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29. nov.. 2019





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The ACE Family
The ACE Family 6 måneder siden
Donnie Ellis
Donnie Ellis 2 måneder siden
janet Letteen
janet Letteen 3 måneder siden
Love this song .......in fact i love all your songs
Wilfredo Pacheco
Wilfredo Pacheco 3 måneder siden
Love you guys this is my dad phone so don't think u now but love you guys
Wilfredo Pacheco
Wilfredo Pacheco 3 måneder siden
Aww I love u too my name is Milinda
Chan Nguyen
Chan Nguyen 3 måneder siden
The Ace Family is the best
Emerson Aguila
Emerson Aguila 17 timer siden
Emerson Aguila
Emerson Aguila 17 timer siden
Song is trash stop uploading
Licida Soto
Licida Soto 20 timer siden
who noticed that in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a> austin almost fell tell the truth
Tyler Scott
Tyler Scott Dag siden
This was litt
Tammy Peters
Tammy Peters Dag siden
If y'all ever and sled Ace play give a big thumbs up
tyra Matenga
tyra Matenga 2 dager siden
Who is still listing to this in quarantine??
Raniya Marble
Raniya Marble 2 dager siden
Just so so so so umasing
Demarcus Wallace
Demarcus Wallace 2 dager siden
Min3r Stroke
Min3r Stroke 2 dager siden
Like the comment if you are a true gamer
hq2 hair salon
hq2 hair salon 2 dager siden
i love how they just push Austin out when they dance
SHANNY SANCHEZ 2 dager siden
Jeanette Kamikazi
Jeanette Kamikazi 2 dager siden
nice job
Mary Nino
Mary Nino 2 dager siden
Hey im a big big fan
Deane Murray
Deane Murray 3 dager siden
Is this about the horse or his wife 🤣?
Deane Murray
Deane Murray 3 dager siden
The horse isn’t comfortable. Let him go. Please stop pulling his/her neck down.
yoanna. Sevilla. Gutiérrez 207
I love it 💝
TheMamba Angel
TheMamba Angel 3 dager siden
If the ace family likes my post that will make my dream come true🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺Pls ACE FAMILY I LOVE U GUYS CONGRATSSS ON THE BABY BOY I WANNA SEE THE NAME!!!!!!!!🤪🤪🤪🤪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Analiah and lyah play /New videos every weekend!
Zaynab Yusuf
Zaynab Yusuf 3 dager siden
Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill 4 dager siden
I love the song lol its the best ever and im a fan of you guys
Melisa Can
Melisa Can 4 dager siden
Shhe was daar pregnant
starry olive
starry olive 4 dager siden
poor children. being forced to do “fun family channels” just for views.
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 4 dager siden
Wow. This is dogshit
life with ziyah
life with ziyah 4 dager siden
n i y n i y G a n g
n i y n i y G a n g 4 dager siden
those dancers are fireeeeee
Aaliyah Mayes
Aaliyah Mayes 4 dager siden
Do a prank on
Aaliyah Mayes
Aaliyah Mayes 4 dager siden
Do a prank on
J.harmonie Vergara
J.harmonie Vergara 4 dager siden
My sister loves the song
Caro Lina
Caro Lina 5 dager siden
Such a beautiful family ❤️❤️❤️
yeo jeffrey
yeo jeffrey 5 dager siden
I love this song guys ilove u guys so much
Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker 5 dager siden
I love this
Kirstyn Corey
Kirstyn Corey 5 dager siden
I can’t stop listening to this song I’m a country girl at heart and I’m obsessed
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 6 dager siden
Yazzzz Ayyyyyyy !!!!!!?
Julia Piedra
Julia Piedra 6 dager siden
A dancing hours
Maria V
Maria V 6 dager siden
your music awasome
chandani basnet
chandani basnet 6 dager siden
Jack Papadakos
Jack Papadakos 6 dager siden
I’m surprised that there were black people in the video considering Catherine view points
Cole Cooper
Cole Cooper 6 dager siden
I’m surprised that they have African American dancers even after what Catherine said about being stressed out about the ghetto also hats off for the dancer in the back he did a fantastic job
Sanaiyah Johnson
Sanaiyah Johnson 6 dager siden
I love you guys
Zayra French
Zayra French 7 dager siden
Very Shitty :) you can obviously tell the horse was in pain and austin didnt know what he was doing- Also dont make songs about sex with your children and teens dancing in the video Or make songs about loving your wife even though you cheat on her... very often Just dont make music if its going to be this garbage :))
Ericia Smith
Ericia Smith 7 dager siden
giddy up is the best song i ever heard
Wo matty with no ice!
