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Feliciá Monét
Feliciá Monét 4 timer siden
You could have at least made a genuine apology during this.
sir cogent
sir cogent 4 timer siden
Yoga Bliss Dance
Yoga Bliss Dance 4 timer siden
Yeah at first I didn't know who this is, but saw uge view count but yeah. if I were her of course just apologize- no not to us- but to the folks who got hurt, and left out of college who were real atheletes and or didnt' have $ to pay to play as it were but she didnt' even say that....ok wait--HOW COULD SHE NOT KNOW that she doesnt' row and is on a rowing scholarship??? I may be missing a detail but it's a bit fishy...
sir cogent
sir cogent 4 timer siden
your dad could of paid to pro apologize video maker to make something more apologetic 😂
bella2019 4 timer siden
Stop with the hits - she is a narcissist- really - perhaps cause people can’t believe she is daft on things
Amanda b
Amanda b 5 timer siden
Maybe she will apoligize when she CAN talk about it
Anthony Moore
Anthony Moore 5 timer siden
The worst part about this video is that she's a spoiled rich kid whose pretending like she has no idea what she did wrong. Just admit what happened, apologize and get off youtube. You can still live your spoiled life off youtube. Such a disgrace.
Steve Walker
Steve Walker 5 timer siden
what happened?
Plant Me Ashley
Plant Me Ashley 5 timer siden
You commited a federal crime knowingly there isnt forgiveness for you here on youtube olivia. youre a literal criminal >.
Maiello Rocha
Maiello Rocha 5 timer siden
When should you come back to youtube? Never, you wont be missed cheating pretentious k*nt.
Kelsey Dzioba
Kelsey Dzioba 5 timer siden
Yessss come back! I miss your videos. 😊 Ignore the haters and do what you love. ❤️
andrea f
andrea f 5 timer siden
None of us have forgotten that YOU are not the victim. You consented to this fraud when you took fake crew pictures. Go away.
Rayana Mckee
Rayana Mckee 5 timer siden
Ignore the comments. Ignore the world. You do you. You are brave and that’s what matters.
Brightside 4 timer siden
There's nothing "brave" about commiting fraud, you fucking clown.
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 5 timer siden
literally listen to her, she obviously feels bad. everybody makes mistakes, some worse than others, but still she knows what she did.
inquisitor 5 timer siden
I hear the frozen peas, baloney sandwiches and powdered milk are real tasty in cell block 3.
Kaylin Troiano
Kaylin Troiano 5 timer siden
why she sound like she gotta cough the whole time
Emilia Huerta
Emilia Huerta 5 timer siden
she thinks she doing something 😂
Whitney Holliday
Whitney Holliday 5 timer siden
moral of the story? what?
SharonRenie 5 timer siden
So your parents are going to jail for a long time and all you care about is yourself. You are an entitled brat and your parents are delusional if they think they’ve done nothing wrong. They didn’t even have enough faith in you getting into a prestigious university on your own merits, so they broke the law instead. That’s just low class BS! Try living in the real world where people actually have to work real jobs to make ends meet. Do you even know what a resume is? Start working on yours.
cmp0714 5 timer siden
What days will visitation be on?
Savi Hull
Savi Hull 5 timer siden
I’m sure everyone has made a mistake in their life. Some bigger than others. The fact that you are all trying so hard to bring other people down really shows the type of people you are. Yes her and her family made a huge mistake that they are suffering for and living through the consequences. But have you ever thought of what she is feeling? She lost everything. Everything she did work for, friends, some family I’m sure and all of you have the guts to say all these nasty things? What happened to forgiveness and kindness? Geez. The one thing you guys are right about is “what is this world we live in”? #goldengatemovement
inquisitor 5 timer siden
A mistake is an error. They committed crimes and are still pronouncing their innocence when they are guilty of the crimes. That type of arrogance and continuing to avoid responsibility and the consequences for their actions is not worthy of forgiveness. They had their chance to come clean, but chose to continue with the ruse--so now it is time to pay the piper.
Savanna R
Savanna R 5 timer siden
knowing you stole an actual student's spot in college is regret you and your mom are going to live with for the rest of your. if you think you can just come back to NOvids and pretend everything is fine, think again.
Cloud Burst
Cloud Burst 5 timer siden
What parent ever says they are proud of their child getting back on NOvids? There is a reason why Lori and Olivia are so disliked. Anyone who needs it explained is beyond repair.
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 5 timer siden
girl boo. nobody likes you. you’re trash. you’re an embarrassment.
mia meixner
mia meixner 5 timer siden
you’re so brave and strong proud of you 💓
inquisitor 5 timer siden
Excellent crew athlete from what I hear.
Will Rogers
Will Rogers 5 timer siden
I harbor no ill feelings towards her for the scandal! What I hate are those stupid bird legs she has!!!
Daniela Salguero
Daniela Salguero 5 timer siden
I hope no brand enforces this narcissistic girl and even if (lets pretend) it wasn’t her fault, the fact that she shows no remorse and is trying to come back to youtube for personal fulfillment makes it even more pathetic
Essence Sanchez
Essence Sanchez 5 timer siden
And just because she has money doesn’t mean she can’t be affected by the situation she’s in. She’s still a person
Sasha Caldwell
Sasha Caldwell 5 timer siden
Your filming a yt video while ur mom is going to prison... nice
Essence Sanchez
Essence Sanchez 5 timer siden
What part of she can’t talk about do you people not get?
Robert Petramale
Robert Petramale 5 timer siden
I must have missed the apology bimbo 😒 Now go away
rebecca ¡
rebecca ¡ 5 timer siden
y'all are stupid, her MOM commited the crime. not olivia. infact she probably didn't have much of a say in what her mom did. like damn just shut up and everyone saying "just admit it was wrong" and all that shit, as she said she legally can't speak on the case ✋👶
Swift Candy
Swift Candy 5 timer siden
Don’t feel bad about all the comments , they are rude and cruel , keep filming and turn of the comments! I love watching you and your family , you guys are legendary 🤩
Brightside 4 timer siden
S3RG1 5 timer siden
Please come back to NOvids and upload!!
Jessica H
Jessica H 5 timer siden
I’m rich white and privileged. Poor me. GIRL BYE.
noelle сексуальный
i know all these comments are about the actual situation but as i was watching this I just wanted to know where she got her shirt... so does anyone know where it’s from?? pls help a girl out
Will & Rebel
Will & Rebel 5 timer siden
We miss you!!! Come back when you’re ready 💗
Daniel G
Daniel G 5 timer siden
Hi Olivia, It took a lot of courage to put yourself out there, we understand what has happened. Its ok no need to apologize, I know I've taken some selfish steps for my own self gratification along with I'm sure many of us here. Just so happens were not in the spot light and you are... Welcome Back.
Nadine Jisa
Nadine Jisa 5 timer siden
Don't know her, never saw her before, just know about the college stuff. So you see to me she is just another kid brought up in a spoiled rich house. I am lucky to have a couple bucks to my name, let alone imagine someone having 1/2 a mil or more to play with. What a waste of funds. Did they really learn anything from all of this? I doubt it. Glad I live in the real world. I would rather know I earn my way and not get hand outs.
Nasiphi Mketeni
Nasiphi Mketeni 5 timer siden
Why bother making this video if you're not going to own up,what you did was wrong.