Elle and Alaïa's Enchanted Bedroom and Rainbow Playroom Makeover | OMG We're Coming Over! 

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Bed (similar): bit.ly/33wtuuy
Dresser (similar): bit.ly/2ONQ7q7
Floral Books: bit.ly/2MLWnfl
Woven Floor Seats: bit.ly/35CbO2w
Shag Rug: bit.ly/2qgvCbA
Sheepskin: bit.ly/35vKGlP
Butterfly Stickers: bit.ly/2INlQnJ
Woven Rug: bit.ly/2IPktVl
White Butterfly Stickers: bit.ly/35Avi7F
Fiddle Leaf Fig: bit.ly/33BLS5p
Playroom Table: bit.ly/33wNtcp
Pink Shag Pillow: bit.ly/33I9HIT
Pink Geometric Pillow: bit.ly/2IUy3qF
Crepe Paper Flowers (similar): bit.ly/2oAn8M2
Pink and Gold Table Lamp: bit.ly/2MHWmcn
Fringe Blanket: bit.ly/2qer9WJ
Bedding: bit.ly/2ORDQRE
Wood Play Kitchen: bit.ly/35GAE1p
Dollhouse: bit.ly/2qgKVkv
Toy Car: bit.ly/33tVajy
Hippo Basket: bit.ly/2IPkIQo
Kids Chairs: bit.ly/2OQIFea
Butterfly Wand: bit.ly/2ISH7MW
Pink and Yellow Blocks: bit.ly/2IUzWDL
Pink Suitcases: bit.ly/2qgrW9K
Flamingo Toy: bit.ly/2IT171Q
Mushroom Basket: bit.ly/2MJzKbG
Sun Pillow: bit.ly/2MHJAuH
Rainbow Pillow: bit.ly/2MFbhEi
Unicorn Doll: bit.ly/2ITMXgN
Floral Wallpaper: bit.ly/35CMQA4
Cloud Wallpaper: bit.ly/2MjqD2r
Creative Credit:
Audio Tracks - Epidemic Sound: share.epidemicsound.com/rGjgC
A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Directed and Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: JJ Mayes
Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, Sarah Winters
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith
Sound: Nick Carignan
Art Department: Emily Banks, Leo Martinez, Kenny Nogueira, Jamal Harris

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afeera ansar
afeera ansar 6 måneder siden
this is the most STUNNING room I have ever seen you guys are extremely talented!!!! 😢😢😢 im 20 years old and I would kill for that room ahahahha it’s beautiful!!!
thαílαnd pαrαdísє
@Emily Jayde novids.info/video/Yqd8gKGWo53JaWk.html
Emily Jayde
Emily Jayde 4 dager siden
@thαílαnd pαrαdísє no thanks :)
thαílαnd pαrαdísє
@Emily Jayde Piss off...
Emily Jayde
Emily Jayde 5 dager siden
@thαílαnd pαrαdísє calm down
maddie ziegler
maddie ziegler Måned siden
@catrina soldevila I am 12 I 😍 it
Amelia Carita
Amelia Carita 32 minutter siden
Cadogan Crete
Cadogan Crete 6 timer siden
The ace family has a 11 bed house and they still have there kids sharing a room???
Lucy Lorenti
Lucy Lorenti 20 timer siden
What a STUNNING room!!! Obsessed with the colour palette and the textures
Ate Banana
Ate Banana Dag siden
i like how they didnt plug their channel like they usually do for other youtubers
Detza Zuniga
Detza Zuniga 2 dager siden
Does anyone have a link to the butterfly knobs they used on the dressers?
iielsxe 2 dager siden
Imagine how happy Catharine would have been if They got to do the whole house ;( Austin just ruined everything
Natalie Mendieta
Natalie Mendieta 2 dager siden
i love all these comments about austin
catherine francisco
catherine francisco 2 dager siden
We Stan Mr Kate!!!!
Chloe Freund
Chloe Freund 4 dager siden
I was wondering were did you get the flower wallpaper
Magick Miiror
Magick Miiror 5 dager siden
Wow!! I don't even care I'm a 25 y/o woman, I would LOVE if my bedroom look even half as good as that one!! LOVE the theme and leafy wall paper and those AMETHYST KNOBS?! WHAT?! Oh my gosh!!! Mr. Kate NEVER fails to make my jaw literally drop in every makeover they do!
Queen B
Queen B 5 dager siden
I miss this intro. This wasnt in the newer videos 😥
Mia’s xclusive Life
Mia’s xclusive Life 6 dager siden
Why am i so late on the tea lol
Amruta Indurkar
Amruta Indurkar 8 dager siden
Dad and the baby have the most beautiful blue eyes. 💙
Anne 10 dager siden
THE SHADE AT <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="42">0:42</a> 👏😆
LiliA 10 dager siden
I just lOvE how Austin had to decorate things for his personal needs but wouldn't touch the girls' rooms. I would think if you were to go ahead and go behind the professionals' plans, you would do something because you needed to help the kids adapt to a new house quickly...As Stephanie Tanner would say, "how rude!"