Wo matty with no ice! 7 dager siden
Bella Jenk
Bella Jenk 7 dager siden
Peechy Keen
Peechy Keen 7 dager siden
For sure going on my number 1 playlist.
liselle davidson
liselle davidson 8 dager siden
Hi Ace family I love y'all so much I love watching y'all music videos and I have all the support for y'all have a great day I love y'all so much ❤️✨❄️✨⚡
Zinedine Zidane
Zinedine Zidane 8 dager siden
I love you
Amps World
Amps World 8 dager siden
Lol I keep listening to this song
Hanan Ahmed
Hanan Ahmed 8 dager siden
Zaleeyah Rodgers
Zaleeyah Rodgers 9 dager siden
HEY ACE FAMILY! I was wonder if you could give a shout out to Brittany Rodgers pls because she never got a shout out before and if u could do that can u do it on your next video that you make
Rosa Bay
Rosa Bay 9 dager siden
is this auto-tuned?
Rajneesh Pandey
Rajneesh Pandey 9 dager siden
Why so less views??
Meredith Snowden
Meredith Snowden 9 dager siden
Love you guys so much ❤️
ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇ :3
ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇ :3 9 dager siden
Oh my god you don’t even ride horses and you are just using them for a crop in your music video just to get you fame(yous have an amazing voice it’s just that yous don’t ride horses and your using them for a crop🌸⭐️🧡🍯
Gina Woodard
Gina Woodard 9 dager siden
giddy up giddy up
KayKayTV 9 dager siden
120,000 people disliked this, oh they’re haters 😒
miguel machado
miguel machado 9 dager siden
Eu adoro os vossos videos continuem assim Ace Family para sempre
Latwania Green
Latwania Green 9 dager siden
yall did a good job
Nevada Marriott
Nevada Marriott 10 dager siden
cathren you are butifel all the time sorry if i spelled some of it rong
Nevada Marriott
Nevada Marriott 10 dager siden
i love you auuuuuuusssssssstttttttttiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn
Mohammad Saad Aziz Aftab Ur Rehman -
Faze rug's song is better
XX Girls
XX Girls 10 dager siden
Love this song 💗💗💗 Who is watching in 2020😁😁
Zena Breeden
Zena Breeden 11 dager siden
I like you're video
Eva Madril
Eva Madril 11 dager siden
Love it great voice love you ace family
Phoebe Padayachee
Phoebe Padayachee 11 dager siden
I love this song
Breanna Repella
Breanna Repella 11 dager siden
It looks Catherine is pregnant here when she is riding the horse like at least a couple months
Artemio perez
Artemio perez 11 dager siden
Maria Perez
Maria Perez 11 dager siden
Abby Young
Abby Young 12 dager siden
Ok I am NOT hating but what I don’t like is that the horse already has the bridle and the bit it it’s mouth and that horse should NOT have the bridle on when it’s just hanging out and not working it should have a halter on if it’s just hanging out and not working
Rachel Regennitter
Rachel Regennitter 12 dager siden
I could listen to this song a thousand times cause it is so good
Justahyushi 12 dager siden
I see @nicolelaeno 😉✨✨
Penny Dahl
Penny Dahl 12 dager siden
I'm not lesbian at all but Catherine is a beautiful young woman!!! I love this family !!
Ricci Robertson
Ricci Robertson 12 dager siden
I love that song
Valeria Lopez
Valeria Lopez 13 dager siden
Catherine was pregnant during this vid 😂😂😂❤️❤️
Melanie Padilla
Melanie Padilla 13 dager siden
Nevada Marriott
Nevada Marriott 13 dager siden
Taraji Whitley
Taraji Whitley 13 dager siden
hi i got your nudmer
Dorotea Batina
Dorotea Batina 13 dager siden
We dont call it rodeo, we call it rodeeo! I cant stop watching that part! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a> 😁❤❤
Dorotea Batina
Dorotea Batina 13 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a> my favourite part! 😁❤
Rabina pandey
Rabina pandey 13 dager siden
Catherine is the luckiest lady in world ❤️❤️❤️
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