How China Built a Hospital in 10 Days 

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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
Select Footage courtesy 大紀元新聞網 and
中国新闻网 under creative commons licenses
[1] www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/01/mining-coronavirus-genomes-clues-outbreak-s-origins
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[11] www.wsj.com/articles/united-american-airlines-suspend-hong-kong-service-as-coronavirus-saps-demand-11580897463



11. feb.. 2020





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Quan Liu
Quan Liu 3 timer siden
Fake::: The spreading is not caused by eating bats!!!
Ziming Xu
Ziming Xu 11 timer siden
China has the best cilvil engineers in the world. Qinghua University civil engineering is ranked the fist place.
vaibhav pawar
vaibhav pawar 18 timer siden
Like they built the Wuhan virus in 10 days.. 共匪 communist bandits, Free Hong Kong.. Free Taiwan.. Free Tibet.. Free south China sea.. Free Indian territory.. Free Uyghur Muslims.. Free world from Wuhan virus.. Free WHO.. Now Free mount everest too..
alexandre dubois
alexandre dubois 19 timer siden
Love all westerners only came to still trashtalk China and say the quality must be bad. No rage, they are better, in France, it would take more than 1 years, and at the end, it might be cancelled or in bad quality lol
Shogun 2 Heroic Victories
Yet in the 9 days it took the UK to Refit a Convention centre into a field hospital. And did that US Military Medic ship ever make it to New York to serve its purpose?
Casual Chris
Casual Chris 23 timer siden
Meanwhile in the UK: Guys after more than a decade of yapping, we are now ditching the plan for a new runway in Heathrow. Me: 🙃
C.Y. DR Dag siden
It seems in China we are really vulnerable to potential events of deliberately virus spreading by spies and anti-China force. They basically can spread the virus in crowed area, metro, shopping mall. And theses people don’t have to be foreigners, they can be Chinese or whatever Asians. Chinese authority should push on more strict monitoring infrastructures. We Chinese should be strongly aware the western hegemonism and imperialism will never cease to destroy and undermine our society.
Noise Silent
Noise Silent 2 dager siden
I am a Chinese and i have to say that ,the "Wild animals market" in this video wasn't means a market which sell those animals in the wild, exactly that just a common farm product market. There are no bat or any other wild animals, just some fresh chicken, beef, pork and those common meat and vegetables. I've seen some western media used the wrong name to call these markets. We can't imagine how those idiots could eat bats either.
TSU liuxiang
TSU liuxiang 2 dager siden
More greater the Chinese are,the Americans hate more !
Jiaxi Dong
Jiaxi Dong 2 dager siden
you can say what you want about politics...but it's hard to beat such efficiency in a time of crisis...
Erik W
Erik W 3 dager siden
fake news
Alex The Awesome
Alex The Awesome 3 dager siden
And now one of these hospitals collaspes Good job china
Justin FONTAINE 3 dager siden
I mean yes it's pretty impressive, probably one of the few advantages of having a one party system, no need to wait for approval and the building process can just start immediately. The US response to the pandemic is really awful, but maybe if China warned the world instead of covering it up, we won't have the pandemic in the first place...
Quin 2 dager siden
WE WARNED YOU THE MOMENT WE FOUND IT TERRIBLE IN WUHAN!! For example, We started to lockdown Wuhan in JAN 20th, and Trump said US had started to research for vaccine in JAN 11th. Why you still blame china for covering information???You still trust western media??
Feeling 24
Feeling 24 3 dager siden
No,it’s faker news Next
派大星 4 dager siden
The key point : it need a great country
Vincent Zhong
Vincent Zhong 4 dager siden
By lying, according to some.
Ayan Booyens
Ayan Booyens 4 dager siden
I would rather watch coverage of this than any sports event - would be great if they could make a TV documentary series explaining how this was coordinated!
霸八 4 dager siden
Vi Rex
Vi Rex 4 dager siden
Chinese CCP will be pleasuring themselves while watching this video 😂😂😂😗😗😗😗😗😗
BlackBird 5 dager siden
Thanks.. This​ is.relaxing for.Building and.​ Entertaining.
