How Will Summer Really Impact Coronavirus? - Cheddar Explains 

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Whether it’s the President of the United States or one of your friends, people all over the country are claiming summer will help get rid of the Coronavirus. But solving our COVID-19 crisis won't be as easy as waiting for warm weather to set in.
Further reading:
Visit the Centers for Disease Control website for the latest information on the Coronavirus
World Health Organization (WHO)
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
University of Maryland
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
National Geographic
ABC News
Sun Yat-sen University
Washington Post

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20. mars. 2020





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Bella Jae Williams
Bella Jae Williams 11 timer siden
We all were like 2019 was the worst I can’t wait for 2020 2020: coronavirus can’t go anywhere can’t got to school can’t see family Me: plsssssss take me back to 2019 plsss🥺☹️😭😢
pkasb90 2 dager siden
Cities with 40 degree celcius having active Covid cases too. Covid is here to stay.
findsomething 75
findsomething 75 2 dager siden
An article states that the temparature of the expiration breath of a human being is 30 to 35 degree celcius.how does a virus survive and travel to lungs at this temparature.
eduo0 2 dager siden
Thank you for only writing in idiot-units
De'Camrohn Mathis
De'Camrohn Mathis 3 dager siden
Covid will die by aliens who will see we are dying and help us I know because I am from the future going back in time again I gotta get home p.s y’all have a really weird language back in time it took me a long time to figure it out but be beasty
Kyle's Channel
Kyle's Channel 3 dager siden
We just want everything back to normal and enjoying life and not hearing about it everyDAY!! 💯💯🤧🦠🦠🦠
ray mott
ray mott 5 dager siden
There is no indication that COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 is affected by seasons or that it will die down with summer. It is flourishing in desert nations and desert areas in the US. It is flourishing in nations that are in their summer months or had it during summer months such as Australia. This virus may continue through the summer months. The 2003 SARS-CoV-1 virus. (SARS) outbreak DID NOT GO AWAY WITH WARMER WEATHER.
J Williams
J Williams 7 dager siden
I just want to have my normal life back because the coronavirus is dangerous and I just want to be happy again like in 2019. I miss you 2019!!!!!!!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
JOHN JOHNSON 8 dager siden
We will get through this no matter what
G-Max 8 dager siden
Summer: the hero coronavirus: the villain
TrendInTech 9 dager siden
How many lost their jobs due to #corona? novids.info/video/rKpjhmO8mYCwaZg.html
John Lee
John Lee 10 dager siden
You idiots that put this crap on here all the time. Nothing that anyone doesn't by now know. Just a selfie video to say please subscribe so I can get more goodies.
YOUSRA ADLY 10 dager siden
When the damnd are undamned expect good to come after this point , the world missed their signs and jocked about who warned them , hahaha the cooker of the poison is the first who tastes it .aint nothing but desasters straight to hell by dozens this world will experience next .😁 dont you just love it when your references are true as sky and non of its leads went ro the ground !! I adoooore it . Orange is who !!
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 11 dager siden
Can this guy talk any slower
Nancy Sanders
Nancy Sanders 11 dager siden
Thank You for sharing this quite informative,helpful piece,Cheddar,as this has been the MOST helpful background update re Coronavirus.
Paul Frank
Paul Frank 11 dager siden
New research is discovering low vitamin D levels is related to more severe cases of COVID-19. This makes sense that the summer will see less cases because you’re producing more vitamin D. Do you understand this connection of vitamin D and immune system and COVID-19 I suggest the following video.novids.info/video/lXegqKHUqI6whqA.html
Mango Doll
Mango Doll 12 dager siden
New Subscriber. This Video is really helpful 😉
WWE KID 1 13 dager siden
Coronavirus ain't got crap on us!
