Game Theory: Death by NIGHTMARE! (Try To Fall Asleep) 

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Try To Fall Asleep is an indie horror game that has taken my Theorist brain by storm. Since playing it, I HAD to do a theory. The story revolves around our player character, a man tormented by hallucinations while awake AND asleep. We have to try to fall asleep for our own good, or so our Doctor says. I am going to piece together all of the puzzle pieces of our time awake and dreaming to figure out what is going on at the CENTER of this awesome horror game. Let's go!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman





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ManlyBadassHero 3 dager siden
Oh hey it's me at the far back, and Mark is caressing my face for some reason, what. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="89">1:29</a>
666666 666666
666666 666666 9 timer siden
Ani malzz
Ani malzz 11 timer siden
@Zenigundam wtf
Ani malzz
Ani malzz 11 timer siden
JustLaurie 13 timer siden
Zenigundam lmao
Dxp5 Hero
Dxp5 Hero 18 timer siden
@Zenigundam Beans
Aiman Ridhwan
Aiman Ridhwan 6 timer siden
You know developers of the games nightmares are? Matpat unravels every thing before the game is released
That one buddy
That one buddy 6 timer siden
Me : *watching NOvids 2 PM* NOvids: manga and anime Me: *watching NOvids 4 AM* NOvids:
CreeperDude0509 6 timer siden
Dreamhunter 6 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="325">5:25</a> Sleep paralysis
Rhys Hansen
Rhys Hansen 6 timer siden
Looooool I know people who went to greylands in perth😂😂😂 🇦🇺
Slaumir 6 timer siden
Seriously that happened irl omg
Bryan blogs
Bryan blogs 6 timer siden
Hah joke on you i have not had a dream for 4 years
awesomeman 033
awesomeman 033 6 timer siden
Is the last episode of Try to Fall Asleep out?
BlackBird Studio
BlackBird Studio 6 timer siden
What was the theory here?
Дима Романчук
Уцвааавваа́ааэззз за заппммирпппваппаааааавааппппппппппппапа́са́а́ааапавааа́а́а́а́ааа́а́а́ааааапггиррпоср по по по им им ппим р ми о то от рпа по т то па олирпр при ирои
BoomerHead2207 6 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="427">7:07</a> Is it just or does anyone else see the skull on the right?
I microwave children
I microwave children 6 timer siden
The story of the person who survived, he had REM sleep (or most commonly known sleep paralysis)
Adam Linceler
Adam Linceler 6 timer siden
huh...i had a dream similar to that but it was that weird feeling where i can't breathe and all i see is just darkness and i couldn't see anything. I managed to wake up but i was breathing heavily as if i was being choked and was released
Ruben Garza
Ruben Garza 7 timer siden
Hey mat i'm wondering if you could make a video that includes the entire FNAF lore. All in one video. Please
paco ramon
paco ramon 7 timer siden
Now we know were West Kraven took inspiration for Freddy.
Amaro Lanuza Jr.
Amaro Lanuza Jr. 7 timer siden
Hey! I'm filipino and bangungut(ba-ngu-ngut) actually means nightmare.
Maxim Pikalev
Maxim Pikalev 7 timer siden
now THIS is interesting
ali johnson
ali johnson 7 timer siden
I applaud you MatPat for also including FIS (Fatal Insomnia Syndrome). Not many people who or have ever heard about it.
Iam bored
Iam bored 7 timer siden
my uncle to me <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="10">0:10</a>
Doge dog
Doge dog 7 timer siden
Loose lips spit sekrits
firefox 111
firefox 111 7 timer siden
Soo matpat I have a discord server where I would like you to join it has a section for you already made so here it is discord.gg/hzEX9nB
firefox 111
firefox 111 7 timer siden
I even have a section for film theory but it's a anime server so anime theory's lol
Damian Mijacz
Damian Mijacz 7 timer siden
Wow a slightly less cringy intro
Stalky 77
Stalky 77 7 timer siden
And we start dying trough sleeping
Brenda KistnerWilson
Brenda KistnerWilson 7 timer siden
Dear Mattpad I Have a Thery (A Game Thery for you) L..O.L had to do it but get back on topics What if the puppet is the eldest bother in fanf one ? Pls conidere this as a video idea.