BlueOrca Spinner
BlueOrca Spinner 5 dager siden
But Wu Han market didn't sell bats. Investigation is a good idea 👍
Light Berry
Light Berry 5 dager siden
Like it or not, capitalist would first ask: How much?
Lin柠檬 5 dager siden
Actually China is the first country found this Cov-19 and report to the WHO, the first and early cases are already appeared in US and EU, then western and US media start blaming. How useless ?
Lin柠檬 5 dager siden
China : people stay at home,10 days built the hospital and free treat free bills free food. Do as mush as possible help people and keep life. US: demonstration , no mask , blaming, economy is first option then human life. Sent you a big surprise about the treat bills.....
Alvin Ge
Alvin Ge 6 dager siden
Paradox: What? I dare not design Cities Skyline like this.
PanPanPan 6 dager siden
Fake title , next !
ゴートryter 6 dager siden
China wouldn't have to do all this if they have took the initial outbreak of the virus seriously
Yi Zhang
Yi Zhang 3 dager siden
The US wouldn't have died so many people if they do anything after they cancel all the flights from China on February first.
gillian he
gillian he 6 dager siden
the virus is not originally from Wuhan, several studies started by a few orgniazations are supporting this conclusion
Willaev 6 dager siden
Tl;dw They didn’t. They built a temporary quarantine facility. Not a hospital.
A M 6 dager siden
They actually built TWO hospitals, Huoshenshan and Leishenshan, they also converted 16 stadiums, convention centers etc. to makeshift hospitals as temporary quarantine facilities to take those mild symptoms patients.
Logan Emery
Logan Emery 7 dager siden
Dude!!! I'm a big fan of this channel I learn a lot on here but you just killed your credibility in the first few seconds of the video. People getting COVID 19 from eating bats was a myth that went around the internet that had no scientific backing and it is well known that for viruses to jump from animals to people they just need to have contact, they dont need to eat or have sex with animals to get sick from them. I know this is a small detail in the context of this video, but the fact that you bought into internet misinformation puts into question where you find your sources and what else you might be getting wrong.
Yux W
Yux W Dag siden
Even Lancet does not have a clue. The origin is both mysterious and political now. You are right on this point.
Guity King
Guity King 8 dager siden
keep citizens safe is the most important human right
yinky 9 dager siden
this is purely propaganda coz there more than "one" hospital is needed for the region/crisis, in fact hundreds of hospital/buildings was setup to accommodate the virus the built was just a show to demonstrate to the people the govt is focused/prioritized the problem and clam them down
Xiongfei Chen
Xiongfei Chen 9 dager siden
No, at that time, it was to give all Chinese people who were in a panic hope that there would be a live broadcast of a hospital being built on the Internet in China, with tens of millions of viewers watching it every day. This way of reporting gave all Chinese people the power not to be afraid of the virus
SpamIsBae 13
SpamIsBae 13 9 dager siden
Simple: The Chinese are communists
poiseble mira moon
poiseble mira moon 10 dager siden
A clean-up measure of their own mess spilled from their own premises, aided by the shallow patriotic education, which in turn evokes sympathy from the outsiders. To all of you: do not be, even a little bit, sympathetic towards them, as they will bite you on the butt. People in the comments are already saying that the virus is carried from the USA (in Chinese).
FaZe Trump
FaZe Trump 11 dager siden
call it LEGO assembly.
