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I used math, science and tears to create a snake AI which always wins (sometimes).
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28. nov.. 2019





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RickOrSomething 4 timer siden
My doctor diagnosed me with serious anxiety after i watched this
Мартин Ценов
Dude i love you... you cure my boring depression ❤️❤️❤️
mandy mudfart
mandy mudfart 5 timer siden
ok, but can you make an A.I. that auto clicks the "X" on the youtube popups??
Jack Morris
Jack Morris 5 timer siden
Anyone else really want the non hamiltonian one as a screen saver maybe if it existed it would just turn off your computer when it loses I would totally use it
The order of bananas
The order of bananas 5 timer siden
for two million subs do strikeforce heroes 2 hard but I want to see it
fff fff
fff fff 6 timer siden
The king is back.
Drag0n Emper0r
Drag0n Emper0r 6 timer siden
The quality of your vids has improved. I'm happy for you my guy!!! Keep it up, and keep breaking those games.
Orinami 7 timer siden
these jokes in the video are so unfunny you should probably cut them out next video
maurycy zalewski
maurycy zalewski 8 timer siden
Why cant you just change the walls ass a* is pathing so and keep the 80% rule. I t should make it even better.
Dillon Marquard
Dillon Marquard 8 timer siden
If you had it check to see if there was a hamiltonian cycle that can be generated after the move from the beginning to end then that would make it perfect
Pokémon trainer Parker
novids.info/video/do2Yr2a7m4OwaoI.html Come on
A wild tnt yeeter
A wild tnt yeeter 9 timer siden
Snake has big *BONER*
Rocks Are People Too
Rocks Are People Too 9 timer siden
It all looks like bismuth crystals
Joan Domenech
Joan Domenech 10 timer siden
I'm pretty sure you can find this in StackOverflow
MrBeast GamR YT
MrBeast GamR YT 10 timer siden
12:34 music!!?
WROB3L 11 timer siden
Now do this with 4 snakes fighting eachother Tron lightcycle style!
Phillip Otey
Phillip Otey 11 timer siden
Mr. Bullet, I love your videos. Please make an AI to upload videos :p ...but it actually might be interesting I know "two minute papers" has some inside into this.
Soper Frazzy
Soper Frazzy 12 timer siden
The white background and IDE are hurting my vampire eyes
K-dog 12 timer siden
A.I plays Jetpack Joyride
Gummirex 12 timer siden
AI lerans to play TETRIS XD
Sercan Zindancı
Sercan Zindancı 13 timer siden
Very Good !
YoshiPet8 13 timer siden
OMG Iwant that CodeBullet GPS!!!......
LeaveAMark 13 timer siden
Plot Twist!: This entire channel is secretly a giant ad for Brilliant
Joose Kantola
Joose Kantola 14 timer siden
20:50 to prevent this, just code it to 100% follow the cycle when the snake covers almost the whole map
ninjxxitty 14 timer siden
yeah the hamiltonian system is just cheating even for a bot. but that round that ended with 2 blocks left couldve just been solved by arranged it differently or making the dimension of the square different.
Some Peon
Some Peon 14 timer siden
just upload a video of a normal speed snake game please. idfc if its 10h video, but pls do it
Lukáš J.
Lukáš J. 15 timer siden
3:35 There are actually only 3 possible moves for the snake at any point, aren't there?
Adam 15 timer siden
Code Bullet Dude, it should be alive, you had hean right behind tail (of course if you informed your program that every move he make the pole where tail is becomes free, otherwise it really died)
Den's Pie
Den's Pie 15 timer siden
That’s no longer a “snake game” it’s “cavity game”
rostigast 16 timer siden
I suggest to use something else than a white background in the videos since you are effectively draining phone batteries 😔 Like if you are human.
Luka Stojicinovic
Luka Stojicinovic 16 timer siden
20:02 what is the song in the background
Christopherplayz Mcpe
Christopherplayz Mcpe 17 timer siden
What coding program do you use?
Goliath YT
Goliath YT 17 timer siden
"i CREATED a PERFECT SNAKE A.I." where have i seen this title before
Joel H.
Joel H. 17 timer siden
I got it about a quarter of the way into the video. The Milky Way's super massive black hole is named Sagittarius A*. This is a black hole algorithm.
Lesile Martin
Lesile Martin 18 timer siden
RoozyDB 20 timer siden
AI learns to play Guitar Hero
MMMSpice 21 time siden
You should do a video about a AI beating Tetris.
Not Jie Song
Not Jie Song 22 timer siden
18:30 it looks like a black thing trying to run for lifes
Not Jie Song
Not Jie Song 22 timer siden
Damn its so satisfying
ydoc180 23 timer siden
You did great, now teach an AI to play Minesweeper.