Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Going Red To Blonde At Home 

Brad Mondo
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 3 girls go from bright red hair to blonde with the help of bleach and color remover.
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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo 14 dager siden
Hope you’re all well 💙
Pia Suzan
Pia Suzan 17 timer siden
Thanks Brad, I actually need you here haha I'm rewatching your videos and I'm wandering what I did wrong but I actually followed your descriptions.. Uhmm send help haha haha somebody?
Friendo Gameing
Friendo Gameing 18 timer siden
Brad Mondo
Meika Renea
Meika Renea Dag siden
Brad Mondo I did T18 with volume 20 and my hair turned grey but I put some on the roots and it went shiny golden colour 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ugly with middle grey
Destiny McAllister
Ty :3
TheNdv0410 Dag siden
Brad Mondo stay safe!! And thank you for making this quarantine more bearable. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣🙏🙏🙏
Hannah Hammond
Hannah Hammond 45 minutter siden
Um at the 15 minute mark where she let go of the steering wheel for a full five seconds or so I was holding my breath. Can she just not? Can she?
Vivien Dunn
Vivien Dunn Time siden
I have very porous hair so I was able to go from a Demi blue black to a medium yellow using color oops.
rileigh marie
rileigh marie 2 timer siden
what do you think of the ion creme lightener ?
Lori Ellis
Lori Ellis 2 timer siden
Brad, I am a nearly 40 year old woman from the south. It goes without saying that I’ve been wearing makeup and having my hair bleached, colored, etc for over 25 years; it’s just a stereotypical thing...and I still don’t understand toner! Thank God I have an amazing stylist!! Lol. Xoxo
Lexi_plays Roblox&me
Lexi_plays Roblox&me 2 timer siden
I hate when people go me and then the other people go off she said this just shut up
Georgina Wheller
Georgina Wheller 3 timer siden
can we tallk about the fact that the girl in the second video had 0 hands on the wheel... priority= hair. life= pointless in quarantine
Mitsake Last name
Mitsake Last name 3 timer siden
The second girl should have her driver’s license taken away.
Nirvana Raharuhi
Nirvana Raharuhi 3 timer siden
my dads a hair dresser
Kat K
Kat K 4 timer siden
after she was driving and vloging I lost all the respect for that girl
ha ha
ha ha 4 timer siden
Brad being proved wrong for 25 minutes and 36* seconds straight
Jazzatic2011 5 timer siden
Comment at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="878">14:38</a> cracked me up XD
J Cas
J Cas 5 timer siden
the wisk shadeeeee he threw
Shana Butler-Sullivan
Shana Butler-Sullivan 7 timer siden
Thank god someone at Sally’s knew something. She is super lucky it turned out decent.
Shana Butler-Sullivan
Shana Butler-Sullivan 7 timer siden
OMG best roots ever! Every colorist go’s for hot roots. Said no hairstylist ever... That shit is 🥵 hot. LMA0
beckyluvstoscrapnsew 7 timer siden
Brad please tell your fans to not drive while doing videos.....had a friend die making a video while driving so makes me feel sick watching these girls doing it
Merry Jones
Merry Jones 7 timer siden
The light colour made her face pop.
Jennifer Duffy
Jennifer Duffy 7 timer siden
I am more upset that the one woman is talking to her phone instead of watching the road while she drives......🤦🏻‍♀️
Brooke Heil
Brooke Heil 8 timer siden
i helped my mom when she did dark red to dark red with blond highlights to platinum blonde. it actually turned out really good and her hair is really healthy. from my point of view atleast😂
Victoria Zalazar
Victoria Zalazar 8 timer siden
LETS DO A VIDEO? ❤️ u help me via face time pick out what I need and tell me how to bleach my own hair from fire truck red to blonde 👱🏼‍♀️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Viv K.
Viv K. 8 timer siden
Not at all difficult for my mom. She dies her hair bright red and when it's summer, our pool bleaches her hair, and her hair turns to a blonde/white color.
Amber ONeil
Amber ONeil 9 timer siden
I was wondering and hoping maybe you could do an advice and education video on toner since a lot of people try to default to t18?
eileen peters
eileen peters 9 timer siden
Brandy reminds me of Agnes from Gossip girl. She's kinda reckless like her too
alayna elyse liebau
alayna elyse liebau 9 timer siden
brandi is my spirit animal
Tae Carden
Tae Carden 10 timer siden
Can we talk about her driving with no hands 😂
Megan Prosise
Megan Prosise 11 timer siden
Hey Brad! Do you have any advice for those of us healthcare workers who are treating COVID patients and therefore have to wash our whole hair every day? (Not just the scalps, as hair can hold and transfer the virus). Our hair is getting so dry!