T.R Le
T.R Le 12 dager siden
Of course temporary hospital build in ten days but it collapsed soon enough??? What's so great about???? bragging bragging bragging
1FrostySlime 12 dager siden
When I first watched this video I was sitting down at school, eating lunch. Now I've been at home for over two months and I havn't been inside I building other then my house in 6+ weeks. At some point he said this would be one for the history books not knowing how true that statement would be. At the time of writing China isn't even in the top 8 countries by number of cases. A country with a population of over 1 billion managed to keep there cases and deaths down despite being overwhelmed and unprepared. This is proof that China, even with it's flaws, can protect it's people, it's citizens lives. America has over 1.5 million cases at the time of writing this, this is the fault of not just our leaders but the citizens. We are an embarrassment and should be remembered as so. America alone is responsible for the death of over 100 thousand human lives. What has happened is a travesty and it's only getting worse. I will come back to this video one year for now and reply to this comment. My hope is that the reply will be one of joy as Im close to finishing my junior year of high school and COVID is eradicated and cured. But if we do not do something this could cost millions, tens of millions of human lives. So if you read this stay inside, wear a mask when going outside, social distance, and keep in mind that this bigger then anything modern humans have experienced and you should not priorities yourself or the economy, prioritise the lives of those who could be affected and hope for a better future.
Nancy X
Nancy X 3 dager siden
good luck for u
1FrostySlime 4 dager siden
@Ted Han Solo thanks :)
Ted Han Solo
Ted Han Solo 4 dager siden
I'll be back checking out your comment as well, and good luck on everything : )
ElectronMotion 12 dager siden
A hospital in 10 days? 🤣🤣🤣 CCP propaganda
Ga Ce
Ga Ce 12 dager siden
You bit so hard in to CCP propaganda. Thats not a hospital. Its a staging area for the dying.
D D 7 dager siden
You don't really deserve to be a human being.
Demons Rexis
Demons Rexis 13 dager siden
3 months later, US shows the world how it's like to be out paced by a virus.
大仁 13 dager siden
Global friends who have experienced this disaster together You need to recognize: 1: This virus is terrible, please protect yourself. 2: No matter the country or the nation, all people are victims in the face of disaster, except for "Trump". 3: The country is facing this epidemic: Either protect the economy / votes or protect the lives of the people! Obviously my country (China) chose the latter. 4: Please face and cherish your life, it is more important than everything. 5: Please take your own life in your own hands, and don't reduce it to a tool of any interest. You can talk about anything else that doesn't matter when you are alive. 6: Of course, if you understand me above. No matter how angry your national government is in controlling the epidemic. Please don't go out and stay at home. As a last resort, you can actually choose to take refuge in low-risk countries in Asia. Still that sentence: Life is more than everything else, but how can there be conditions to support shit dreams and beliefs? 7: Usa is now an extremely dangerous country because of a cold-blooded and ignorant government. Not surprisingly, the number of confirmed USA will reach 2 million. Next comes social turmoil, economic crisis, grafting crisis to the world, and even using war to transfer crisis. These are all likely to happen. 8: Still the same sentence, even if you are a friend, you are an American or another friend in a European hard-hit area. Please see the situation clearly, cherish and face your life. Use all means to protect yourself. 9: Even if you go to disdain China, hate China, despise China, please protect your life. In all available ways, in order to realize the values ​​in your heart: everything will be opposed, continue to laugh, insult, and discredit everything in China. 10: Repeat again: Protect your life and use all methods.
KingKiller Monk
KingKiller Monk 13 dager siden
Fauci overseen coronavirus research in the Wuhan lab under the Obama administration starting in 2015
Sun Rise
Sun Rise 14 dager siden
They give birth too many humans lol that's why
Jerry UCHIHA 14 dager siden
Man, it's so sad to see all these racist comment that goes against each other during the quarantine, though those stupid commnets dont do a single thing at all. How 'bout if we stand together, and face this pandemic as humanity all together? Woudln't it just be so much better?
Jerry UCHIHA 14 dager siden
Also just pointing out that it's unfair to china because though the COVID 19 pandemic did start in china, the spanish flu around the 1900s started in the US and no one blamed the US for it, and china is getting all the blames. By the way, the spanish flu or the influenza was way more deadly and had a way higher fatality rate than this pandemic we're facing rn.
14 dager siden
Thanks for the friendly comments guys. I’ve been reading too many hostile, racist, biased, negative comments recently on social media.
