How does Coronavirus (Covid-19) compare to Spanish flu? 

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The last time we saw a truly worldwide pandemic was the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak just over 100 years ago but how does it compare to the current Covid-19 situation. We know that Spanish Flu infected about 30% of the then world population of 1.8 billion and went on the kill somewhere between 13.5 to 50 million depending on how you interpret the data.
It's virtually impossible that this would happen again as we know far more than we did then and have antibiotics for pneumonia and experimental antiviral drugs, even though we don't have a vaccine yet. We are also working together rather than fighting the first world war as they were when the Spanish Flu outbreak started.
WHO Covid-19 worldwide cases daily update map.
Chinese report into the Wuhan outbreak with statistics.
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D Dag siden
Mortality rate is now 6-10% in the US depending on the state (based on official case numbers and deaths). I’d say it’s a statistical error but it’s like this in most US states. I think Spanish Flu hit so hard mainly because of WW1 and info suppression. Otherwise wouldn’t have been so devastating
Coecludd 3 dager siden
Solid information resource! Thanks - this is what NOvids is all about!
trashcan muppet
trashcan muppet 3 dager siden
lord varys sure know a lot.
Lady Tron
Lady Tron 3 dager siden
Excellent information.No screaming dramatics just honest well narrated facts.Thank you.👍😀
melvert33 3 dager siden
So informative, amazing clip!
TLTango 4 dager siden
conscientious, factual, knowledgeable. From Space to Medical Sciences. You are a case study yourself.
REAL TRUTH 4 dager siden
At 16 I worked summers at Harvard university surgical lab and Tufts and was Warned that Don't take their Medications and stay in good shape!!! Too bad your all so obese to the point of Explosion but don't worry someone always did this to you like being a drug addict and Alcoholic ,but don't worry someone always did this to you !!! Now you know how you died but don't worry someone always did this to you!!!
Demolition guy in video
Shillito. Peddling government propaganda. So transparent. How many people do you know have died from this coronavirus? I’ll tell yo, none.
peter martin
peter martin 5 dager siden
Yes !
Teddy Carr
Teddy Carr 5 dager siden
We still have stupid people. Be Let's all defy the scientific data and the warnings of the CDC and go have group hugs in the Louisiana Super Done!
Steven Goellner
Steven Goellner 5 dager siden
Steven Goellner
Steven Goellner 5 dager siden
Steven Goellner
Steven Goellner 5 dager siden
So because its not known its worst huh!
ray mott
ray mott 5 dager siden
The 1918 H1N1 pandemic ran for nearly 3 years straight from 1918-20. The current SARS-COV-2 COVID-19 pandemic has only run for 143 days as of 5/22/20. As of 5/22/20 COVID-19 daily deaths. 5,252 died in 24rs on 5/22. 2,374 daily average. As of 5/22/20, the world has +107,716 new cases in 24hrs with a total of 5,298,207 total cases. 5,252 new deaths were reported worldwide in 24hrs on 5/22 and a total of 339,425 deaths. That is an average of 2,374 deaths a day from the start of the pandemic until 5/22/20. The US has seen 89,929 people die in the last 53 days alone. - 5/22 That is an average of 1,697 people a day dying in the US from COVID-19 right now. Overall the US has 97,647 deaths from the start of the pandemic in the US. That is an overall average of 794 deaths a day from COVID-19 from the first reported case in the US on 1/20/20 until 5/22/20. Compared to seasonal flu. The flu daily deaths range from an estimated 695 to 1,370. 250,000 to 500,000 die each year worldwide from the flu. The low-end of 250,000 would average out to 685 deaths a day worldwide from flu. The high end of 500,000 would average out to 1,370 deaths a day worldwide from the flu. The H1N1 pandemic in 2009-20010 lasted for 483 days. That averages out to 26 deaths a day. It killed 12,469 people in the US. The flu for 2018-2019 has an estimated 34,000 deaths by the CDC. That averages out to 93 deaths a day for the flu on a 365 day year.