Ashton Lacalle
Ashton Lacalle 11 timer siden
Love the new intro❤💛💙
emma 11 timer siden
so i have natural red hair and i hate my hair color not sure if should dye it or not let me know what yall think? i was thinking dying it light brown also my eyebrows are brownish
Summer Smith
Summer Smith 13 timer siden
You should do a video on how to properly bleach your hair at home or what products to use
Electra Jessica
Electra Jessica 14 timer siden
Lmao you would NOT be impressed with my outcome 😂
Ashley R
Ashley R 14 timer siden
Brad mondo be lookin like johnathan Taylor Thomas #90s kid
shanija Russell
shanija Russell 14 timer siden
Brad you are hilarious!!!!
Judit B.
Judit B. 14 timer siden
Ok the second girl not holding the wheel and looking into the camera while driving just made me go wtf
Brit Mac
Brit Mac 14 timer siden
So let's take a moment to appreciate how little care that second chick is taking as she is driving! Couldn't focus on anything she or brad said! How irresponsible!
Mary Tesic
Mary Tesic 15 timer siden
I wanted to make a comment about the girl driving...but then I realized all the comments were about her now I don't feel special :'(
Carters Eat Germany
Carters Eat Germany 16 timer siden
I'm kinda in love with this guy. Where has he been all my life?
Rumi Lilla
Rumi Lilla 16 timer siden
Can we talk about how the 2nd girl isn't holding the steering wheel when driving?
CherryLe Bee
CherryLe Bee 16 timer siden
I tried vitamin c with dandruff shampoo to remove a semi permanent dye and it actually worked, then i tried it just for shits without the vitamin c and it still worked so it's really the dandruff shampoo that's doing the work from what i can tell. I let it sit on for an hour at a time 3 or 4 times.
britt ione
britt ione 16 timer siden
:58 the bang momento just had me dying because I can only think of tthe “PubLIZicity” (I hope that is right) short lmaooo
Sophie Vydas
Sophie Vydas 16 timer siden
This is crazy l would never dye my red hair
LiL [ash]TM
LiL [ash]TM 16 timer siden
Everyone freaking out over that girl driving with no hands. Literally EVERYONE in my life, can drive with their knee. Like super good. I can't tho cause I'm too short. Lol. But LOTS of people can drive perfectly fine with their knee. It's not that big of a deal. Calm down.
Mitsake Last name
Mitsake Last name 3 timer siden
LiL [ash]TM Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, its dangerous and selfish. You can also use your phone while driving, yet that doesn’t mean you should.
Heather sargent
Heather sargent 16 timer siden
It's not ironic that T-18 rhymes with guillotine cause SIS you're gonna have to cut your hair afterwards.
Catherine McClain
Catherine McClain 16 timer siden
Just watching his videos, I feel like I need to beg for help. My hair is so dry and brittle at the ends. I've never bleached nor dyed my hair. I don't style it heavily. I just want to know how to maintain the health and length of my hair so I can grow it out longer. My split ends are so distracting and are preventing me from reaching my goal of having really long hair. 😞
Whitney DePass
Whitney DePass 16 timer siden
So is it bad that literally the only media I'm not following Brad on was tick tock because I don't have it
Diana Martins
Diana Martins 17 timer siden
The last one was my favorite. She looks gorgeous!! 😊
Bayley Gaming
Bayley Gaming 17 timer siden
I was eating and this guy made me throw up sorry
Stooopid 17 timer siden
Tracy Stricker
Tracy Stricker 18 timer siden
I personally love my red hair and I did it myself lol and my hair is still soft
Jessica McManmon
Jessica McManmon 18 timer siden
Looking so irked 😂😂
Yasmin Ahmed
Yasmin Ahmed 19 timer siden
Eglė Pociūtė
Eglė Pociūtė 20 timer siden
Can we talk about how this second girl did not look at the road once while driving and didn't even hold the wheel for half the time?
