How to Stop an Epidemic 

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Music by epidemicsound.com
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
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13. aug.. 2019





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Clash Cookie
Clash Cookie 51 minutt siden
How to stop an epidemic: 1. Ban eating bats
The World Diaries
The World Diaries 13 timer siden
“flu like symptoms”, oh no
Abderian Dag siden
The fix got patched in March 2020.
MWB Gaming
MWB Gaming Dag siden
Ebola crisis hits Africa, and nothing of value was lost
Christopher Dag siden
Lmao... Corona virus 2020
Cleo C
Cleo C 2 dager siden
once again BATS are the cause… maybe it’s time we stop eating them🤔just a thought
Raluchi Iwuagwu
Raluchi Iwuagwu 3 dager siden
Excuse me Wendover Productions, you put the wrong flag for Nigeria, was it a typo? The Nigerian flag is green, white, green. Thank you
Tijn Zijn backup
Tijn Zijn backup 4 dager siden
If only he knew..
Marcelo Calderon
Marcelo Calderon 4 dager siden
I need Spanish subtitles for my family D: Necesito subtítulos en español para mi familia D:
Kieran Cooke
Kieran Cooke 4 dager siden
This did NOT age well 💀💀💀💀
Jacksonian :D
Jacksonian :D 5 dager siden
DEAR PEOPLE OF THE FUTURE: Stop eating god damn bat soup
GroovyVideo2 9 dager siden
Creepy donald should have watched this
vicky zhang
vicky zhang 9 dager siden
As an ordinary citizen, all you can do is protect yourself, avoid infection, protect your family, and go out to take protective measures, especially gloves and masks(Polloo.com).
O F F L I N E 9 dager siden
Oh apparently cbs news did Nice Clapclapclapclap
O F F L I N E 9 dager siden
Word online is a florida official called "Rebekah Jones" was removed from her job o f "reporting covid deaths" because they asked her to change numbers in support of reopening And she said no Its not on cbs news is it Hmmmmmmmmmm Interesting... 10X 10X TO HIDE SHIT LIKE THIS
rSewqa 10 dager siden
Can you tell us how to stop a pandemic
Steve Oh
Steve Oh 12 dager siden
I can’t listen to this when there’s constant music in the background !!!!
Leta Robinson
Leta Robinson 12 dager siden
That globally popular bat soup recipe <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> is moving to the bottom of my bucket list.
Sky Guy Aviation
Sky Guy Aviation 13 dager siden
too late
Savio Alphonso
Savio Alphonso 13 dager siden
You are about 7 months too early
Chrischi4598 14 dager siden
You know this whole “how to stop a pandemic” thing ain’t working when you censor and kill the doctors who tell you that there is a new virus. And also sure ain’t helping when the WHO is afraid of you and ain’t doing anything in the beginning (and even ignoring information because the country it’s coming from is claimed by the country you do not want to anger)
7sukuyomi 15 dager siden
How to stop a *CORONA VIRUS*
David S
David S 19 dager siden
Wendover: This video Sorcerer Supreme: You're about 5 months early
Anonymous 016
Anonymous 016 19 dager siden
Oh shiit!!
bill mar
bill mar 19 dager siden
I hope those in charge during this corona virus pandemic will take the great techniques presented here! I am glad we are wearing masks, gloves, and self distancing/isolation. All people are worth saving.
Hierarchy of Royalty
Hierarchy of Royalty 20 dager siden
I love how it the NYT article says that bat soup started the Ebola outbreak a bit familiar...
Infinite Leong
Infinite Leong 20 dager siden
Well, we stopped an epidemic by making it into a pandemic.
Amistrophy 20 dager siden
This aged very, very well.
Ghosty Gang
Ghosty Gang 21 dag siden
this video aged well
seawar4 21 dag siden
It's so bizarre watching this in may 2020. The part about the PPE being essential would have been water off a ducks back 5 months ago. Now I understand.