APBC Technique and UK Osteopathy
Good video though
Karma Alegre
Karma Alegre 5 dager siden
I don't understand why is it so difficult to follow safety guidelines. I am not an essential worker, but I have been working throughout the "lock down." I am the only one in the office and, so it is safe. I am one of the lucky ones, so no complaints. But, to see so many people eager to sit at a restaurant or go to the mall is bewildering. **SMH** We need to remain consistent and strong, adhere to the safety guidelines and take all necessary precautions for as long as it takes. I have accepted that this may take years. Stay safe, everyone, I hope you, your loved ones and your community remain healthy throughout this pandemic. Sending virtual hugs & kisses... xoxoxox
Mommy Smoochie
Mommy Smoochie 6 dager siden
Thank you for the great information, I love your shirt btw.
R C R 6 dager siden
Did you say from 1918 to 1920????
Lisa Lovely LPA
Lisa Lovely LPA 6 dager siden
My grandmother lived during the Spanish Flu , she lost two children an infant and sixteen year old daughter , it was not ancient history.
tore springare
tore springare 7 dager siden
scientist says nowdays spanish flu killed between 50 to 150 milion people !!!!
tore springare
tore springare 7 dager siden
Your facts are totally outdated and at best poor....
Jeremy Trollope
Jeremy Trollope 7 dager siden
I'm predicting a less deadly mutation being widespread. He was saying how the Spanish Flu mutated worse because it was spreading more in severe cases. If we can keep hospitals light and keep social distance, there's a chance that it will mutate to a lower fatality because that will make it more successful. We can see now that most Middle Eastern countries (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman) have significantly lower fatality rates than other countries. It's likely that they got a milder mutation somehow (poor Iran did not). I know the answer is 'we don't know' but I'm hopeful and optimistic
Harold Beaumont
Harold Beaumont 7 dager siden
Sarah K
Sarah K 9 dager siden
SIMPLE - covid does not come close to the spanish flu😡 This is the toxic millenium, with toxic people over populating and destroying the planet.
Alex Tabet
Alex Tabet 9 dager siden
COVID 19 is not 20 times deadlier than the flu. It is 3-5 times deadlier. The exact figures are not yet known, but it is nowhere close to 20 times. And the flu used to be much deadlier. We manage it much better now that we know how to treat it.
Louise Fox
Louise Fox 9 dager siden
The figures are a bit different now - definitely NOT the same as Spanish 'flu. Maybe about 0.3 death rate - the trouble is that many countries are inflating their death figures. Too much politics involved. Economies being deliberately destroyed.
Chee Hong Lim
Chee Hong Lim 9 dager siden
Most informative video so far. Good Job!
Anna Paulinov
Anna Paulinov 10 dager siden
covid-19 has 5.5% death rate.
Stuart Cumings
Stuart Cumings 11 dager siden
Fear installs conformity...seen many scared and paranoid people about and who are scared of others...thats how they gain control...this isnt going away anytime soon and the social distancing measures are designed for future tracking purposes
L G 11 dager siden
What’s positive and great is now Americans, the Brits and French will spend all their vacation money in their own country, which will help their own economies cause international travel spending is a lot each summer. This is the positive thing. Patronizing inside the country will build the economy back faster. Stop buying anything from China till they pay this debt. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
UK Horror story
UK Horror story 11 dager siden
This is what I like to see...Let's have a " virus off"...
Defcon_One 11 dager siden
Educational 👍 Always look on the Curious side of Life 🤣
Vince Hall
Vince Hall 12 dager siden
Thanks Curious Droid.
WAYNE HARRISON 12 dager siden
Very informative
John Wang
John Wang 14 dager siden
"within our lifetimes" is part of the problem. These are relatively infrequent threats so our very mortality prevents us from anticipating these threats and preparing for them.
Tonya 1028
Tonya 1028 15 dager siden
Future generations will be looking back at this time talking about Covid 19
2DSTORMS 16 dager siden
One of the most level headed and informative videos on this Covid-19 Pandemic. Great job!!
skandix 16 dager siden
Thank you for an honest break down of Covid19. Nice Shirt!