Pallas Cat
Pallas Cat 14 dager siden
Sam is officially paid by Chinese Communist Zombieland
Rod Fair
Rod Fair 15 dager siden
China built it in 10 days in cost of human rights. You know the doctors and workers in China do not have right to refuse the government summon.
A M 6 dager siden
Unlike your country, in China almost all the front line health workers volunteered to be there.
F N 16 dager siden
it seems that the prc has established dominance in the comment section.
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta 17 dager siden
why don't you make videos on India
Nathan 17 dager siden
that's how they took eewr jerbs!!!
dafid 25
dafid 25 17 dager siden
Hacc They switched on creative mode for all workers
J.K Barnett
J.K Barnett 17 dager siden
China is being very devious about withholding information about virus. This is wrong as the whole world knows it originated there, I think the world has now lost repect for China. It is very disnhonest, and very good at manipulation of the truth.
A M 6 dager siden
You know your comment only shows how brainwashed and dumb you are right 😂
J.K Barnett
J.K Barnett 17 dager siden
So what. London built a 4000 bed one in a hurry. Stop glorifying the very people who gave us this shit
青蛙呱呱 16 dager siden
J.K Barnett 呵呵
Arnel Tan
Arnel Tan 18 dager siden
Corona Virus is a Bio Weapon funded by the United States of America. Made in Wuhan China Lab and America causes the outbreak for the attacking China with regards trade war since 2018.
starmkd18 18 dager siden
A socialist state more efficient than a capitalist state Who would have thought
BigCuteyGachaTubee 16 dager siden
Deregulation is efficient. Not socialism.
李白 18 dager siden
fake news .do not believe china ,anything
青蛙呱呱 16 dager siden
李白 真他妈的假
JACK ZHAO 16 dager siden
what's your story,shame on you
dfww lin
dfww lin 21 dag siden
I want to know when the architectural blueprint they drew
孙成业 15 dager siden
They draw the blueprint in an afternoon,i saw this news before they started the construction
Jiulin 21 dag siden
I wateched the news and it said that they used the architectural blueprint of 2003 SARS hospital that was built in Beijing as the basic...The same designer helped to do this.
Bunny Bunny
Bunny Bunny 22 dager siden
The hospital was already built long before this, the thing you saw on tv was faked by China.
孙成业 15 dager siden
nice trolls my friend,if i misunderstood you ,sorry i don't mean to say, but you are fully ignorrant
sunnydays DDT
sunnydays DDT 15 dager siden
@Bunny Bunny do you realize you're stupid?
Shuffler 16 dager siden
Bunny Bunny just stating a fact here if you think I’m brainwashed I have no problem with that.
Bunny Bunny
Bunny Bunny 17 dager siden
Don't you guys realize you are brainwashed by China?
Shuffler 17 dager siden
Bunny Bunny it was streamed
A. B. Starzee
A. B. Starzee 23 dager siden
Nithin ok
Nithin ok 23 dager siden
This channel is very china centric. I hope it is not owned by China
D3MA INnoC3NT 18 dager siden
Are you donald trump buzzer??
nzoomed 23 dager siden
The hospital was a propaganda tool. It reportedly was not even full and only housed about 90 patients.
sunnydays DDT
sunnydays DDT 20 dager siden
who reported? your dead brain cells?
Kayleigh Lehrman
Kayleigh Lehrman 23 dager siden
This feels so so long ago
Juan 24 dager siden
Ok, we'll fight the info war. We are losing the bio-war by now.
Gregory Wang
Gregory Wang 24 dager siden
The only thing that the bias media sees after seeing this video “ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="312">5:12</a> china cuts down trees!”
青蛙呱呱 23 dager siden
Gregory Wang no
Jayden C
Jayden C 24 dager siden
Democratic states succeed and autocratic states succeed, they may succeed in different ways, but there are success stories on both ends of the spectrum.
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar 24 dager siden
Meanwhile America made a fool out of itself. My heart goes out to all the people who have been affected by Corona virus.