Team Aim Official
Team Aim Official 11 dager siden
From where can I buy that cage shaped suspended chair can anybody let me know please?
Tina Dares
Tina Dares 12 dager siden
Hobi’s sprite
Hobi’s sprite 12 dager siden
Honestly I kinda feel bad for catherine like who is austin to decide. Catherine’s the mother and she did more work. Austin is really being an asshole🙄and mr.kate definitley handled the situation well😂
Faith Madi
Faith Madi 13 dager siden
rebecca popescu
rebecca popescu 14 dager siden
The room and playroom is stunning and so adorable!
phi crossing
phi crossing 14 dager siden
anyone else notice that they used the same background music that was in one of the Sims 4 trailers.
Realqueen Mafia
Realqueen Mafia 14 dager siden
The energy on this video is not like the other one !
mahla salimi
mahla salimi 14 dager siden
Can you please link where you bought the bird cage ?
marirocga 14 dager siden
I hope nothing is going on with their family because Catherine viene de una familia bien humilde and she deserves a loving and happy family and If that is the case then I am really happy for them but just in case I have her family in my prayers
m.x2004 15 dager siden
Is it just me or is Austin constantly giving dirty looks to Catherine?
abbie alien
abbie alien 15 dager siden
I don’t know why, but I smiled at Catherine’s reactions to the rooms
TheBlankSlate 16 dager siden
I think it’s obviously disrespectful not follow an interior designers instructions but in the end it is their home to do what they want with. The disrespect mostly is because as you tubers themselves they should know how important the planning process is for the videos, and peaking ruins the climactic big reveal reaction. You should designers and artist with respect for their knowledge even if they are ‘working for you’, but you should definitely show respect for other professionals in your field!
Brittany Makeup Goddess
I can't understand how this family gets any kind of positive support. I mean I understand the pity for Catherine but Austin has so many people who think he does nothing wrong. Whats even more sad is they have children who are gonna grow up thinking its acceptable to be unkind, to be selfish and that there shouldn't be any consequences for your actions. I don't keep up with them but I saw so many awful things that was done with no apologies and still people worship them. Like I honestly don't understand, is it a trend? Mr Kate and Joey are so extremely kind and worth more love than Austin gets and he did such a disrespectful thing here. Its weird how okay so many people are with it.
Funny fridays
Funny fridays 16 dager siden
tbh i think that the ace family well just (catherine and austin) were like really rude to them
Pierre Antoine Saintilus
I really like your design ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ananya Asthana
Ananya Asthana 20 dager siden
In my opinion, this one doesn’t have the same vibe as the other ones. In the other videos, joey, Kate and the guest are all laughing and joking around. Obviously kate and joey did an amazing job
Heeya Boruah
Heeya Boruah 20 dager siden
I seriously wish you guys could do my whole house, I watched a lot of these videos and I am soooo jealous, I need a house makeover, how is it this great, how? It is wonderful, marvellous and the best rooms ever. I love it!!!!!❤ I need to get a new house, I thought my room was a little cool but now I don't even think it is ok.😭😭😭😭😭😭 I am still so shocked😱 and left speechless😶............
Heeya Boruah
Heeya Boruah 20 dager siden
I would like literally do ANYTHING to live in a house that you guys decorated.
Lauryn Milloy
Lauryn Milloy 22 dager siden
I Cathrine she seems so nice Austin....not so much
Keira Sweeney
Keira Sweeney 22 dager siden
how does the ace family have more subs than labrant fam ???
Michelle 24 dager siden
Just imagine imagine if Austin didnt randomly decorated the whole house imagine their home 😍😒
Hazel Maguire
Hazel Maguire 24 dager siden
WOW i LOVE this room its so AMAZING it would be a dream to have that room :) u guys are awesome!!!!
Yeni G
Yeni G 25 dager siden
Mr. Kate that was such an awesome bedroom many girls and woman’s dream🍬and their playroom was such a great ideA. You have an awesome team🍿
Uno Surbida
Uno Surbida 26 dager siden
Like the slow mo bit of Catherine saying hell be fine with it is so shady haha lol
Bree Maclean
Bree Maclean 26 dager siden
Omg Austin ,OBVIOUSLY nothing is going to be in there the first day , they need to plan and measure he doesn’t know anything so he can leave ... thank you!
Naomi Borg
Naomi Borg 26 dager siden
why do they have such a huge house and then make their two daughters share a room?
Vlogging width Abby
Vlogging width Abby 27 dager siden
I just realized she had a tattoo that’s said “a tattoo”
Art Addicted
Art Addicted 27 dager siden
I absolutely lobe Catherine's reaction. but I wish Austin just waited and let them design the whole house!
Noted Names
Noted Names 28 dager siden
Moon is so cute
Annie Breslin
Annie Breslin 29 dager siden
What app do you use to desighn. Plz awnser i reallu wanna know.