・ルルレディ 14 dager siden
Guys don't worry this virus will end soon, just try to stay safe and be clean and healthy
Mr Peeniz
Mr Peeniz 15 dager siden
If their gonna give up vaccines im not gonn take it
Mr Peeniz
Mr Peeniz 15 dager siden
And i remember a vaccine gave me the flu and it doesnt help
Cristian Donaghy
Cristian Donaghy 16 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="513">8:33</a>
emrah şimşek
emrah şimşek 17 dager siden
the mighty god allah will banish all the bad people who ever created this corona virus in the first place and if china is in this to they will burn in hell and don't say to me that it came from animals I hope to god that the world will heal and be back to normal as quick as possible and never to be seen again
Benedictus Anindityo
Benedictus Anindityo 18 dager siden
“Guys don’t worry the virus will die down in summer!” Southern Hemisphere: “I guess I’ll die”
Richard Makumbi
Richard Makumbi 19 dager siden
All of us are suffering from this virus we are all suffering so congrats to all doctors that risk their life daily to safe people
malcom bmb
malcom bmb 20 dager siden
Nature has always been the answer. You can not fight what you can see. The only cure is LOVE
Baron Kristian Maralit
Baron Kristian Maralit 22 dager siden
dont u mean 50 degrees CELSIUS?? how can something that survive well past body temperature (37C or 98F) slow down or become unstable at 10 degrees celsius (or 50F, according to your sources lol)
Sky Թanda
Sky Թanda 22 dager siden
Not just warm ☀️wether 🦋🐝🐴🐜🐛🦂litlle melons scents and👉🌷♨️🍀🌴🌱✌️👍☝️
Douglas serrano
Douglas serrano 23 dager siden
If you want to talk to you friends go on Discord
Garrett Martin
Garrett Martin 23 dager siden
When we said "ugh I don't want to be at school" we didn't mean like this
otim deznuts
otim deznuts 25 dager siden
I don't buy this. I lived in Africa for a while. There are diseases/viruses that do really well in 90 degree weather that is also humid. Flies, fly, ticks, wild meat or people carrying diseases/viruses transmitt faster because of the humidity. Cold weather has proven to slow down the spread of virus because the air malicious slow down radically. Which means that they can't travel as fast. I welcome disagreements but you'll see once summer hits in late May
hiddendragon1001 25 dager siden
If that’s the case why is there COVID outbreak in Florida ? It’s basically summer down there and yet the virus is spreading in Florida. This isn’t going away anytime soon
whatever8282828 28 dager siden
no answer at all!
Juan Caballero
Juan Caballero 28 dager siden
can u guys also use celsius
PhantomMatrix 28 dager siden
Kill Coronavirus with a flamethrower! 🔥🔥🔥
Docwho10th 28 dager siden
Great to live in a southern state....we are in paradise compared to the northern states. It's over 90 degrees and over 90 percent humidity, with only 1 death a traveler from out of state.
evelyn ocon
evelyn ocon 29 dager siden
I hate this virus
alaa b
alaa b 29 dager siden
Thankyou china .. and then if we say anything they will say stop racism .. they continue eating lived animals and the generation of covid19 plus in on going .. humanity were suffered form along time ago from china .. destroying their economy is required by us to let them understand that there are a fucking 6 billion people living with them on this fucking earth
ilghiz Måned siden
I'll leave this video to watch it in autumn :)))
unteroffizier Måned siden
Don't people have common sense? Not all areas are forever of higher temperature and humidity even in summer. Indoors shopping malls, offices and homes, where there are air-conditioned. These places will have lower temperature and humidity. Once any surfaces drop onto surfaces in these places, and someone touches those areas, infection will persist. Vaccine is the only way out. Until then, social distancing, hygiene, mask are the containment actions each and everyone all over the world has to do.
Tanmoy Sahoo
Tanmoy Sahoo Måned siden
India is hot and humid, and, we are seeing considerable spread.
John Donne Show
John Donne Show Måned siden
The sun gives vitamin d which strengthens the immune system. I may add, More than 100 years ago people with tuberculosis were treated in sanatoriums where they were supposed to receive plenty of sunlight. Physicians thought this would help control their infections. Back in the 19th century, of course, scientific understanding of the immune system and its functioning was quite limited.
Rigo Big lobo
Rigo Big lobo Måned siden
This shit driving me loko
Elijah Washington Worldwide
Hope O'Connor
Hope O'Connor 26 dager siden
Yes, and so that all schools, colleges, universities, stores, restaurants, boardwalks, nail salons, hair salons, bars, coffee shops, ice cream shops, gyms and malls can open again too.
Kali Gaming
Kali Gaming Måned siden
the immune system is quacking
Gen C
Gen C Måned siden
Thank you China for spreading your diseases
Speaking in Flurries
If you do not know the answer to that question, you must live in a hole in a ground or lack common sense. The virus is in Florida and California. Now think for yourself if possible.
Neon Boy
Neon Boy Måned siden
Coronavirus is Getting Worse !
Amber-Rae Bussiere
Amber-Rae Bussiere Måned siden
When this virus is over, im still staying away from people 😂
Prince Leal
Prince Leal Måned siden
Don't forget GOD is with us he will not left us behind GOD is on control Please can i here AMEN😇 Think positive and always pray read bible and hear some music of GOD like Way maker That will heal us GQOD is powerful in bible says go seek my people until GOD anger has pass
Stan M
Stan M Måned siden
DID not work in Austrailia, or any other warm country......
zstopperuno Måned siden
Without question higher temperature and humidity levels in the summer will reduce COVID-19 rates. All hot humid countries have very low COVID-19 numbers. Only 3 COVID-19 deaths per million in Australia vs. 800 in New York. Don't wait for summer. See the following very short video on how to replicate the low Aussie COVID-19 numbers now. novids.info/video/m4NjoI7Il422f2E.html
Austin Dickerson
Austin Dickerson Måned siden
This coronavirus outbreak is the Great Depression 2.0.
Ben Watson
Ben Watson Måned siden
Im sick of this pessimistic bullshit. So much progress has already been made since this video.