Terry Winter
Terry Winter 21 dag siden
When you do the research you find out there is no covid19 virus, and what i find even more amazing is that nobody seems concerned that this lock down nonsense is destroying the world for no reason, i find that very disturbing and illogical, although when you have people every Thursday clapping at 8 pm in the UK like pathetic idiotic demented seals what do you expect, it's like there clapping for there own enslavement
FrostySnow1000 9 dager siden
​@Terry Winter Covid-19 is still being researched and still need to be better understood. The WHO said that the virus is just the common flu when it first started, then more research went into it since things gotten worse. I'm not saying your prime minister is lying, but he could still be missing out facts and just saying that to keep people calm. If you want an example that isn't your prime minister of health, look at what Trump and the US government is doing and saying to the people. "Go inject some cleaning products." The existence or not of Covid-19 is a huge political issue in America and cases are rising since reopening in multiple cases. So what your prime minister is saying could also be a political thing for whatever purposes. Covid19 is worse than the flu and we still don't know its full potential or other strains it has that can affect the body.
Terry Winter
Terry Winter 9 dager siden
@FrostySnow1000 so Chris Whitty is lying is he ?
FrostySnow1000 9 dager siden
​@Terry Winter Covid-19 is more infectious you idiot!. The flue has a R0 of 1.3 while Covid-19 has a R0 of 2 which means that the infection rate is doubled when one person spread to another (meaning it branches out more if you graph it out). Our immune system is still the literal same, there is no vaccine for covid-19 and there are more than one strain of covid-19! Our immune system only protects what we are vaccinated so far dipshit. Please really educate yourself on how infections work and seeing the real differences between Covid-19 and the flu. Have you seen patients at the hospital? They require so much blood transfusions and ventillations. What common flu requires atleast 5 blood transfusions huh? Also you shithead, our immune system isn't gonna be immune to fucking covid-19 overnight. It takes literal years of changes and cells to evolve to it. Unless we find a different strain like how cow pox was used as a vaccine for Small pox, our immune system isn't going any where. And you look like an idiot here saying 'When you do the research you find out there is no covid19 virus" then ran back to your prime minister saying its real now. Explain that you idiot.
Terry Winter
Terry Winter 9 dager siden
@FrostySnow1000 so why is our health minister Chris Whitty in the UK saying this virus is no more deadly than normal flu and no more infectious, but we have a lock down that is putting 10s of millions out of work and in to poverty, there is fear and stress everywhere so this is making peoples immune systems much weaker so more people are likely to get ill or even die, not to mention all the people in care homes dying because there not seeing a doctor or getting treatment, so do not lecture me about how people are suffering you dipshit fucking asshole
FrostySnow1000 9 dager siden
@Terry Winter Sure love your opinion of how my relatives died from covid19. Hopefully you catch it and spread it to your loved ones, but wait covid19 doesnt exist so you'll be fine -just keep visiting everyone you know.
Kasen Ratliff
Kasen Ratliff 21 dag siden
Hey, after all of this, we now have a pandemic!
Benedictus Anindityo
Benedictus Anindityo 22 dager siden
not even 30 seconds in and bats are mentioned, those DAMNED BATS
Vinnie nemr
Vinnie nemr 22 dager siden
Why doesn’t the world leaders just watch this
Hicks Hicks
Hicks Hicks 22 dager siden
Sie, Evan Setiawan
Sie, Evan Setiawan 22 dager siden
Thanks for including the citation. I used this video for my mid exam.
anomie nous
anomie nous 23 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="787">13:07</a> omg he looks so young HOW CUTE
Boring Person
Boring Person 23 dager siden
Guinea: *bans bat soup* China: *doesn’t write that down*
Noah Price
Noah Price 23 dager siden
Adam17Smit 24 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="589">9:49</a> Nigeria's flag is wrong.
Luke Clary
Luke Clary 25 dager siden
China should have watched this when it came out...
Tina Loye
Tina Loye 26 dager siden
That's not nigeria's flag 🇳🇬 not even close
Clifford Lambert
Clifford Lambert 27 dager siden
Great video, but your speaking pace is painful to follow. You need to cut out the random pauses..