Panda-Bamboo 1867
Panda-Bamboo 1867 7 timer siden
Animal crossing
Pleidian Mixes
Pleidian Mixes 7 timer siden
I clicked on this video because I have something similar, and had a situation in which, were it not for the EMS, I wouldn't type this, back in October 2019. I have never faced communism, nor being a refugee, however after abruptly stopping taking xanax, I had a reaction that I wouldn't possible wish it on anyway. The last thing I remember was my body arching backwards, my airways closing up and that was that. And all throughout that just...Fear. No face to it, no shape, form. A fear that humbled me to never say a mean word to anyone, to never upset or sadden anyone. The medical report is not conclusive, although there was an indication as to the xanax intake and abrupt stopping to it. Ever since October, everytime I need to sleep I have to take one gerodorm and one trittico. Were I not to take those two, I either cannot sleep, I microsleep (less than 15 minutes), or I fall asleep for an hour and having sleep paralysis, waking up continuously in a dream. But not in real life. I wanted to ask for help from my physician, but with the pandemic going on, I think I can wait. There are no monsters, no demons, no angels, neither when I required resuscitation from the EMS, reopening my airways, neither in these sleep paralysis situations, and while I'm very prone to comedy and fun and as much happiness as I can get and offer, I'm carrying this since last year. But although my sleep is really crap, thank you for giving me this for the awake hours. And thank you for making this, I didn't know where to share my experience, this place might be as good as any. Love your and Steph's work and charitable efforts. Hugs from Romania.
TheRakvalen 7 timer siden
fnafs time is over, MAKE ROOM FOR SOME NEW HORROR
Colleen Lavery
Colleen Lavery 7 timer siden
There is ANOTHER new fnaf book out.
Nancy Brooks
Nancy Brooks 7 timer siden
Also you have one more theory that you have to do which is Boris and the dark Survival how is there another Boris and why is he tracking around you Boris normal Boris
Whales 296
Whales 296 8 timer siden
“My fears and anxieties” shows ness sans
Samaksh Khatri
Samaksh Khatri 8 timer siden
The story described in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="340">5:40</a> is exactly what a sleep paralysis is. You hallucinate and then your body freezes and it feels like something or someone is sitting on your chest
Alfred Crapsey
Alfred Crapsey 8 timer siden
I just realised I wasn't subbed
Yhuan Carlos
Yhuan Carlos 8 timer siden
plz do the story theory not the scientific theory do like who is the monster or other stuff
Rally 8 timer siden
I regret watching this at night
Dubewub 8 timer siden
Oi you must play half life alyx theory the end is vary intresting >:)
Random guy on YouTube
Random guy on YouTube 8 timer siden
Game theory: it attacks on your dreams. Me: *Baby Stando?*
richm1171 8 timer siden
This video is causing me to have a really bad panic attack. I haven’t been getting more the. 5 hours of sleep every night for the past month and it’s been really scary. Now I’m terrified
Scorp 8 timer siden
> i had a comment here but i replaced it with a fish
Lee Gabriel M Banasihan
Me: *laughing on a horror movie* Horror movie: "Based on a true story" Me: 😨
Will o' Wisp
Will o' Wisp 9 timer siden
flaviusgabriel 9 timer siden
Basscrack 9 timer siden
Seriously I wanna know more about fnaf matpat!
Michał Iwański
Michał Iwański 9 timer siden
It kimda reminds Rest treatment , old and mind-destroing treatment forcing patient to rest in isolation from all the things that can disturb you. And hmm... with all I mean ALL. Friends, family, going out, writing, listening to radio, etc. However, it also appears to mixed with good old Papa Freddy Krueger kind of thing.
Arcuate Fiend6
Arcuate Fiend6 9 timer siden
Aight matpat It’s <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="497">8:17</a> am and I haven’t slept yet today and I decided to watch just ONE more video before bed. Now thanks for haunting my dreams with this one
itamar The Dolphin King
schools be like: na
Florian Kohl
Florian Kohl 9 timer siden
This game is my dreams
Benjámin Gál
Benjámin Gál 9 timer siden
I have a not so game theory. Those whom fall asleep have a fnaf style jump-scare or something alike and have a heart attack or someting alike.
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 9 timer siden
Tbh I’m Hmong and ik this might not real but this is really scary to me because I... wait no nvm I don’t wanna say.
Bunny아기 9 timer siden
Can we all talk about Matpat's good singing voice? ˃ᴗ˂
CoolSkeleton 95
CoolSkeleton 95 9 timer siden
Basically *Somniphobia: The Game*
Linda McQueen
Linda McQueen 9 timer siden
Do a theory on animal crossing new horizon
GachaSun&Moon 9 timer siden
Oh, my doctor diagnosed me with psychosis. I had smell, hearing and visual hallucinations, little to no sleep and almost constant nightmares. I'd wake up several times a night from the nightmares I had. It has gotten a lot better now though, funny to hear about a disorder I have in a game theory video. Nice video, keep up the great work.