Liv Hebert
Liv Hebert 29 dager siden
Me: don’t know what curtain ferenurall is that baby is like 10 years younger than me
Ava M
Ava M Måned siden
*during the reveal* Austin: stressed out knowing that more of his house could’ve been that nice Catherine: screaming about how good it looks
Caroline Thompson
Caroline Thompson Måned siden
you could honestly just feel the tension between them
Clarissa Sprangers
Clarissa Sprangers Måned siden
Bet they regret what they bought now haha
Floral sisters
Floral sisters Måned siden
Lexie Flower
Lexie Flower Måned siden
Hi mr.kate I know you are too famous to reply to me but I would like you to make my room i don’t know how to spell a littlle
Patrick MacDougall
Patrick MacDougall Måned siden
Yo yo tot
Beatriz Andrade
Beatriz Andrade Måned siden
I onestly think austin is so disrespectful if i where subscribed i would have unsubscribe to the ace family
Ashy D
Ashy D Måned siden
Is it just me or did they seem kinda mad Austin went along and did his own thing without telling them. Typical Austin😶
Powerxpuffgirlzz Måned siden
Am much older than her and uni don’t even have this big bed😂
mercy main, btw
mercy main, btw Måned siden
Ace dont deserve nothing with the way they are.
Reda Fatma Mobin
Reda Fatma Mobin Måned siden
These guys are so humble amd kind and they shouldn't have been treated this way 💔 They're always so excited and happy but in this video you can notice the disappointment and frustration
Zucena Devil
Zucena Devil Måned siden
Your the best mr Kate your to Awsome for the ace family!
Crybaby Måned siden
This girl literally has a better prettier and bigger room then me XD I’m 15
Finn ARBUCKLE Måned siden
I wanna say it’s kind of rude to say stop making hate comments my thumb is hurting liking them all I am kind of mad because they’re my favourite!
Finn ARBUCKLE Måned siden
OmG you guys stop being mean about the ace family they’re are like the best youtubers
those rooms are beautiful!!!
vitoria Albuquerque
vitoria Albuquerque Måned siden
Those people didn't even mind to let Kate know that the had done the rooms already?! What the hell. How rude!!!
Emma Bushby
Emma Bushby Måned siden
☽𝚖𝚘𝚘𝚗 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚌𝚞𝚝𝚎𝚜𝚝 𝙴𝚅𝙴𝚁☾
John P.S.
John P.S. Måned siden
Plz come to India
Sajeda Khanom
Sajeda Khanom Måned siden
It saddened me to see them feed moon in the car, and when Kate said that moon was sleeping in the car and her sister was with him-they're in a mansion-wasn't there a spare room? 😔🤧
Britany Ramirez
Britany Ramirez Måned siden
I feel like Austin should have a break from social media and take the time to calm down, realize the things he did wrong, and apologize for his mistakes.
Britany Ramirez
Britany Ramirez Måned siden
Austins face tho😂
Maites Vlogs
Maites Vlogs Måned siden
I’d kill for this room wth.
sophia wong
sophia wong Måned siden
I feel so bad for mr.kate. They had so much ideas and Austin had to ruin it. They are definitely hurt about it. 😒
Danica Gittens
Danica Gittens Måned siden
Austin was always seemed to be fishy and selfish to me he's on here for the money he doesn't care for us when was the last time he did a give away or gave away good things to homeless he did not a f* shit he's greedy for money his house isn't even nice anyways on his kids room its looks like a white box everywhere and thats boring he selfish for that and then he sneaks in the room when they old him and cathrine not too and he did it anyways that down right disrespectful give them space to complete it he's not good with decor he's really not and i find thats he jealous and he thinks he can do everything himself no and he always talk with that innocent baby voice your not innocent stop doing it for the views do it for the best which is to have fun and care about that 18 millions and counting subscribers you have. he's so selfish and rude don't know how cathrine puts of with him and during when he wants to do the whole house him self are you kidding me its like her ideas are going through out one ear and throughout the other ear of austins hearing this yt thing has got over him
Bliz Kat
Bliz Kat Måned siden
Don’t you guys think that baby moon is so cute 🥺🥺🥺
Alyzza Kae
Alyzza Kae Måned siden
i want their bedroom for myself
Alyssa Nicole
Alyssa Nicole Måned siden
Austin has the worst personality ever but you guys handled it with class. Love you guys.
Shereena Lammy
Shereena Lammy Måned siden
Catherine’s reaction though😩 I love her❤️
Sandy Jones
Sandy Jones Måned siden
You guys make the coolest rooms ever!!!!!
Heidi_ Plays
Heidi_ Plays Måned siden
I love it do it too my room
Geni Ford
Geni Ford Måned siden
I love this
adamkeai Måned siden
austin is so rude..
Lyd Y
Lyd Y Måned siden
YOU GUYS DID A GREAT JOB! I think the ACE Family should have treated you with greater respect (like letting you take care of mood and feed him in the house rather than in the car or not peeking until the final reveal). also, why didn't the ACE Family help y'all out. Anyways, good job. I will keep you posted to decorate some of my houses. I appreciate everything you guys do
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