AD O6 27 dager siden
Hold on bat infested barn flu like symptoms forget China it was guinea that started it
Kieran Duffy
Kieran Duffy 27 dager siden
Yo bat soup we really should have been more prepared for corona
Pilows Bed
Pilows Bed 28 dager siden
You should make a video how to become poor
Noob 29 dager siden
He predicted it
Malcis Måned siden
Me, scrolling through my *watch later* list: hmm, when did I put this here?
mr wong from russia
mr wong from russia Måned siden
when i watched this the first time last year, I was like luckily something like this will not happen to me in Australia. But now this seems like nothing.
Raghav Bhide
Raghav Bhide Måned siden
Quick, we need a how to stop a pandemic video now. Btw nice reccomendation NOW youtube
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Måned siden
Please say I am still alive.
Rawleigh Sellers
Rawleigh Sellers Måned siden
All of the governments of the world should turn notifications on because they will know how to do things. Also, Sam you are predicting the future
CaptainWafflez Måned siden
This video before Coronavirus. How to Fight Fires before Australian Fires. Why Airlines are going Bankrupt before airline stocks crashed. Business of Ski Resorts before ski resorts are all going bankrupt. This man is too dangerous to be kept alive...
CactusBoi 20 dager siden
Next up: How to survive during a Nuclear attack
TheIrishAreComing Måned siden
well this aged badly.
I can't decide if this video aged like milk or wine
Lachlan’s Train Channel
Man, it’s like they did something about it straightaway instead of hiding it for months.
Roman Danylyshyn
Roman Danylyshyn Måned siden
Jethro23 Måned siden
Wet market in China: exists. The entire world: "why do i hear boss music?"
Boris S.
Boris S. Måned siden
Am I the only one who sees the irony of being sponsored by a luggage company during a video about stopping a pandemic?
Hugo Lindqvist
Hugo Lindqvist Måned siden
I like the more documentary like videos like this one, keep up the good work!
ap h
ap h Måned siden
OMG... he did a video in Aug and look now
Procama Måned siden
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Tan Panther
Tan Panther Måned siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="800">13:20</a> worst-case scenario 1.4M lol now we have 2.5M coronavirus cases now we in the endgame
Sushi Sushi
Sushi Sushi Måned siden
Tan Panther Who told you were In the end game?
Atlas next
Atlas next Måned siden
Anyone noticed he brought up airlines in this episode?!........none? Only me??ok
MANETIT Naj Måned siden
Yeah but how do we stop a pandemic like coro-
Yiannis Papagiannopoulos
Bat soup... Why does that sound familiar? 🤔
Alec Th3B3stGam3r
Alec Th3B3stGam3r Måned siden
Keith Baka
Keith Baka Måned siden
Why is it always bats?
RavenFoxrod Måned siden
Beginning of Humanity: Primordial Soup End of Humanity: Bat Soup
Vincent Conti
Vincent Conti Måned siden
Who's watching this because of the coronavirus?
Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Evans Måned siden
Crazy idea here... but maybe we should stop eating f*cling bats...
Zentourne Måned siden
A man: *coughs* Greenland: *ight imma close ports*
Zentourne Måned siden
I don’t understand what is the problem about the coronavirus, just show WHO this video lmao
Sie, Evan Setiawan
Sie, Evan Setiawan 22 dager siden
Covid is contagious before the patient show symptoms. Since the incubation period is relatively long, it is hard to trace and stop the spread.
Astrum San
Astrum San Måned siden
How to stop an epidemic? Easy, just have it turn into a pandemic.
Ferdinand Willoughby
This sucker and his annoying tonality should make a video on how to get out of the friendzone
albion jerasi
albion jerasi Måned siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="588">9:48</a> There is the flag of Nicaragua instead of the Nigerian one! 🤭🤦‍♀️
Kawbu Måned siden
DorianPlayzRBLX Måned siden
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