darkmadrap 12 timer siden
guys @linustechtips you forgot a major growing player , SHADOW .
IraQNid 12 timer siden
Cool services for folks like me (an average Bruce) who can't splurge on real gaming rigs. But then there are programs like Batocera Linux and thousands of ROMs to play on your local PC that aren't all that demanding.
Garret Overstreet
Garret Overstreet 12 timer siden
Geforce Now also gives you better customization on graphics settings with an more powerful GPU compared to other platforms. Ultra settings at 1080@60 is still better than any other service. The only thing it lacks is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1269">21:9</a> support and publishers pulling big games (which I assume would be resolved in the future provided they don't steal the idea and make their own version of the same platform.)
Aman Rao
Aman Rao 13 timer siden
Please review parsec too!
Orange Tallion
Orange Tallion 13 timer siden
Destiny 2 is a free game stadia...
BuDDa ChieSeL
BuDDa ChieSeL 13 timer siden
ps you should have tried out every controller if there is even a difference in speed. app the xbox s controller use bluetooth and a specific wifi somehow idunno i think i read that somewhere
BuDDa ChieSeL
BuDDa ChieSeL 13 timer siden
i like the alpha xbox game steamin app for android i just use it to drift on forza wen not at home have not really went to deep in the app but i like it and runs smooth enough on patato phone that runs way to warm when playing gwent XD
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