Daniel Dewey
Daniel Dewey 9 timer siden
I would order your clothing Matt but I'm not sure they will fit me, I'm a big person and I'm Australian which means our sizes are different.
Brian Caudill
Brian Caudill 9 timer siden
MatPat you should do a theory on Bear (Alpha) ROBLOX
Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw 9 timer siden
It's <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="600">10:00</a>pm why am I doing this
Z Tri
Z Tri 10 timer siden
Nightmare on elm street all over again
Emily ya bueno
Emily ya bueno 10 timer siden
You have to look into the Russian Sleep Experiment. The Russians forced their prisoners to stay awake for a long time. It would be a great source to start a video on it
Ren Thewerecat
Ren Thewerecat 10 timer siden
sleep deprivation just kills you of exhaustion, duh
Mr Happa
Mr Happa 10 timer siden
Freddy be laughing
Megu Mango
Megu Mango 10 timer siden
I’m gonna try to not sleep I got a night without sleep I’ll be doing updates on what’s going on I forgot to mention I said I’ll be TRYING to so I’ll be making an edit if i have failed to stay awake personally the sleep hallucinations is very fascinating to me Day 1 without sleep: not really anything just a bit tired
Isabell Xie
Isabell Xie 10 timer siden
Correlation does not equal causation. Insomnia and the deaths could both be the result of being refugees that have Post Trauma Stress Disorder. That is just one possible explanation, and is an example of how two correlated things were not a cause and an effect. Sometimes both of them are the effect of a yet to be identified cause.
Isabell Xie
Isabell Xie 10 timer siden
Mat Pat you did a really good job gathering, understanding and explaining psychological research in this video. I really appreciate how much you've improved your psych research. Just FYI, the sleep deprivation study abstracts always mention they use the "disk above water" method to keep the rats awake, but they don't explain that the disk over water method means that the rats are pushed into water if they fall asleep and don't wake up in time to get up and walk. The experiments leave out the fact that the control group isn't just deprived of sleep, they are also traumatized by drowning. I do not think they did this to the control group, the control group wasn't not pushed into water while sleeping. That is a huge confounding variable.
James Roache
James Roache 10 timer siden
Woah i just got a *big* hit of reality at 42 seconds
Ani malzz
Ani malzz 11 timer siden
Me: *wants to sleep* The monsters in this game: "so you have chosen death"
Øppa1 Gød
Øppa1 Gød 11 timer siden
Its pronounced BA-NGU-NGUT the "NG" is like King Ki"NG" Ba-NGu-Ngot It means Nightmare
Irish Boi
Irish Boi 11 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="327">5:27</a> not a survivor in fact he was in no danger at all that is called sleep paralyses and it is a very common thing
Specter 11 timer siden
I just want to ask, are there any more minecraft theories?
kurt yap
kurt yap 11 timer siden
I don't want to sleep anymore
Dua Aeka Uriarte
Dua Aeka Uriarte 11 timer siden
After a death of a family friend, bangunguts became a very big fear of mine. It got to the point that I wouldn't sleep when it got dark outside and would only trust myself to catch those z's as soon as it was sunrise. But the way that my parents explained bangungut was always through local mythology. They said that a person experiences it when a demon takes interest in you then haunts and sits on your chest while you sleep, making it hard for you to breathe and sometimes completely paralyzing you. Of course, this is one of the versions of the story but there was little study (as far as I know) as to how it could have been tied to biological factors or how it also affected Hmong soldiers, making this game and topic very interesting (and close to home)👍👍👍
Raf Cams
Raf Cams 11 timer siden
hey matpat can you talk about fnaf why no new vids
Jane Apple Sarranquin
Jane Apple Sarranquin 12 timer siden
Minecraft vid theories MatDaddy ;-)
L i l l i a
L i l l i a 12 timer siden
AHHH I appreciate you talking about us Hmong folks, I actually never knew of this story until now. Sounds exactly like a Hmong ghost story.
JokersBullet12 12 timer siden
I would have prefered if you didn't talk about sleep deprivation while I'm almost constantly getting little sleep or staying up for more than 24 hours
Bernard Voltaire Escalada
Just my opinion but bangungut is Filipino term for nightmare oh also I'm am filipino
Sly _
Sly _ 12 timer siden
Me at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> am 🔦 😭😳😨
WaffleIsHere 12 timer siden
ah yes 3 am was a good time to watch this
David Liu
David Liu 12 timer siden
*you closed your eyes*
GamingPanther43 12 timer siden
I thought the video is about Catherine full body game by atlus😅
alexander Hawk
alexander Hawk 13 timer siden
Can game theory please work on an explanation of why we respawning at beds I minecraft? I gots to know!
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