贺云深 25 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a> 我以为他要给另一个老奶奶戴口罩,结果他给自己带上了😂
青蛙呱呱 16 dager siden
贺云深 呵呵
Aeturnalis 26 dager siden
China puts its military to work helping construction teams build hospitals and helping doctors treat patients. USA puts its military to work slaughtering innocent Arabs for oil, then has the balls to accuse China of being a corrupt police state with the ambitions of conquest.
Honey lock
Honey lock 28 dager siden
As a cured person by Covid-19 .I only want to tell you one thing, do n’t follow what the US government and Trump said.
Plutonian Mapping
Plutonian Mapping 17 timer siden
CCP bot
Jianing Zhang
Jianing Zhang 23 timer siden
@BigCuteyGachaTubee "just a flu""No one knows the virus better than me"" inject daily dose of sanitizer". And remember to drink disinfecting water
Jianing Zhang
Jianing Zhang 23 timer siden
@Willaev Trump bot
Peter Whang
Peter Whang Dag siden
Yeee 3 dager siden
"just a flu"
CHENYUE SHAO 28 dager siden
Believe in infrastructure
kevin guo
kevin guo 28 dager siden
Some countries think China is hiding the number of the mortality rate and the confirmed cases because the virus seems to be worse in their countries. Well......u have to control variables to make a comparison. Building a hospital in 10 days, increasing the funding of the medical system and see if u can get the same data China got.
Suresh Palaniappan
Suresh Palaniappan 29 dager siden
They had spread the CCP virus to the world. Why they ban the flights entering the country ;but didnt stop the flights flying out to the overseas. Coward idiots.
Y Xi
Y Xi 21 dag siden
Suresh Palaniappan How can you stop other country's airlines from flying their citizens back to their home country?
章猫文Melvin Måned siden
How about a video on how China didn't pay the workers that built this hospital ?
Neo YI
Neo YI Måned siden
Stop the rumor. Nobody ate bat.
China, the mortal enemy of every civilized nation on the planet, deserves what is coming for them. They have leeched off of their betters for decades and would have nothing if it weren't for this fact.
Wu Ao
Wu Ao Måned siden
huawei was involved because it has 5g.you did not mention the creation of the blueprint and the wiring of the hospital
Ken Barnes
Ken Barnes Måned siden
When the communist realized that their laboratory created virus had escaped from their infectious disease lab, in Wuhan they immediately quarantined any hot spots and stopped travel inside China. Them they allowed international travel to continue until Trump stopped travel. They infected the whole world. China alone is responsible. This is a communist dictatorship we're talking about here. Totally corrupt and they have lied since the beginning. They still won't allow outside experts to have any true information. The WHO is a joke.
Yoru no Himawari
Yoru no Himawari 16 dager siden
@Ken Barnes come back to China, it's China's fault your mother gave birth to you, go back to China that‘s the place you belong to
Ken Barnes
Ken Barnes Måned siden
@lu yan --- yes, you finally figured it out - it's all China's fault.
lu yan
lu yan Måned siden
It is all China ’s fault. It is also China ’s fault that the United States spread HIV to the world. It is also China ’s fault that the United States spread H1N1 to the world. The 2008 US financial crisis caused China ’s global recession to be China ’s fault. It's right to blame China anyway. Trump is always right. The WHO, made up of medical experts, is a joke. For the new coronavirus, they are not as authoritative as the White House politicians. The great United States is right in everything it does, as is the national influenza pandemic, and the flu has magically disappeared since the United States began testing for coronavirus. Why did the American Virus Laboratory shut down last year? Is the captain of the USS Ford still alive? Please tell me where the virus on the aircraft carrier came from. They have never been to China. Wuhan was closed on January 23, what is the US government doing for two months? In preparation for the presidential election? Let everyone gather to listen to Trump's speech?
horacio ngovene
horacio ngovene Måned siden
Why isn't this implemented in Africa, we need this.
Marko Zdrilic
Marko Zdrilic Måned siden
if anybody actually beleives this they need to have their head examined .
Alisa XD
Alisa XD Måned siden
you need to have head examined
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