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Måned siden
I agreed that I want the first wave to end I do not want a second when to start at all then I can do my toilet drive go back to work at Advanced Employment
David Leal
David Leal Måned siden
Is that true? I hope it is.... let's continue to fight on!
lurk Måned siden
where i live is so shit i hate it so much, i dont want covid to stop
Mar Brown
Mar Brown Måned siden
But who gets the flu in the summertime
toybot bato
toybot bato Måned siden
I didn't do anything I cant move, you did it to your selves - Coronavirus
Anti Covid Nineteen
Anti Covid Nineteen Måned siden
Degree celcius
Lieutenant BaconWaffles
I'm not a pessimist, but pandemics average 2 years, so I think it's the coronavirus that's going to kill off summer, at least the vacation end of it. Maybe if more than 25% of people actually practiced social distancing & wore gloves & masks in public, it would only last 1 year. Wash down anything not made with paper that you touch with a disinfectant wipe, or a cloth soaked in Dawn, isopropyl, or hydrogen peroxide.
pietje belll
pietje belll Måned siden
it wil grow and grow and grow like a big weed plant 🌱hahahaha
Yasmeen :D
Yasmeen :D Måned siden
God is punishing us for destroying his Earth. When we finally change our ways he will free us from the horrors of this year.
Alexander Howard
Alexander Howard Måned siden
I’m tired of living through historical events
Tracey No Matter What
Tracey No Matter What 22 dager siden
Better than the alternative, though, right? (Not living) Wishing you and your loved ones good health, deep peace, and as much lighthearted laughter as possible.
Le Penseur
Le Penseur Måned siden
poopyoof boi
poopyoof boi Måned siden
It has slowed down, but its not going to stop it.
Razian Amira
Razian Amira Måned siden
It speeds up as the Northern Hemisphere warms.
Rezeno56 Måned siden
Man, of all this happening right now, it seems were born in the wrong timeline.
daniel Måned siden
Welp, Here we go.
Nicole Anne Hernandez
Nah, it's summer in the Philippines and yet the infected keeps on increasing
tara bellmon
tara bellmon Måned siden
I never been so excited to be ready for hot summer until now
Joey Herrera
Joey Herrera Måned siden
You guys on the comment section pls don't make this a hopeless case,by May warm weather and humidity will come and this virus does not want warm weather.So everything will be ok by summer.Yahoo no more coronavirus.
Talisha Lindstrom
Talisha Lindstrom Måned siden
I hope this all will blow away sometime in the summer
No Fear
No Fear Måned siden
Think about it. Why would the Chinese government allow 5 million new year celebraters leave china knowing they had a new dangerous virus on their hands then lie about everything for weeks... what a way to say to hell with the world. Like then to top it off and out do their self's with not allowing companies like M3 to export their merchandise out of china thus creating the shortage of PPE examples masks, gowns and gloves ext. China actions speak louder then words and no one is really telling the world on the news that all this has taken place. Trump didn't take actions slowly or didn't want to the truth is he couldn't no one could force china to let any company take their products to help with this covid-19 virus. We the world should send China a loud and clear message to hell with giving them our business and black list any and all their products Point Blank. Go to hell china.......
Jess Rice
Jess Rice Måned siden
I’m glad I live in Arizona ☀️
ernesto jr garantuza
Scientists said corona is staying for 2 more years
ernesto jr garantuza
Um in phillipines its sumemr always and the people who get corona summer doesnt stop corona sorry bruh
Razian Amira
Razian Amira Måned siden
Not even slow down.... In fact it's pretty much opposite.
ChristINme 247
ChristINme 247 Måned siden
novids.info/video/oYNmkoWjerG7o5g.html send to someone in need of a PRAYER 🙏🏻🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏🏿🙏
Sydney Holmes
Sydney Holmes Måned siden
And why would you use studies out of china when its a fact they knew about the virus back in nov of 2019? If something isn't done about the problem (ccp) fact we will see another virus coming out of china in the next 5 to 20 years and next time we may not be so lucky. Let hope summer helps but my fear is not that....once fall hits again what happens then? lockdowns again? the second wave get ready cause our governments are planning on it
Razian Amira
Razian Amira Måned siden
I don't think summers will kill off virus, I doubt it'll even slow down. India's getting warmer and the curve steepens. Spain, France, Germany, Italy, USA shows same increasing trends. Opposite effect!! In fact, some experts said that pandemic will peak in late June or early July. And with global warming, the coronavirus will become more deadly and more infectious in the coming years.
Kazuki Katsuhito
Kazuki Katsuhito Måned siden
Hmm tha virus may not go away ... if not surely that’s the end of us ....
Warren Puckett
Warren Puckett Måned siden
Just check Thailand Temps now run between 85 and 100 F daily with high humidity. Don't think it is working. Maybe the Mojave may be better 48C-55C and as low as 2C at night in June-July + very low humidity.
Fresh Zips
Fresh Zips Måned siden
novids.info/video/faJ9gmy2l2jejKg.html Expose covid-19 and watch this video