Hannah Schlosser-Hall
Hannah Schlosser-Hall 20 timer siden
Is it easier if you don't have the burgundy red but more natural, copper-y red? Cause that's what I currently have and I want to go dark ash blonde(Level 7 ish) in a month or two
emma2 sm1th
emma2 sm1th 20 timer siden
Let’s not talk about her roots let’s talk about most of her driving was hands free lol
Aember Jacobs
Aember Jacobs 21 time siden
I was red and am a natural blonde. I wanted to go back to blonde. I used color remover and it turned light orange and I did that about 6 times over 6 months and it wasn’t back to blonde but more yellow so I gave up and put some semipermanent blue in and I hope by the time we go back to school I can go to a hair dresser Bcs I am scared to bleach it at home
sarah Ducant
sarah Ducant 22 timer siden
LOL...I will always invest in a professional for my hair...no way would I do chemistry on my own head.
alys9551 alys9551
alys9551 alys9551 22 timer siden
actually i got bleach and 40 volume to do highlights in my hair and it turned out really good
Нет Нет
Нет Нет 22 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1453">24:13</a> Hair gods?😂😂
LiamHewitt 23 timer siden
Brad: ‘I’m feeling healthy and I hope you are too’ Me: (showing multiple corona virus symptoms and feeling awful)
Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter 24 minutter siden
Stevie Tayntor
Stevie Tayntor 23 timer siden
I've gone red to blonde too many times. I have naturally blonde hair but I always end up with a coppery color when using color remover. Never tried bleach yet tho.
Deebie 97
Deebie 97 Dag siden
“It looks like a damn broomstick” I’m dead😂😂💀💀
Sharon Hollander
Your hair is different in every video... I mean I'm here for it
nice job
nice job Dag siden
Wait the first girl looks SO good blonde
Penelope Fink
Penelope Fink Dag siden
Hi! I have a question about shampoo and conditioner. My hair is (natural) golden blonde with a lot of highlights(also natural) like bright red. My hair had been feeling like it has a lot of product in it. I currently use the shampoo and conditioner from OGX and I want to switch to something that will strengthen and grow out my hair. Any ideas? Thanks💕
Part of me wants to post a video of my hair dying process but meh.
Jessica Howlett
Jessica Howlett Dag siden
Brandy driving and talking gives me anxiety 😶
Cassandra caliri
I am a cosmetologist and I never really watch youtube videos but my daughter does. She showed me your channel and YOU are the only reason I have not chopped or done something crazy with my hair during this stay at home period. So THANK YOU. Your also amazing.
Jessica Howlett
Jessica Howlett Dag siden
I'm currently using bicarb soda in my shampoo atm to strip colour out of my hair so I can go back to red. It's better than bleach so far... It's slower but my hair is healthier 😅 also tried the vitamin C method and can say it doesn't work
mylie kamdyn
mylie kamdyn Dag siden
y’all should’ve seen my face when i realized she was driving
mylie kamdyn
mylie kamdyn Dag siden
the first clip of the 2nd girl lmao not when it was obvious
Hannah R
Hannah R Dag siden
I really like the way that Brad pays credit when the home hair jobs actually look decent. He is not arrogant in that way.
Whytney Petersen
No we are working right now. Today we are watching girls from going red to blonde. Hoping for some pointers cause I'm going to try from red to silver. Have to get to blonde first. Lets see how these tips go
Kitty !
Kitty ! Dag siden
I remember once seeing 50 volume and i was like Holy mother of god we all thought 40 eas bad imagine 50 ffs Brad why didn't you tell us there was 50 😂
Dallas area railfan
This man is gay!!!!!
Meika Renea
Meika Renea Dag siden
This isn’t a police channel to put the person on the spot they are old enough to know. It’s about hair colouring/ hair related also I love Brads videos I learn and he doesn’t talk shit he is a role model
Melissa Dag siden
Party in the front party is the back mom shaved it on the sides
SuperMisspearl Dag siden
“Looks like broom stick!” Hahahaha
Lil Hopie
Lil Hopie Dag siden
Does anyone else think he has the home alone kid hair cut? XD
Karlie Hooper
Karlie Hooper Dag siden
Holy shit that girls driving
Vini Dubey
Vini Dubey Dag siden
I love how everyone shares my anxiety on how she's driving her car
A Crafty Mouse
A Crafty Mouse Dag siden
To understand toner, you have to understand color theory.
struggle bus
struggle bus Dag siden
I just cut my bangs myself 😂 they actually look good
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