Mark Jennings
Mark Jennings 16 dager siden
Paul I’ve had the virus and what worries me most is why the US navy just declared all recovered COVID19 servicemen\women as disqualified from recruitment or future service! What do they know about the virus and it’s long term effects on the body that we don’t?
Mr Bluntforce T
Mr Bluntforce T 16 dager siden
I wonder where he buys his shirts
Mozam g
Mozam g 16 dager siden
Thanx (kane) 😬😁😬😁
sin car
sin car 16 dager siden
is not spanish is the kansas flu
Soumya 8974
Soumya 8974 17 dager siden
This video should be watched!
Sharon Green
Sharon Green 18 dager siden
When I come home from work can't believe how many people are in the street there are more people now than there was before I have had the virus don't want it again
harry wissink
harry wissink 18 dager siden
So what is the status now ( mid may ) Sweden is doing very good with a kind of herd immunity strategy This seems a far better strategy then the rest of Europe .. in Holland were already struggling with lack of immunity The statistics show under 60 and healthy do not have a great risk of dying.. Prof giesecke is telling an interesting view on the strategies
Lewis Gustave
Lewis Gustave 18 dager siden
Dawn Ingram
Dawn Ingram 18 dager siden
His hands move more than his mouth
Andy 18 dager siden
Switch on and off Disease. Crash the world economy at will. No jobs food shortages where to live. Controlled.
xc5647321 xc5647321
xc5647321 xc5647321 18 dager siden
It'll cull the population down. We are over populated , and if you doubt that search this online! MOUSE UTOPIA EXPERIMENT.
LA BoutaBagDoe
LA BoutaBagDoe 18 dager siden
Both are man made diseases
Hans Marheim
Hans Marheim 18 dager siden
One of the best and most informative videos I have seen on NOvids. Thanks.
Frances Ruggeri
Frances Ruggeri 19 dager siden
Errata: diagnosis, vaccinations. Judging by the punctual, grammar and spelling, it is obvious that the information presented on the screen was not written by an English speaker.
Adrian Inglis
Adrian Inglis 20 dager siden
Please give an update! 2 point 0.
Petros Komninos
Petros Komninos 20 dager siden
Facebook and NOvids are on this !
Tucsoncoyote 2019
Tucsoncoyote 2019 22 dager siden
If a war takes 12 years to kill 60,000 people and if it takes 1 year to kill 60,000 people in car accident and 60,000 people die in 1 month then the question is.. is this the seasonal flu?
Gaspare Glorioso
Gaspare Glorioso 22 dager siden
Phillip Dinan
Phillip Dinan 22 dager siden
Woodrow Wilson and Donald Trump ignored warnings, misinformed the citizens of the United States and people died because of lack of leadership in time of a public health crisis. History does repeats itself.
Kevin Berger
Kevin Berger 22 dager siden
Hey, that's Janus....the Roman God of beginnings, transitions, time, doorways, and endings. A two-faced God for whom we derive ...you guess it...the month of January...hence...the New Year! Say farewell to the old and hello to the new.
DesertRose122 22 dager siden
I hope this goes straight back to China soon and stays there
Mr Horse
Mr Horse 23 dager siden
Spanish Flu: genuine health crisis. Whuhan Flu: deep state farce.
Gavin McIntosh
Gavin McIntosh 17 dager siden
@Harry Balzac Ask your MP/Rep for the data used to lock u down. They must have it to make the decision.
Harry Balzac
Harry Balzac 19 dager siden
Need proof. All you tinfoil hat people never show proof.
Ash T Iron
Ash T Iron 23 dager siden
I think from now we need to call it World War 1 flu
Allan Chapman
Allan Chapman 24 dager siden
The time to compare Covid to the 1918 flu is when it's over. Watch this space in one two or three years. By that time the " it's only Flu" Argument will be settled.
Farm Puzzle
Farm Puzzle 24 dager siden
Both created by evil humans. Chemical respiratory failure.
