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Tesla unveiled their new Cybertruck pickup and I got the chance to take a ride in it.
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After years of waiting, Tesla has unveiled the new electric pickup truck dubbed Cybertruck. It looks like something straight out of Cyberpunk 2077 with a retro-futuristic design that's... controversial. Is it ugly? Is it beautiful? Is it in the eye of the beholder? Snazzy Labs host Quinn Nelson had the chance to take a test ride in the craziest truck ever made after its unveiling and Cybertruck fail of the Tesla Armor Glass. I talk about the suspension, acceleration, specs, interior fitment, seat comfort, cabin size, bed anchoring, charge port locations, Autopilot camera locations and more in one of the most comprehensive Cybertruck videos yet.

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23. nov.. 2019





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Cbegley 84
Cbegley 84 5 timer siden
Wow I’m living in “Back to the Future”
gnarlin 5 timer siden
It's really time to get rid of the side mirror requirement. Camera's work better, especially the viewing angles.
Enceos 5 timer siden
I think this car may become the safest car to drive. I bet the crash test results were off the charts.
Malachi Nelson
Malachi Nelson 8 timer siden
The Stick
The Stick 8 timer siden
Next demo: car drumming with sticks. See earlier work by the Stick
llama Fish
llama Fish 13 timer siden
A cybertruck... can you only drive it on the internet?
A Z 14 timer siden
Look 4.16 doors he was hitting have less shine than rest of a car. Are they made of diffrent material?
Kenneth Mosburg
Kenneth Mosburg 14 timer siden
Poor Touring Hot Wire Garage
Anyone else thinking it needs solar panels on the long roof line??
Ting Nongperdu
Ting Nongperdu 19 timer siden
Yu chat too much
RB SING Dag siden
Thanks for the info. I love the look and the specs. To me, it makes traditional trucks look old:)
GH1618 Dag siden
I’m sure they will sell a few to filmmakers.
Wing Ding
Wing Ding Dag siden
That truck is sweet!!
Martial 3231
Martial 3231 Dag siden
he said "ubiquitous". I know what it means but I don't think I've ever used that word in my life! There are so many other options!
Chris Bourassa
Chris Bourassa Dag siden
For the review (which should have been first or the only part of the video) is at 6:30!
Chris Bourassa
Chris Bourassa Dag siden
Watched a video just before this one and the aluminum they use: so strong it breaks or cannot be molded by current vehicle presses It must be scored and bent at right angle to make it form, this the right angle design......due to science reasons 😂😂
alisha14209 Dag siden
Def a truck for Kanye!
Alexander Alex
Alexander Alex Dag siden
shit on windons - all best in truck
Alexander Alex
Alexander Alex Dag siden
scheiss auf die fenster - alles bestes im dem auto
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Dag siden
Hila loves it.
bob cook
bob cook Dag siden
Repairs cost MEGA BUCKS !!!!
bob cook
bob cook Dag siden
Trash Truck . Ugly , Bad milage range and when towing , go around the block and plug it in again !!!
Mark Beiser
Mark Beiser 2 dager siden
It's ugly and impractical. I WANT ONE!
Greg F
Greg F 2 dager siden
Can you imagine following one at dusk or dawn, and having the sun reflect off the rear tailgate into your eyes? It will need paint, stainless steel won't do.
Army Kid
Army Kid 2 dager siden
Why the freak does this car look like it belongs in roblox
johann augustine
johann augustine 2 dager siden
I'm gonna have a tesla eventually... anything that's practical and brings down costs, while improving performance, go for it. This needs a lot of testing, verifying and real life fine tuning, though. meantime, I'm pretty okay with my time-tested internal combustion engines....not buying another one though, the future is already here
Z71 Dirtymaxx
Z71 Dirtymaxx 2 dager siden
Cool truck but absolutely useless for towing... you get "500miles" on one charge with now load... in order to only tow 3,000 pounds your only going to get a range of around 135miles. It takes up to 3.3-3.7 times the power to tow.
Wendell Powell
Wendell Powell 2 dager siden
Elon must have been playing Halo a lot lately and brought the warthog to life.
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers 2 dager siden
GM already sells the Hummer, which is about the same size. Did anyone do an electric conversion?
No Fullname
No Fullname 2 dager siden
It's that peak at the top. It's awkward. Otherwise, it looks like the APC vehicle from Aliens. Could be a cool design if they did a little tweaking... like scrapping it and starting again, frankly.
jeminiany222 2 dager siden
I've come to love the new radical design. It's a truck out of a video game, I want it!!
Clifford Smith
Clifford Smith 2 dager siden
He broke that on purpose free marketing
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 2 dager siden
Truck sux
arturo bernal
arturo bernal 2 dager siden
This thing is ugly 🤣 plus people use trucks for work, loading equipment on the flatbed and moving. Not just towing. This thing is not practical, Tesla needs a practical truck, not Elon's childhood fantasy vehicle 👎this is not a truck
Anwar Khan
Anwar Khan 2 dager siden
This is possibly the coolest thing ever built
TechGeos1019 3 dager siden
Congratulations on 700k subs!
mdjey2 3 dager siden
To be honest those broken windows makes the car look so much more badass!
Rick Kivari
Rick Kivari 3 dager siden
Living in the frozen north, all I can think about is the terrible range of electric vehicles in extremely cold weather. If they can overcome the classic cold-weather battery issues that all electric vehicles have so far, I'd be far more enthusiastic.
Lee S.
Lee S. 3 dager siden
Just when I think Tesla couldn't possibly make an uglier automobile, they completely prove me wrong..... Why do they have to work so hard at making the ugliest cars (and now, trucks) on earth???
Michael Gill
Michael Gill 3 dager siden
Sorry. You can have it. Under load, this thing fails. Check the tests.
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