Mr Horse
Mr Horse 23 dager siden
Johnny J
Johnny J 25 dager siden
This is at least the third time China has done this, they SHOULD be made to pay.
modonna65 26 dager siden
God help us.
Brightness Point 1
Brightness Point 1 28 dager siden
Sir I never get your videos notifications...so sad. I was just checking that y u didn't upload videos for past three months then Found out that I didn't receive notifications....bell button is not working... NOvids please check
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris 28 dager siden
Nice vid. This is honestly one of the MOST transformative events in history, and it is largely ignored. Ot sure about elsewhere, but there may be a paragraph in most US history textbooks, and its relation to WWI.
dreemsnake1 29 dager siden
I yell at people not wearing masks. Just yesterday I asked if they could put the killers in their own grocery line. They yell about their rights, but what about our rights to not be killed by these morons? I’m immunocompromised and although I’ve stayed at home almost all the time, I still have to get some groceries once a week. I wear gloves and a mask, I have a list, I go in and get it done. It amazes me how people are still not wearing masks, shopping as families, just meandering down the aisles.
DesertRose122 22 dager siden
Mr Horse proof?? Or do you listen to everything the suits tell you to do??
Mr Horse
Mr Horse 23 dager siden
you are an idiot...masks do NOTHING
Mad9977 Productions
Mad9977 Productions 29 dager siden
spanish flu killed 50 mio people, covid-19 is far away from that and already 980'000 people have recovered
DesertRose122 22 dager siden
At last. A bit of truth and sense among all the fear and pearl clutching!!
melissa tibma
melissa tibma Måned siden
We Now Know covid 19 causes Clots in various parts of the body. Not comparable to anything.......
Michael Benyamin
Michael Benyamin Måned siden
Varys got a NOvids channel.
Levy Nagy
Levy Nagy Måned siden
No, we don't fight a war but we fight the tendencies of totalitarianism of the modern governments who never in their dreams would have thought they will get such a great chance to control the population like they use and abuse now. Common people are losing their jobs while governments allocate hundreds of billion(!) of dollars to the rich to grow their businesses. Humanity failed the test of...humanity once again, congrats to everybody!
Atheist7 21 dag siden
Not sure if these are the best, but there are at least 10 more there. novids.info/video/ZoGZiIfQaHjZmWE.html novids.info/video/dmBprqjRZ3iZqYY.html
Jeanne Kinlund
Jeanne Kinlund Måned siden
Heathen 1859
Heathen 1859 Måned siden
Should be Spanish flu vs China flu.
Bryan de Paepe
Bryan de Paepe Måned siden
The saving grace back then was the standard four to five day incubation period of that virus. The current corona virus SARS-CoV-2 that causes the disease COVID-19 has a incubation period of up to fourteen days with an asymptomatic transmission component.
Shane Devries
Shane Devries Måned siden
This information is now old - new information states that the numbers of infected could be as high as 50x what has been reported that will drop the death rate compared to the total numbers of infected down to levels equal to the common flu
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="480">8:00</a> it seems the viruses was designed as weapon against soldiers !!
David k-klass K
David k-klass K Måned siden
Why are viruses such Dicks!
DesertRose122 22 dager siden
The Smiley Virus is the worst of them all!!
Mel Barrett
Mel Barrett Måned siden
Very digestibly presented.
Sean Baca
Sean Baca Måned siden
Hiding from it, wont rid it from our world. Sars Coronavirus 2 is here to stay... destroying our economy wont magically get rid of the virus. People die, that's life. Those who are ill, old, and or have immune problems should quarantine themselves. But to shut down the economy is suicide for 350 million people. The more our immune system is in contact with sars coronavirus 2 the stronger our immune system will be to fight it. Sars coronavirus 2 is here to stay people.... why collapse our economy and still have covid to deal with ontop of that.
DesertRose122 22 dager siden
Money money money it’s all you rich knobs ever think about!
Ganger 6 mill
It ALMOST launched...